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Diatom Count Report

Water Body: Deep Creek             Site Location ID: IH2002SPOCA022  Sample Label:
Sample ID: IH041775                Client Sample ID: 2002SPOCA022
Date Sample Collected: 07/15/2002  Count Finished: 04/26/2004
Subsample ID: DT1                  Slide Replicate ID: a     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Diane Winter ansp      Sample Type: HC

   Naded Taxon Name                                                            Percent    Count Notes   
    7010 Amphora inariensis Krammer                                              10.00      1.0
   16011 Cocconeis pediculus Ehrenberg                                           20.00      2.0
   32003 Epithemia adnata (Kützing) Brébisson                                    10.00      1.0
   52013 Pinnularia borealis Ehrenberg                                           10.00      1.0
  155017 Planothidium frequentissimum (Lange-Bertalot in Krammer and Lange-B+    10.00      1.0
   73001 Pseudostaurosira brevistriata (Grunow in Van Heurck) Williams et Ro+    10.00      1.0
   55002 Reimeria sinuata (Gregory) Kociolek et Stoermer                         30.00      3.0

Report Date: 9/24/2021          Total Number of Taxa: 7          Total Number Counted: 10

Count Notes:

  Comments: Row 1 x-100.0, y-24.0; y-7.6. Row 2 x-100.4, y-7.6; y-24.1. Row 3 x-100.8, y-24.1; y-7.9. Row 4 x-101.2, y-7.9; y-24.4. Count stopped due to scarcity of diatoms.
Taxa Notes:


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