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Calibration Data Sets
Dataset ID Name Handle Description Contributor Samples Sites
14 Adirondack Calibration Set - NSF ADKNSF Adirondack Mountain lakes, New York, USA; D.F. Charles, Ecology 1985 D.F. Charles 45 35
48 Adirondack Calibration Set - PIRLA ADKPIRLA Adirondack Mountain lakes, New York, USA; PIRLA Project; D.F. Charles, S.S. Dixit, etc.; Chemistry data as published in Camburn and Charles 2000 D.F. Charles 140 109
50 Adirondack Unpublished Miscellaneous Entities ADMisc Adirondack - Results of sample analysis not published in the literature; Most related to PIRLA project research; many are replicates or QA samples. D.F. Charles 91 21
13 Labrador Calibration Set Labrador Labrador lake calibration set, Canada; S.Fritz, K. Camburn S.C. Fritz 48 48
58 Lake Titicaca Surface Sediments TitiSurf Surface sediment samples from Lake Titicaca (Peru and Bolivia). P.M. Tapia 32 32
56 Minnesota Calibration Set - RAM MNcalRAM Surface sediment samples from 55 lakes in state of Minnesota (USA) and associated water chemistry. Used to develop weighted-average inference models for pH, ANC, Cl, Total P, and color. J.M.Ramstack, S.C. Fritz, D.R. Engstrom, and S.A. Heiskary. J.M. Ramstack 55 55
16 N. Florida Calibration Set NFLPIRLA Northern Florida calibration set; Florida, USA; PIRLA Project; P.R. Sweets, et al. P.R. Sweets 52 44
17 N. Great Lakes Calibration Set NGLPIRLA Northern Great Lakes calibration set; Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, USA; PIRLA Project; J.C. Kingston et al. J.C. Kingston 51 45
15 N. New England Calibration Set NNEPIRLA Northern New England calibration set; PIRLA Project; Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, USA; R.Davis et al. R.B. Davis 63 63
9 Northern Great Plains Calibration Set NGP Northern Great Plains calibration; S. Fritz and R. Battarbee S.C. Fritz 66 66
18 Pocono Mountain Calibration Set Pocono Pocono Mountain calibration set; Pennsylvania, USA; 38 lakes; Original analysis by J. Sherman et al.; harmonization with PIRLA Project taxonomy by J. Huvane; results not published J.K. Huvane 38 38
19 Sierra Nevada Calibration Set S_Nevada Sierra Nevada calibration set; California, USA M.C. Whiting 51 51
Stratigraphic Data Sets
Dataset ID Name Handle Description Contributor Samples Sites
36 Adirondack PIRLA I Cores ADKPIR1C Adirondack PIRLA I sediment cores; New York, USA; 150+ yr period represented; 12 lakes; D. Charles et al. D.F. Charles 141 12
37 Adirondack PIRLA II Top / Bottom Cores ADKPIRTB Adirondack PIRLA II sediment cores; New York, USA; only top and bottom (pre-industrial) intervals analyzed; Includes replicate cores; B. Cumming et al. B.F. Cumming 106 37
11 Devil's Lake, ND Devil'sL Devil's Lake, North Dakota, USA; S. Fritz S.C. Fritz 25 1
75 Jeannine St-Jacques Opeongo One dataset from a core taken at Lake Opeongo, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. J.M. St-Jacques 70 1
55 Lake Titicaca Cores, 1997&1998 TitiCore Core samples taken from Lake Titicaca (Peru and Bolivia) in 1997 and 1998. P.M. Tapia 246 4
57 Minnesota Cores - 55 lakes - RAM MNstrRAM Cores from 55 lakes in the state of Minnesota (USA). Inference models developed using data from the "Minnesota Calibration Set - RAM" were used to infer pH, ANC, Cl, Total P, and color for core intervals representing four time periods (modern, 1970, 1800, and 1750). J.M. Ramstack, S.C. Fritz, and, D.R. Engstrom. J.M. Ramstack 220 55
12 Mirror Lake, NH Mirror_L Mirror Lake, New Hampshire; D.F. Charles 24 1
52 Moon Lake Stratigraphy Moon Lk Three datasets from cores taken at Moon Lake, North Dakota; Moon Lake Early Holocene dataset (MoonEHol), Moon Lake High Resolution dataset (MoonHR), Moon Lake Long Core dataset (MoonLong). K.R. Laird 675 1
40 N. Florida PIRLA Cores NFLAPIRC Northern Florida PIRLA cores;150+ yr period represented; 16 Lakes; P.R. Sweets et al. P.R. Sweets 109 16
41 N. Great Lakes PIRLA Cores NGLSPIRC Northern great Lakes PIRLA cores; 150+ yr period represented; 9 Lakes; J.C. Kingston et al. J.C. Kingston 171 9
39 N. New England PIRLA Cores NENGCORE Northern New England cores; Maine and Vermont, USA;150+ yr period represented; 3 Lakes; R. Davis et al. R.B. Davis 84 3
54 Northeast EMAP-SW EMAP-NE Northeast U.S., top and bottom samples from sediment cores S.S. Dixit 658 241
51 Owens Lake Cores Owens Lk Owens Lake cores (OL-84/B; -90/1, 2; -92/1, 2, 3) from Southeastern California, USA. Samples were analyzed by J. Platt Bradbury. J.P. Bradbury 1080 1
42 Pocono Mountain Cores POCOCORE Pocono Mountain cores; Pennsylvania, USA; 150+ yr period represented; Giles Lake only; J. Sherman et al.; harmonization with PIRLA Project taxonomy by J. Huvane; results not published J. Sherman 5 1
67 Salar de Uyuni Uyuni Hydrologic variation during the last 170,000 years in the southern hemisphere tropics of South America. Natural gamma radiation (counts per second) - Used as a Proxy for Lake Level S.C. Fritz 86 1
43 Sierra Nevada Cores SNEVCORE Sierra Nevada cores; California, USA; National Parks;150+ yr period represented; ?? Lakes; M. Whiting, et al. M.C. Whiting 261 11
53 Tule Lake Tule Lk Tule Lake; N. California; There were five cores taken, four of which (#'s 1, 2, 3, 5) were looked at by J.P. Bradbury. They all came from about the same place and they appeared to correlate well enough on the basis of distinctive diatom assemblages to paste together into a composite stratigraphy. The data from this composite 'core' (Tule Cmp) is presented here. A species category was created to represent all the diatoms whose distribution was too spotty and whose percentages were too low to be of much value in paleolimnological interpretation. This is called 'Misc. low paleolim. value sp.' in the undetermined diatom genera category. J.P. Bradbury 296 1

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