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Algae collection site:
Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge, Stillwater Co, MT, US

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Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge, Stillwater Co, MT, US

   See lists of: 1 samples | 10 diatoms | 0 non-diatoms for this site.

   site code: MTWET25
   site_id: 18088
   label: Halfbrd
   NEON domain: not applicable
   state: Montana (MT)
South Of Rapelje Road. Sampled East Part Of Wetland. Township: 3N Range: 21E Section(S): 33. Potential Impairment: Agriculture Seeps.
     Great Plains
       West-Central Semi-Arid Prairies
         Northwestern Great Plains
   county: Stillwater
   country: United States (US)

1 algae samples were collected at this site:
   sample MT1238A - General Multiple Habitats, collected 04/27  

10 diatom species found at this site:

   diatom, NADED ID 8020 - Anomoeoneis costata (Kützing) Hustedt
   diatom, NADED ID 23019 - Cymbella pusilla Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 38015 - Gyrosigma peisonis (Grunow) Hustedt
   diatom, NADED ID 46324 - Navicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
   diatom, NADED ID 46055 - Navicula pygmaea Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 46389 - Navicula salinarum Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 46406 - Navicula tripunctata var. schizonemoides (Van Heurck) Patrick
   diatom, NADED ID 48120 - Nitzschia hungarica Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 66036 - Synedra pulchella Ralfs ex Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 66016 - Synedra rumpens Kützing
0 non-diatom species found at this site.


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