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Soft Algae Count Report

Water Body: Arikaree River         Site Location ID: NFS001  Sample Label:
Sample ID: NEON00269               Client Sample ID: ARIK.20151006.epiphyton.2
Date Sample Collected: 10/06/2015  Count Finished: 12/02/2016
Subsample ID: PR1                  Slide Replicate ID: a     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Laura Aycock           Sample Type: QMH-micro

  Naded Type             Taxon Name                                             #Units  Percent   #Cells  Percent Notes   
 249999 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) (diatoms)                              248    70.65      248    37.97
 249998 Unclassified     (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead)                         47    13.39       47     7.19
 970990 Euglenoids       Euglena sp. 1 ?                                             1     0.28        1     0.15
 863016 Blue-Green Algae Leptolyngbya sp.                                           23     6.55      190    29.09 Yes
 990007 Euglenoids       Phacus caudatus Hübner                                     21     5.98       21     3.21 Yes
 990002 Euglenoids       Phacus orbicularis Hübner emend. Zakryś et Kosmala          1     0.28        1     0.15 Yes
 990032 Euglenoids       Phacus pseudoswirenkoi Prescott                             2     0.56        2     0.30 Yes
 990001 Euglenoids       Phacus swirenkoi Skvortzow                                  1     0.28        1     0.15 Yes
 890025 Blue-Green Algae Phormidium sp.                                              2     0.56      128    19.60 Yes
 510002 Green Algae      Scenedesmus ecornis (Ralfs) Chodat                          1     0.28        4     0.61 Yes
 995039 Euglenoids       Trachelomonas pulchella Deflandre                           1     0.28        1     0.15 Yes
 995071 Euglenoids       Trachelomonas superba var. swirenkiana Deflandre            2     0.56        2     0.30 Yes
1212004 Yellow-Green Algae Tribonema minus (Wille) Hazen                               1     0.28        7     1.07 Yes

Report Date: 4/13/2024          Total Number of Taxa: 13          Total Natural Units: 351
                                                                  Total Number of Cells: 653

Count Notes:

  Comments: Two plamer cells counted. Sparse sample dominated by diatoms. Very few SBAs
Taxa Notes:
Naded 990001: Cell has lateral notch. Cell length is 17.8µm and width is 14.7µm.
Naded 990002: Cell length ranges from 17.6µm and width ranges from 17.7µm. Cells is oval in outline with a short curved caudus. Cell has one lateral notch. Cell length is 20.4µm and width is 14.4µm.
Naded 990007: Cell is oval with small straight or slightly curved caudus. Cell length is around 16.5µ and width 13.6µm.
Naded 990032: Cell has two unsymmetrical lateral notches. Cell is ovoid shaped. Cell length is 22.6µm and width is 20.9µm.
Naded 890025: Clyndrical filament with fused cells. Cell diameter is around 5.25µm.
Naded 510002: Cylindrical cells with no spines in a colony. Cell length is 5.5µm and width is 2.2µm.
Naded 995039: Cell length is 12.7µm and width is 12.4µm. Cell is oval shaped and flagellum aperture is collar like.
Naded 995071: Cell length is 23.9µ m and width is 20.2µm. Apical region has sharp spikes that are shorter in lateral region of cell. Flagellum aperture has ring-like collar with spiny projections.
Naded 1212004: Filament with cylindrical cells that are broader than long. Cell diameter is 4.2µm and length is 10.9µm. Cells overlap at junction forming an H-shaped region.
Naded 863016: Filamentous cyanobacteria. Filament ends do not tapper.


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