The NADED List of Taxa

The NADED list of taxa and codes is a master-list of names used in the North American Diatom Ecological Database at the ANSP.

The list is a combination of names used in several projects. It originated as the list used for the Paleoecological Investigation of Recent Lake Acidification (PIRLA) project, and has also been used during the past 15 years as a source of names for the USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA), the US EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program-Northeast Lakes (EPA EMAP-NE Lakes), the Diatom Paleolimnology Data Cooperative (DPDC), and for Phycology Section analysis of samples for State agencies (e.g., New Jersey, Virginia, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico) and other projects.

The primary practical value of the NADED Master list is that it provides a list of codes useful for representing names in databases, and that allows easy exchange and comparison of diatom name lists and count files. It is important to stress that the list is simply source of names and taxa ID's. It is not meant to be comprehensive, nor should it be inferred that names on the list are preferred over other names not on the list. Note that there are many synonyms contained in this list.

This website version of the list is more up to date than the list included in the DPDC Data Entry Application and should be used instead. Also, some names used in the DPDC are included in the taxa list but have not yet been assigned a NADED ID. These names are ones deemed likely to apply only to specific datasets. However, if they are used in more than one dataset, they will be given a NADED ID.

Recommended citation: Academy of Natural Sciences. NADED Master-list of names and taxa codes for diatoms and other algae: Names used in the North American Diatom Ecological Database. Phycology Section, Patrick Center for Environmental Research, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA. Retreived [DATE] from

Download the list:

NADED ID Short Name Full Taxon Name
2502990Acanthoceras sp. 1 ?
2502999Acanthoceras sp. 10 ?
2502991Acanthoceras sp. 2 ?
2502992Acanthoceras sp. 3 ?
2502993Acanthoceras sp. 4 ?
2502994Acanthoceras sp. 5 ?
2502995Acanthoceras sp. 6 ?
2502996Acanthoceras sp. 7 ?
2502997Acanthoceras sp. 8 ?
2502998Acanthoceras sp. 9 ?
2502001Acanthoceras zachariasii (Brun) Simonsen
2501002AOgranaAchnantheiopsis grana Hohn et Hellermann
2501990Achnantheiopsis sp. 1 ?
2501999Achnantheiopsis sp. 10 ?
2501991Achnantheiopsis sp. 2 ?
2501992Achnantheiopsis sp. 3 ?
2501993Achnantheiopsis sp. 4 ?
2501994Achnantheiopsis sp. 5 ?
2501995Achnantheiopsis sp. 6 ?
2501996Achnantheiopsis sp. 7 ?
2501997Achnantheiopsis sp. 8 ?
2501998Achnantheiopsis sp. 9 ?
2501001AOsppAchnantheiopsis spp. Lange-Bertalot
2231ACacaresAchnanthes acares Hohn et Hellermann
2251ACafffraAchnanthes aff. fragilarioides ANS NAWQA EAM Petersen
94023ACafflvuAchnanthes aff. lacus-vulcani NAR Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
2259AcafflemAchnanthes aff. lemmermannii Hustedt
2001ACaffiniAchnanthes affinis Grunow
2044ACaltaicAchnanthes altaica (Poretzky) Cleve-Euler
2110ACamoenaAchnanthes amoena Hustedt
Achnanthes atacamae FRITZ
2002ACaustriAchnanthes austriaca Hustedt
94043ACausvheAchnanthes austriaca var. helvetica Hustedt
2091ACausvenAchnanthes austriaca var. ventricosa Krasske
2260ACbahusiAchnanthes bahusiensis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
2053ACbiasolAchnanthes biasolettiana (Kützing) Grunow
2261ACbiasubAchnanthes biasolettiana var. subatomus Lange-Bertalot
2239ACbiatheAchnanthes biasolettiana var. thienemannii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
2043ACbicapiAchnanthes bicapitata Hustedt
2210ACbicnfsAchnanthes biconfusa Van Landingham
2120ACbimaclAchnanthes bimaculata
2049ACbioretAchnanthes bioreti Germain
2121ACbipormAchnanthes biporoma Hohn et Hellermann
AcbottniAchnanthes bottnica Cleve (Cleve)
AcboudouAchnanthes boudoui Metzeltin et Lange-Bertalot
2262AcbremeyAchnanthes bremeyeri Lange-Bertalot
2122ACbrevipAchnanthes brevipes Agardh
Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia (Kützing) Cleve
2064ACcalcarAchnanthes calcar Cleve
2097ACcarissAchnanthes carissima Lange-Bertalot
2225ACcatenaAchnanthes catenata Bily et Marvan
2250ACcfharvAchnanthes cf harveyi Reimer
2211ACcfacreAchnanthes cf. acares BAHLS Hohn et Hellermann
2192ACcfamoeAchnanthes cf. amoena CLASON Hustedt
2263ACcfbahuAchnanthes cf. bahusiensis UMICH (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
2264ACcfbiasAchnanthes cf. biasolettiana UMICH (Kützing) Grunow
2190ACcfdauiAchnanthes cf. daui CLASON Foged
Achnanthes cf. delicatula LAIRD
2175ACcfdehaAchnanthes cf. delicatula var. hauckiana (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Ruppel
2266ACcfduthAchnanthes cf. duthii UMICH Screenivasa
2188ACcfengeAchnanthes cf. engelbrechtii Cholnoky
2136ACcfgrnaAchnanthes cf. grana ROBERTS Hohn et Hellermann
2195ACcfgrimAchnanthes cf. grimmei REIMER Krasske
2191AccfgrisAchnanthes cf. grischuna CLASON Wüthrich
2265ACcfgri1Achnanthes cf. grischuna UMICH Wüthrich
2267ACcfhungAchnanthes cf. hungarica UMICH (Grunow) Grunow
94031ACcfimpfAchnanthes cf. imperfecta PHYCOTECH AS Schimanski
2268ACcfkranAchnanthes cf. kranzii UMICH Lange-Bertalot
2256ACcflancAchnanthes cf. lanceolata UMICH (Brébisson in Kützing) Grunow
2197ACcflnapAchnanthes cf. lanceolata var. apiculata REIMER Patrick
94028ACcflemmAchnanthes cf. lemmermannii Idaho DW Hustedt
94032ACcflinPAchnanthes cf. linearis PHYCOTECH AS (Smith) Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
2269ACcflineAchnanthes cf. linearis UMICH (Smith) Grunow
2270ACcfmingAchnanthes cf. minutissima var. gracillima UMICH (Meister) Lange-Bertalot
2272ACcfminsAchnanthes cf. minutissima var. scotica UMICH (Carter) Lange-Bertalot
2214ACcfoblqAchnanthes cf. obliqua MARR Hustedt
2172ACcfpetAchnanthes cf. petersenii Hustedt
2273ACcfpusAchnanthes cf. pusilla UMICH (Grunow) DeToni
2274ACcfricuAchnanthes cf. ricula UMICH Hohn et Hellermann
2193ACcfrosnAchnanthes cf. rosenstockii CLASON Lange-Bertalot
2275ACcfros1Achnanthes cf. rosenstockii UMICH Lange-Bertalot
2276ACcfsaccAchnanthes cf. saccula UMICH Carter
94017ACcfsempAchnanthes cf. semiparta NAWQA LJM Hustedt
2277ACcfsubaAchnanthes cf. subatomoides UMICH (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
2123ACchilenAchnanthes chilensis Hustedt
2113ACchlidaAchnanthes chlidanos Hohn et Hellermann
2004ACcleveiAchnanthes clevei Grunow
2278ACclebotAchnanthes clevei var. bottnica Cleve
2060ACclerosAchnanthes clevei var. rostrata Hustedt
2041ACcoarctAchnanthes coarctata (Brébisson) Grunow
ACconfusAchnanthes confusa Manguin
ACcovatoAchnanthes confusa var. atomoides Manguin
2098ACconiAchnanthes conspicua Mayer
94038ACconvbrAchnanthes conspicua var. brevistriata Hustedt
2149ACcrassaAchnanthes crassa Hustedt
2232ACcurtisAchnanthes curtissima Carter
2124ACcurvirAchnanthes curvirostrum Brun
ACcycloAchnanthes cyclophora Heiden
2157ACdaonenAchnanthes daonensis Lange-Bertalot
2212ACdauiAchnanthes daui Foged
2065ACdaualaAchnanthes daui var. alaskaensis Foged
2125ACdecipnAchnanthes decipiens Reimer
2126ACdeflexAchnanthes deflexa Reimer
2253ACdeflalAchnanthes deflexa var. alpestris Lowe et Kociolek
2099ACdelicaAchnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow
2170ACdelrobAchnanthes delicatula var. robusta Hustedt
2005ACdepresAchnanthes depressa (Cleve) Hustedt
2042ACdethaAchnanthes detha Hohn et Hellermann
2006ACdidymaAchnanthes didyma Hustedt
2279ACdisparAchnanthes dispar Cleve
2158ACdistinAchnanthes distincta Messikommer
AcdorniiAchnanthes dornii Lange-Bertalot
2280ACduthiiAchnanthes duthii Screenivasa
2228ACelataAchnanthes elata (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Gandhi
2237ACengelbAchnanthes engelbrechtii Cholnoky
2007ACexiguaAchnanthes exigua Grunow
2150ACexiconAchnanthes exigua var. constricta Torka
2177ACexiellAchnanthes exigua var. elliptica Hustedt
2008ACexihetAchnanthes exigua var. heterovalva Krasske
2159ACexilisAchnanthes exilis Kützing
2236ACexpresAchnanthes expressa Carter
2009ACflexelAchnanthes flexella (Kützing) Brun
2040ACflealpAchnanthes flexella var. alpestris Brun
2010ACfragilAchnanthes fragilarioides Petersen
94019AcfrigidAchnanthes frigida Hustedt
AcgessneAchnanthes gessneri Hustedt
2011ACgibberAchnanthes gibberula Grunow
2100ACgracilAchnanthes gracillima Hustedt
2056ACgranipAchnanthes gracillima var. nipponica Skvortzow
2220ACgranaAchnanthes grana Hohn et Hellermann
2233ACgrischAchnanthes grischuna Wüthrich
2141ACharveyAchnanthes harveyi Reimer
2012AChauckiAchnanthes hauckiana Grunow
2127AChaurosAchnanthes hauckiana var. rostrata Schulz
94039AChayvulAchnanthes haynaldi var. vulgaris Hustedt
AchaynalAchnanthes haynaldii Schaar
2003AChelvetAchnanthes helvetica (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
94040AChelvalAchnanthes helvetica var. alpina Flower et Jones
94041AChelvmiAchnanthes helvetica var. minor Flower et Jones
94018AchintziAchnanthes hintzii Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
2229ACholsatAchnanthes holsatica Hustedt
2059AChungarAchnanthes hungarica (Grunow) Grunow
2013AChustedAchnanthes hustedtii (Krasske) Reimer
2051ACimperfAchnanthes imperfecta Schimanski
94020AcimpexaAchnanthes impexa Lange-Bertalot
94036AcimpexiAchnanthes impexiformis Lange-Bertalot
ACincogAchnanthes incognitum Krasske
2128ACinflatAchnanthes inflata (Kützing) Grunow
2243ACinfelaAchnanthes inflata var. elata (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Hustedt
2221ACingratAchnanthes ingratiformis Lange-Bertalot
2248AcjoursaAchnanthes joursacense Héribaud
Achnanthes kenyae Cholnoky
94044ACkenyaeAchnanthes kenyae Cholnoky
94034AckolbeiAchnanthes kolbei Hustedt
2160ACkranzAchnanthes kranzii Lange-Bertalot
2161ACkriegrAchnanthes kriegeri Krasske
2014ACkryophAchnanthes kryophila Petersen
2055ACkryaftAchnanthes kryophila var. africana Cholnoky
2202ACkrydenAchnanthes kryophila var. densistriata Hustedt
2180ACkuelbsAchnanthes kuelbsii Lange-Bertalot
2242AClacvulAchnanthes lacus-vulcani Lange-Bertalot
2118AClaevisAchnanthes laevis Schimanski
2015AClanceoAchnanthes lanceolata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow
2200AClncfcpAchnanthes lanceolata cf. var. capitata REIMER Müller
2066AClancapAchnanthes lanceolata fo. capitata Müller
94035AclanrhoAchnanthes lanceolata fo. rhombica Carter
AclanvenAchnanthes lanceolata fo. ventricosa Hustedt
2227AClanbipAchnanthes lanceolata subsp. biporoma (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot
2224AClanfreAchnanthes lanceolata subsp. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot
2240AClanrobAchnanthes lanceolata subsp. robusta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
2102AClansrsAchnanthes lanceolata subsp. rostrata (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
2140AC1ANMNTAchnanthes lanceolata var. 1 ANS MT
2114AClanabbAchnanthes lanceolata var. abbreviata Reimer
2063AClanapiAchnanthes lanceolata var. apiculata Patrick
2138AClanbimAchnanthes lanceolata var. bimaculata Hustedt
94047AClanboyAchnanthes lanceolata var. boyei (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
94046ACldfomiAchnanthes lanceolata var. dubia fo. minuta Grunow
2016AClandubAchnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow
2101AClanellAchnanthes lanceolata var. elliptica Cleve sensu Straub
2017AClanhayAchnanthes lanceolata var. haynaldii (Schaarschmidt) Cleve
2154AClanlanAchnanthes lanceolata var. lanceolatoides (Sovereing) Reimer
94015AClanmagAchnanthes lanceolata var. magna (Straub) Lange-Bertalot
2205AClanminAchnanthes lanceolata var. minutissima Krasske
2018AClanomiAchnanthes lanceolata var. omissa Reimer
2209AClanvrsAchnanthes lanceolata var. rostrata Hustedt
2019AClapidoAchnanthes lapidosa Krasske
2093AClapappAchnanthes lapidosa var. appalachiana (Camburn et Lowe) Lange-Bertalot
2020AClaplanAchnanthes lapidosa var. lanceolata Hustedt
2067AClapponAchnanthes lapponica (Hustedt) Hustedt
2039AClapp1pAchnanthes lapponica var. 1 PIRLA
2062AClapninAchnanthes lapponica var. ninckei (Guermeur et Manguin) Reimer
2244AClataAchnanthes lata Hustedt
2246AClat1LMAchnanthes lata var. 1 ANS LJM
2184AClat1NRAchnanthes lata var. 1 ANS NAR
2048AClateroAchnanthes laterostrata Hustedt
2137AClauenbAchnanthes lauenburgiana Hustedt
2129AClemmerAchnanthes lemmermannii Hustedt
2022AClevandAchnanthes levanderi Hustedt
2023AClevhelAchnanthes levanderi var. helvetica Hustedt
2096AClewisiAchnanthes lewisiana Patrick
2257AClinforAchnanthes lineariformis (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
94033AclineoiAchnanthes linearioides Lange-Bertalot
2024AClinearAchnanthes linearis (Smith) Grunow
2025AClincurAchnanthes linearis fo. curta Smith
2226AClinpusAchnanthes linearis var. pusilla Grunow
2142AClongipAchnanthes longipes Agardh
2027AClutherAchnanthes lutheri Hustedt
ACmanguiAchnanthes manguinii Hustedt
2028ACmarginAchnanthes marginulata Grunow
2029ACmicrocAchnanthes microcephala (Kützing) Grunow
94048ACminusAchnanthes minuscula Hustedt
2162ACminutaAchnanthes minuta (Cleve) Cleve
2030ACminutiAchnanthes minutissima Kützing
2194ACmin1WCAchnanthes minutissima var. 1 ANS WRC
2185ACminaffAchnanthes minutissima var. affinis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
2031ACmincryAchnanthes minutissima var. cryptocephala Grunow
2189ACmingraAchnanthes minutissima var. gracillima (Meister) Lange-Bertalot
2176ACminjacAchnanthes minutissima var. jackii (Rabhenhorst) Lange-Bertalot et Ruppel
2213ACminmacAchnanthes minutissima var. macrocephala Hustedt
2281ACmirobuAchnanthes minutissima var. robusta Hustedt
2139ACminsapAchnanthes minutissima var. saprophila Kobayasi et Mayama
2187ACminscoAchnanthes minutissima var. scotica (Carter) Lange-Bertalot
2271AccfmnscAchnanthes minutissima var. scotica CALACAD (Carter) Lange-Bertalot
2241ACmiotaAchnanthes miota Carter
2130ACmirablAchnanthes mirabilis Proshkina-Lavrenko
ACmodestAchnanthes modestiformis Lange-Bertalot
2103ACmontanAchnanthes montana Krasske
ACnavifoAchnanthes naviformis Van de Vijver et Beyens
2104ACnitidiAchnanthes nitidiformis Lange-Bertalot
2032ACnodosaAchnanthes nodosa Cleve
2153ACnolliiAchnanthes nollii Bock
2105ACoblongAchnanthes oblongella Østrup
ACocculAchnanthes occulta Kalbe
94042ACoccultAchnanthes occulta Kalbe
2111ACoestruAchnanthes oestrupii (Cleve-Euler) Hustedt
2054ACoeslanAchnanthes oestrupii var. lanceolata Hustedt
94021AcoespunAchnanthes oestrupii var. pungens (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot
2143ACorientAchnanthes orientalis Hustedt
2106ACparvulAchnanthes parvula Kützing
2033ACperagaAchnanthes peragalli Brun et Héribaud
2047ACperfosAchnanthes peragalli var. fossilis Tempère et Peragallo
2115ACperparAchnanthes peragalli var. parvula (Patrick) Reimer
94037AcpericaAchnanthes pericava Carter
2181ACpetersAchnanthes petersennii Hustedt
2034ACpinnatAchnanthes pinnata Hustedt
2249AcploensAchnanthes ploenensis Hustedt
94022ACplogesAchnanthes ploenensis var. gessneri (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
2156ACpselinAchnanthes pseudolinearis Hustedt
2206ACpsdswzAchnanthes pseudoswazi Carter
2131ACpunctfAchnanthes punctifera Hustedt
2026ACpusillAchnanthes pusilla (Grunow) DeToni
94026ACrechteAchnanthes rechtensis Leclercq
2068ACrecurvAchnanthes recurvata Hustedt
2245ACreimerAchnanthes reimeri Camburn
ACreneiAchnanthes renei Lange-Bertalot et Schmidt
94030ACreversAchnanthes reversa Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
2230ACriculaAchnanthes ricula Hohn et Hellermann
2107ACrosensAchnanthes rosenstockii Lange-Bertalot
2108ACrossiiAchnanthes rossii Hustedt
94045ACrostraAchnanthes rostrata Østrup
2186ACruptodAchnanthes rupestoides Hohn
2234ACruptrsAchnanthes rupestris Krasske
2223ACsacculAchnanthes saccula Carter
2035ACsaxoniAchnanthes saxonica Krasske
2163ACscoticAchnanthes scotica Flower et Jones
2201ACsemaprAchnanthes semiaperta Hustedt
94029ACseparaAchnanthes separata Hustedt
2282ACsilvahAchnanthes silvahercynia Lange-Bertalot
2998ACsolidaAchnanthes solida (Eulenstein) Krammer
2217AC1ULKM2Achnanthes sp 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
2045AC5PRLAchnanthes sp 5 PIRLA
2294AC4NQALBAchnanthes sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. kransii
2235AC0FULKMAchnanthes sp. 0F UL NAWQA KM
2238AC0JULKMAchnanthes sp. 0J UL NAWQA KM
2990AC1?Achnanthes sp. 1 ?
