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How to Submit Data
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Steps for submitting a dataset to the DPDC

  1. Read the DPDC webpages and browse current DPDC data sets, including the FAQs
  2. Open and read the DPDC Data Entry Instruction Manual
  3. Download, install, and browse the Example DPDC Data Entry Application
  4. Assemble data files and other information sources
  5. Download the DPDC Data Entry Application and enter data
  6. Email the completed DPDC data entry file to the ANSP

The mandate of data archive components of the NSF Earth System History Program and the NOAA Paleoclimatology Program is to compile data sets that will help researchers better understand paleoclimate and other aspects of global change. Many diatom paleolimnological studies have directly addressed paleoclimatological questions, but it is likely all core and surface sediment data contain some information relative to paleoclimate. Indeed, one of the main uses of the DPDC will be to recombine existing data in new ways to answer paleoclimatological and other research questions.

Therefore, although cores with inferred climatological signals are a priority, all diatom core and surface sediment information will be considered for acceptance. At present, we wish to concentrate on the Western hemisphere. Contributors must understand that data submitted to the DPDC will be freely distributed.

If you have questions about the suitability of a data set for the DPDC, please contact Donald Charles at . If you have questions regarding computer related aspects of submissions, contact a DPDC representative by sending an email message to .

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