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   code: GS107250
   sample type: Richest-Target Habitat (RTH)
   client_sample_code: ACFB0403ARE0204BA
       a.k.a. SMCOD in ASRs
       a.k.a. ProjectAssignedSampleCode in Lab Orders
   subproject: ANSPGS0301PR
   nawqa_asr_id: 8655, nawqa_sample_id: 107250
   record created by: Robert Black
   reach: A
ANS data model


    GS107250 DT1 (subsample_id=124543)
    GS107250 DT2 (subsample_id=124544)
    GS107250 PR1 (subsample_id=124545)
    GS107250 PR2 (subsample_id=124546)

   site code: GS02213450   site_id: 16039
   Little Tobesofkee Creek near Bolingbroke, Ga 
      NEON domain: not applicable
   state: Georgia (GA)
Urban Landuse Gradient (at Maynard Mill Rd.)
   latitude in decimal: 32.899444
   longitude in decimal: -83.895833
   client code: 02213450
   waterbody type: stream / river
     Eastern Temperate Forests
       Southeastern USA Plains
   study_unit: ACFB
   county: Monroe
   country: United States (US)

   year: 2003
   collected on: 4/29/2003 12:00:00 AM
   added to database on: 10/26/2005 4:33:00 PM, added by: dbo
   sample record last modified on: 4/19/2011 5:36:00 PM, modified by: palmer

   AreaSampled = 716.000
   ClientDCFactor = 1.039
   ClientSubSampleVolume = 465.000
   OriginalSampleVolume = 485.000
   PreservativeVol = 18.000
   SampleVolume(ANS) = 360.000
   SampleVolume(Client) = 485.000

qualifier_id: 3 code: micro name: micro description: from nawqa result codes is_public: Y added on: 7/22/2005 1:14:00 PM, added by: dbo modified on: 7/22/2005 1:15:00 PM, modified by: dbo


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