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Algae collection site:
Slippery Rock Creek (North Branch), PA, US

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Slippery Rock Creek (North Branch), PA, US

   See lists of: 1 samples | 4 diatoms | 0 non-diatoms for this site.

   site code: AC2
   site_id: 19320
   NEON domain: not applicable
   state: Pennsylvania (PA)
Station 2 was located on the North Branch of Slippery Rock Creek about one-half mile south of Route 338 at the point where County Road 1208 crosses the stream. From a small side tributary acid mine waste which was being treated by the "Yellow Boy Treatme
   latitude in decimal: 41.122222
   longitude in decimal: -79.947778
   waterbody type: stream / river
     Eastern Temperate Forests
       Ozark, Ouachita-Appalachian Forests
         Western Allegheny Plateau
   country: United States (US)

1 algae samples were collected at this site:
   sample AC10004 - 1967  General Multiple Habitats, collected 06/30  

4 diatom species found at this site:

   diatom, NADED ID 33015 - Eunotia exigua (Brébisson) Rabenhorst
   diatom, NADED ID 46256 - Navicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 52030 - Pinnularia hilseana Janisch
   diatom, NADED ID 66005 - Synedra famelica Kützing
0 non-diatom species found at this site.


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