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   See lists of: 2 samples | 22 diatoms | 6 non-diatoms for this site.

   site code: GS03564900
   site_id: 16255
   NEON domain: not applicable
   state: Tennessee (TN)
   latitude in decimal: 35.161700
   longitude in decimal: -84.632700
   elevation in feet: 790.000000000
   client code: 03564900
   waterbody type: stream / river
     Eastern Temperate Forests
       Ozark, Ouachita-Appalachian Forests
         Ridge and Valley
   study_unit: UTEN
   county: Polk
   country: United States (US)

2 algae samples were collected at this site:
   sample GSL00553 - 1997  Periphyton Microalgae, collected 11/05  

   sample GSL00564 - 1997  Periphyton Macroalgae, collected 11/05  

22 diatom species found at this site:

   diatom, NADED ID 2030 - Achnanthes minutissima Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 7004 - Amphora perpusilla (Grunow) Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 16004 - Cocconeis placentula Ehrenberg
   diatom, NADED ID 16003 - Cocconeis placentula var. lineata (Ehrenberg) Van Heurck
   diatom, NADED ID 16015 - Cocconeis placentula var. pseudolineata Geitler
   diatom, NADED ID 34006 - Fragilaria capucina Desmazières
   diatom, NADED ID 37095 - Gomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh
   diatom, NADED ID 125001 - Karayevia clevei (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova
   diatom, NADED ID 87002 - Licmophora sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
   diatom, NADED ID 45001 - Meridion circulare (Greville) Agardh
   diatom, NADED ID 46014 - Navicula cryptocephala Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 46554 - Navicula helensis Schulz
   diatom, NADED ID 46039 - Navicula minima Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 48004 - Nitzschia amphibia Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 48249 - Nitzschia linearis var. subtilis Hustedt
   diatom, NADED ID 48026 - Nitzschia palea var. tenuirostris Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 48029 - Nitzschia recta Hantzsch ex Rabenhorst
   diatom, NADED ID 155003 - Planothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
   diatom, NADED ID 155002 - Planothidium lanceolatum var. dubium
   diatom, NADED ID 73001 - Pseudostaurosira brevistriata (Grunow) Williams et Round
   diatom, NADED ID 172004 - Staurosira construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Hamilton
   diatom, NADED ID 175001 - Staurosirella leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round
6 non-diatom species found at this site:

   non-diatom, NADED ID 1505000 - Batrachospermum vagum (Roth) Agardh
   non-diatom, NADED ID 441001 - Microspora pachyderma (Wille) Lagerheim
   non-diatom, NADED ID 441000 - Microspora stagnorum (Kützing) Lagerheim
   non-diatom, NADED ID 888032 - Oscillatoria amphibia Agardh
   non-diatom, NADED ID 906002 - Spirulina subtilissima Kützing ex Gomont
   non-diatom, NADED ID 1220002 - Vaucheria sp. 0A UL NAWQA EJ


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