2179AC1ANSACAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS ACFB
2204AC1CWRDNAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS CWR DN
2203AC1CRLLDAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS CWR LLD
2198AC1CWRNTAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS CWR NT
2196AC1CWRPPAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS CWR PP
2207AC1ANSLBAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS LLB
2146AC1ANSMTAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS MT
2252ACsp1Achnanthes sp. 1 ANS NAWQA EAM
2169AC1ANSUSAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS USNK
2174AC1WRCAchnanthes sp. 1 ANS WRC
94027AC1IDDMWAchnanthes sp. 1 Idaho DW
2283ACKR1albAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA KR ALBE
94001AC1MBEAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA MBE ALBE
2247AC1MPAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA MP
2291ACcfbrUMAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. brevicostata
94005ACcfbiUMAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. biasolettiana
2287AC1NQALBAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
2288AC1NQLERAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH LERI
2284AC1pugtAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
94008AC1lanroAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. lanceolata subsp. rostrata
2289AC1UMUTEAchnanthes sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
2166AC1tetpgAchnanthes sp. 1 Tet PG
2216AC1ULKMWAchnanthes sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
2258AC1UMJPAchnanthes sp. 1 UM 1996 UTEN JP
2999AC10?Achnanthes sp. 10 ?
94024AC10NQEMAchnanthes sp. 10 NAWQA EAM
2061AC10PRLAchnanthes sp. 10 PIRLA
2069AC11PRLAchnanthes sp. 11 PIRLA
2070AC12PRLAchnanthes sp. 12 PIRLA
2151AC13LLAchnanthes sp. 13 ANS LL
2071AC13PRLAchnanthes sp. 13 PIRLA
2072AC14PRLAchnanthes sp. 14 PIRLA
2073AC15PRLAchnanthes sp. 15 PIRLA
2074AC16PRLAchnanthes sp. 16 PIRLA
2075AC17PRLAchnanthes sp. 17 PIRLA
2076AC18PRLAchnanthes sp. 18 PIRLA
2077AC19PRLAchnanthes sp. 19 PIRLA
2991AC2?Achnanthes sp. 2 ?
2147AC2ANSAWAchnanthes sp. 2 ANS APW
2208AC2ANSLBAchnanthes sp. 2 ANS LLB
2144AC2ANSNRAchnanthes sp. 2 ANS NAR
2178AC2ANSWCAchnanthes sp. 2 ANS WRC
2168AC2MRNPAchnanthes sp. 2 MRNP
94016AC2MPAchnanthes sp. 2 NAWQA MP
2292ACcfgrUMAchnanthes sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. grischuna
2285AC2NQPUGAchnanthes sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
94009ACcfmiUMAchnanthes sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. minutissima
2218AC2ULKMWAchnanthes sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
2078AC20PRLAchnanthes sp. 20 PIRLA
2152AC21LLAchnanthes sp. 21 ANS LL
2079AC21PRLAchnanthes sp. 21 PIRLA
2080AC22PRLAchnanthes sp. 22 PIRLA
2081AC23PRLAchnanthes sp. 23 PIRLA
2082AC24PRLAchnanthes sp. 24 PIRLA
2083AC25PRLAchnanthes sp. 25 PIRLA
2084AC26PRLAchnanthes sp. 26 PIRLA
2085AC27PRLAchnanthes sp. 27 PIRLA
2086AC28PRLAchnanthes sp. 28 PIRLA
2087AC29PRLAchnanthes sp. 29 PIRLA
2992AC3?Achnanthes sp. 3 ?
2145AC3ANSNRAchnanthes sp. 3 ANS NAR
2183AC3ANSWCAchnanthes sp. 3 ANS WRC
2167AC3MRNPAchnanthes sp. 3 MRNP
2293ACcfkoUMAchnanthes sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. kolbei
94007ACcfnoUMAchnanthes sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. nodosa
2286AC3NQPUGAchnanthes sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
94006ACcfdyUMAchnanthes sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. didyma
2219AC3ULNWAchnanthes sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
2088AC30PRLAchnanthes sp. 30 PIRLA
2089AC31PRLAchnanthes sp. 31 PIRLA
2090AC32PRLAchnanthes sp. 32 PIRLA
2092AC33PRLAchnanthes sp. 33 PIRLA
2094AC34PRLAchnanthes sp. 34 PIRLA
2095AC35PRLAchnanthes sp. 35 PIRLA
2116AC36PRLAchnanthes sp. 36 PIRLA
2117AC37PRLAchnanthes sp. 37 PIRLA
2050AC4PRLAchnanthes sp. 4
2993AC4?Achnanthes sp. 4 ?
94010ACcfobUMAchnanthes sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. oblongella
94012AC4NQPUGAchnanthes sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. pusilla
2994AC5?Achnanthes sp. 5 ?
94025AC5ANSNJAchnanthes sp. 5 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
94002ACkryUMAchnanthes sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. kryophila
94011ACpuUMAchnanthes sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. pusilla
94014ACthUMAchnanthes sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. thermalis
2995AC6?Achnanthes sp. 6 ?
94003AClancUMAchnanthes sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. lanceolata var. apiculata
2021AC6PRLAchnanthes sp. 6 PIRLA
2996AC7?Achnanthes sp. 7 ?
94004ACpetUMAchnanthes sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. petersenii
2057AC7PRLAchnanthes sp. 7 PIRLA
2997AC8?Achnanthes sp. 8 ?
94013AC8sylvaAchnanthes sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. sylvahercinia
2052AC8PRLAchnanthes sp. 8 PIRLA
2058AC9PRLAchnanthes sp. 9 PIRLA
2255ACAcalacAchnanthes sp. A NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
2889ACsppAchnanthes spp.
2046ACstewarAchnanthes stewartii Patrick
2155ACstoldaAchnanthes stolida (Krasske) Krasske
2182ACsubatoAchnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Archibald
2199ACsubatuAchnanthes subatomus Hustedt
2148ACsubhudAchnanthes subhudsonis Hustedt
2132ACsubkraAchnanthes subhudsonis var. kraeuselii (Cholnoky) Cholnoky
2036ACsublaeAchnanthes sublaevis Hustedt
2171ACsubcrAchnanthes sublaevis var. crassa Reimer
2215ACsubmarAchnanthes submarina Hustedt
2037ACsubsalAchnanthes subsalsa Petersen
2038ACsuchlaAchnanthes suchlandtii Hustedt
2222ACtaeniaAchnanthes taeniata Grunow
2133ACtemperAchnanthes temperei Peragallo
2134ACteneraAchnanthes tenera Hustedt
2164ACthermAchnanthes thermalis (Rabhenhorst) Schönfeldt
2109ACtrinodAchnanthes trinodis (Ralfs) Grunow
2112ACventraAchnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
2135ACwellsiAchnanthes wellsiae Reimer
AcwoldstAchnanthes woldstedtii Hustedt
2165ACzieglrAchnanthes ziegleri Lange-Bertalot
1011AHaffineAchnanthidium affine (Grunow) Czarnecki
1041AHalpestAchnanthidium alpestre (Lowe et Kociolek) Lowe et Kociolek
1012AHaltergAchnanthidium altergracillima (Lange-Bertalot) Round et Bukhtiyarova
AhatomoiAchnanthidium atomoides Monnier, Lange-Bertalot et Ector
1037AhatomusAchnanthidium atomus (Hustedt) Monnier, Lange-Bertalot et Ector
1007AHbiathiAchnanthidium biasolettiana var. thienemannii (Hustedt) Round et Bukhtiyarova
1044AHcaledoAchnanthidium caledonicum (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
1030AHcatenaAchnanthidium catenatum (Bily et Marvan) Lange-Bertalot
1043AHcfdeflAchnanthidium cf. deflexum UMICH (Reimer) Kingston
AhcrassuAchnanthidium crassum (Hustedt) Potapova et Ponader
1038AhdeflexAchnanthidium deflexum (Reimer) Kingston
1024AHexigumAchnanthidium exiguum (Grunow) Czarnecki
1025AHexiconAchnanthidium exiguum var. constrictum (Grunow) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
1026AHexihetAchnanthidium exiguum var. heterovalvum (Krasske) Czarnecki
1008AHexilisAchnanthidium exilis (Kützing) Round et Bukhtiyarova
1027AHkranziAchnanthidium kranzii (Lange-Bertalot) Round et Bukhtiyarova
1032AhlateceAchnanthidium latecephalum Kobayasi
1013AHmacrocAchnanthidium macrocephalum (Hustedt) Round et Bukhtiyarova
1009AHmicrocAchnanthidium microcephalum Kützing
1010AHminutiAchnanthidium minutissimum (Kützing) Czarnecki
1006AHminincAchnanthidium minutissimum var. inconspicua
AHmodestAchnanthidium modestiforme (Lange-Bertalot) Van de Vijver
1023AHpyrenaAchnanthidium pyrenaicum (Hustedt) Kobayasi
1036AhrivulaAchnanthidium rivulare Potapova et Ponader
1040AHrostraAchnanthidium rostratum Czarnecki
1014AHsapropAchnanthidium saprophila (Kobayasi et Mayama) Round et Bukhtiyarova
1028AHsemiaAchnanthidium semiaperta (Guermeur) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
1001AH0AULKMAchnanthidium sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
1002AH0BULKMAchnanthidium sp. 0B UL NAWQA KM
1003AH0CULKMAchnanthidium sp. 0C UL NAWQA KM
1004AH0DULKMAchnanthidium sp. 0D UL NAWQA KM
1005AH0EULKMAchnanthidium sp. 0E UL NAWQA KM
1035AHsp1ihsAchnanthidium sp. 1 Idaho SHE
1019AH1efsalAchnanthidium sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
1018AH1umialAchnanthidium sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
1016AH1umieiAchnanthidium sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
1015AHumisanAchnanthidium sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SANT
1017AH2efsucAchnanthidium sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
1022AHsp10mpAchnanthidium sp. 10 NAWQA MP
1020AH2efsalAchnanthidium sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
1031AHsp3emAchnanthidium sp. 3 NAWQA EAM
1033AHsp4emAchnanthidium sp. 4 NAWQA EAM
1034AHsp5emAchnanthidium sp. 5 NAWQA EAM
1021AH9umidaAchnanthidium sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. daui
1045AHsp1?Achnanthidium sp1? Naegeli
1039Achnanthidium spp. Kützing
1029AHsubatoAchnanthidium subatomus (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
1042AHthieneAchnanthidium thienemannii (Hustedt) Lange-Betalot
AHzhakovAchnanthidium zhakovschikovii Potapova
3001AIpunctaActinella punctata Lewis
3990AI1?Actinella sp. 1 ?
3002AI1ANSTCActinella sp. 1 ANS TAC SF
3991AI2?Actinella sp. 2 ?
3889AIsppActinella spp.
86007ATcfnormActinocyclus cf. normanii BAHLS (Gregory) Hustedt
86002ATnormanActinocyclus normanii (Gregory) Hustedt
86001ATnrmsbsActinocyclus normanii fo. subsalsus (Juhlin-Dannfelt) Hüstedt
86003AT0AULKMActinocyclus sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
86004AT0BULKMActinocyclus sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
86005AT0CULKMActinocyclus sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
86006AT0DULKMActinocyclus sp. 0D UL NAWQA KM
86008AT1umialActinocyclus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
86016Actinocyclus spp. Ehrenberg
4001AYundlatActinoptychus undulatus (Bailey) Ralfs ex Pritchardt
204008AdaquaedAdlafia aquaeductae (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot et Moser
204001ADbryophAdlafia bryophila (Petersen) Lange-Bertalot
ADbryoAdlafia bryophiloides (Manguin) Van de Vijver
ADfrenotAdlafia frenotii Van de Vijver, Ledeganck et Beyens
ADlinearAdlafia linearis (Maillard) Van de Vijver
204002ADminuscAdlafia minuscula (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
204003ADminmurAdlafia minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
204007AdmultnoAdlafia multnomahii Morales et Le
204990AD1?Adlafia sp. 1 ?
204005ADsp1eamAdlafia sp. 1 NAWQA EAM
204010NAsp1semAdlafia sp. 1 SABINE MORALES
204999AD10?Adlafia sp. 10 ?
204991AD2?Adlafia sp. 2 ?
204006ADsp2eamAdlafia sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
204992AD3?Adlafia sp. 3 ?
204011ADsp3eamAdlafia sp. 3 NAWQA MORALES
204993AD4?Adlafia sp. 4 ?
204994AD5?Adlafia sp. 5 ?
204995AD6?Adlafia sp. 6 ?
204996AD7?Adlafia sp. 7 ?
204997AD8?Adlafia sp. 8 ?
204998AD9?Adlafia sp. 9 ?
204009Adlafia spp. Moser, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
204004ADsuchlaAdlafia suchlandtii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
AphicoccAmphicocconeis disculoides (Hustedt) De Stephano et Marino
233990Amphicocconeis sp. 1 ?
233999Amphicocconeis sp. 10 ?
233991Amphicocconeis sp. 2 ?
233992Amphicocconeis sp. 3 ?
233993Amphicocconeis sp. 4 ?
233994Amphicocconeis sp. 5 ?
233995Amphicocconeis sp. 6 ?
233996Amphicocconeis sp. 7 ?
233997Amphicocconeis sp. 8 ?
233998Amphicocconeis sp. 9 ?
6005ALkriegAmphipleura kriegeriana (Krasske) Hustedt
6001ALpellucAmphipleura pellucida (Kützing) Kützing
6002ALrutilaAmphipleura rutilans (Trentephol) Cleve
6003ALrutdilAmphipleura rutilans var. dillwynii (Agardh) Cleve-Euler
6990AL1?Amphipleura sp. 1 ?
6004AL1umiczAmphipleura sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
6991AL2?Amphipleura sp. 2 ?
6889ALsppAmphipleura spp.
5990AP1?Amphiprora sp. 1?
5991AP2?Amphiprora sp. 2?
5001ApsppAmphiprora spp.
7011AMactsclAmphora acutiuscula Kützing
Amphora acutiuscula PLUS coffeaeformis LAIRD
7060AmaequalAmphora aequalis Krammer
7055AMaltaicAmphora altaica (Portezky) Cleve-Euler
7038AMangustAmphora angusta Gregory
7012AMbirglaAmphora birugula Hohn
7013AMbullatAmphora bullatoides Hohn et Hellermann
Amphora calumetica
7056AMcfcoffAmphora cf. coffeaeformis BAHLS (Agardh) Kützing
Amphora cf. coffeaeformis LAIRD
7048AMcflaevAmphora cf. laevis REIMER Gregory
7039AMcfmcmtAmphora cf. micrometra FRITZ Giffen
7062AMpedUMAmphora cf. pediculus UMICH (Kützing) Grunow
7049AMcfsabnAmphora cf. sabiniana REIMER Reimer
7051AMcfstrgAmphora cf. strigosa CODY Hustedt
7063AMsubUMAmphora cf. submontana UMICH Hustedt
7009AMcoffeaAmphora coffeaeformis (Agardh) Kützing
Amphora commutata Grunow
7075AMcopulaAmphora copulata (Kützing) Schoeman et Archibald
7014AMcymbelAmphora cymbelloides Grunow
7059AmdelissAmphora delicatissima Krasske
7077AmduseniAmphora dusenii Brunnthaler
7027AMexiguaAmphora exigua Gregory
7058AMfogednAmphora fogediana Krammer
7054AMholsatAmphora holsatica Hustedt
7010AMinarieAmphora inariensis Krammer
7015AMlaevisAmphora laevissima Gregory
7031AMlibycaAmphora libyca Ehrenberg
Amphora macilenta BRADBURY
7042AMmontanAmphora montana Krasske
7007AMnormanAmphora normanii Rabenhorst
7016AMocelltAmphora ocellata Donkin
7001AMovalisAmphora ovalis (Kützing) Kützing
7002AMovaaffAmphora ovalis var. affinis (Kützing) Van Heurck ex deToni
7003AMovapedAmphora ovalis var. pediculus (Kützing) Van Heurck ex deToni
7043AMpedclsAmphora pediculus (Kützing) Grunow
7004AMperpusAmphora perpusilla (Grunow) Grunow
7017AMsabinaAmphora sabiniana Reimer
7057Am0BULKMAmphora sp 0B UL NAWQA KM
7069AM1BBAmphora sp 1 NAWQA BB ALBE
7052AM0AULKMAmphora sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
7990AM1?Amphora sp. 1 ?
7033AM1ANSBGAmphora sp. 1 ANS BG
7034AM1CWRAmphora sp. 1 ANS CWR
7047AM1CWRNBAmphora sp. 1 ANS CWR NB
7035AM1ANSHAmphora sp. 1 ANS H
7032AM1ANSOAmphora sp. 1 ANS O
7046AM1ANSTCAmphora sp. 1 ANS TAC
7050AM1ANTACAmphora sp. 1 ANS TAC SCTX
7037AM7WRCAmphora sp. 1 ANS WRC
7061AM1calacAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
7070AM1efsAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
7064AM1albUMAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
7065AM1almUMAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
7066AM1cazUMAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
7067AM1eiwUMAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
7068AM1pugUMAmphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
7080AMsp1eamAmphora sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
7008AM1PRLAmphora sp. 1 PIRLA
7053AM1ULNWAmphora sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
7024AM2NARAmphora sp. 2 ANS NAR
7991AM2?Amphora sp. 2 ?
7045AM2ANSMHAmphora sp. 2 ANS MH
7071AMlybUMAmphora sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. libyca
7072AMinarUMAmphora sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. inariensis
7992AM3?Amphora sp. 3 ?
7029AM3ANSMHAmphora sp. 3 ANS MH
7041AM3FRITZAmphora sp. 3 FRITZ
7076AMsp3Amphora sp. 3 NAWQA EAM
7993AM4?Amphora sp. 4 ?
7030AM4ANSMHAmphora sp. 4 ANS MH
7028AM4NARAmphora sp. 4 ANS NAR
7994AM5?Amphora sp. 5 ?
7074AM5eamAmphora sp. 5 NAWQA EAM
7078AMsp6eamAmphora sp. 6 NAWQA EAM
7036AM7JHWAmphora sp. 7 ANS JHW
7025AM9RRAmphora sp. 9 ANS RR
7889AMsppAmphora spp.
7079AmsubangAmphora subangularis Hustedt
7044AMsubcapAmphora subcapitata (Kisselev) Hustedt
7073AMsubholAmphora subholsatica Krammer
7018AMsublaeAmphora sublaevis Hustedt
7019AMsubmonAmphora submontana Hustedt
7020AMtenermAmphora tenerrima Aleem et Hustedt
7021AMtenuisAmphora tenuissima Hustedt
7005AMthumenAmphora thumensis (Mayer) Krieger
7022AMtumidaAmphora tumida Hustedt
7023AMturgidAmphora turgida Gregory
7006AMvenetaAmphora veneta Kützing
7026AMvengloAmphora veneta var. globulosa Foged
105005AnalbaniAneumastus albanicus Lange-Bertalot et Miho
105003AEapiculAneumastus apiculata (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
105007AEminorAneumastus minor (Hustedt) Lange-Betalot
105002AE1calacAneumastus sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
105006Aneumastus spp. Mann et Stickle
105001AEtusculAneumastus tuscula (Ehrenberg) Mann et Stickle
105004AEtuminoAneumastus tuscula fo. minor (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
8025ANbrachyAnomoeoneis brachysira (Brébisson) Grunow
8030AnbrazelAnomoeoneis brachysira var. zellensis (Grunow) Krammer
8027ANcfspcoAnomoeoneis cf. sphaerophora fo. costata (Kützing) Schmidt
8020ANcostatAnomoeoneis costata (Kützing) Hustedt
8001ANexilanAnomoeoneis exilis var. lanceolata Mayer
8002ANfollisAnomoeoneis follis (Ehrenberg) Cleve
8016ANfolhanAnomoeoneis follis var. hannae Reimer
8008ANpaludiAnomoeoneis paludigena Scherer
8003ANserianAnomoeoneis serians (Brébisson ex Kützing) Cleve
8017ANseriv1Anomoeoneis serians var. 1 PIRLA
8004ANseracuAnomoeoneis serians var. acuta Hustedt
8014ANserapiAnomoeoneis serians var. apiculata Boyer
8005ANserbraAnomoeoneis serians var. brachysira (Brébisson ex Kützing) Hustedt
8019ANsebrthAnomoeoneis serians var. brachysira fo. thermalis (Grunow) Hustedt
8024ANspaBATAnomoeoneis sp. a BATT
8990AN1?Anomoeoneis sp. 1 ?
