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Soft Algae Count Report

Water Body: Scammon Pond (Lyle     Site Location ID: ME-000585  Sample Label: 1602
Sample ID: MEDP1069                Client Sample ID: WA-293-2016e (1602)
Date Sample Collected: 06/23/2016  Count Finished: 03/06/2017
Subsample ID: PR1                  Slide Replicate ID: a     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Laura Aycock           Sample Type: QMH-micro

  Naded Type             Taxon Name                                             #Units  Percent   #Cells  Percent Notes   
 249999 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) (diatoms)                              133    41.69      133    12.72
 249998 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead)                          9     2.82        9     0.86
 261000 Green Algae      Ankistrodesmus falcatus (Corda) Ralfs                       2     0.62        4     0.38 Yes
 327022 Green Algae      Cosmarium angulosum Brébisson                               2     0.62        2     0.19 Yes
 327029 Green Algae      Cosmarium contractum Kirchner                               3     0.94        3     0.28 Yes
 327211 Green Algae      Cosmarium isthmium W. West                                  1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 327038 Green Algae      Cosmarium regnesi Reinsch                                   1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 327087 Green Algae      Cosmarium undulatum var. minutum Wittrock                   2     0.62        2     0.19 Yes
1110007 Yellow-Green Algae Dinobryon divergens Imhof                                   2     0.62        2     0.19
 379024 Green Algae      Euastrum divaricatum Lundell                                1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 863016 Blue-Green Algae Leptolyngbya sp.                                            1     0.31       58     5.55 Yes
 875000 Blue-Green Algae Merismopedia tenuissima Lemmermann                          4     1.25      128    12.24 Yes
 438011 Green Algae      Micrasterias truncata var. pusilla G.S. West                1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 444000 Green Algae      Mougeotia sp.                                              65    20.37      166    15.88 Yes
 444006 Green Algae      Mougeotia sp. 1 (thin filament)                            62    19.43      125    11.96 Yes
 455000 Green Algae      Oedogonium sp.                                              5     1.56       57     5.45 Yes
1457003 Dinoflagellates  Peridinium inconspicuum Lemmermann                          1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 481003 Green Algae      Pleurotaenium trabecula (Ehrenberg) Nägeli                  1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 897003 Blue-Green Algae Pseudanabaena sp.                                           5     1.56       64     6.12 Yes
 510001 Green Algae      Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turpin) Brébisson                  1     0.31        4     0.38 Yes
 533990 Green Algae      Spirogyra sp. 1 ?                                           2     0.62       18     1.72 Yes
 536001 Green Algae      Spondylosium planum (Wolle) W. West et G.S. West            4     1.25       10     0.95 Yes
 538110 Green Algae      Staurastrum excavatum W. West et G.S. West                  1     0.31        1     0.09
 538016 Green Algae      Staurastrum margaritaceum (Ehrenberg) Meneghini             1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 538004 Green Algae      Staurastrum orbiculare (Ehrenberg) Ralfs                    1     0.31        1     0.09 Yes
 945000 Blue-Green Algae Woronichinia sp.                                            8     2.50      251    24.01 Yes

Report Date: 2/1/2023          Total Number of Taxa: 26          Total Natural Units: 319
                                                                 Total Number of Cells: 1045

Count Notes:

  Comments: Abundance of diatoms. Staurastrum geminatum and Staurastrum leptocladum were observed in sample but not in count.
Taxa Notes:
Naded 261000: Spindle shaped cells either in a colony or solitary. Cell ends tapper. Cell length is 25.0µm and width is 2.5µm.
Naded 327022: Deep median constriction with moderately open sinus and semicells with a circular outline. Cell length is about 9.4 µm and width is 5.3 µm.
Naded 327029: Cells have a deep median constriction with widely open sinus. The isthmus is elongated. Semicells broadly elliptic in outline. Cell length is 18.8-22.2µm and width is 13.3-15.9µm.
Naded 327038: Semicells are rectangular shaped. Lateral portion of cells have 2 lobes. Cell length and width is 7.5 µm.
Naded 327087: Semicells are subcircular in shape and the cell wall has 14-16 undulations. Cell wall is smooth with a deep median constriction and narrow sinus. Cell length is 9.7-12.6µm and width is 10.5µm.
Naded 327211: Cells more than 1.5 time longer than broad. Sinus widely open with a deep median constriction. Cell wall is granular with the outline of the semicells circular. Cell length is 22.3 µm and width is 12.8 µm.
Naded 379024: Cell broadly oval in outline with lateral teeth-like projections. Bilobed basal lobes with tooth-like projections. Cell length is 27.6µm and width is 19.9µm.
Naded 875000: Ovate cells in rectangular colony. Cells are evenly spaced and have a diameter of about 2.0µm.
Naded 438011: Cell oval in outline with rounded apex. Broadly rounded polar lobe with two short spikes on ends. Lateral lobes divided by small notch in with four spikes on each division. Sinus narrowly open only on outer half. Cell length is 48.7µm and width is 50.5µm.
Naded 444000: Cylindrical shaped filaments with plate-like chloroplast. Cell size varies.
Naded 444006: Cylindrical shaped filaments with plate-like chloroplast. Filaments are very thin (no more than 10µm wide) in comparison to Mougeotia sp.
Naded 455000: Cylindrical shaped filaments with net-like chloroplast. Cells enlarge towards cell junctions. Cell size varies.
Naded 1457003: Cell length is 11.2 µm and width is 10.2 µm.
Naded 481003: Cells have slight basal inflation with 1-3 undulations. Cell poles are truncate with rounded angles and no crown. Cell length is 81.2µm and length is 4.8µm.
Naded 897003: Cylindrical filament with constrictions at cell cross-walls. Cell ends do not tapper and are identical. Filament diameter is about 1.2µm.
Naded 510001: Cylindrical cells arranged latterly in a colony. Outer cells in colony have two long spikes. Cell length is about 13.4µm and width is about 5.3µm.
Naded 533990: Cylindrical shaped filamentous cells. Chloroplast are in a ribbon that coils around the inside if the cell.
Naded 536001: Cells have rounded angles with an open sinus and deep constriction. Cells are subquadrangular and have a flat apex. Cells are filamentous. Cell length is 6.1µm and width is 4.9µm.
Naded 538004: Cell is triangular in end view. Semicells are pyramidal in shape with broadly rounded angles. Cell length is 20.0µm and width is 19.1µm.
Naded 538016: Cell has 4 granulated processes each tipped with 3 spikes. Cell width is 12.2µm.
Naded 945000: Colony of oval cells incased in a mucilaginous sheath. Center of colony contains tube-like stalks with radial branching connecting the cells
Naded 863016: Cylindrical filaments in a thin sheath. Filament ends not tapper and cells are not constricted. Filament width is about 1.3µm.


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