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Algae collection site:
Deer Creek-Greenbrier River

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Deer Creek-Greenbrier River

   See lists of: 2 samples | 0 diatoms | 3 non-diatoms for this site.

   site code: NWCA11-2765
   site_id: 205813
   NEON domain: not applicable
   state: West Virginia (WV)
   latitude in decimal: 38.687246
   longitude in decimal: -79.769695
   client code: NWCA11-2765
   waterbody type: wetlands
     Eastern Temperate Forests
       Ozark, Ouachita-Appalachian Forests
         Ridge and Valley
   county: Pocahontas
   country: United States (US)

2 algae samples were collected at this site:
   sample NWCA0391 - 2011  Richest-Target Habitat (RTH), collected 07/07  
   sample NWCA0392 - 2011  Richest-Target Habitat (RTH), collected 09/13  

0 diatom species found at this site.

3 non-diatom species found at this site:

   non-diatom, NADED ID 261000 - Ankistrodesmus falcatus (Corda) Ralfs
   non-diatom, NADED ID 418000 - Hyalotheca dissiliens (Smith) BrĂ©bisson ex Ralfs
   non-diatom, NADED ID 510002 - Scenedesmus ecornis (Ralfs) Chodat


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