8022AN1RLDAnomoeoneis sp. 1 ANS RLD
8029AN1UMstxAnomoeoneis sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
8028AN1UMuteAnomoeoneis sp. 1 UM 1996 UTEN JP
8991AN2?Anomoeoneis sp. 2 ?
8011AN2PRLAnomoeoneis sp. 2 PIRLA
8992AN3?Anomoeoneis sp. 3 ?
8009AN3PRLAnomoeoneis sp. 3 PIRLA
8993AN4?Anomoeoneis sp. 4 ?
8010AN4PRLAnomoeoneis sp. 4 PIRLA
8994AN5?Anomoeoneis sp. 5 ?
Anomoeoneis sp. a LAIRD
8021ANsphaerAnomoeoneis sphaerophora (Kützing) Pfitzer
8026ANsphcosAnomoeoneis sphaerophora fo. costata (Kützing) Schmidt
8023ANsphscuAnomoeoneis sphaerophora fo. sculpta (Ehrenberg) Krammer
8889ANsppAnomoeoneis spp.
8006ANstyriaAnomoeoneis styriaca (Grunow) Hustedt
8007ANvitreaAnomoeoneis vitrea (Grunow) Ross
8012ANzellenAnomoeoneis zellensis (Grunow) Cleve
8013ANzeldifAnomoeoneis zellensis fo. difficilis (Grunow) Hustedt
8018ANzellinAnomoeoneis zellensis var. linearis Østrup
77001AOexcentAnorthoneis excentrica (Donkin) Grunow
77002ATsp1kmAnorthoneis sp. 1 NAWQA KM
2507001AAbahusiAstartiella bahusiensis (Grunow) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
2507990Astartiella sp. 1 ?
2507999Astartiella sp. 10 ?
2507991Astartiella sp. 2 ?
2507992Astartiella sp. 3 ?
2507993Astartiella sp. 4 ?
2507994Astartiella sp. 5 ?
2507995Astartiella sp. 6 ?
2507996Astartiella sp. 7 ?
2507997Astartiella sp. 8 ?
2507998Astartiella sp. 9 ?
9001ASformosAsterionella formosa Hassal
9003ASforgraAsterionella formosa var. gracillima (Hantzsch) Grunow
9004ASralfsiAsterionella ralfsii Smith
9006ASralt45Asterionella ralfsii var. americana <45 µm Körner
9005ASragt45Asterionella ralfsii var. americana >45 µm Körner
9002ASralameAsterionella ralfsii var. americana Körner
9990AS1?Asterionella sp. 1 ?
9007AS1UMAsterionella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
9991AS2?Asterionella sp. 2 ?
10028AUalpigeAulacoseira alpigena (Grunow) Krammer
10008AUambigAulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen
10003AUcanadeAulacoseira canadensis (Hustedt) Simonsen
10034AUcfcrenAulacoseira cf. crenulata (Ehrenberg) Thwaites
10010AUcfdstnAulacoseira cf. distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen
10046AUdistUMAulacoseira cf. distans UMICH (Ehrenberg) Simonsen
10047AUcflirUAulacoseira cf. lirata UMICH (Ehrenberg) Ross
10001AUcrassiAulacoseira crassipunctata Krammer
10002AUcrenulAulacoseira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Thwaites
10009AUdistnsAulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen
Aulacoseira distans (type)
10016AUdisnivAulacoseira distans var. nivalis (Smith) Haworth
10036AUdstsepAulacoseira distans var. septentrionalis Camburn et Charles
10011AUdstenlAulacoseira distans var. tenella (Nygaard) Ross
10018AUgranltAulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen
Aulacoseira granulata + var. angustissima BRADBURY
10030AUgravalAulacoseira granulata fo. valida (Hustedt) Simonsen
10017AUgrnangAulacoseira granulata var. angustissima (Müller) Simonsen
Aulacoseira granulata/lirata FRITZ
10038AUherzAulacoseira herzogii (Lemmermann) Simonsen
10032AUislandAulacoseira islandica (Müller) Simonsen
Aulacoseira islandica? BRADBURY
10019AUitalicAulacoseira italica (Ehrenberg) Simonsen
Aulacoseira italica BRADBURY
10035AuitatenAulacoseira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Simonsen
AukrammeAulacoseira krammeri Edgar, Kociolek et Edgar
10060AUAulacoseira lacustris (Grunow) Krammer
Aulacoseira lacustris (Grunow) Krammer
10012AUlirataAulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) Ross
Aulacoseira lirata var. biseriata
10058AUliraAulacoseira lirata var. biseriata (Grunow) Haworth
10013AUlirlacAulacoseira lirata var. lacustris (Grunow) Ross
10004AUlongisAulacoseira longispina (Hustedt) Simonsen
10005AUlontenAulacoseira longispina var. tenuis (Hustedt) Simonsen
10031AUmuzzanAulacoseira muzzanensis (Meister) Krammer
Aulacoseira nyassensis BRADBURY
AUnyemenAulacoseira nygaardii (Camburn) Camburn et Charles emend. Siver et Hamilton
10039AUnygaarAulacoseira nygaardii Camburn
Aulacoseira paucistriata+other Tert. frms BRADBURY
10006AUperglaAulacoseira perglabra (Østrup) Haworth
10014AUperflrAulacoseira perglabra var. florinae (Camburn) Haworth
10007AUpfaffAulacoseira pfaffiana (Reinsch) Krammer
Aulacoseira resting spore FRITZ
Aulacoseira solida
10056AUsolidaAulacoseira solida (Eulenstein) Krammer
Aulacoseira solida BRADBURY
10021AU0AULKMAulacoseira sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
10023AU0BULKMAulacoseira sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
10024AU0CULKMAulacoseira sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
10027AU0DULKMAulacoseira sp. 0D UL NAWQA 96 KM
10020AU1ANSLBAulacoseira sp. 1 ANS LLB
10055AU1IDHDWAulacoseira sp. 1 Idaho DW
10037AU1calacAulacoseira sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
10041AU1EFSalAulacoseira sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
10040AU1UMalbAulacoseira sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
10048AUsubaUMAulacoseira sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. subartica
10045AU1ANSUMAulacoseira sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
10026AU1ULNWAulacoseira sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
10044AU1KRuteAulacoseira sp. 1 UM 1996 UTEN KR
10990AUsp1?Aulacoseira sp. 1?
10042AU2EFSAulacoseira sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
10049AUtethUMAulacoseira sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. tethera
10991AUsp2?Aulacoseira sp. 2?
10043AU3efsAulacoseira sp. 3 NAWQA EFS ALBE
10050AUalpUMAulacoseira sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. alpigena
10051AUambUMAulacoseira sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. ambigua
10052AUcrenUMAulacoseira sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. crenulata
10053AUitalUMAulacoseira sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. italica
10057AUsp7NsAulacoseira sp. 7 NAWQA HAMSHER
10054AUsppAulacoseira spp.
10015AUsubartAulacoseira subarctica (Müller) Haworth
10061AusubborAulacoseira subborealis Denys, Muylaert, Krammer, Joosten, Reid et Rioual
10059AUtenellAulacoseira tenella (Nygaard) Simonsen
10033AUtetherAulacoseira tethera Haworth
10029AUvalidaAulacoseira valida (Grunow) Krammer
AznodvarAzpeitia nodulifera fo. variantia Shiono
239990Azpeitia sp. 1 ?
239999Azpeitia sp. 10 ?
239991Azpeitia sp. 2 ?
239992Azpeitia sp. 3 ?
239993Azpeitia sp. 4 ?
239994Azpeitia sp. 5 ?
239995Azpeitia sp. 6 ?
239996Azpeitia sp. 7 ?
239997Azpeitia sp. 8 ?
239998Azpeitia sp. 9 ?
76001BApardxaBacillaria paradoxa Gmelin
225002BErutilaBerkeleya rutilans (Trentepohl) Grunow
225990BE1?Berkeleya sp. 1 ?
225001BE1IDHDWBerkeleya sp. 1 Idaho DW
225999BE10?Berkeleya sp. 10 ?
225991BE2?Berkeleya sp. 2 ?
225992BE3?Berkeleya sp. 3 ?
225993BE4?Berkeleya sp. 4 ?
225994BE5?Berkeleya sp. 5 ?
225995BE6?Berkeleya sp. 6 ?
225996BE7?Berkeleya sp. 7 ?
225997BE8?Berkeleya sp. 8 ?
225998BE9?Berkeleya sp. 9 ?
11001BIauritaBiddulphia aurita (Lyngbye) Brébisson et Godey
11002BIlaevisBiddulphia laevis Ehrenberg
11003BIehombsBiddulphia rhombus (Ehrenberg) Smith
11004BIrostraBiddulphia rostrata Hustedt
11005BIsppBiddulphia spp. Gray
206001BMcircumBiremis circumtexta (Meister ex Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Witkowski
206003BMlucnsBiremis lucens (Hustedt) Sabbe, Witkowski & Vyverman
206990BM1?Biremis sp. 1 ?
206999BM10?Biremis sp. 10 ?
206991BM2?Biremis sp. 2 ?
206992BM3?Biremis sp. 3 ?
206993BM4?Biremis sp. 4 ?
206994BM5?Biremis sp. 5 ?
206995BM6?Biremis sp. 6 ?
206996BM7?Biremis sp. 7 ?
206997BM8?Biremis sp. 8 ?
206998BM9?Biremis sp. 9 ?
206002Biremis spp. Mann et Cox
18004BRapicltBrachysira apiculata (Boyer) Lange-Bertalot et Moser
18011BraponBrachysira aponina Kützing
18005BRbrebsnBrachysira brebissonii Ross
18007BRcfvitrBrachysira cf. vitrea UMICH (Grunow) Ross
18010BRacgarrBrachysira garrensis (Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Lange-Bertalot
BrgravidBrachysira gravida Shayler et Siver
18013BRmicrocBrachysira microcephala (Grunow) Compère
18012BRneoactBrachysira neoacuta Lange-Bertalot
18009BRneoexBrachysira neoexilis Lange-Bertalot
18002BRprocerBrachysira procera Lange-Bertalot et Moser
18003BRseransBrachysira serians (Brebisson) Round et Mann
18014BRsp1KCPBrachysira sp. 1 AMD KCP
BRsp1AMDBrachysira sp. 1 AMD KCP ANSP
18001BRsppBrachysira sp. 1 ANS
18008BR1UMstxBrachysira sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
18017BRsp1?Brachysira sp. 1?
Brachysira spp.
18016Brachysira spp. Kützing
18006BRvitreaBrachysira vitrea (Grunow) Ross
18015BrzellenBrachysira zellensis (Grunow) Round et Mann
12044CAaerophCaloneis aerophila Bock
12025CAalpestCaloneis alpestris (Grunow) Cleve
12023CAamphisCaloneis amphisbaena (Bory) Cleve
12035CAbactheCaloneis bacillaris var. thermalis (Grunow) Cleve
12001CAbacillCaloneis bacillum (Grunow) Cleve
12011CAbacfonCaloneis bacillum var. fontinalis Grunow
12037CAbrandrCaloneis branderii (Hustedt) Krammer
12046CAbudensCaloneis budensis (Grunow) Krammer
12047CAcfmolCaloneis cf. molaris UMICH (Grunow) Krammer
Caloneis cf. schumanniana FRITZ
12032CAcfsiliCaloneis cf. silicula KPL ML (Ehrenberg) Cleve
12039CAcfundlCaloneis cf. undulata CLASON (Gregory) Krammer
12048CAcfunduCaloneis cf. undulata UMICH (Gregory) Krammer
12033CAcleveiCaloneis clevei (Lagerstedt) Cleve
12020CAcleattCaloneis clevei var. attenuata Manguin
12005CAcleundCaloneis clevei var. undulata Krasske
CAdelphiCaloneis delphineae Van de Vijver
12042CAfenzliCaloneis fenzlii Grunow
12016CAholstiCaloneis holstii (Cleve) Cleve
12009CAhyalinCaloneis hyalina Hustedt
12017CAlataCaloneis lata
12041CAlatiusCaloneis latiuscula (Kützing) Cleve
12026CAlautaCaloneis lauta Carter et Bailey-Watts
12049CAleptosCaloneis leptosoma (Grunow) Krammer
12014CAlewisiCaloneis lewisii Patrick
12029CAlewinfCaloneis lewisii var. inflata (Schulz) Patrick
12015CAlimosaCaloneis limosa (Kützing) Patrick
12024CAmacednCaloneis macedonica (Gregory) Krammer
12021CAminimaCaloneis minima Hustedt
12057CamoellCaloneis moelleri Foged
12028CAmolarsCaloneis molaris (Grunow) Krammer
12045CAoregonCaloneis oregonica (Héribaud) Patrick
12030CApermagCaloneis permagna (Bailey) Cleve
12027CAplacenCaloneis placentula Ehrenberg
12050CApulchrCaloneis pulchra Messikommer
12019CAschroeCaloneis schroederi Hustedt
12031CAschumaCaloneis schumanniana (Grunow) Cleve
12012CAschbicCaloneis schumanniana var. biconstricta (Grunow) Reichelt
12010CAsilicuCaloneis silicula (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Caloneis silicula var. peisonis (Grunow) Hustedt
12990CA1?Caloneis sp. 1 ?
12038CA1CWRNHCaloneis sp. 1 ANS CWR NH
12034CA1ANSJHCaloneis sp. 1 ANS JH
12036CA1ANSTCCaloneis sp. 1 ANS TAC
12053CAsiCAZBCaloneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB cf. silicula
12051CA1UMstxCaloneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
12052CA1UMuteCaloneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
12006CA1PRLCaloneis sp. 1 PIRLA
12991CA2?Caloneis sp. 2 ?
12055CA2eamCaloneis sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
12992CA3?Caloneis sp. 3 ?
12993CA4?Caloneis sp. 4 ?
12994CA5?Caloneis sp. 5 ?
12889CAsppCaloneis spp.
12043CAsublinCaloneis sublinearis (Grunow) Krammer
12013CAtenuisCaloneis tenuis (Gregory) Krammer
12054CAthermCaloneis thermalis (Grunow) Krammer
12022CAundulaCaloneis undulata (Gregory) Krammer
12008CAventriCaloneis ventricosa (Ehrenberg) Meister
12007CAvenalpCaloneis ventricosa var. alpina Patrick
12002CAvenminCaloneis ventricosa var. minuta (Grunow) Mills
12003CAvensubCaloneis ventricosa var. subundulata (Grunow) Patrick
12004CAventruCaloneis ventricosa var. truncatula (Grunow) Meister
12056CAwestiiCaloneis westii (Smith) Hendey
12040CAzacharCaloneis zachariasi (Reichelt) Hustedt
78001CIclypeuCampylodiscus clypeus Ehrenberg
78002CIhibernCampylodiscus hibernicus Ehrenberg
78008CIlevandCampylodiscus levanderii Hustedt
78006CI1UMstxCampylodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
78007CI1UMuteCampylodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
78990CI1?Campylodiscus sp. 1?
78003CI0AULKMCampylodiscus sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
78004CI0BULKMCampylodiscus sp. 0B UL NAWQA KM
78005CI0CULKMCampylodiscus sp. 0C UL NAWQA KM
Campylodiscus sp. 'smooth' BRADBURY
CpjuliaeCampyloneis juliae De Stefano
236990Campyloneis sp. 1 ?
236999Campyloneis sp. 10 ?
236991Campyloneis sp. 2 ?
236992Campyloneis sp. 3 ?
236993Campyloneis sp. 4 ?
236994Campyloneis sp. 5 ?
236995Campyloneis sp. 6 ?
236996Campyloneis sp. 7 ?
236997Campyloneis sp. 8 ?
236998Campyloneis sp. 9 ?
79001COcymbelCampylosira cymbelliformis (Schmidt) Grunow
173001CKnormanCampylostylus normannianus (Greville) Gerloff, Natour et Rivera
14001CPcrucicCapartogramma crucicula (Grunow ex Cleve) Ross
2500990Catacombas sp. 1 ?
2500999Catacombas sp. 10 ?
2500991Catacombas sp. 2 ?
2500992Catacombas sp. 3 ?
2500993Catacombas sp. 4 ?
2500994Catacombas sp. 5 ?
2500995Catacombas sp. 6 ?
2500996Catacombas sp. 7 ?
2500997Catacombas sp. 8 ?
2500998Catacombas sp. 9 ?
2500001Catacombas spp. Williams et Round
227001CUadhaerCatenula adhaerens Mereschkowsky
227990CU1?Catenula sp. 1 ?
227999CU10?Catenula sp. 10 ?
227991CU2?Catenula sp. 2 ?
227992CU3?Catenula sp. 3 ?
227993CU4?Catenula sp. 4 ?
227994CU5?Catenula sp. 5 ?
227995CU6?Catenula sp. 6 ?
227996CU7?Catenula sp. 7 ?
227997CU8?Catenula sp. 8 ?
227998CU9?Catenula sp. 9 ?
195001CVcocconCavinula cocconeiformis (Gregory ex Greville) Mann et Stickle
CVheteroCavinula heterostauron (Germain) Van de Vijver
CVhetvroCavinula heterostauron var. rostrata (Germain) Van de Vijver
195002CVjaernfCavinula jaernefelti (Hustedt) Mann et Stickle
195007CVlacustCavinula lacustris (Gregory) Mann et Stickle
195008CVlapidCavinula lapidosa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
195006CVmollicCavinula mollicula (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
195003CVpsesctCavinula pseudoscutiformis (Grunow ex Schmidt) Mann et Stickle
195004CVscutlCavinula scutelloides (Smith) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
195005CVscuitCavinula scutiformis (Grunow ex Schmidt) Mann et Stickle
195009Cavinula spp. Mann et Stickle
195010CVvariosCavinula variostriata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
ChcastraChaetoceros castracanei Karsten
15002CHelmoreChaetoceros elmorei Boyer
15003CHelmmueChaetoceros elmorei var. muelleri
ChimpresChaetoceros impressus Jensen et Moestrup
Chaetoceros muelleri BRADBURY
Chaetoceros muelleri Lemmermann
15001CH1PRLChaetoceros sp. 1 PIRLA
15990CH1?Chaetoceros sp. 1?
15991CH2?Chaetoceros sp. 2?
15889CHsppChaetoceros spp.
15004Chaetoceros throndensenii Zingone
CQaerophChamaepinnularia aerophila Van de Vijver et Beyens
CQalienaChamaepinnularia aliena (Krasske) Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
CQaustraChamaepinnularia australomediacris (Lange-Bertalot et Schmidt) Van de Vijver
212001CQbegeriChamaepinnularia begeri (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
212002CQbremenChamaepinnularia bremensis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
212003CQevanidChamaepinnularia evanida (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
212009CQgandruChamaepinnularia gandrupii (Petersen) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
CQgracilChamaepinnularia gracilistriata Van de Vijver et Beyens
212004CQkrookiChamaepinnularia krookii (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
212005CQmediocChamaepinnularia mediocris (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
212006CQsohereChamaepinnularia soehrensis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
212007CQsoehasChamaepinnularia soehrensis var. hassiaca (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
212008CQsoemusChamaepinnularia soehrensis var. muscicola (Petersen) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
212990CQ1?Chamaepinnularia sp. 1 ?
212999CQ10?Chamaepinnularia sp. 10 ?
212991CQ2?Chamaepinnularia sp. 2 ?
212992CQ3?Chamaepinnularia sp. 3 ?
212993CQ4?Chamaepinnularia sp. 4 ?
212994CQ5?Chamaepinnularia sp. 5 ?
212995CQ6?Chamaepinnularia sp. 6 ?
212996CQ7?Chamaepinnularia sp. 7 ?
212997CQ8?Chamaepinnularia sp. 8 ?
212998CQ9?Chamaepinnularia sp. 9 ?
