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Algae subproject overview

Phycology Section: ecology and taxonomy of freshwater algae, particularly diatoms


This S U B P R O J E C T is part of project GS708130 (NAWQA CA I YR 1 - 1999).
Displaying 4 algae samples in subproject ANSPGS9916PR (Lower Susquehanna River Basin (LSUS 1998) USGS NAWQA)
   sample GSN93934 - 1998  QMH-micro  PA  East Mahantango Creek  (site GS01555400)
   sample GSN93936 - 1998  RTH  PA  East Mahantango Creek  (site GS01555400)
   sample GSN93938 - 1998  QMH-micro  PA  Bobs Creek  (site GS01559795)
   sample GSN93940 - 1998  RTH  PA  Bobs Creek  (site GS01559795)


Found 0 distinct taxa in the official counts of this subproject:




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