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No Name Brook

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No Name Brook

   See lists of: 2 samples | 38 diatoms | 17 non-diatoms for this site.

   site code: ME-000467
   site_id: 207273
   label: Unnamed
   NEON domain: not applicable
   city: Lewiston, Maine (ME)
   latitude in decimal: 44.110944
   longitude in decimal: -70.141068
   elevation in feet: 235.565616800
   client code: W-101
   waterbody type: wetlands
     Eastern Temperate Forests
       Mixed Wood Plains
         Maine/New Brunswick Plains and Hills
   county: Androscoggin
   country: United States (US)

2 algae samples were collected at this site:
   sample MEDP0793 - 2013  Phytoplankton, collected 06/25  

   sample MEDP0765 - 2013  Plant Stems, collected 06/25  

38 diatom species found at this site:

   diatom, NADED ID 1012 - Achnanthidium altergracillima (Lange-Bertalot) Round et Bukhtiyarova
   diatom, NADED ID 1010 - Achnanthidium minutissimum (Kützing) Czarnecki
   diatom, NADED ID 18013 - Brachysira microcephala (Kützing) Compère
   diatom, NADED ID 18046 - Brachysira ocalanensis Shayler et Siver
   diatom, NADED ID 212005 - Chamaepinnularia mediocris (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
   diatom, NADED ID 16005 - Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta (Ehrenberg) Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 197002 - Diadesmis contenta (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Mann
   diatom, NADED ID 2506002 - Discostella pseudostelligera (Hustedt) Houk et Klee
   diatom, NADED ID 110004 - Encyonema minutum (Hilse) Mann
   diatom, NADED ID 110045 - Encyonema neogracile Krammer
   diatom, NADED ID 203002 - Encyonopsis microcephala (Grunow) Krammer
   diatom, NADED ID 33185 - Eunotia bilunaris (Ehrenberg) Souza
   diatom, NADED ID 33019 - Eunotia flexuosa (Brébisson ex Kutzing) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 33026 - Eunotia incisa Smith ex Gregory
   diatom, NADED ID 33183 - Eunotia minor (Kützing) Grunow
   diatom, NADED ID 33036 - Eunotia naegelii Migula
   diatom, NADED ID 33041 - Eunotia pectinalis var. undulata (Ralfs) Rabenhorst
   diatom, NADED ID 34098 - Fragilaria capucina var. gracilis (Østrup) Hustedt
   diatom, NADED ID 34212 - Fragilaria sepes Ehrenberg
   diatom, NADED ID 37001 - Gomphonema acuminatum Ehrenberg
   diatom, NADED ID 37002 - Gomphonema affine Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 37197 - Gomphonema kobayasii Kociolek et Kingston
   diatom, NADED ID 37010 - Gomphonema parvulum (Kützing) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 46014 - Navicula cryptocephala Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 46527 - Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot
   diatom, NADED ID 46859 - Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 46056 - Navicula radiosa Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 48015 - Nitzschia gracilis Hantzsch
   diatom, NADED ID 48156 - Nitzschia liebethruthii Rabenhorst
   diatom, NADED ID 186008 - Psammothidium subatomoides (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round
   diatom, NADED ID 55002 - Reimeria sinuata (Gregory) Kociolek et Stoermer
   diatom, NADED ID 189002 - Rossithidium linearis (Smith) Round et Bukhtiyarova
   diatom, NADED ID 63008 - Stenopterobia curvula (Smith) Krammer
   diatom, NADED ID 67004 - Tabellaria flocculosa (Roth) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 67005 - Tabellaria flocculosa (strain III) sensu Koppen (Roth) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 67006 - Tabellaria flocculosa (strain IV) sensu Koppen (Roth) Kützing
   diatom, NADED ID 67007 - Tabellaria flocculosa var. linearis Koppen
   diatom, NADED ID 245001 - Ulnaria ulna (Nitzsch) Compère
17 non-diatom species found at this site:

   non-diatom, NADED ID 261020 - Ankistrodesmus bernardii Komárek
   non-diatom, NADED ID 261000 - Ankistrodesmus falcatus (Corda) Ralfs
   non-diatom, NADED ID 264000 - Aphanochaete repens Braun
   non-diatom, NADED ID 316026 - Closterium parvulum Nägeli
   non-diatom, NADED ID 327019 - Cosmarium reniforme (Ralfs) Archer
   non-diatom, NADED ID 350001 - Dictyosphaerium pulchellum Wood
   non-diatom, NADED ID 1110003 - Dinobryon sertularia Ehrenberg
   non-diatom, NADED ID 1110012 - Dinobryon sp. 1 ANS FWA Adirondacks
   non-diatom, NADED ID 442002 - Microthamnion kuetzingianum Nägeli ex Kützing
   non-diatom, NADED ID 444006 - Mougeotia sp. 1 (thin filament)
   non-diatom, NADED ID 458000 - Oocystis solitaria Wittrock
   non-diatom, NADED ID 1457003 - Peridinium inconspicuum Lemmermann
   non-diatom, NADED ID 536001 - Spondylosium planum (Wolle) W. West et G.S. West
   non-diatom, NADED ID 538034 - Staurastrum anatinum fo. parvum Prescott, Bicudo et Vinyard
   non-diatom, NADED ID 538058 - Staurastrum dejectum (Brébisson) Ralfs
   non-diatom, NADED ID 1999044 - Unknown alga flagellate, 3-8µ, elongate FWA Adirondacks
   non-diatom, NADED ID 1999042 - Unknown alga flagellate, spherical 3µ ANS FWA MEDP


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