212010CQvyverChamaepinnularia vyvermanii Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
16022CCcfdimtCocconeis cf. diminuta REIMER Pantocsek
16020CCcfneodCocconeis cf. neodiminuta Krammer
16021CCneothmCocconeis cf. neothumensis Krammer
16001CCdiminuCocconeis diminuta Pantocsek
CcdsculoCocconeis disculoides Hustedt
16009CCdisculCocconeis disculus (Schumann) Cleve
16030Cocconeis exigua Torka
16010CCfluvtlCocconeis fluviatilis Wallace
16014CCklamthCocconeis klamathensis Sovereign
16019CCneodimCocconeis neodiminuta Krammer
16025CCneothuCocconeis neothumensis Krammer
16024CCneo0ACocconeis neothumensis var. 0A UL NAWQA KM
16011CCpedclsCocconeis pediculus Ehrenberg
16004CCplacenCocconeis placentula Ehrenberg
16005CCplaeugCocconeis placentula var. euglypta (Ehrenberg) Grunow
16002CCplaintCocconeis placentula var. intermedia (Héribaud et Peragallo) Hustedt
Cocconeis placentula var. klinoraphis Geitler
16003CCplalinCocconeis placentula var. lineata (Ehrenberg) Van Heurck
16023CCpla+++Cocconeis placentula var. lineata + euglypta
16015CCplapseCocconeis placentula var. pseudolineata Geitler
16031CCCocconeis pseudolineata (Geitler) Lange-Bertalot
16017CCpsdthmCocconeis pseudothumensis Reichardt
16029CCrugosaCocconeis rugosa Sovereign
16013CCscutelCocconeis scutellum Ehrenberg
Cocconeis soukupi FRITZ
16990CC1?Cocconeis sp. 1 ?
16018CCANSWRCCocconeis sp. 1 ANS WRC
16028CCscUMalCocconeis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. scutellum
16027CC1eiwUMCocconeis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
16006CC1PRLCocconeis sp. 1 PIRLA
16026CC1UMISCocconeis sp. 1 UMIS MP
16991CC2?Cocconeis sp. 2 ?
16007CC2PRLCocconeis sp. 2 PIRLA
16992CC3?Cocconeis sp. 3 ?
16008CC3PRLCocconeis sp. 3 PIRLA
16993CC4?Cocconeis sp. 4 ?
16994CC5?Cocconeis sp. 5 ?
16889CCsppCocconeis spp.
CCtherezCocconeis therezienii Le Cohu et Maillard
16016CCthnmanCocconeis thienemannii Hustedt
16012CCthumenCocconeis thumensis Mayer
Cocconeis titicacaensis Frenguelli
247990Coconeis sp. 1 ?
247999Coconeis sp. 10 ?
247991Coconeis sp. 2 ?
247992Coconeis sp. 3 ?
247993Coconeis sp. 4 ?
247994Coconeis sp. 5 ?
247995Coconeis sp. 6 ?
247996Coconeis sp. 7 ?
247997Coconeis sp. 8 ?
247998Coconeis sp. 9 ?
247001COsppCoconeis spp.
17001CDdecipnCoscinodiscus decipiens Grunow
17002CDexcentCoscinodiscus excentricus Ehrenberg
cdgranulCoscinodiscus granulosus Grunow
CdhauckiCoscinodiscus hauckii Grunow
17008CDlacustCoscinodiscus lacustris Grunow
17009CDlineatCoscinodiscus lineatus Ehrenberg
17012CDmarginCoscinodiscus marginatus Ehrenberg
17013CDmrginuCoscinodiscus marginulatus Rattray
17003CDobscurCoscinodiscus obscurus Schmidt
17004CDpygmicCoscinodiscus pygmaeus var. micropunctatus Brun et Peragallo
17005CDrothiiCoscinodiscus rothii (Ehrenberg) Grunow
17006CDrotsubCoscinodiscus rothii var. subsalsa (Juhlin-Dannfelt) Hüstedt
17011CD1NARCoscinodiscus sp. 1 ANS NAR
17014CD1WRCCoscinodiscus sp. 1 ANS WRC
17990CD1?Coscinodiscus sp. 1?
17991CD2?Coscinodiscus sp. 2?
17889CDsppCoscinodiscus spp.
17007CDsublinCoscinodiscus sublineatus (Grunow) Rattray
17010CDsubtilCoscinodiscus subtilis Ehrenberg
198001CJpusillCosmioneis pusilla (Smith) Mann et Stickle
198002Cosmioneis spp. Mann et Stickle
21003KCaccomdCraticula accomoda (Hustedt) Mann
21018KCaccforCraticula accomodiformis Lange-Bertalot
21010KCambigCraticula ambigua (Ehrenberg) Mann
21022KCbudeCraticula buderi (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
21008KChalUMCraticula cf. halophila UMICH (Grunow) Mann
21012KCcitrusCraticula citrus (Krasske) Reichardt
21001KCcuspi1Craticula cuspida (Kützing) Mann
21002Kccuspi2Craticula cuspidata (Kützing) Mann
21004KCcuspidCraticula cuspidata (Kützing) Mann
21023KChapnnCraticula halopannonica Lange Bertalot
21005KChalophCraticula halophila (Grunow) Mann
21013KChaloidCraticula halophiliodes (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
21014KCminuscCraticula minusculoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
21015KCmoltifCraticula molestiformis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
21016KCripariCraticula riparia (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
KCsalsuCraticula salsuginosa Van de Vijver et Beyens
21021KcsardinCraticula sardiniensis (Lange-Bertalot, Cavacini, Tagliaventi et Alfinito) Morales et Le
21009KC1UMEFSCraticula sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
21011KC1UMCraticula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. N. halophila (Grunow) Cleve
21017KCsp1emCraticula sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
21020Craticula spp. Grunow
21007KCsubmolCraticula submolesta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
21019KcvixnegCraticula vixnegligenda Lange-Bertalot
21006KCvixvisCraticula vixvisibilis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
201001CEpulchCtenophora pulchella (Ralfs ex Kützing) Williams et Round
201002CEpulaceCtenophora pulchella var. lacerata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
Cyclostephanos cf. Cy. tholiformis? BRADBURY
19006CScfinviCyclostephanos cf. invisitatus UMICH (Hohn et Hellerman) Theriot, Stoermer et Håkansson
19004CScostatCyclostephanos costatilimbus Stoermer, Håkansson et Theriot
19005CSdelicaCyclostephanos delicatus (Genkal) Kling et Håkansson
19000CSdubiusCyclostephanos dubius (Frick) Round
19002CSinvisiCyclostephanos invisitatus (Hohn et Hellerman) Theriot, Stoermer et Håkansson
Cyclostephanos sp. #10 BRADBURY
19003CS1DWCyclostephanos sp. 1 DW WHTRV
19009CS1umcazCyclostephanos sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB cf. invisitatus
19007CS1umlerCyclostephanos sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH LERI
19008CSumlirbCyclostephanos sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH LIRB
Cyclostephanos sp. BRADBURY
Cyclostephanos sp. 'open' BRADBURY
19010CssppsppCyclostephanos spp.
Cyclostephanos spp.
19001CStholifCyclostephanos tholiformis Stoermer, Håkansson et Theriot
20024CYaliqntCyclotella aliquantula Hohn et Hellermann
Cyclotella andina White DW
20022CYantiqaCyclotella antiqua Smith
20016CYarentiCyclotella arentii Kolbe
20001CYatomusCyclotella atomus Hustedt
20002CYbodaniCyclotella bodanica Grunow
20061CYbodaffCyclotella bodanica var. affinis (Grunow) Cleve-Euler
20034CYbodlemCyclotella bodanica var. lemanica Müller
20025CYcaspiaCyclotella caspia Grunow
20072CYcfatomCyclotella cf. atomus UMICH Hustedt
20073CYcfcrypCyclotella cf. cryptica UMICH Reimann et Volcani
20074CYcfgammCyclotella cf. gamma UMICH Skvortzow
20044CYcfmeneCyclotella cf. meneghiniana KPL ML Kützing
20046CYcftubeCyclotella cf. tuberculata KPL ML Makarova et Loginova
Cyclotella cf. woltereckii FRITZ
Cyclotella choctawhatcheeana FRITZ
20023CYcomensCyclotella comensis Grunow et Van Heurck
20003CYcomtaCyclotella comta (Ehrenberg) Kützing
20081CYcryptCyclotella cryptica Reimann, Lewin et Guillard
20082CycyclopCyclotella cyclopuncta Håkansson
20063CYdistinCyclotella distinguenda Hustedt
20064CYdisuniCyclotella distinguenda var. unipunctata (Hustedt) Håkansson et Carter
Cyclotella elgeri + BRADBURY
20040CYelgeriCyclotella elgeri Hustedt
20026CYfloridCyclotella florida Voight
20062CYgammaCyclotella gamma Sovereign
20038CYglabrCyclotella glabriuscula (Grunow) Håkansson
20004CYglomerCyclotella glomerata Bachmann
20067CYhakansCyclotella hakanssoniae Wendker
20066CYirisCyclotella iris Brun et Héribaud
20083CykrammeCyclotella krammeri Håkansson
Cyclotella kuetzingiana forms BRADBURY
20005CYkuetziCyclotella kuetzingiana Thwaites
20018CYkutpnlCyclotella kuetzingiana var. planetophora Fricke
20006CYkutradCyclotella kuetzingiana var. radiosa Fricke
20007CYmeneghCyclotella meneghiniana Kützing
20042CYmn+quCyclotella meneghiniana PLUS quillensis
20027CYmen5PCyclotella meneghiniana var. 5 ANSP
20008CYmichigCyclotella michiganiana Skvortzow
20028CYnanaCyclotella nana Hustedt
20009CYocellaCyclotella ocellata Pantocsek
20033CYoperclCyclotella operculata (Agardh) Kützing
Cyclotella paucipunctata Grunow
20065CYplanctCyclotella planctonica Brunnthaler
20020CYplitviCyclotella plitvicensis Hustedt
20012CYpsdsteCyclotella pseudostelligera Hustedt
20041CYquillnCyclotella quillensis Bailey
20035CYradiosCyclotella radiosa (Grunow) Lemmermann
20019CYrossiCyclotella rossii Håkansson
20084CyschumCyclotella schumannii (Grunow) Håkansson
Cyclotella servant-vildary type BRADBURY
20800CYoc+kueCyclotella sp. ocellata + 20006
20051CY0AULKMCyclotella sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
20052CY0BULKMCyclotella sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
20053CY0CULKMCyclotella sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
20054CY0DULKMCyclotella sp. 0D UL NAWQA 96 KM
20055CY0EULKMCyclotella sp. 0E UL NAWQA KM
20056CY0FULKMCyclotella sp. 0F UL NAWQA KM
20068CY0GULKMCyclotella sp. 0G UL NAWQA KM
20990CY1?Cyclotella sp. 1 ?
20050CY1ANSLBCyclotella sp. 1 ANS LLB
20032CY1ANSMTCyclotella sp. 1 ANS MT
20080CY1KCPCyclotella sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
20070CY1ANNWCyclotella sp. 1 ANS NW
20037CY1WRCCyclotella sp. 1 ANS WRC
20043CY1kplmtCyclotella sp. 1 KPL MT
20071CY1calozCyclotella sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
20077CY1efsalCyclotella sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
20075CY1umalbCyclotella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
20079CY1umalmCyclotella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN aff. hyptica
20076CY1umeiwCyclotella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
20013CY1PRLCyclotella sp. 1 PIRLA
20057CY1ULNWCyclotella sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
20029CY147ANSCyclotella sp. 147 ANS DM
20991CY2?Cyclotella sp. 2 ?
20039CY2ANSWCCyclotella sp. 2 ANS WRC
20078CY2umeiwCyclotella sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
20015CY2PRLCyclotella sp. 2 PIRLA
20992CY3?Cyclotella sp. 3 ?
20017CY3PRLCyclotella sp. 3 PIRLA
20993CY4?Cyclotella sp. 4 ?
20047CYsp4LAPCyclotella sp. 4 ANSLAP
20994CY5?Cyclotella sp. 5 ?
20058CY5ULWKMCyclotella sp. 5 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
20048CYsp6LAPCyclotella sp. 6 ANSLAP
20059CY6ULNWCyclotella sp. 6 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
20049CYsp7LAPCyclotella sp. 7 ANSLAP
20889CYsppCyclotella spp.
20010CYstelliCyclotella stelligera (Cleve et Grunow) Van Heurck
Cyclotella stelligera (complex) FRITZ
20021CYsteminCyclotella stelligera fo. minutus
20014CYst1PRLCyclotella stelligera var. 1 PIRLA
20030CYsteligCyclotella stelligeroides Hustedt
20011CYstriatCyclotella striata (Kützing) Grunow
20031CYstrsubCyclotella striata var. subsalina Grunow
20085CytriparCyclotella tripartita Håkansson
20045CYtubercCyclotella tuberculata Makarova et Loginova
20036CYwoltCyclotella woltereckii Hustedt
13002CLclosteCylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Lewin et Reimann
13001CLgraclsCylindrotheca gracilis (Brébisson) Grunow
22002CTelliptCymatopleura elliptica (Brébisson) Smith
22004CTellhibCymatopleura elliptica var. hibernica (Smith) Van Heurck
22003CTellnobCymatopleura elliptica var. nobilis (Hantzsch) Hustedt
22001CTsoleaCymatopleura solea (Brébisson) Smith
22005CTsolapcCymatopleura solea var. apiculata (Smith) Ralfs
22006CT1umeiwCymatopleura sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
80001CRbelgicCymatosira belgica Grunow
80990CR1?Cymatosira sp. 1 ?
23046CM(auxo)Cymbella (auxospore)
23143CmacutiCymbella acutiuscula Cleve
23096CMaequalCymbella aequalis Smith
23073CMaffinsCymbella affinis Kützing
23097CMalpinaCymbella alpina Grunow
23001CMamphicCymbella amphicephala Nägeli ex Kützing
23069CMampherCymbella amphicephala var. hercynica (Schmidt) Cleve
23032CMamphioCymbella amphioxys (Kützing) Cleve
23194CMamplifCymbella amplificata Krammer
23002CMangustCymbella angustata (Smith) Cleve
23191CMarcticCymbella arctica (Lagerstedt) Schmidt
23048CMaeraCymbella aspera (Ehrenberg) Peragallo
23094CMaustriCymbella austriaca Grunow
23152CMaustrCymbella austriaca Grunow
23151CMauserdCymbella austriaca var. erdoebenyiana (Pantocsek) Krammer
23041CMborealCymbella borealis Cleve
23003CMbrehmiCymbella brehmii Hustedt
23190CMbudayCymbella budayana Pantocsek
23126CMcaesptCymbella caespitosa Brun
23004CMcesatiCymbella cesatii (Rabhenhorst) Grunow ex Schmidt
23025CMaequcfCymbella cf. aequalis Smith
23156CMcfaffiCymbella cf. affinis UMICH Kützing
23174CMcfcesaCymbella cf. cesatii CALACAD (Rabenhorst) Grunow
23118CMcfcymnCymbella cf. cymbiformis var. nonpunctata Fontell
23045CMdelicfCymbella cf. delicatula Kützing
23155CMcfdeliCymbella cf. delicatula UMICH Kützing
23806CMcfdiveCymbella cf. diversistigmata Idaho DW Krammer
23028CMgaeucfCymbella cf. gaeumannii Meister
23175CMcfhelvCymbella cf. helvetica CALACAD Kützing
23802CMcfhustCymbella cf. hustedtii WHTRV WINTER Krasske
23176CMcflaevCymbella cf. laevis CALACAD Nägeli
23157CMcfmesiCymbella cf. mesiana UMICH Kützing
23109CMcfmcphCymbella cf. microcephala Grunow
23120CMcfmiroCymbella cf. microcephala var. robusta CODY Hustedt
23158CMcfobscCymbella cf. obscura UMICH Krasske
23115CMcfproxCymbella cf. proxima KPL ML Reimer
23123CMcfsabnCymbella cf. sabiniana REIMER
23026CMschucfCymbella cf. schubartii Hustedt
23159CMcftumiCymbella cf. tumidula UMICH Grunow
23160CMcfturgCymbella cf. turgidula UMICH Grunow
23005CMcistulCymbella cistula (Ehrenberg) Kirchner
23153CMcisgibCymbella cistula var. gibbosa Brun
Cymbella cistula var. maculata Van de Vijver, Beyens et Iserentant
23006CMcuidCymbella cuspidata Kützing
23089CMcymbifCymbella cymbiformis Agardh
23090CMcymnonCymbella cymbiformis var. nonpunctata Fontell
23072CMdelcatCymbella delicatula Kützing
23030CMdescriCymbella descripta (Hustedt) Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
23029CMdiluvnCymbella diluviana (Krasske) Florin
23810CmdorsenCymbella dorsenotata Østrup
23098CMehrenbCymbella ehrenbergii Kützing
23137CMelgineCymbella elginensis Krammer
23804CMexcisaCymbella excisa Kützing
23091CMfalaisCymbella falaisensis (Grunow) Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
23007CMgaeumaCymbella gaeumannii Meister
23117CMgracilCymbella gracilis (Ehrenberg) Kützing
23067CMhauckiCymbella hauckii Van Heurck
23008CMhebridCymbella hebridica Grunow ex Cleve
23809CMhelmckCymbella helmckei Krammer
23099CMhelvetCymbella helvetica Kützing
23100CMheterpCymbella heteropleura (Ehrenberg) Kützing
23040CMhetsubCymbella heteropleura var. subrostrata Cleve
23816CmhilliaCymbella hilliardii Manguin
23074CMhustedCymbella hustedtii Krasske
23075CMhybridCymbella hybrida Grunow ex Cleve
23039CMhy1PRLCymbella hybrida var. 1 PIRLA
23154CMcfhylaCymbella hybrida var. lanceolata Krammer
23065CMinaequCymbella inaequalis (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
23101CMincertCymbella incerta (Grunow) Cleve
23112CMinccrsCymbella incerta var. crassipunctata Krammer
23801CMkolbeiCymbella kolbei Hustedt
23818CMlacustCymbella lacustris (Agardh) Cleve
23093CMlaevisCymbella laevis Nägeli ex Kützing
23092CMlanceoCymbella lanceolata (Agardh) Agardh
23116CMlapponCymbella lapponica Grunow
23076CMlataCymbella lata Grunow
23163CMlatensCymbella latens Krasske
23815CmlatakCymbella laterostrata var. alaskana Patrick et Freese
23077CMleptocCymbella leptoceros (Ehrenberg) Kützing
23009CMlunataCymbella lunata Smith
23127CMmesanaCymbella mesiana Cholnoky
23078CMmexcanCymbella mexicana (Ehrenberg) Cleve
23085CMmexjanCymbella mexicana var. janischii (Schmidt) Reimer
23010CMmicrocCymbella microcephala Grunow
23011CMmiccraCymbella microcephala var. crassa Reimer
23013CMminlatCymbella minuta fo. latens (Krasske) Reimer
23012CMminutaCymbella minuta Hilse ex Rabenhorst
23014CMminpseCymbella minuta var. pseudogracilis (Cholnoky) Reimer
23015CMminsilCymbella minuta var. silesiaca (Bleisch ex Rabenhorst) Reimer
23095CMmuventCymbella muelleri fo. ventricosa (Tempère et Peragallo) Reimer
23031CMmuelleCymbella muelleri Hustedt
23189CmnavicuCymbella naviculaceae Grunow
23016CMnavfrmCymbella naviculiformis Auerswald ex Héribaud
23811CmneocisCymbella neocistula Krammer
23102CMnorvegCymbella norvegica Grunow
23812CmnovazeCymbella novazeelandiana Krammer
23136CMobscurCymbella obscura Krasske
23017CMparhunCymbella parva var. hungarica (Grunow) Cleve
23103CMpaucstCymbella paucistriata Cleve-Euler
23018CMperpusCymbella perpusilla Cleve
23079CMprostrCymbella prostrata (Berkeley) Cleve
23080CMproaueCymbella prostrata var. auerswaldii (Rabhenhorst) Reimer
23071CMproximCymbella proxima Reimer
23019CMpusillCymbella pusilla Grunow
23050CMrainerCymbella rainierensis Sovereign
23104CMreichCymbella reichardtii Krammer
23813CmreinhaCymbella reinhardtii Grunow
23020CMrupicoCymbella rupicola Grunow
23108CMschbrtCymbella schubartii Hustedt
23111CMschbroCymbella schubartoides Camburn et Charles
23138CMsilesiCymbella silesiaca Bleisch
23193CMsilaltCymbella silesiaca var. altensis Krammer
23088CMsimiliCymbella similis Krasske
23149CmsimonsCymbella simonsenii Krammer
23086CMsin1MTCymbella sinnuata var. 1 ANS MT
23047CMsinantCymbella sinuata fo. antiqua (Grunow) Reimer
23051CMsinuatCymbella sinuata Gregory
CmsinovaCymbella sinuata var. ovata Hustedt
23180CM0032bCymbella sp. 0032B NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
23129CM0AULKMCymbella sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
23130CM0BULKMCymbella sp. 0B UL NAWQA KM
23131CM0CULKMCymbella sp. 0C UL NAWQA KM
23132CM0DULKMCymbella sp. 0D UL NAWQA KM
23173CM1Cymbella sp. 1
23990CM1?Cymbella sp. 1 ?
