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   code: RC10002
   sample type: General Multiple Habitats
   client_sample_code: (missing)
   subproject: RC60
   label: RC4/66
   record created by: Charles Reimer
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    RC10002 DT1 (subsample_id=118019)

   site code: RC4   site_id: 18159
   Red Clay Creek, New Castle Co, DE, US 
      NEON domain: not applicable
   state: Delaware (DE)
Location: In New Castle Co., Delaware, near Stanton, just below Rt. No. 7 bordering a recreation area of a recent housing development site. Description: At the upper end of the station is a very shallow riffle area not over a few inches deep. The riffle extends about 60 ft. Below this riffle is a pool area extending for about 50 ft. to a large overhanging tree on the left-bank side. The bottom is of the same type as described for the other three stations. There are a few sandy and muddy areas toward the lower end of the station and along part of the right-bank side. Some ponding is evident on the right-bank side. Trees overhang some of the station from a woods on the right-bank side. The left bank side has a steep cut bank (appx. 10 ft. high) which supports a few large trees in between areas of grass. As a Station 3, there are cans, bottles, porcelain, bed springs, pots and pans, etc. littering the bottom of the stream. (1967 report.)
   latitude in decimal: 39.709217
   longitude in decimal: -75.644417
   waterbody type: stream / river
     Eastern Temperate Forests
       Mississippi Alluvial and Southeast USA Coastal Plains
         Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain
   county: New Castle
   country: United States (US)

   year: 1966
   collected on: 10/11/1966 12:00:00 AM
   installation_date: 10/11/1966 12:00:00 AM
   added to database on: 10/26/2005 4:34:00 PM, added by: dbo
   sample record last modified on: 9/13/2011 6:29:00 PM, modified by: pboylan


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