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Soft Algae Count Report

Water Body: Barco Lake             Site Location ID: NFS002  Sample Label:
Sample ID: NEON00454               Client Sample ID: BARC.20150721.macroalgae.P2
Date Sample Collected: 07/21/2015  Count Finished: 12/01/2016
Subsample ID: PR1                  Slide Replicate ID: q     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Laura Aycock           Sample Type: QMH-macro

No report yet for the combination of these measured attributes.


Report Date: 4/1/2023          Total Number of Taxa: 0          Total Natural Units: 0
                                                                    Total Number of Cells: 0

Count Notes:
Taxa Notes:
Naded 273001: Cell length ranges from 13.1-15.0µm and width ranges from 5.8-7.0µm. Cells are barrel shaped with a slight median constriction and inflated on either side of the isthmus. Cell are about 2.2 times longer than broad.
Naded 341001: Cell length and width is 14.2µm. Cells about as broad as long and have a deep depression in the middle of the apices. Cells are rectangular in outline and apical depressions form an oval when joined in a filament.
Naded 404000: Cells are more than 3.0 times longer than broad with a length around 25.4µm and width around 3.4µm. Cells have a slight median constrction with a lateral notch.


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