23122CM1CRNROCymbella sp. 1 ANS CWR NRO
23124CM1ANSLBCymbella sp. 1 ANS LLB
23087CM1ANSMTCymbella sp. 1 ANS MT
23113CM1ANSPOCymbella sp. 1 ANS POTO
23110CM1ANSWCCymbella sp. 1 ANS WRC
23144CM1DWCymbella sp. 1 DMW WHTRV
23807CM1IdahoCymbella sp. 1 Idaho DMW
23146CM1JCKCymbella sp. 1 JCK
23145CM1MPCymbella sp. 1 MP
23177CM1calozCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. helvetica
23164CM1umalmCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
23166CM1umeiwCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
23161CM1umpugCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
23165CM1umsctCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
23168CM1umucoCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
23169CM1umuteCymbella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
23021CM1PRLCymbella sp. 1 PIRLA
23105CM1tetpgCymbella sp. 1 Tet PG
23133CM1ULWKMCymbella sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
23171CM1um96Cymbella sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
23825CMsp1rtCymbella sp. 1 WEMAP STANCHEVA
23805CMsp10EMCymbella sp. 10 NAWQA EAM
23999CM10?Cymbella sp. 10 PIRLA
23038CM10PRLCymbella sp. 10 PIRLA
23808CMsp11emCymbella sp. 11 NAWQA EAM
23042CM11PRLCymbella sp. 11 PIRLA
23819CMsp12Cymbella sp. 12 NAWQA HAMSHER
23043CM12PRLCymbella sp. 12 PIRLA
23044CM13PRLCymbella sp. 13 PIRLA
23052CM14PRLCymbella sp. 14 PIRLA
23053CM15PRLCymbella sp. 15 PIRLA
23054CM16PRLCymbella sp. 16 PIRLA
23055CM17PRLCymbella sp. 17 PIRLA
23056CM18PRLCymbella sp. 18 PIRLA
23057CM19PRLCymbella sp. 19 PIRLA
23991CM2?Cymbella sp. 2 ?
23107CM2ANSJHCymbella sp. 2 ANS JH
23125CM2ANSLBCymbella sp. 2 ANS LLB
23119CM2ANSWCCymbella sp. 2 ANS WRC
23150CM2MPCymbella sp. 2 MP
23178CM2calozCymbella sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. microcephala
23170CM2umpugCymbella sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. turgidula
23024CM2PRLCymbella sp. 2 PIRLA
23134CM2ULWKMCymbella sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
23820CMsp2kmCymbella sp. 2 WRAP MANOYLOV
23058CM20PRLCymbella sp. 20 PIRLA
23059CM21PRLCymbella sp. 21 PIRLA
23060CM22PRLCymbella sp. 22 PIRLA
23061CM23PRLCymbella sp. 23 PIRLA
23800CMpe+1+2Cymbella sp. 23018+23021+23024
23062CM24PRLCymbella sp. 24 PIRLA
23063CM25PRLCymbella sp. 25 PIRLA
23064CM26PRLCymbella sp. 26 PIRLA
23066CM27PRLCymbella sp. 27 PIRLA
23992CM3?Cymbella sp. 3 ?
23121CM3ANSWCCymbella sp. 3 ANS WRC
23148CM3MPCymbella sp. 3 MP
23179CM3calozCymbella sp. 3 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
23037CM3PRLCymbella sp. 3 PIRLA
23823CMsp3kmmCymbella sp. 3 WRAP MANOYLOV
23824CMsp3srCymbella sp. 3 WRAP ROLLINS
23993CM4?Cymbella sp. 4 ?
23084CM4NARSTCymbella sp. 4 ANS NAR STROUD
23128CM4ANSWCCymbella sp. 4 ANS WRC
23147CM4MPCymbella sp. 4 MP
23185CM4calozCymbella sp. 4 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. norvegica
23822CMsp4kmCymbella sp. 4 WRAP MANOYLOV
23994CM5?Cymbella sp. 5 ?
23140CM5ANSWCCymbella sp. 5 ANS WRC
23186CM5kmCymbella sp. 5 NAWQA KM
23027CM5PRLCymbella sp. 5 PIRLA
23821CMsp5kmCymbella sp. 5 WRAP MANOYLOV
23995CM6?Cymbella sp. 6 ?
23141CM6ANSWCCymbella sp. 6 ANS WRC
23187CM6kmCymbella sp. 6 NAWQA KM
23034CM6PRLCymbella sp. 6 PIRLA
23996CM7?Cymbella sp. 7 ?
23188CM7NQLJMCymbella sp. 7 NAWQA LJM
23035CM7PRLCymbella sp. 7 PIRLA
23997CM8?Cymbella sp. 8 ?
23195CM8eamCymbella sp. 8 NAWQA EAM
23036CM8PRLCymbella sp. 8 PIRLA
23998CM9?Cymbella sp. 9 ?
23803CMsp9eamCymbella sp. 9 NAWQA EAM
23033CM9PRLCymbella sp. 9 PIRLA
23181CMacalozCymbella sp. A NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
23182CMbcalozCymbella sp. B NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
23183CMccalozCymbella sp. C NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
23184CMdcalozCymbella sp. D NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
Cymbella sp. ind. A FRITZ
23139CMspkCymbella sp. K
23889CMsppCymbella spp. Agardh
23022CMspuriaCymbella spuria Cleve
23192CMstauroCymbella stauroneiformis Lagerstedt
23106CMsubkraCymbella subaequalis fo. krasskei (Foged) Reimer
23114CMsubaeqCymbella subaequalis Grunow
23135CMsubcusCymbella subcuspidata Krammer
23814CmsubturCymbella subturgidula Krammer
23142CMtenuisCymbella tenuissima Hustedt
23081CMtriangCymbella triangulum (Ehrenberg) Cleve
23817CMtropicCymbella tropica Krammer
23068CMtumidaCymbella tumida (Brébisson ex Kützing) Van Heurck
23082CMtumidlCymbella tumidula Grunow ex Schmidt
23172CMtumdlaCymbella tumidula var. lancettula Krammer
23023CMturgidCymbella turgida Gregory
23083CMturgdlCymbella turgidula Grunow
24001CNdiluviCymbellonitzschia diluviana Hustedt
97001CGapiculCymbellopsis apiculata Krammer
97002CGcflancCymbellopsis cf. lanceolata NAWQA UMICH SCTX
190003Cymbopleura aff. lata var. truncata HAMSHER Krammer
190001CBcuspidCymbopleura cuspidata Kützing
190004CBsp2rtCymbopleura sp. 2 WEMAP STANCHEVA
190002Cymbopleura spp. Krammer
2503001DYfragilDactyliosolen fragilissimus (Bergon) Hasle
2503990Dactyliosolen sp. 1 ?
2503999Dactyliosolen sp. 10 ?
2503991Dactyliosolen sp. 2 ?
2503992Dactyliosolen sp. 3 ?
2503993Dactyliosolen sp. 4 ?
2503994Dactyliosolen sp. 5 ?
2503995Dactyliosolen sp. 6 ?
2503996Dactyliosolen sp. 7 ?
2503997Dactyliosolen sp. 8 ?
2503998Dactyliosolen sp. 9 ?
219001DCplacenDecussata placenta (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
219990DC1?Decussata sp. 1 ?
219999DC10?Decussata sp. 10 ?
219991DC2?Decussata sp. 2 ?
219992DC3?Decussata sp. 3 ?
219993DC4?Decussata sp. 4 ?
219994DC5?Decussata sp. 5 ?
219995DC6?Decussata sp. 6 ?
219996DC7?Decussata sp. 7 ?
219997DC8?Decussata sp. 8 ?
219998DC9?Decussata sp. 9 ?
219002Decussata spp. Patrick
224990DH1?Delphineis sp. 1 ?
224999DH10?Delphineis sp. 10 ?
224991DH2?Delphineis sp. 2 ?
224992DH3?Delphineis sp. 3 ?
224993DH4?Delphineis sp. 4 ?
224994DH5?Delphineis sp. 5 ?
224995DH6?Delphineis sp. 6 ?
224996DH7?Delphineis sp. 7 ?
224997DH8?Delphineis sp. 8 ?
224998DH29?Delphineis sp. 9 ?
224001DHsurirlDelphineis surirella (Ehrenberg) Andrews
25007DEelevalDenticula elegans fo. valida Pedicino
25001DEeleganDenticula elegans Kützing
25008DEkuetziDenticula kuetzingii Grunow
25006DEkuerumDenticula kuetzingii var. rumrichae Krammer
Denticula seriata FRITZ
25009DE1umsctDenticula sp. 1NAWQA UMICH SCTX
25010DesppDenticula spp.
25004DEsubtilDenticula subtilis Grunow
25002DEtenuisDenticula tenuis Kützing
25003DEtencraDenticula tenuis var. crassula (Näegeli) Hustedt
25005DEvalidaDenticula valida (Pedicino) Grunow
26001DSrabeloDesmogonium rabenhorstianum var. elongatum Patrick
26990DS1?Desmogonium sp. 1 ?
26991DS2?Desmogonium sp. 2 ?
197014DIbicepsDiadesmis biceps Arnott
197001DIconferDiadesmis confervacea Kützing
DivarnipDiadesmis confervacea var. nipponica (Skvortzow) Tuji
197002DIcontenDiadesmis contenta (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Mann
197012DIcofopaDiadesmis contenta fo. parallela (Petersen) Spaulding
DivarconDiadesmis contenta var. parallela (Petersen) Tuji
DIfaureiDiadesmis faurei Van de Vijver et Beyens
197003DIgallicDiadesmis gallica Smith
DiingaeDiadesmis ingae Van de Vijver
197004DIlaevisDiadesmis laevissima (Cleve) Mann
DilatesrDiadesmis latestriata Van de Vijver, Ledeganck et Beyens
197009DIpantroDiadesmis pantropica Lange-Bertalot
197005DIperpusDiadesmis perpusilla (Grunow) Mann
197006DI1umalbDiadesmis sp. 037B NAWQA UMICH ALBE
197015DIsp1eamDiadesmis sp. 1 MONTANA MORALES
197007DI1jpalbDiadesmis sp. 1 NAWQA JP ALBE
197008DI1umalcDiadesmis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. confervacea
197011DI2eamDiadesmis sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
197013Diadesmis spp. Kützing
197010DItempliDiadesmis templiniana Lange-Bertalot et Rumrich
DividallDiadesmis vidalii Van de Vijver et Ledeganck
27001DAancepsDiatoma anceps (Ehrenberg) Kirchner
27007DAbrevipDiatoma brevipes
27016DAcfmesoDiatoma cf. mesodon UMICH (Ehrenberg) Kützing
27011DAcfmonlDiatoma cf. moniliformis Kützing
27017DAehrenbDiatoma ehrenbergii Kützing
27003DAhyemalDiatoma hyemalis (Roth) Heiberg
27002DAmesodoDiatoma mesodon (Ehrenberg) Kützing
27008DAmonilfDiatoma moniliformis Kützing
27990DA1?Diatoma sp. 1 ?
27020DA1umpugDiatoma sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT aff. vulgaris
27019DA1umucoDiatoma sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
27018DA1umuteDiatoma sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
27991DA2?Diatoma sp. 2 ?
27022DA2umpugDiatoma sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
27992DA3?Diatoma sp. 3 ?
27993DA4?Diatoma sp. 4 ?
27994DA5?Diatoma sp. 5 ?
27889DAsppDiatoma spp.
27012DAtenDiatoma tenuis Agardh
27005Daten2Diatoma tenuis Agardh
27006DatenelDiatoma tenuis var. elongatum Lyngbye
27014DAtenel2Diatoma tenuis var. elongatum Lyngbye
27009DAtenmonDiatoma tenuis var. moniliformis Kützing
27004DAvulgarDiatoma vulgare Bory
27013DAvulgDiatoma vulgaris Bory
27010DAvulbreDiatoma vulgaris var. breve Grunow
27023DAvuldisDiatoma vulgaris var. distorta Grunow ex Van Heurck
27021DAvulineDiatoma vulgaris var. linearis Grunow
28001DLbalfouDiatomella balfouriana (Smith) Greville
81001DDgenimDidymosphenia geminata (Lyngbye) Schmidt
75001DMmarlanDimerogramma marina fo. lanceolata Peragallo et Peragallo
30012DPboldtiDiploneis boldtiana Cleve
30016DPbombusDiploneis bombus Ehrenberg
30024DPcfboldDiploneis cf. boldtiana UMICH Cleve
30021DPcfelliDiploneis cf. elliptica KPL ML (Kützing) Cleve
30025DPcfmodDiploneis cf. modica UMICH Hustedt
30022DPcfovalDiploneis cf. ovalis REIMER (Hilse ex Rabenhorst)
30026DPcfparDiploneis cf. parma UMICH Cleve
30001DPelliptDiploneis elliptica (Kützing) Cleve
30002DPfinnicDiploneis finnica (Ehrenberg) Cleve
30013DPinterrDiploneis interrupta (Kützing) Cleve
30017DPlittorDiploneis littoralis (Donkin) Cleve
30003DPmarginDiploneis marginestriata Hustedt
30023DPmodicaDiploneis modica Hustedt
30004DPoblongDiploneis oblongella (Näegeli ex Kützing) Ross
30005DPoculatDiploneis oculata (Brébisson) Cleve
30027DPostracDiploneis ostracodarum (Pantocsek) Jurilj
30009DPovalisDiploneis ovalis (Hilse ex Rabenhorst) Cleve
30014DPparmaDiploneis parma Cleve
30008DPpetersDiploneis peterseni Hustedt
30018DPpsudovDiploneis pseudovalis Hustedt
30019DPpuellaDiploneis puella (Schumann) Cleve
30015DPsmithiDiploneis smithii (Brébisson ex Smith) Cleve
30007DPsmidilDiploneis smithii var. dilatata (Peragallo) Boyer
30020DPsmipumDiploneis smithii var. pumila (Grunow) Hustedt
Diploneis smithii var. rhombica Mereschkowsky
30990DP1?Diploneis sp. 1 ?
30029DP1calozDiploneis sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
30028DP1umsctDiploneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
30011DP1PRLDiploneis sp. 1 PIRLA
30991DP2?Diploneis sp. 2 ?
30010DP2PRLDiploneis sp. 2 PIRLA
30992DP3?Diploneis sp. 3 ?
30993DP4?Diploneis sp. 4 ?
30994DP5?Diploneis sp. 5 ?
30889DPsppDiploneis spp.
30006DPsubovaDiploneis subovalis Cleve
DrhaenaeDiprora haenaensis Main
242990Diprora sp. 1 ?
242999Diprora sp. 10 ?
242991Diprora sp. 2 ?
242992Diprora sp. 3 ?
242993Diprora sp. 4 ?
242994Diprora sp. 5 ?
242995Diprora sp. 6 ?
242996Diprora sp. 7 ?
242997Diprora sp. 8 ?
242998Diprora sp. 9 ?
2506001DLglomeDiscostella glomerata (Bachmann) Houk et Klee
2506002DTpseudsDiscostella pseudostelligera (Hustedt) Houk et Klee
2506990Discostella sp. 1 ?
2506006DT1SabEADiscostella sp. 1 SABINE MORALES
2506999Discostella sp. 10 ?
2506991Discostella sp. 2 ?
2506992Discostella sp. 3 ?
2506993Discostella sp. 4 ?
2506994Discostella sp. 5 ?
2506995Discostella sp. 6 ?
2506996Discostella sp. 7 ?
2506997Discostella sp. 8 ?
2506998Discostella sp. 9 ?
2506003DTstellDiscostella stelligera (Hustedt) Houk et Klee
2506004DTstoideDiscostella stelligeroides (Hustedt) Houk et Klee
2506005DTwolteDiscostella woltereckii (Hustedt) Houk et Klee
DtgermaiDistrionella germainii (Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot) Morales, Bahls et Cody
243990Distrionella sp. 1 ?
243999Distrionella sp. 10 ?
243991Distrionella sp. 2 ?
243992Distrionella sp. 3 ?
243993Distrionella sp. 4 ?
243994Distrionella sp. 5 ?
243995Distrionella sp. 6 ?
243996Distrionella sp. 7 ?
243997Distrionella sp. 8 ?
243998Distrionella sp. 9 ?
EhgranulEhrenbergiulva granulosa (Grunow) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
EhhauckiEhrenbergiulva hauckii (Grunow) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
237990Ehrenbergiulva sp. 1 ?
237999Ehrenbergiulva sp. 10 ?
237991Ehrenbergiulva sp. 2 ?
237992Ehrenbergiulva sp. 3 ?
237993Ehrenbergiulva sp. 4 ?
237994Ehrenbergiulva sp. 5 ?
237995Ehrenbergiulva sp. 6 ?
237996Ehrenbergiulva sp. 7 ?
237997Ehrenbergiulva sp. 8 ?
237998Ehrenbergiulva sp. 9 ?
29001ELarenarEllerbeckia arenaria (Moore) Crawford
29002EL1umalbEllerbeckia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
96001ElsppEllerbeckia spp.
110040ECalpiEncyonema alpinum (Grunow) Mann
110034EcancapEncyonema anguste-capitatum Krammer
110018ECauerswEncyonema auerswaldii Rabenhorst
110007ECbrehmiEncyonema brehmii (Hustedt) Mann
110006ECcarinaEncyonema carina Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
110019ECcfamanEncyonema cf. amanianum UMICH Krammer
110020ECcfminuEncyonema cf. minutum UMICH (Hilse) Mann
110021ECcfsileEncyonema cf. sileciacum UMICH (Bleisch) Mann
110022ECeverglEncyonema evergladianum Krammer
110008ECgaeumaEncyonema gaeumanii (Meister) Krammer
110035EChebriEncyonema hebridicum Grunow ex Cleve
110037EChillarEncyonema hillardii (Manguin) Krammer
110017EClatensEncyonema latens (Krasske) Mann
110009EClunatuEncyonema lunatum (Smith) Van Heurck
110004ECminutuEncyonema minutum (Hilse) Mann
110011ECmuelleEncyonema muelleri (Hustedt) Mann
110041ECmuventEncyonema muelleri fo. ventricosum (Tempére et Peragallo) Czarnecki
Encyonema norvegica var. lapponica Cleve-Euler
110030ECnorveEncyonema norvegicum (Grunow) Mills
110001ECpalsubEncyonema paludosa var. subsalina (Cleve) Krammer
110023ECpergraEncyonema pergracile Krammer
110012ECperpusEncyonema perpussilum (Cleve) Mann
110003ECprost2Encyonema prostrata (Berkeley) Mann
110013ECprostrEncyonema prostratum (Berkeley) Kützing
110014ECreichaEncyonema reichardtii (Krammer) Mann
110005ECsilesiEncyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann
110010ECsiles2Encyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann
110029ECsilaltEncyonema silesiacum var. altensis Krammer
110024ECsilexEncyonema silesiacum var. excisa Krammer
110032ECsinicuEncyonema sinicum Krammer
110042ECsp1moEncyonema sp. 1 MONTANA HAMSHER
110027EC1umalmEncyonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. subdirectum
110025EC1umsctEncyonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
110026EC1um96Encyonema sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
110038ECSP1KMEncyonema sp. 1 WRAP MANOYLOV
110039ECsp1?Encyonema sp. 1?
