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Algae subproject overview

Phycology Section: ecology and taxonomy of freshwater algae, particularly diatoms


This S U B P R O J E C T is part of project AD2010 (Adirondack Lakes Phytoplankton 2010-2012).
Displaying 15 algae samples in subproject ANSPAD1102PP (Adirondack Lakes Phytoplankton 2010 (August))
   sample AD046048 - 2010  PP  NY  Jockeybush  (site AD000201)
   sample AD046050 - 2010  PP  NY  G  (site AD000202)
   sample AD046052 - 2010  PP  NY  Brooktrout  (site AD000204)
   sample AD046054 - 2010  PP  NY  Cascade  (site AD000054)
   sample AD046056 - 2010  PP  NY  Squaw  (site AD000214)
   sample AD046063 - 2010  PP  NY  Limekiln  (site AD000211)
   sample AD046066 - 2010  PP  NY  Big Moose  (site AD000005)
   sample AD046068 - 2010  PP  NY  Sagamore  (site AD000043)
   sample AD046070 - 2010  PP  NY  South  (site AD000115)
   sample AD046072 - 2010  PP  NY  North  (site AD000114)
   sample AD046074 - 2010  PP  NY  Dart  (site AD000057)
   sample AD046076 - 2010  PP  NY  Moss  (site AD000060)
   sample AD046078 - 2010  PP  NY  Rondaxe  (site AD000213)
   sample AD046080 - 2010  PP  NY  Round  (site AD000042)
   sample AD046083 - 2010  PP  NY  Wheeler  (site AD000212)


Found 0 distinct taxa in the official counts of this subproject:




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