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Soft Algae Count Report

Water Body: Pringle Creek          Site Location ID: NFS029  Sample Label:
Sample ID: NEON01362               Client Sample ID: PRIN.20170221.epipsammon.1
Date Sample Collected: 02/21/2017  Count Finished: 04/30/2018
Subsample ID: PR1                  Slide Replicate ID: b     Count Replicate ID: 1
Counted By: Laura Aycock           Sample Type: QMH-micro

  Naded Type             Taxon Name                                             #Units  Percent   #Cells  Percent Notes   
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Report Date: 12/3/2023          Total Number of Taxa: 0          Total Natural Units: 0
                                                                    Total Number of Cells: 0

Count Notes:

  Comments: Sample contians a lot of sediment. Oscillatoira sp., Spirogyra sp, and Hyalotheca dissiliens observed in sample, but not in count.
Taxa Notes:


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