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Soft Algae Count Report

Water Body: Black Stream           Site Location ID: ME-000587  Sample Label: 1606
Sample ID: MEDP1071                Client Sample ID: WA-295-2016e (1606)
Date Sample Collected: 06/28/2016  Count Finished: 03/07/2017
Subsample ID: PR1                  Slide Replicate ID: a     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Laura Aycock           Sample Type: QMH-micro

  Naded Type             Taxon Name                                             #Units  Percent   #Cells  Percent Notes   
 249999 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) (diatoms)                              197    50.64      197    15.59
 249998 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead)                         88    22.62       88     6.96
 268010 Green Algae      Arthrodesmus octocornis Ehrenberg ex Archer                 1     0.25        1     0.07 Yes
 282000 Green Algae      Bulbochaete sp.                                             3     0.77       41     3.24 Yes
 298000 Green Algae      Chlamydomonas sp.                                           3     0.77        3     0.23 Yes
 327087 Green Algae      Cosmarium undulatum var. minutum Wittrock                   1     0.25        1     0.07 Yes
1110005 Yellow-Green Algae Dinobryon bavaricum Imhof                                   2     0.51        2     0.15 Yes
1110003 Yellow-Green Algae Dinobryon sertularia Ehrenberg                              1     0.25        1     0.07 Yes
1137001 Yellow-Green Algae Lagynion sp.                                                1     0.25        1     0.07 Yes
 863016 Blue-Green Algae Leptolyngbya sp.                                            4     1.02      132    10.45 Yes
 444000 Green Algae      Mougeotia sp.                                               7     1.79       15     1.18 Yes
 444006 Green Algae      Mougeotia sp. 1 (thin filament)                             3     0.77        4     0.31 Yes
 455000 Green Algae      Oedogonium sp.                                             10     2.57       77     6.09 Yes
 897003 Blue-Green Algae Pseudanabaena sp.                                           5     1.28       39     3.08 Yes
 510003 Green Algae      Scenedesmus acutus Meyen                                    2     0.51        8     0.63 Yes
 510002 Green Algae      Scenedesmus ecornis (Ralfs) Chodat                          3     0.77       11     0.87 Yes
 528002 Green Algae      Sphaerocystis sp.                                           1     0.25        9     0.71 Yes
 536001 Green Algae      Spondylosium planum (Wolle) W. West et G.S. West            1     0.25        5     0.39 Yes
 948050 Blue-Green Algae Unknown Cyanophyte filament (heterocytes)                  32     8.22      277    21.93 Yes
 948980 Blue-Green Algae Unknown Cyanophyte sp. 1 ? filament                        24     6.16      351    27.79 Yes

Report Date: 3/27/2023          Total Number of Taxa: 20          Total Natural Units: 389
                                                                 Total Number of Cells: 1263

Count Notes:

  Comments: Abundance of diatoms.
Taxa Notes:
Naded 268010: Cells have a deep median constriction with a wide sinus. Semicells are trapezifrom and have two lateral and two apical spines. Cell length is 13.3µm and width is 12.2µm.
Naded 282000: Branching filament, branch ends have a hair-like thread.
Naded 298000: Spherical shaped cell with two flagella. Cell diameter is about 6.4µm.
Naded 327087: Semicells are subcircular in shape and the cell wall has 14-16 undulations. Cell wall is smooth with a deep median constriction and narrow sinus. Cell length is 11.6µm and width is 10.5µm.
Naded 1110003: Vase shaped lorica with a smooth cell wall. Cell length is 20.2µm and width is 4.7µm.
Naded 1110005: Vase shaped lorica with lateral undulations. Cell length is 28.5µm and width is 5.2µm.
Naded 1137001: Cell length is 13.0µm and width is 8.1µm. Cell is cup shaped with a small tappered opening.
Naded 444000: Cylindrical shaped filaments with plate-like chloroplast. Cell size varies.
Naded 444006: Cylindrical shaped filaments with plate-like chloroplast. Filaments are very thin (no more than 10µm wide) in comparison to Mougeotia sp.
Naded 455000: Cylindrical shaped filaments with net-like chloroplast. Cells enlarge towards cell junctions. Cell size varies.
Naded 897003: Cylindrical filament with constrictions at cell cross-walls. Cell ends do not tapper and are identical. Filament diameter is about 1.2µm.
Naded 510002: Cylindrical cells arranged latterly in a colony. Cells have no spikes or spines. Cell length is about 7.9µm and width is about 2.7µm.
Naded 510003: Cylindrical cells arranged latterly in a colony. Each cell has one curved apical spike on each end of the cells. Cell length is about 5.5µm and width is about 1.1µm.
Naded 528002: Ovate cells centered in a sheath.
Naded 536001: Cells have rounded angles with an open sinus and deep constriction. Cells are subquadrangular and have a flat apex. Cells are filamentous. Cell length is 8.5µm and width is 5.6µm.
Naded 948050: Cylindrical filament with heterocytes. Cells are constricted with no apparent sheath. Heterocytes are long and cylindrical. Filament width is about 2.5µm and heterocyte diameter is about 3.0µm.
Naded 948980: Filaments have constricted cells, found in an irregular shaped colony. Heterocyted are located at filament ends.
Naded 863016: Cylindrical filaments in a thin sheath. Filament ends not tapper and cells are not constricted. Filament width is about 1.5µm.


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