110033ECsp1QuEncyonema sp. 1? Idaho SEH
110031ECsp2kmEncyonema sp. 2 NAWQA KM
110036Encyonema spp. Kützing
110015ECtenuisEncyonema tenuissimum (Hustedt) Mann
110028ECtriforEncyonema trianguliforme Krammer
110016ECtriangEncyonema triangulum (Ehrenberg) Kützing
110002ECtumidaEncyonema tumida (Brebisson ex Kützing) Mann
203006EYaffcesEncyonopsis aff. cesatii EAM (Rabhenhorst) Krammer
203001EYcesatiEncyonopsis cesatii (Rabhenhorst) Krammer
203005EYcfmiccEncyonopsis cf. microcephala CALACAD (Grunow) Krammer
203004EYcfmicuEncyonopsis cf. microcephala UMICH (Grunow) Krammer
203009EYdelicaEncyonopsis delicatissima (Hustedt) Krammer
203014EydescrpEncyonopsis descripta (Hustedt) Krammer
203012EyeverglEncyonopsis evergladianum Krammer
203007EYfalaisEncyonopsis falaisensis (Grunow) Krammer
203010EykrammeEncyonopsis krammeri Reichardt
203002EYmicrocEncyonopsis microcephala (Grunow) Krammer
203011EyminutaEncyonopsis minuta Krammer et Reichardt
203003EYruttneEncyonopsis ruttneri var. obtusa (Hustedt) Krammer
203015EYsp1eamEncyonopsis sp. 1 NAWQA EAM
203017EYsp1?Encyonopsis sp. 1?
203016Encyonopsis spp. Krammer
203008EYsubminEncyonopsis subminuta Krammer et Reichardt
203013EYvandamEncyonopsis vandamii Krammer
31003ENalataEntomoneis alata (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
31005ENcostatEntomoneis costata (Hustedt) Reimer
31002ENornataEntomoneis ornata (Bailey) Reimer
31001ENpaludoEntomoneis paludosa (Smith) Reimer
31006EnpalsubEntomoneis paludosa var. subsalina (Cleve) Krammer
Entomoneis paludosa var. subsalina (Cleve) Krammer
31004ENrobustEntomoneis robusta (McCall) Reimer
31990EN1?Entomoneis sp. 1 ?
31991EN2?Entomoneis sp. 2 ?
31889ENsppEntomoneis spp.
8942001Eolimna minima (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
8942990Eolimna sp. 1 ?
8942999Eolimna sp. 10 ?
8942991Eolimna sp. 2 ?
8942992Eolimna sp. 3 ?
8942993Eolimna sp. 4 ?
8942994Eolimna sp. 5 ?
8942995Eolimna sp. 6 ?
8942996Eolimna sp. 7 ?
8942997Eolimna sp. 8 ?
8942998Eolimna sp. 9 ?
32003EPadnataEpithemia adnata (Kützing) Brébisson
32007EPadnminEpithemia adnata var. minor (Peragallo et Héribaud) Patrick
32011EPadnporEpithemia adnata var. porcellus (Kützing) Patrick
32005EPargusEpithemia argus (Ehrenberg) Kützing
32001EPargpcfEpithemia argus cf. var. protracta Mayer
32012EParglonEpithemia argus var. longicornis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
32015EPargproEpithemia argus var. protracta Mayer
32009EPemargiEpithemia emarginata Andrews
32013EPfrickiEpithemia frickei Krammer
32017EpgoeppEpithemia goeppertiana Hilse
32010EPreicheEpithemia reichelti Fricke
32014EPrei1AEpithemia reichelti var. 1 ANS OZRK
32002EPsmithiEpithemia smithii Carruthers
32006EPsorexEpithemia sorex Kützing
32990EP1?Epithemia sp. 1 ?
32019EP1umczaEpithemia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
32018EP1umpugEpithemia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
32020EP1umsctEpithemia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
32991EP2?Epithemia sp. 2 ?
32992EP3?Epithemia sp. 3 ?
32993EP4?Epithemia sp. 4 ?
32994EP5?Epithemia sp. 5 ?
32889EPsppEpithemia spp.
32004EPturgidEpithemia turgida (Ehrenberg) Kützing
32008EPturgraEpithemia turgida var. granulata (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
32016EPturwesEpithemia turgida var. westermannii (Ehrenberg) Grunow
187005ESalpesEucocconeis alpestris (Brun) Lange-Bertalot
187004ESlappUMEucocconeis cf. lapponica UMICH Hustedt
187001ESflexelEucocconeis flexella (Kützing) Cleve
187002ESlaevisEucocconeis laevis (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
187003ESlapponEucocconeis lapponica Hustedt
EC1?Eucocconeis sp. 1?
187006Eucocconeis spp. Cleve ex Meister
33171EUalpinaEunotia alpina Kützing
Eunotia arculus (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33001EUarcusEunotia arcus Ehrenberg
33002EUarcbidEunotia arcus var. bidens Grunow
33139EUarcfalEunotia arcus var. fallax Hustedt
33142EUasiatiEunotia asiatica Skvortzow
33003EUbactriEunotia bactriana Ehrenberg
33112EUba1PRLEunotia bactriana var. 1 PIRLA
33113EUba2PRLEunotia bactriana var. 2 PIRLA
33004EUbidentEunotia bidentula Smith
33115EUbi1PRLEunotia bidentula var. 1 PIRLA
33005EUbigibbEunotia bigibba Kützing
33006EUbigpumEunotia bigibba var. pumila Grunow
33185EUbilunEunotia bilunaris (Ehrenberg) Mills
33216EUbillinEunotia bilunaris var. linearis (Okuno) Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33211EUbilmucEunotia bilunaris var. mucophila Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33093EUcameluEunotia camelus Ehrenberg
33007EUcaroliEunotia carolina Patrick
33068EUca1PRLEunotia carolina var. 1 PIRLA
33190EUcfarclEunotia cf. arculus Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33219EUcfarcEunotia cf. arcus UMICH Ehrenberg
33236EUcfboreEunotia cf. boreotenuis CALACAD Nörpel-Schempp et Lange-Bertalot
33237EUcfcircEunotia cf. circumborealis CALACAD Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33175EUcrgacfEunotia cf. cristagalli Cleve
33197EUcffxgrEunotia cf. fallax var. gracillima REIMER Krasske
33195EUcfformEunotia cf. formica REIMER Ehrenberg
33238EUcfimplEunotia cf. implicata CALACAD Nörpel, Lange-Bertalot et Alles
33118EUmeiscfEunotia cf. meisteri Hustedt
33204EUcfmusEunotia cf. muscicola CODY Krasske
33220EUcfpectEunotia cf. pectinalis UMICH (Müller) Rabenhorst
33193EUcfsubaEunotia cf. subarcuatoides Alles, Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot
33206EUcftectEunotia cf. tecta CLASON Krasske
33200EUcftenlEunotia cf. tenella REIMER (Grunow) Cleve
33096EUvanhcfEunotia cf. vanheurckii Patrick
33210EUcircumEunotia circumborealis Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33180EUcrsgalEunotia cristagalli Cleve
33008EUcurvatEunotia curvata (Kützing) Lagerstedt
33044EUcurvv1Eunotia curvata var. 1 PIRLA
33098EUcu2PRLEunotia curvata var. 2 PIRLA
33009EUcurcapEunotia curvata var. capitata (Grunow) Woodhead et Tweed
33215EUcurlinEunotia curvata var. linearis (Okuno) Kobayasi, Ando et Nagumo
33010EUcursubEunotia curvata var. subarcuata (Näegeli) Woodhead et Tweed
33011EUdenticEunotia denticulata (Brébisson) Rabenhost
33205EUdidymaEunotia didyma Grunow
33012EUdiodonEunotia diodon Ehrenberg
33163EUdiointEunotia diodon fo. integra Manguin
33013EUeleganEunotia elegans Østrup
33188EUerucaEunotia eruca Ehrenberg
33014EUerusibEunotia eruca var. siberica Cleve
33015EUexiguaEunotia exigua (Brébisson ex Kützing) Rabenhorst
33016EUexibidEunotia exigua var. bidens Hustedt
33116EUexicomEunotia exigua var. compacta Hustedt
33017EUexitriEunotia exigua var. tridentula Østrup
33172EUfabaEunotia faba (Ehrenberg) Grunow
33018EUfallaxEunotia fallax Cleve
33140EUfalgraEunotia fallax var. gracillima Krasske
33241EufagroeEunotia fallax var. groenlandica (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel
33243EUflexodEunotia flexoides Geitler
33019EUflexuoEunotia flexuosa Brébisson ex Kützing
33020EUfleeurEunotia flexuosa var. eurycephala Grunow
33021EUformicEunotia formica Ehrenberg
33022EUgibbosEunotia gibbosa Grunow
33182EUglaciaEunotia glacialis Meister
33023EUhemicyEunotia hemicyclus (Ehrenberg) Karsten
33024EUhexaglEunotia hexaglyphis Ehrenberg
33025EUiatriaEunotia iatriaensis Foged
33168EUimplicEunotia implicata Nörpel, Lange-Bertalot et Alles
33026EUincisaEunotia incisa Smith ex Gregory
33073EUin1PRLEunotia incisa var. 1 PIRLA
33081EUin2PRLEunotia incisa var. 2 PIRLA
33094EUin3PRLEunotia incisa var. 3 PIRLA
33095EUin4PRLEunotia incisa var. 4 PIRLA
33097EUin6PRLEunotia incisa var. 6 PIRLA
33132EUin8PRLEunotia incisa var. 8 PIRLA
33202EUincobtEunotia incisa var. obtusiuscula Grunow
33070EUindicaEunotia indica Grunow
33066EUintermEunotia intermedia (Krasske ex Hustedt) Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot
33027EUkochelEunotia kocheliensis Müller
33028EUlapponEunotia lapponica Grunow ex Cleve
33194EUlunarsEunotia lunaris (Ehrenberg) Brébisson
33029EUlunattEunotia lunaris var. attenuata Berg
33181EUlunsubEunotia lunaris var. subarcuata Hustedt
33030EUmaiorEunotia maior (Smith) Rabenhorst
33133EUmaivenEunotia maior var. ventricosa Cleve
33031EUmeisteEunotia meisteri Hustedt
33032EUmeibidEunotia meisteri var. bidens Hustedt
33033EUmicrocEunotia microcephala Krasske ex Hustedt
33034EUmictriEunotia microcephala var. tridentata (Mayer) Hustedt
33183EUminorEunotia minor (Kützing) Grunow
33035EUmonodoEunotia monodon Ehrenberg
33138EUmonconEunotia monodon var. constricta Hustedt
33201EUmonmajEunotia monodon var. major (Smith) Hustedt
33184EUmuscicEunotia muscicola Krasske
33169EUmustriEunotia muscicola var. tridentula Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot
33036EUnaegelEunotia naegelii Migula
33037EUnivaliEunotia nivalis Hohn et Hellermann
33242EunymanEunotia nymanii Grunow
33083EUpaludoEunotia paludosa Grunow
33212EUpaltriEunotia paludosa var. trinacria (Krasske) Nörpel
33038EUparallEunotia parallela Ehrenberg
Eunotia parallela var. angusta Grunow
33039EUpectinEunotia pectinalis (Müller) Rabenhorst
33165EUpecdelEunotia pectinalis fo. delta Berg
33069EUpe4PRLEunotia pectinalis var. 4 PIRLA
33186EUpbiarcEunotia pectinalis var. biarcuata (Berg) Berg
33164EUpecbiaEunotia pectinalis var. biarcuata Peragallo
33040EUpecminEunotia pectinalis var. minor (Kützing) Rabenhorst
33198EUpcmninEunotia pectinalis var. minor fo. intermedia Krasske ex Hustedt
33176EUpecrecEunotia pectinalis var. recta Mayer
33041EUpecundEunotia pectinalis var. undulata (Ralfs) Rabenhorst
33042EUpecvenEunotia pectinalis var. ventricosa (Ehrenberg) Grunow
33213EuperminEunotia perminuta (Grunow) Patrick
33043EUperpusEunotia perpusilla Grunow
33103EUpirlaEunotia pirla Carter et Flower
33162EUpolydeEunotia polydentula Brun
33080EUprmopcEunotia praerupta cf. var. monodon fo. polaris (Berg) Symoens
33045EUpraeruEunotia praerupta Ehrenberg
33046EUprabidEunotia praerupta var. bidens (Ehrenberg) Grunow
33047EUprainfEunotia praerupta var. inflata Grunow
33048EUpramusEunotia praerupta var. muscicola Petersen
33123EUpunctmEunotia punctastriatum Camburn et Charles
33049EUquaterEunotia quaternaria Ehrenberg
33248EUrabenEunotia rabenhorstiana var. elongata (Patrick) Metzeltin et Lange-Bertalot
33214EurabenhEunotia rabenhorstii Grunow
33158EUrabmonEunotia rabenhorstii var. monodon Cleve et Grunow ex Van Heurck
33050EUrefminEunotia reflexa fo. minores Hustedt
33051EUrhomboEunotia rhomboidea Hustedt
33191EUrhynchEunotia rhynchocephala Hustedt
33246EUrhysatEunotia rhynchocephala var. satelles Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot
33196EUrobustEunotia robusta Ralfs
33203EUrobtetEunotia robusta var. tetraodon (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
33052EUrostelEunotia rostellata Hustedt ex Patrick
33053EUseptenEunotia septentrionalis Østrup
33054EUserraEunotia serra Ehrenberg
33189EU1TRINEunotia serra var. 1 ANS TRIN
33055EUserdiaEunotia serra var. diadema (Ehrenberg) Patrick
33170EUsertetEunotia serra var. tetraodon Nörpel
33187EUsibercEunotia siberica Cleve
33218EusioliiEunotia siolii Hustedt
33056EUsoleirEunotia soleirolii (Kützing) Rabenhorst
33207EU0AKMn6Eunotia sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
33208EUkmnq0AEunotia sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
33209EUkmnq0BEunotia sp. 0B UL NAWQA KM
33990EU1?Eunotia sp. 1 ?
33192EU1ANSALEunotia sp. 1 ANS ALBE
33199EU1ANSCREunotia sp. 1 ANS CWR
33239EU1calozEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
33226EU1efsEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
33229EU1kralbEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA KR ALBE
33240EU1MPalbEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA MP
33221EU1umalbEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
33224EU1umsanEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SANT
33225EU1umsctEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
33222EU1umucoEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
33223EU1umuteEunotia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
33247EU1ANSNJEunotia sp. 1 NEW JERSEY KCP
33102EU1PRLEunotia sp. 1 PIRLA
33999EU10?Eunotia sp. 10 ?
33079EU10PRLEunotia sp. 10 PIRLA
33177EU11NAREunotia sp. 11 ANS NAR
33119EU11PRLEunotia sp. 11 PIRLA
33179EU12NAREunotia sp. 12 ANS NAR
33074EU12PRLEunotia sp. 12 PIRLA
33173EU73NAREunotia sp. 13 ANS NAR
33082EU13PRLEunotia sp. 13 PIRLA
33178EU15NAREunotia sp. 15 ANS NAR
33137EU15PRLEunotia sp. 15 PIRLA
33100EU16PRLEunotia sp. 16 PIRLA
33078EU17PRLEunotia sp. 17 PIRLA
33077EU18PRLEunotia sp. 18 PIRLA
33075EU19PRLEunotia sp. 19 PIRLA
33991EU2?Eunotia sp. 2 ?
33227EU2efsalEunotia sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
33085EU2PRLEunotia sp. 2 PIRLA
33136EU21PRLEunotia sp. 21 PIRLA
33101EU22PRLEunotia sp. 22 PIRLA
33135EU28PRLEunotia sp. 28 PIRLA
33122EU29PRLEunotia sp. 29 PIRLA
33992EU3?Eunotia sp. 3 ?
33230EU3umalEunotia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. arcus
33099EU3PRLEunotia sp. 3 PIRLA
33121EU30PRLEunotia sp. 30 PIRLA
33057EU31PRLEunotia sp. 31 PIRLA
33104EU34PRLEunotia sp. 34 PIRLA
33124EU35PRLEunotia sp. 35 PIRLA
33117EU36PRLEunotia sp. 36 PIRLA
33159EU37PRLEunotia sp. 37 PIRLA
33105EU38PRLEunotia sp. 38 PIRLA
33106EU39PRLEunotia sp. 39 PIRLA
33993EU4?Eunotia sp. 4 ?
33231EU4umalEunotia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. formica
33120EU4PRLEunotia sp. 4 PIRLA
33086EU40PRLEunotia sp. 40 PIRLA
33087EU41PRLEunotia sp. 41 PIRLA
33088EU42PRLEunotia sp. 42 PIRLA
33089EU43PRLEunotia sp. 43 PIRLA
33090EU44PRLEunotia sp. 44 PIRLA
33091EU45PRLEunotia sp. 45 PIRLA
33092EU46PRLEunotia sp. 46 PIRLA
33107EU48PRLEunotia sp. 48 PIRLA
33108EU49PRLEunotia sp. 49 PIRLA
33994EU5?Eunotia sp. 5 ?
33232EU5umalEunotia sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. implicata
33109EU50PRLEunotia sp. 50 PIRLA
33110EU51PRLEunotia sp. 51 PIRLA
33111EU52PRLEunotia sp. 52 PIRLA
33134EU53PRLEunotia sp. 53 PIRLA
33127EU54PRLEunotia sp. 54 PIRLA
33128EU55PRLEunotia sp. 55 PIRLA
33129EU56PRLEunotia sp. 56 PIRLA
33130EU57PRLEunotia sp. 57 PIRLA
33995EU6?Eunotia sp. 6 ?
33233EU6umalEunotia sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. pectinalis var. undulata
33131EU6PRLEunotia sp. 6 PIRLA
33144EU60PRLEunotia sp. 60 PIRLA
33145EU61PRLEunotia sp. 61 PIRLA
33146EU62PRLEunotia sp. 62 PIRLA
33147EU63PRLEunotia sp. 63 PIRLA
33148EU64PRLEunotia sp. 64 PIRLA
33149EU65PRLEunotia sp. 65 PIRLA
33150EU66PRLEunotia sp. 66 PIRLA
33151EU67PRLEunotia sp. 67 PIRLA
33152EU68PRLEunotia sp. 68 PIRLA
33153EU69PRLEunotia sp. 69 PIRLA
33996EU7?Eunotia sp. 7 ?
33234EU7umalEunotia sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. pectinalis
33125EU7PRLEunotia sp. 7 PIRLA
33154EU70PRLEunotia sp. 70 PIRLA
33155EU71PRLEunotia sp. 71 PIRLA
33156EU72PRLEunotia sp. 72 PIRLA
33166EU73PRLEunotia sp. 73 PIRLA
33167EU74PRLEunotia sp. 74 PIRLA
33997EU8?Eunotia sp. 8 ?
33235EU8umalEunotia sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. exigua
33071EU8PRLEunotia sp. 8 PIRLA
33998EU9?Eunotia sp. 9 ?
33244EU9EAMEunotia sp. 9 NAWQA EAM
33072EU9PRLEunotia sp. 9 PIRLA
33889EUsppEunotia spp.
