Dr. Sonja Hausmann
Research Scientist, Phycology
Patrick Center for Environmental Research
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Office phone: (215) 299-1135
Lab phone:(215) 299-1102

Sonja Hausmann photo

Dr. Sonja Hausmann joined the Phycology Section of the Patrick Center for Environmental Research in 2013 with 15 years’ experience in multi partner paleolimnological projects in Switzerland, Canada and the USA. She is an expert at inferring environmental change from diatoms (single cell algae) using multivariate statistical methods.

Her current research projects include the development of water quality criteria for lakes and streams using diatoms. This work is performed in collaboration with the NJ Department of Environmental Projection and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Subjects of representative publications are: A new approach to reduce confounding variables in diatom calibration sets (Paleo3, 2006), the use of sub annual samples for diatom-inferred wind activity (JOPL, 2007), the characterization and application of diatom ecomorphs (Freshwater Biology, 2001) and the description of a new extinct Cyclotella pingualutii that can be used as a chrono marker for the impact crater Lake Pingualuit in Nunavik (Diatom Research, 2012). She has manuscript in progress about diatom-inferred hydrological changes in wetlands and mercury deposition in reservoirs.

Selected publications (6/20)

Link to Full CV: http://diatom.ansp.org/docs/CV_Hausmann.docx