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Soft Algae Count Report

Water Body: Pushaw Lake            Site Location ID: ME-000581  Sample Label: 1594
Sample ID: MEDP1065                Client Sample ID: WA-289-2016e (1594)
Date Sample Collected: 06/16/2016  Count Finished: 03/02/2017
Subsample ID: PR1                  Slide Replicate ID: a     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Laura Aycock           Sample Type: QMH-micro

  Naded Type             Taxon Name                                             #Units  Percent   #Cells  Percent Notes   
 249999 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) (diatoms)                              203    57.02      203    20.86
 249998 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead)                         24     6.74       24     2.46
 261000 Green Algae      Ankistrodesmus falcatus (Corda) Ralfs                       2     0.56        8     0.82 Yes
 293001 Green Algae      Chaetosphaeridium globosum (Nordstedt) Klebahn              1     0.28        6     0.61 Yes
 298000 Green Algae      Chlamydomonas sp.                                           1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 820003 Blue-Green Algae Chroococcus dispersus (Keissler) Lemmermann                 1     0.28        8     0.82 Yes
 820008 Blue-Green Algae Chroococcus dispersus var. minor G.M. Smith                 1     0.28       15     1.54 Yes
 820006 Blue-Green Algae Chroococcus sp.                                             1     0.28       15     1.54 Yes
 327022 Green Algae      Cosmarium angulosum Brébisson                               4     1.12        4     0.41 Yes
 327007 Green Algae      Cosmarium botrytis (Meneghini) Ralfs                        1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 327029 Green Algae      Cosmarium contractum Kirchner                               1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 327193 Green Algae      Cosmarium margaritatum fo. minor (Boldt) W. West et G.S. West       1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 327048 Green Algae      Cosmarium ornatum Ralfs                                     1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 327038 Green Algae      Cosmarium regnesi Reinsch                                   1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 327019 Green Algae      Cosmarium reniforme (Ralfs) Archer                          3     0.84        3     0.30 Yes
 327991 Green Algae      Cosmarium sp. 2 ?                                           1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 327234 Green Algae      Cosmarium tumidum var. tumidum fo. minus Messikommer        3     0.84        3     0.30 Yes
 327087 Green Algae      Cosmarium undulatum var. minutum Wittrock                   2     0.56        2     0.20 Yes
 379018 Green Algae      Euastrum bidentatum Nägeli                                  1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 379004 Green Algae      Euastrum denticulatum (Kirchner) Gay                        1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 847009 Blue-Green Algae Geitlerinema sp.                                            1     0.28       17     1.74 Yes
 863016 Blue-Green Algae Leptolyngbya sp.                                            3     0.84      131    13.46 Yes
 444000 Green Algae      Mougeotia sp.                                              50    14.04      172    17.67 Yes
 444006 Green Algae      Mougeotia sp. 1 (thin filament)                            21     5.89       61     6.26 Yes
 455000 Green Algae      Oedogonium sp.                                              9     2.52       88     9.04 Yes
 467000 Green Algae      Pediastrum duplex Meyen                                     1     0.28       30     3.08 Yes
 481002 Green Algae      Pleurotaenium ehrenbergii (Brébisson) deBary                1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 481003 Green Algae      Pleurotaenium trabecula (Ehrenberg) Nägeli                  2     0.56        2     0.20 Yes
 510003 Green Algae      Scenedesmus acutus Meyen                                    1     0.28        4     0.41 Yes
 510002 Green Algae      Scenedesmus ecornis (Ralfs) Chodat                          2     0.56        8     0.82 Yes
 510001 Green Algae      Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turpin) Brébisson                  1     0.28        4     0.41 Yes
 528002 Green Algae      Sphaerocystis sp.                                           2     0.56       12     1.23 Yes
 533990 Green Algae      Spirogyra sp. 1 ?                                           1     0.28        7     0.71 Yes
 538005 Green Algae      Staurastrum punctulatum Brébisson                           3     0.84        3     0.30 Yes
 945000 Blue-Green Algae Woronichinia sp.                                            2     0.56      131    13.46 Yes
 580005 Green Algae      Xanthidium antilopaeum var. polymazum Nordstedt             1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes
 580007 Green Algae      Xanthidium cristatum Brébisson ex Ralfs                     1     0.28        1     0.10 Yes

Report Date: 9/28/2021          Total Number of Taxa: 37          Total Natural Units: 356
                                                                  Total Number of Cells: 973

Count Notes:

  Comments: Abundance of diatoms. Anabeana sp. 1 observed in sample, but not in count. Arthrodesmus convergens var. laporteri and Staurastrum orbiculare observed in the sample but not in the count.
Taxa Notes:
Naded 261000: Spindle shaped cells either in a colony or solitary. Cell ends tapper. Cell length is 26.0µm and width is 1.0µm.
Naded 293001: Spherical cells with a long, fine seta that extends above the cell
Naded 298000: Spherical shaped cell with two flagella. Cell diameter is about 6.8µm.
Naded 820003: Free-floating colony of ovate cells. Cells evenly arranged and have an indistinct sheath. Cells are about 4.0µm in diameter.
Naded 820006: Free-floating colony of spherical cells. Colony is in a spherical shaped with evenly distributed cells. Cells diameter is about 3.0µm. Colony has an indistinct sheath,
Naded 820008: Free-floating colony of ovate cells in an irregular shape. Cells are evenly distributed. Cell diameter is about 2.0µm.
Naded 327007: Semicells are trapezoidal shaped with rounded granules. Cell has wide, open sinus with a deep median constriction. Cell length is 95.0µm and width is 63.5µm.
Naded 327019: Cells have a deep median constriction with narrow sinus. Cell wall is granulated and semicells are reniform. Cell length ranges from 34-35.5µm and width ranges from 29.2-32.5µm.
Naded 327022: Spherical shaped cell with two flagella. Cell diameter is about 9.2µm.
Naded 327029: Cells have a deep median constriction with widely open sinus. The isthmus is elongated. Semicells broadly elliptic in outline. Cell length is 28.0µm and width is 17.3µm.
Naded 327038: Cells are small with a deep median constriction and open sinus. Semicells are rectangular. Cell length is about 6.5µm and width is 6.8µm.
Naded 327048: Cells have deep median constriction with a narrow sinus. Semicells are reniform with broadly rounded lower angles. Cell wall is granular. Cell length and width is about 22.5µm.
Naded 327087: Semicells are subcircular in shape and the cell wall has 14-16 undulations. Cell wall is smooth with a deep median constriction and narrow sinus. Cell length is 9.6-13.3µm and width is 8.7-11.3µm.
Naded 327193: Cell covered in rounded granules and semicells are elliptic shaped. Sinus is open with a deep median constriction. Cell length is 42.5µm and width is 35.2µm. Cell is about 1.2 times longer than broad.
Naded 327991: Semicells are trapezoid shaped and cell wall is granulated. Cell length is 29.0µm. and width is 25.4µm.
Naded 327234: Cells have deep median constriction with narrow sinus. Semicells are elliptic with convex apex. Cell length ranges from 20-21.6µm and width ranges from 18.2-18.3µm
Naded 379004: Cell length is about 14.6µm and width is about 11.7 µm. Semicells are trapezoidal in outline and rounded. Apex of cell has v-shaped notch. Sinus is closed. Sides of cells have 4 spines. Cell wall is granulated.
Naded 379018: Cell broadly oval in outline with undulate margins. Bilobed basal lobes with tooth-like projections. Cell length is 30.3µm and width is 20.2µm.
Naded 444000: Cylindrical shaped filaments with plate-like chloroplast. Cell size varies.
Naded 444006: Cylindrical shaped filaments with plate-like chloroplast. Filaments are very thin (no more than 10µm wide) in comparison to Mougeotia sp.
Naded 455000: Cylindrical shaped filaments with net-like chloroplast. Cells enlarge towards cell junctions. Cell size varies.
Naded 467000: Cell length is 11.1µm and width is 11.3µm. Cells are smooth and have 2 blunt projections that are longer in the exterior cells. The space between the blunt projections forms a U-shaped incision. There is space between cells
Naded 481002: Cells have truncate apex with a crown. Cell has slight undulations past the basal inflation. Cell length is 313.7µm and length is 20.3µm. Cell is about 15.5 times broader than long.
Naded 481003: Cells have slight basal inflation with 1-3 undulations. Cell poles are truncate with rounded angles and no crown. Cell length is 272.3µm and length is 17.1µm. Cells are 15.9 times longer than broad.
Naded 510001: Cylindrical cells arranged latterly in a colony. Outer cells in colony have two long spikes. Cell length is about 7.4µm and width is about 2.5µm.
Naded 510002: Cylindrical cells arranged latterly in a colony. Cells have no spikes or spines. Cell length is about 5.5- 6.6µm and width is about 1.5-2.0µm.
Naded 510003: Cylindrical cells arranged latterly in a colony. Each cell has one curved apical spike on each end of the cells. Cell length is about 7.2µm and width is about 1.1µm.
Naded 528002: Spherical cells in a colony. Cells are in sheath and located in the center.
Naded 533990: Cylindrical shaped filamentous cells. Chloroplast are in a ribbon that coils around the inside if the cell.
Naded 538005: Cell triangular in endview and cell wall is finely punctate. Cell length is about 21µm and width is about 17.0µm.
Naded 945000: Colony of oval cells incased in a mucilaginous sheath. Center of colony contains tube-like stalks with radial branching connecting the cells
Naded 580005: Cells have semicircular series of rounded granules above the central protuberance. Semicells are elliptic with eight curved spines; four apical spines and four lateral spines. Cell length is 29.4µm and width is 28.0µm.
Naded 580007: Semicells are trapeziform in side view with a flat base. Semicells have 12 curved spines; eight lateral spines and four apical spines. Cell length is 30.1µm and width is 23.0µm.
Naded 847009: Cylindrical filament with one end tappered to a rounded ball.
Naded 863016: Cylindrical filaments in a thin sheath. Filament ends not tapper and cells are not constricted. Filament width is about 2.0µm.


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