Staff Members

Donald Charles, Ph.D. - Section Leader [Biosketch; Full CV]
Frank Acker - Staff Scientist III
Laura Aycock - Phycologist
Ionel Ciugulea, Ph.D. - Diatom Analyst I
Ling Ren, Ph.D. - Research Scientist
Patrick Boylan - Staff Scientist I
Pat Palmer - Computer Applications Developer

Past Phycology Section Staff

Marco Cantonati, Ph. D. - Research Scientist [ See CV; Teaching; Publications]
Elena Colon - Staff Scientist I
Sonja Hausmann, Ph.D. - Research Scientist [See CV]
Mihaela Enache, Ph.D. - Research Scientist
Eduardo Morales, Ph.D. - Research Scientist [See CV]
Barbara Rinkel, Ph.D. - Research Scientist
Andrew Tuccillo - Staff Scientist I
Melanie Mills - Staff Scientist I (project support)
Will Whalon - Staff Scientist I (project support)

Project Support

Kathryn Longwill - Staff Scientist I

ANSP Diatom Herbarium

Marina Potapova, Ph.D. - Curator
Alison Minerovic - Collections Manager
Ruth Patrick, Ph.D.- (Francis Boyer Chair of Limnology) ( Obituary)
Charles Reimer, Ph.D. - (Career at the Academy 1952 - 2008) ( Obituary)


Some Ph. D. scientists in the Phycology Section are also affiliated with Drexel's Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science (BEES) department.