33084EUsteineEunotia steineckei Petersen
Eunotia subarcuatoides Alles, Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot
33245EUsubarcEunotia subarcuatoides Alles, Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot
33058EUsubmonEunotia submonodon Hustedt
33059EUsudetiEunotia sudetica Müller
33160EUsuecicEunotia suecica Cleve-Euler
33126EUtautonEunotia tautoniensis Hustedt ex Patrick
33217EutectaEunotia tecta Krasske
33060EUtenellEunotia tenella (Grunow) Cleve
33076EUtendesEunotia tenelloides Kobayasi, Ando et Nagumo
33141EUtestudEunotia testudinata Berg
33161EUtridenEunotia tridentula Ehrenberg
33143EUtrigibEunotia trigibba Hustedt
33061EUtrinacEunotia trinacria Krasske
33062EUtriundEunotia trinacria var. undulata Hustedt
33063EUtriodoEunotia triodon Ehrenberg
33064EUvalidaEunotia valida Hustedt
33065EUvanheuEunotia vanheurckii Patrick
33174EUvanintEunotia vanheurckii var. intermedia (Krasske ex Hustedt) Patrick
Eunotia veneris FRITZ
33067EUzasumiEunotia zasuminensis (Cabejszekowna) Körner
33114EUza1PRLEunotia zasuminensis var. 1 PIRLA
33157EUzygodoEunotia zygodon Ehrenberg
82001EGlaeveEunotogramma laevis Grunow
115002FAauricuFallacia auriculata (Hustedt) Mann
115012FAcfecuaFallacia cf. ecuadoriana NAWQA KM Lange-Bertalot et Rumrich
115003FAcryptoFallacia cryptolyra (Brockmann) Stickle et Mann
115015FAenigmaFallacia enigmatica (Germain) Lange-Bertalot
115004FAindiffFallacia indifferens (Hustedt) Mann
115011FAinsocFallacia insociabilis (Krasske) Stickle et Mann
115016FAlenziiFallacia lenzii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
115005FAmonocFallacia monoculata (Hustedt) Mann
FaobfuscFallacia obfuscata Garcia
Fallacia oculiformis (Hustedt) Mann
115014FAoculifFallacia oculiformis (Hustedt) Mann
115006FAomissaFallacia omissa (Hustedt) Mann
115001FApygmaeFallacia pygmaea (Kützing) Stickle et Mann
115010FA1umsctFallacia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
115013FAFallacia spp. stickle et mann
115007FAsubhamFallacia subhamulata (Grunow) Mann
115008FAtener2Fallacia tenera (Hustedt) Mann
115009FAteneraFallacia tenera (Hustedt) Sickle et Mann
FAtschukFallacia tschuktschorum Pientz, Fedje et Poulin
218001FIpelliFistulifera pelliculosa (Brébisson ex Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
218002FIsaproFistulifera saprophila (Lange-Bertalot et Bonik) Lange-Bertalot
218990FI1?Fistulifera sp. 1 ?
218999FI10?Fistulifera sp. 10 ?
218991FI2?Fistulifera sp. 2 ?
218992FI3?Fistulifera sp. 3 ?
218993FI4?Fistulifera sp. 4 ?
218994FI5?Fistulifera sp. 5 ?
218995FI6?Fistulifera sp. 6 ?
218996FI7?Fistulifera sp. 7 ?
218997FI8?Fistulifera sp. 8 ?
218998FI9?Fistulifera sp. 9 ?
218003Fistulifera spp. Lange-Bertalot
FlpascueFlorella pascuensis Navarro
228990Florella sp. 1 ?
228999Florella sp. 10 ?
228991Florella sp. 2 ?
228992Florella sp. 3 ?
228993Florella sp. 4 ?
228994Florella sp. 5 ?
228995Florella sp. 6 ?
228996Florella sp. 7 ?
228997Florella sp. 8 ?
228998Florella sp. 9 ?
34036FRacidobFragilaria acidobiontica Charles
34156FracutirFragilaria acutirostrata Metzeltin et Lange-Bertalot
34178FRaffampFragilaria aff. amphicephala ANS NAWQA EAM
34187FRaffvauFragilaria aff. vaucheriae EAM (Kützing) Petersen
34162FRalpestFragilaria alpestris Krasske
34209FRamphFragilaria amphicephala (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34084FRarcusFragilaria arcus (Ehrenberg) Cleve
34207FRaustriFragilaria austriaca (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
34110FRberolnFragilaria berolinensis Lange-Bertalot
34001FRbicapiFragilaria bicapitata Mayer
34085FRbicepsFragilaria biceps (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34127FRbidensFragilaria bidens Heiberg
34115FRbre1WCFragilaria brevistrata var. 1 ANS WRC
34003FRbrevisFragilaria brevistriata Grunow
34005FRbrecapFragilaria brevistriata var. capitata Héribaud
34004FRbreellFragilaria brevistriata var. elliptica Héribaud
34040FRbreinfFragilaria brevistriata var. inflata (Pantocsek) Hustedt
34097FRbrvpapFragilaria brevistriata var. papillosa Cleve-Euler
34152FRbevtriFragilaria brevistriata var. trigona Lange-Bertalot
34120FRcapensFragilaria capensis Grunow
34186FRcacfgrFragilaria capucina cf. var. gracilis NAWQA WRC (Østrup) Hustedt
Fragilaria capucina cf. var. vaucheriae
34006FRcapuciFragilaria capucina Desmazières
FrcaplncFragilaria capucina fo. lanceolata-baikali Flower et Williams
FrcapsubFragilaria capucina fo. sublanceolata-baikali Flower et Williams
34165FRca1umFragilaria capucina var. 1 NAWQA UM 1996 UCOL
34166FRca2umFragilaria capucina var. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 UCOL
34193FRcaamphFragilaria capucina var. amphicephala (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot ex Bukhtiyarova
34146FRcapcapFragilaria capucina var. capitellata (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
34145FRcapdisFragilaria capucina var. distans (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
34208FRcapfraFragilaria capucina var. fragilarioides (Grunow) Ludwig et Flores
34098FRcapgraFragilaria capucina var. gracilis (Østrup) Hustedt
34083FRcaplanFragilaria capucina var. lanceolata Grunow
34051FRcapmesFragilaria capucina var. mesolepta Rabenhorst
34155FrcapperFragilaria capucina var. perminuta (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
34144FRcapradFragilaria capucina var. radians (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34109FRcaprumFragilaria capucina var. rumpens (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34202FrcapsepFragilaria capucina var. septentrionalis (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
Fragilaria capucina var. unknown (Greville) Anagnostidis
34065FRcapvauFragilaria capucina var. vaucheriae (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34200FRcassubFragilaria cassubica Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
34002FRbicacfFragilaria cf. bicapitata Mayer
34111FRcfbrtrFragilaria cf. brevistriata var. trigona Lange-Bertalot
34196FRcfcapmFragilaria cf. capucina NAWQA LJM Desmazières
34163FRcfcapuFragilaria cf. capucina UMICH Desmazières
34117FRcfcplnFragilaria cf. capucina var. lanceolata REIMER Grunow
34164FRcfcaruFragilaria cf. capucina var. rumpens UMICH (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34068FRcovecfFragilaria cf. construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Grunow
34192FRcfcrotFragilaria cf. crotonensis NAWQA EAM Kitton
34106FRcfellpFragilaria cf. elliptica LAIRD Schumann
34114FRcfexigFragilaria cf. exigua CODY Grunow
34177FRcffamcFragilaria cf. famelica CALACAD (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34107FRcffameFragilaria cf. famelica LAIRD (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34185FRfamTACFragilaria cf. famelica NAWQA TAC (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34182FRcfgeocFragilaria cf. geocollegarum EAM Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
34167FRcfnanaFragilaria cf. nanana UMICH Lange-Bertalot
34113FRcfsubsFragilaria cf. subsalina CODY (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
34108FRcfteneFragilaria cf. tenera LAIRD (Smith) Lange-Bertalot
34125FRcftrgnFragilaria cf. trigongya CODY (Ehrenberg) De Toni
34181FRcfvaueFragilaria cf. vaucheriae EAM (Kützing) Petersen
34168FRcfvauuFragilaria cf. vaucheriae UMICH (Kützing) Petersen
34007FRctastrFragilaria constricta Ehrenberg
34009FRctastaFragilaria constricta fo. stricta (Cleve) Hustedt
34008FRctamamFragilaria constricta var. mammalis Cleve-Euler
34010FRctatetFragilaria constricta var. tetranodis (Cleve) Hustedt
34011FRctatriFragilaria constricta var. trinodis Hustedt
34012FRconstuFragilaria construens (Ehrenberg) Grunow
Fragilaria construens + F. con. v. venter BRADBURY
Fragilaria construens + varieties BRADBURY
34121FRcns1Fragilaria construens var. 1 ANS LLB
34013FRconbinFragilaria construens var. binodis (Ehrenberg) Grunow
34069FRconexiFragilaria construens var. exigua (Smith) Schulz
34150FRconjavFragilaria construens var. javanica Hustedt
34014FRconpumFragilaria construens var. pumila Grunow
Fragilaria construens var. pumila/venter (Greville) Anagnostidis
34015FRconsubFragilaria construens var. subsalina Hustedt
34016FRconvenFragilaria construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Grunow
34017FRcrotonFragilaria crotonensis Kitton
34070FRcrooreFragilaria crotonensis var. oregona Sovereign
34103FRcyclopFragilaria cyclopum (Brutschy) Lange-Bertalot
34206FRdistanFragilaria distans (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova
FreichhoFragilaria eichhornii Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
34099FRellptcFragilaria elliptica Schumann
34086FRexiguaFragilaria exigua Grunow
34153FrexiforFragilaria exiguiformis (Grünow) Lange-Bertalot
34104FRfameliFragilaria famelica (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34066FRfascicFragilaria fasciculata (Agardh) Lange-Bertalot
34071FRflordnFragilaria floridana Hanna
34126FRfontclFragilaria fonticola Hustedt
34191FrgeocolFragilaria geocollegarum Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
34214FRgermemFragilaria germainii (Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot) Morales, Bahls et Cody
FrgermaiFragilaria germainii Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
34072FRgesnerFragilaria gessneri Hustedt
34201FRgoulrdFragilaria goulardii (Brébisson) Lange-Bertalot
34118FRgracilFragilaria gracillima Mayer
34018FRheidenFragilaria heidenii Østrup
34019FRhuntumFragilaria hungarica var. tumida Cleve-Euler
34215FRhusvemFragilaria husvikensis (Van de Vijver, Denys et Beyens) Morales, Bahls et Cody
34216FRhusvikFragilaria husvikensis Van de Vijver, Denys et Beyens
34213FRincoemFragilaria incognita (Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot) Morales, Bahls et Cody
34087FRincognFragilaria incognita Reichardt
34101FRinflatFragilaria inflata (Heiden) Hustedt
34073FRintermFragilaria intermedia (Grunow) Grunow
34151FRalanceFragilaria lanceolata (Kützing) Reichardt
FRlancetFragilaria lancettula Schumann
34020FRlapponFragilaria lapponica Grunow
34021FRlataFragilaria lata (Cleve-Euler) Renberg
34022FRleptosFragilaria leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
34023FRlepdubFragilaria leptostauron var. dubia (Grunow) Hustedt
34095FRlepmarFragilaria leptostauron var. martyii (Héribaud) Lange-Bertalot
34067FRleprhoFragilaria leptostauron var. rhomboides Grunow
34149FRmazamaFragilaria mazamaensis (Sovereign) Lange-Bertalot
34180FrmicrstFragilaria microstriata Marciniak
34088FRnananFragilaria nanana Lange-Bertalot
34089FRneoprdFragilaria neoproducta Lange-Bertalot
34024FRnitzscFragilaria nitzschioides Grunow
34092FRoldenbFragilaria oldenburgiana Hustedt
FRpvtrigFragilaria pacifica var. trigona Brun et Héribaud
Fragilaria pantocsekii BRADBURY
34148FRparasiFragilaria parasitica (Smith) Grunow
34147FRparsubFragilaria parasitica var. subconstricta Grunow
Fragilaria parasitica/construens (Greville) Anagnostidis
FrpennsyFragilaria pennsylvanica Morales
34025FRpinnatFragilaria pinnata Ehrenberg
34203FrpinsubFragilaria pinnata fo. subsolitaris (Grunow) Mayer
34038FRpinacuFragilaria pinnata var. acuminata Mayer
34026FRpinintFragilaria pinnata var. intercedens (Grunow) Hustedt
34027FRpinlanFragilaria pinnata var. lancettula (Schumann) Hustedt
34050FRpilasuFragilaria pinnata var. lancettula fo. subcapitata Fusey
34074FRpinsbcFragilaria pinnata var. subcapitata Frenguelli
34064FRpintriFragilaria pinnata var. trigona (Brébisson et Héribaud ex Héribaud)
34048FRpinnvsFragilaria pinnata vars. Ehrenberg
Fragilaria pinnata/brevistriata (Greville) Anagnostidis
34102FRpinsblFragilaria pinnata/sublitoralis
34028FRpolygoFragilaria polygonata Cleve-Euler
34094FRpsdconFragilaria pseudoconstruens Marciniak
34210FRradiaFragilaria radians (Kützing) Petersen
34211FRrhabdoFragilaria rhabdosoma Ehrenberg
34090FRrobustFragilaria robusta (Fusey) Manguin
34212FRsepesFragilaria sepes Ehrenberg
34131FRkmnq0AFragilaria sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
34132FRkmnq0BFragilaria sp. 0B UL NAWQA KM
34133FRkmnq0CFragilaria sp. 0C UL NAWQA KM
34134FRkmnq0DFragilaria sp. 0D UL NAWQA KM
34990FR1?Fragilaria sp. 1 ?
34119FR1CWRNCFragilaria sp. 1 ANS CWR NC
34122FR1ANSLBFragilaria sp. 1 ANS LLB
34130FR1ANLLBFragilaria sp. 1 ANS LLB
34081FR1NARFragilaria sp. 1 ANS NAR
34154FR1EAMFragilaria sp. 1 ANS NAWQA EAM
34158FR1KCPFragilaria sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
34129FR1ANTACFragilaria sp. 1 ANS TAC SANT
34128FR1ANSSFFragilaria sp. 1 ANS TAC SF
34112FR1ANSTCFragilaria sp. 1 ANS TAC SOFL
34093FR1ANSWCFragilaria sp. 1 ANS WRC
34157FR1LLBSBFragilaria sp. 1 LLB Sabine
34220FRsp1MTHFragilaria sp. 1 MONTANA HAGAN
34172FR1umalbFragilaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
34170FR1umcazFragilaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
34169FR1NQPUGFragilaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
34173FR1umpugFragilaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
34161FR1umsctFragilaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
34171FR1umucoFragilaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
34041FR1PRLFragilaria sp. 1 PIRLA
34199FRsp1savFragilaria sp. 1 SAVANNAH EAM
34135FR1ULNWFragilaria sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
34159FR1um96Fragilaria sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
34219FRsp1rtFragilaria sp. 1 WEMAP STANCHEVA
34217FRsp1kmFragilaria sp. 1 WRAP MANOYLOV
34999FR10?Fragilaria sp. 10 ?
34197FRsp10eaFragilaria sp. 10 NAWQA EAM
34053FR10PRLFragilaria sp. 10 PIRLA
34198FRsp11emFragilaria sp. 11 NAWQA EAM
34054FR11PRLFragilaria sp. 11 PIRLA
34205FRsp12EHFragilaria sp. 12 NAWQA HAGAN
34055FR12PRLFragilaria sp. 12 PIRLA
34056FR13PRLFragilaria sp. 13 PIRLA
34057FR14PRLFragilaria sp. 14 PIRLA
34058FR15PRLFragilaria sp. 15 PIRLA
34059FR16PRLFragilaria sp. 16 PIRLA
34060FR17PRLFragilaria sp. 17 PIRLA
34061FR18PRLFragilaria sp. 18 PIRLA
34062FR19PRLFragilaria sp. 19 PIRLA
34991FR2?Fragilaria sp. 2 ?
34123FR2ANSLBFragilaria sp. 2 ANS LLB
34096FR2WRCFragilaria sp. 2 ANS WRC
34221FRsp2MTHFragilaria sp. 2 MONTANA HAGAN
34179FR2EAMFragilaria sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
34174FR2umpugFragilaria sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. capucina
34042FR2PRLFragilaria sp. 2 PIRLA
34136FR2ULNWFragilaria sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
34160FR2um96Fragilaria sp. 2 UM 1996 SCTX
34218FRsp2kmFragilaria sp. 2 WRAP MANOYLOV
34063FR20PRLFragilaria sp. 20 PIRLA
34992FR3?Fragilaria sp. 3 ?
34124FR3ANSLBFragilaria sp. 3 ANS LLB
34183FR3ANSWCFragilaria sp. 3 ANS WRC
34175FR3umpugFragilaria sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. crotonensis var. oregonica
34043FR3PRLFragilaria sp. 3 PIRLA
34137FR3ULNWFragilaria sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
34993FR4?Fragilaria sp. 4 ?
34176FR4umpugFragilaria sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. vaucheriae
34044FR4PRLFragilaria sp. 4 PIRLA
34994FR5?Fragilaria sp. 5 ?
34184FR5NQEAMFragilaria sp. 5 NAWQA EAM
34046FR5PRLFragilaria sp. 5 PIRLA
34995FR6?Fragilaria sp. 6 ?
34188FR6eamFragilaria sp. 6 NAWQA EAM
34049FR6PRLFragilaria sp. 6 PIRLA
34996FR7?Fragilaria sp. 7 ?
34189FR7eamFragilaria sp. 7 NAWQA EAM
34047FR7PRLFragilaria sp. 7 PIRLA
34997FR8?Fragilaria sp. 8 ?
34190FR8eamFragilaria sp. 8 NAWQA EAM
34045FR8PRLFragilaria sp. 8 PIRLA
34998FR9?Fragilaria sp. 9 ?
34194FR9NQEAMFragilaria sp. 9 NAWQA EAM
34052FR9PRLFragilaria sp. 9 PIRLA
Fragilaria sp. ind. A FRITZ
Fragilaria sp. ind. B FRITZ
34075FRspnosaFragilaria spinosa Skvortzow
34889FRsppFragilaria spp.
34076FRstrangFragilaria strangulata (Zanon) Hustedt
34029FRstriatFragilaria striatula Lyngbye
34039FRsuboldFragilaria suboldenburgiana Camburn et Charles
34143FRsynegrFragilaria synegrotesca Lange-Bertalot
34105FRteneraFragilaria tenera (Smith) Lange-Bertalot
34222FRulnaFragilaria ulna (Nitzsch) Lange-Bertalot
34091FRularcFragilaria ulna var. acus (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
34204FrungeriFragilaria ungeriana Grunow
34030FRvaucheFragilaria vaucheriae (Kützing) Petersen
34100FRvau1LPFragilaria vaucheriae var. 1 ANS LAP
34116FRvau1WCFragilaria vaucheriae var. 1 ANS WRC
34138FRVAU1NWFragilaria vaucheriae var. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
34139FRVAU2NWFragilaria vaucheriae var. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
34082FRvaucapFragilaria vaucheriae var. capitellata (Grunow) Ross
34031FRvaudisFragilaria vaucheriae var. distans (Grunow) Petersen
34077FRvirclaFragilaria virescens fo. clavata Grunow
34032FRvirescFragilaria virescens Ralfs
34033FRvircapFragilaria virescens var. capitata Østrup
34037FRvirexiFragilaria virescens var. exigua Grunow
34034FRviroblFragilaria virescens var. oblongella Grunow
34035FRvirsubFragilaria virescens var. subsalina Grunow
34078FRvirundFragilaria virescens var. undulata Okuno
34079FRvitreaFragilaria vitrea (Kützing) Grunow
34140FRzeilriFragilaria zeilleri Héribaud
34142FRzeilleFragilaria zeilleri Héribaud
34141FRzeiellFragilaria zeilleri var. elliptica Gasse
192001FGbicapiFragilariforma bicapitata (Mayer) Williams et Round
192002FGconstrFragilariforma constricta (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round
192003FGconstsFragilariforma constricta fo stricta (Cleve) Poulin
192004FGcontriFragilariforma constricta fo. trinodis (Hustedt) Hamilton
192016FGconstFragilariforma constricta var. trinodis (Hustedt) Hamilton
192009FGexiguiFragilariforma exiguiformis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
192005FGfloridFragilariforma floridana (Hanna) Williams
192006FGhungarFragilariforma hungarica var. tumida (Cleve-Euler) Hamilton
192010FGlataFragilariforma lata (Cleve-Euler) Williams et Round
192011FGpolygFragilariforma polygonata (Cleve-Euler) Kingston, Sherwood et Bengston
192014FGsp1eamFragilariforma sp. 1 NAWQA EAM
192013FGsp1KCPFragilariforma sp. 1 NEW JERSEY KCP
192015Fragilariforma spp. Williams et Round
192007FGstrangFragilariforma strangulata (Zanon) Williams et Round
192008FGvirescFragilariforma virescens (Ralfs) Williams et Round
192012FGvicapFragilariforma virescens var. capitata (Østrup) Czarnecki
35036FSamphiFrustulia amphipleuroides (Grunow) Cleve-Euler
35012FSassymtFrustulia asymmetrica (Cleve) Hustedt
35035FScfrhoFrustulia cf. rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni
35028FScfweinFrustulia cf. weinholdii UMICH Hustedt
FscirisiFrustulia cirisiae Van de Vijver
35024FscrassiFrustulia crassinervia (Brebisson) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
35019FScreuzbFrustulia creuzburgensis (Krasske) Hustedt
35037FSerifuFrustulia erifuga Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
FsfloridFrustulia floridana Lange-Bertalot et Sterrenburg
Frustulia frenguelli Manguin
35039FSkrammeFrustulia krammeri Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
35038FSlanceoFrustulia lanceolata Agardh
35007FSpsdmagFrustulia pseudomagaliesmontana Camburn et Charles
FsmagaliFrustulia pseudomagaliesmontana Camburn et Charles emend. Siver et Baskette
35009FSrhoCAFFrustulia rhomboides (CAF) (Ehrenberg) De Toni
35001FSrhomboFrustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni
35018FSrhoundFrustulia rhomboides fo. undulata Hustedt
35008FSrh1PRLFrustulia rhomboides var. 1 PIRLA
35010FSrh2PRLFrustulia rhomboides var. 2 PIRLA
35002FSrhoampFrustulia rhomboides var. amphipleuroides (Grunow) DeToni
35003FSrhocapFrustulia rhomboides var. capitata (Mayer) Patrick
35004FSrhocraFrustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia (Brébisson ex Smith) Ross
35005FSrhosaxFrustulia rhomboides var. saxonica (Rabenhorst) deToni
35006FSrhovirFrustulia rhomboides var. viridula (Brébisson) Cleve
35015FSrostrtFrustulia rostrata Hustedt
FssanctaFrustulia sanctaerosae Lange-Bertalot et Sterrenburg
35025FSsaxoncFrustulia saxonica Rabenhorst
35016FSsxlncpFrustulia saxonica var. linearis fo. capitata Gandhi
35021FSkmnq0AFrustulia sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
35023FSKMNQ0BFrustulia sp. 0B UL NAWQA KM
35990FS1?Frustulia sp. 1 ?
