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Adirondack Unpublished Miscellaneous Entities (ADMisc) See Details |  See Chronology and Inferred Values
91 Samples from 21 Sites

  • Samples by default are sorted in ascending order by lake name then core interval.
  • Select a Sample ID to see a diatom count report for that sample.
  • To view information about a lake in a separate window, select the waterbody.
Measured Environmental Parameters (Only surface samples will be shown):
Parameter: Ascending Descending Default
#Sample IDSample NameCore #Interval (cm)WaterbodyStateCountry
1.221PI004035.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
2.222PI004135.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
3.223PI004235.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
4.224PI004335.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
5.225PI004435.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
6.226PI004535.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
7.227PI004635.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
8.228PI004735.0-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
9.271PI0090430.0-0.3Big Moose L.NYUnited States
10.272PI0091433.0-3.3Big Moose L.NYUnited States
11.273PI0092435.0-5.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
12.274PI0093440.0-0.3Big Moose L.NYUnited States
13.275PI0094441.5-1.8Big Moose L.NYUnited States
14.276PI0095445.0-5.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
15.277PI0096450.0-0.3Big Moose L.NYUnited States
16.278PI0097452.0-2.3Big Moose L.NYUnited States
17.279PI0098455.0-5.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
18.229PI004861.5-2.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
19.230PI004962.0-2.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
20.231PI005062.5-3.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
21.232PI005165.5-6.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
22.233PI005267.0-7.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
23.234PI005368.5-9.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
24.235PI0054610.0-10.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
25.236PI0055610.5-11.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
26.237PI0056611.5-12.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
27.238PI0057613.0-13.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
28.239PI0058619.0-19.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
29.240PI0059620.5-21.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
30.241PI0060622.5-23.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
31.242PI006181.5-2.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
32.243PI006282.5-3.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
33.244PI006384.5-5.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
34.245PI006486.5-7.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
35.246PI006588.5-9.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
36.247PI0066810.0-11.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
37.248PI0067812.5-13.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
38.249PI0068814.0-14.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
39.250PI0069815.5-16.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
40.251PI0070820.5-21.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
41.252PI0071827.0-27.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
42.253PI0072829.0-29.5Big Moose L.NYUnited States
43.254PI0073831.0-32.0Big Moose L.NYUnited States
44.613PI043210.0-1.0Buck P.NYUnited States
45.614PI0433137.0-38.0Buck P.NYUnited States
46.616PI043510.0-1.0Catamount P.NYUnited States
47.617PI0436120.0-21.0Catamount P.NYUnited States
48.293PI0112110.0-1.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
49.294PI0113111.0-2.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
50.295PI01141137.0-38.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
51.296PI01151138.0-39.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
52.297PI0116120.0-1.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
53.298PI01171240.0-42.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
54.299PI0118130.0-1.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
55.300PI01191335.0-36.0Clear P. (E.L.)NYUnited States
56.1181ADIR056Cranberry P.NYUnited States
57.619PI043810.0-1.0Crystal L.NYUnited States
58.620PI0439141.0-42.0Crystal L.NYUnited States
59.488PI0307230.0-31.0Curtis L.NYUnited States
60.473PI0292900.0-1.0Dart's L.NYUnited States
61.474PI02939018.0-19.0Dart's L.NYUnited States
62.622PI044110.0-1.0Doe P.NYUnited States
63.623PI0442120.0-21.0Doe P.NYUnited States
64.641PI046010.0-1.0Evergreen L.NYUnited States
65.642PI0461136.0-38.0Evergreen L.NYUnited States
66.643PI0462410.0-0.3Evergreen L.NYUnited States
67.644PI0463412.0-2.3Evergreen L.NYUnited States
68.625PI044410.0-1.0Grass P. (L.C.)NYUnited States
69.626PI0445137.0-38.0Grass P. (L.C.)NYUnited States
70.334PI0153900.0-1.0Honnedaga L.NYUnited States
71.335PI01549018.0-19.0Honnedaga L.NYUnited States
72.479PI0298901.5-2.0Jerseyfield L.NYUnited States
73.480PI02999021.0-22.0Jerseyfield L.NYUnited States
74.476PI0295900.0-1.0Lake RondaxeNYUnited States
75.477PI02969018.0-19.0Lake RondaxeNYUnited States
76.632PI045110.0-1.0Little Long P.NYUnited States
77.633PI0452141.0-42.0Little Long P.NYUnited States
78.635PI045410.0-1.0Marsh P.NYUnited States
79.636PI045515.0-5.5Marsh P.NYUnited States
80.646PI0465410.0-0.3Raven L.NYUnited States
81.647PI0466413.0-3.3Raven L.NYUnited States
82.648PI04674120.0-21.0Raven L.NYUnited States
83.638PI045710.0-1.0Sunday P.NYUnited States
84.639PI0458120.0-21.0Sunday P.NYUnited States
85.416PI0235900.0-0.5Townsend P.NYUnited States
86.417PI02369032.0-33.0Townsend P.NYUnited States
87.650PI0469410.0-0.3Twin Ponds (Eastern)NYUnited States
88.651PI0470413.0-3.3Twin Ponds (Eastern)NYUnited States
89.652PI04714120.0-21.0Twin Ponds (Eastern)NYUnited States
90.455PI0274900.0-0.5Woodruff P.NYUnited States
91.456PI02759031.0-32.0Woodruff P.NYUnited States

After selecting one of these options, results will be displayed by the browser in ASCII Tab delimited format. To save the results to a file on your computer, use the "save as" feature of your browser and rename. The download could take a minute or two depending on the size the selection.

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