35020FS1ANSTCFrustulia sp. 1 ANS TAC SF
35017FS1ANSWCFrustulia sp. 1 ANS WRC
35031FS1bbalbFrustulia sp. 1 NAWQA BB ALBE
35026FS1EAMFrustulia sp. 1 NAWQA EAM
35032FS1efsalFrustulia sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
35033FS1umalbFrustulia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. vulgaris
35029FS1umpugFrustulia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
35030FS1umsctFrustulia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
35991FS2?Frustulia sp. 2 ?
35027FS2EAMFrustulia sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
35992FS3?Frustulia sp. 3 ?
35993FS4?Frustulia sp. 4 ?
35994FS5?Frustulia sp. 5 ?
35034FSspiculFrustulia spicula Amosse
35889FSsppFrustulia spp.
FSsubantFrustulia subantarctica Van de Vijver et Beyens
FstrochuFrustulia trochus Siver et Baskette
35022FSVIRDLAFrustulia viridula Kützing
35011FSvulgarFrustulia vulgaris (Thwaites) deToni
35013FSvulmusFrustulia vulgaris var. muscosa Skvortzow
35014FSweinhdFrustulia weinholdii Hustedt
210001GEaccepGeissleria acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
210002GEaikenGeissleria aikenensis (Patrick) Torgan et Olivera
210003GEdecuGeissleria decussis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
210004GEdolomGeissleria dolomitica (Bock) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
210005GEignoGeissleria ignota (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
210007GEkriegeGeissleria kriegeri (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
210010GEmoseriGeissleria moseri Metzeltin, Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
210006GEpaludGeissleria paludosa (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
210009GEschoenGeissleria schoenfeldii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
210990GE1?Geissleria sp. 1 ?
210999GE10?Geissleria sp. 10 ?
210991GE2?Geissleria sp. 2 ?
210992GE3?Geissleria sp. 3 ?
210993GE4?Geissleria sp. 4 ?
210994GE5?Geissleria sp. 5 ?
210995GE6?Geissleria sp. 6 ?
210996GE7?Geissleria sp. 7 ?
210997GE8?Geissleria sp. 8 ?
210998GE9?Geissleria sp. 9 ?
210011Geissleria spp. Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
GesubantGeissleria subantarctica Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
GetaafiaGeissleria taafiana Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
210008GEthingvGeissleria thingvallae (Østrup) Metzeltin et Lange-Bertalot
36001GSeriensGomphoneis eriense (Grunow) Skvortzow et Meyer
36017GSeamGomphoneis eriense cf. var. variabilis NAWQA EAM Kociolek et Stoermer
36006GSerangGomphoneis eriense var. angularis Kociolek et Stoermer
36002GSerinr1Gomphoneis eriense var. variabilis Kociolek et Stoermer
36018GSgeitleGomphoneis geitleri Kociolek et Stoermer
36003GSherculGomphoneis herculeana (Ehrenberg) Cleve
36005GSherlowGomphoneis herculeana var. loweii Kociolek et Stoermer
36004GSherrobGomphoneis herculeana var. robusta (Grunow) Cleve
36009GSlinearGomphoneis linearis Kociolek et Stoermer
36008GSmamllaGomphoneis mammilla (Ehrenberg) Cleve
36010GSminutaGomphoneis minuta Kociolek et Stoermer
36007GSolivacGomphoneis olivaceum (Lyngbye) Dawson ex Ross et Sims
36019GsrhombiGomphoneis rhombica (Fricke) Garcia, Hernandez-Marine et Fernandez
36011GSseptaGomphoneis septa Kociolek, Stoermer et Bahls
36012GS1ANSLBGomphoneis sp. 1 ANS LLB
36013GS1umpugGomphoneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
36016GS1umuteGomphoneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
36990GSsp1?Gomphoneis sp. 1?
36014GS2umpugGomphoneis sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT aff. herculeana var. abundans
36015GS3umpugGomphoneis sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. minuta
36020GssppsppGomphoneis spp.
37067GOabbrevGomphonema abbreviatum Agardh
GoaciforGomphonema aciforme Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37001GOacuminGomphonema acuminatum Ehrenberg
37162GOacubreGomphonema acuminatum var. brebessonii (Kützing) Cleve
37167GOacuclaGomphonema acuminatum var. clavus (Brébisson) Grunow
37160GOacucorGomphonema acuminatum var. coronatum (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
37064GOacueloGomphonema acuminatum var. elongatum Smith
37068GOaculatGomphonema acuminatum var. laticeps (Ehrenberg) Grunow
37058GOacupusGomphonema acuminatum var. pusillum Grunow
37270GOacutiGomphonema acutiusculum (Müller) Cleve-Euler
37184GOaffaffGomphonema aff. affine ANS NAWQA EAM Kützing
37190GOaffamoGomphonema aff. americobtusatum ANS NAWQA EAM Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37188GOangEAMGomphonema aff. angustatum ANS SAVANNAH EAM (Kützing) Rabenhorst
37322GOaffkoGomphonema aff. kobayasii Idaho DW Kociolek et Kingston
37175GOaffminGomphonema aff. minutum ANS NAWQA EAM (Agardh) Agardh
37323GOaffoliGomphonema aff. olivaceoides Idaho DW Hustedt
37274GOaffparGomphonema aff. parvulum NAWQA EAM Kützing
37271GOsapKCPGomphonema aff. parvulum var. saprophilum ANS NEW JERSEY KCP Hustedt
37176GOaffpumGomphonema aff. pumilum ANS NAWQA EAM (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37177GOaffrhoGomphonema aff. rhombicum ANS NAWQA EAM Fricke
37179GOaffsclGomphonema aff. subclavatum ANS NAWQA EAM (Grunow) Grunow
37002GOaffineGomphonema affine Kützing
37024GOaffinsGomphonema affine var. insigne (Gregory) Andrews
37173GOmpagniGomphonema agnitum Hustedt
37300GOamericGomphonema americobtusatum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37203GOamoenGomphonema amoenum Lange-Bertalot
37003GOangsttGomphonema angustatum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
37004GOangcitGomphonema angustatum var. citera (Hohn et Hellerman) Patrick
37069GOangintGomphonema angustatum var. intermedia Grunow
37081GoangobtGomphonema angustatum var. obtusatum (Kützing) Grunow
37050GOangproGomphonema angustatum var. productum Grunow
37027GOangsarGomphonema angustatum var. sarcophagus (Gregory) Grunow
37125GOangustGomphonema angustum Agardh
Gomphonema anjae Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37082GOapicatGomphonema apicatum Ehrenberg
37059GOapiculGomphonema apiculatum Ehrenberg
37070GOapnctoGomphonema apuncto Wallace
37204GOaquamGomphonema aquamineralis Krammer
37071GOaugerGomphonema augur Ehrenberg
37088GOauggauGomphonema augur var. gautieri Van Heurck
37159GOaugsphGomphonema augur var. sphaerophorum (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot
37158GOaugturGomphonema augur var. turris (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot
37344GOauriGomphonema auritum Braun
Gomphonema auritum Braun
37337GobipuncGomphonema bipunctatum Krasske
37083GObohemiGomphonema bohemicum Reichardt et Fricke
37072GObrasilGomphonema brasiliense Grunow
37084GObrebisGomphonema brebissonii Kützing
37174GocamburGomphonema camburnii Lange-Bertalot
37314GOcapitaGomphonema capitatum Ehrenberg
37073GOcarolnGomphonema carolinense Hagelstein
37130GOcfacutGomphonema cf. acutiusculum CODY (Müller) Cleve-Euler
37298GOcfafemGomphonema cf. affine NAWQA EAM Kützing
37303GocfamobGomphonema cf. americobtusatum NAWQA MP Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
Gomphonema cf. americobtusatum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37205GOcfanumGomphonema cf. angustatum UMICH (Kützing) Rabenhorst
37269GOcfauspGomphonema cf. augur var. sphaerophorum CALACAD (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot
37254GOcfaucaGomphonema cf. auritum CALACAD Braun
37206GOcfclumGomphonema cf. clavatum UMICH Ehrenberg
37129GOcfclevGomphonema cf. clevei CODY Fricke
37207GOcfclemGomphonema cf. clevei UMICH Fricke
37019GOconscfGomphonema cf. consector Hohn et Hellermann
37208GocfconmGomphonema cf. contraturris UMICH Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37284GOcfcorGomphonema cf. coronatum EAM Ehrenberg
37018GOcumrcfGomphonema cf. cumrhis Hohn et Hellermann
37209GOcfdicmGomphonema cf. dichotomum UMICH Kützing
37210GOcfervaGomphonema cf. eriense var. variabilis UMICH Kociolek et Stoermer
37211GOcfgromGomphonema cf. grovei UMICH Schmidt
37212GOcfgrliGomphonema cf. grovei var. lingulatum UMICH (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
37255GOcfgrcaGomphonema cf. grunowii CALACAD Patrick
37213GOcfinsmGomphonema cf. instabilis UMICH Hohn et Hellermann
37290GOcflompGomphonema cf. longlineare NAWQA MP Reichardt
37149GOcfmecaGomphonema cf. mexicanum CALACAD Grunow
37117GOcfminuGomphonema cf. minutiforme Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37259GOcfmicaGomphonema cf. minutum CALACAD (Agardh) Agardh
37214GOcfoccuGomphonema cf. occultum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37215GOcfpaumGomphonema cf. parvulum UMICH (Kützing) Kützing
37106GOcfprprGomphonema cf. parvulum var. parvulius Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt ex Lange-Bertalot
37186GOcfpatrGomphonema cf. patricki Kociolek et Stoermer
37256GOcfpsumGomphonema cf. pseudoaugur CALACAD Lange-Bertalot
37112GOcfpsauGomphonema cf. pseudoaugur Lange-Bertalot
37121GOcfpuirGomphonema cf. puiggarianum var. reducta REIMER Manguin ex Bourrely et Manguin
37113GOcfpumlGomphonema cf. pumilum CLASON (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37216GOcfpuumGomphonema cf. pumilum UMICH (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37202GOcfpygmGomphonema cf. pygmaeum Kociolek et Stoermer
37260GOcfrhumGomphonema cf. rhombicum CALACAD Fricke
37257GOcfsubcGomphonema cf. subclavatum CALACAD (Grunow) Grunow
37217GOsubUMIGomphonema cf. subtile UMICH Ehrenberg
37102GOcftrunGomphonema cf. truncatum Ehrenberg
37258GOcftucaGomphonema cf. turris CALACAD Ehrenberg
37218GOcfutamGomphonema cf. utae UMICH Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37343GOchristGomphonema christenseni Lowe et Kociolek
37307GOclavaGomphonema clava Reichardt
37126GOclavatGomphonema clavatum Ehrenberg
37060GOcleveiGomphonema clevei Fricke
GOclejavGomphonema clevei var. javanica Hustedt
37005GOconsecGomphonema consector Hohn et Hellermann
37120GOconclvGomphonema constrictum var. clavatum
37104GOcontraGomphonema contraturris Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
Gomphonema cumrhis Hohn et Hellermann
37338GocymbelGomphonema cymbelliclinum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37006GOdichotGomphonema dichotomum Kützing
37306GOdistanGomphonema distans (Cleve-Euler) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37302GOdrutelGomphonema drutelingense Reichardt
37219GOentolGomphonema entolejum Østrup
37326GOexigumGomphonema exiguum Kützing
37310GOexilisGomphonema exilissimum (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
37133GOfreeseGomphonema freesei Lowe et Kociolek
37320GogeitleGomphonema geitleri Kociolek et Stoermer
37296GogermaiGomphonema germainii Kociolek et Stoermer
37048GOgibbaGomphonema gibba Wallace
37007GOgracilGomphonema gracile Ehrenberg emend Van Heurck
37074GOgroveiGomphonema grovei Schmidt
37157GOgrolinGomphonema grovei var. lingulatum (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
37008GOgrunowGomphonema grunowii Patrick
GOhawaiGomphonema hawaiiense Reichardt
37094GOhebridGomphonema hebridense Gregory
GoimprimGomphonema imprime Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37336GoincognGomphonema incognitum Reichhardt, Jüttner et Cox
37317GOinnoceGomphonema innocens Reichardt
37156GOinsignGomphonema insigne Gregory
37362GOinforGomphonema insigniforme Reichardt
37061GOinstabGomphonema instabilis Hohn et Hellermann
37030GOintricGomphonema intricatum Kützing
37078GOintpulGomphonema intricatum var. pulvinatum (Braun ex Rabenhorst) Grunow ex Van Heurck
37098GOintpumGomphonema intricatum var. pumila Grunow ex Van Heurck
37053GOintvibGomphonema intricatum var. vibrio (Ehrenberg) Cleve
37305GOitalicGomphonema italicum Kützing
37197GOkobayaGomphonema kobayasii Kociolek et Kingston
37278GOlageGomphonema lagenula Kützing
37155GOlagerhGomphonema lagerheimii Cleve
37089GOlanceoGomphonema lanceolatum (Ehrenberg) Kützing
37124GOlaninsGomphonema lanceolatum var. insignis (Gregory) Cleve
GolindsaGomphonema lindsayi Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37183GOligufoGomphonema lingulatiforme Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37220GOlingcoGomphonema lingulatum var. constrictum Hustedt
37334GolongiGomphonema longilineare Reichardt
Golowei1Gomphonema lowei Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37318GOmaclauGomphonema maclaughlinii Reichardt
GomanifeGomphonema manifestum Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37093GOmanubrGomphonema manubrium Fricke
37201GOmehlerGomphonema mehleri Camburn
37163GOmexicaGomphonema mexicanum Grunow ex Van Heurck
37168GOmicropGomphonema micropus Kützing
37118GOminuscGomphonema minusculum Krasske
37166GOminfmGomphonema minutiforme Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37178GOminutmGomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh
37095GOminutGomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh
37154GOmincurGomphonema minutum fo. curtum (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
Gomphonema minutum fo. lemanense Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37361GOmfpachGomphonema minutum fo. pachypus Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37150GOminsyrGomphonema minutum fo. syriacum Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37134GOMINUV1Gomphonema minutum var. 1 UL NAWQA 96 KM
37180GOmontanGomphonema montanum Schumann
GOmoresbGomphonema moresbyanum Reichardt
GomultifGomphonema multiforme Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37340GonathorGomphonema nathorstii Foged
37009GOnovacuGomphonema novacula Hohn et Hellermann
37062GOolivacGomphonema olivaceoides Hustedt
37079GOolidenGomphonema olivaceoides var. denestriata Foged
37075GOolihutGomphonema olivaceoides var. hutchinsoniana Patrick
37065GOolivcmGomphonema olivaceum (Lyngbye) Kützing
37339GoolicalGomphonema olivaceum var. calcareum (Cleve) Poulin
37114GOoliminGomphonema olivaceum var. minutissimum Hustedt
37153GOolioliGomphonema olivaceum var. olivaceoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37328GOolisalGomphonema olivaceum var. salinum Grunow
37308GOpalaGomphonema pala Reichardt
37342GopaludoGomphonema paludosum Reichardt
37187GOparallGomphonema parallelistriatum Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37311GOpaliusGomphonema parvulius (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37010GOparvulGomphonema parvulum (Kützing) Kützing
37304GOparsapGomphonema parvulum fo. saprophilum Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37128GOparexiGomphonema parvulum var. exilissima Grunow ex Van Heurck
37279GOparex2Gomphonema parvulum var. exilissimum Grunow
37198GOparlagGomphonema parvulum var. lagenula (Kützing) Frenguelli
37185GOparvlsGomphonema parvulum var. parvulius Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37221GOsaproGomphonema parvulum var. saprophilum Hustedt
37193GOpatricGomphonema patrickii Kociolek et Stoermer
GoperdurGomphonema perdurans Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
GoperiinGomphonema periintricatum Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
GopertusGomphonema pertusum Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
GOpossesGomphonema possessionense Van de Vijver et Beyens
37341GoprocerGomphonema procerum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
Gomphonema procerum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37055GOproducGomphonema productum (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37161GOpseaugGomphonema pseudoaugur Lange-Bertalot
37329GopspusiGomphonema pseudopusillum Reichardt
37172GOpsetenGomphonema pseudotenellum Lange-Bertalot
37044GOpuiggaGomphonema puiggarianum Grunow ex Van Heurck
37026GOpuiaeqGomphonema puiggarianum var. aequatorialis Cleve
37096GOpumiluGomphonema pumilum (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37289GOpuelegGomphonema pumilum var. elegans Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37194GopumriGomphonema pumilum var. rigidum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
37099GOpunctGomphonema punctata Hustedt
37195GOpygmGomphonema pygmaeum Kociolek et Stoermer
GOpyrenaGomphonema pyrenaicum Reichardt
37028GOquadriGomphonema quadripunctatum (Østrup) Wislouch
GoraviduGomphonema ravidum Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37265GOreimerGomphonema reimeri Kociolek et Kingston
37080GOrhombiGomphonema rhombicum Fricke
37152GOsarcopGomphonema sarcophagus Gregory
37077GOsemiapGomphonema semiapertum Grunow
37085GOseptumGomphonema septum Moghadam
GOsiamenGomphonema siamense Reichardt
37135GOkmnq0AGomphonema sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
37136GOkmnq0BGomphonema sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
37137GOkmnq0CGomphonema sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
37138GOkmnq0DGomphonema sp. 0D UL NAWQA 96 KM
37139GOkmnq0EGomphonema sp. 0E UL NAWQA 96 KM
37140GOkmnq0FGomphonema sp. 0F UL NAWQA 96 KM
37141GOkmnq0GGomphonema sp. 0G UL NAWQA 96 KM
37142GOkmnq0HGomphonema sp. 0H UL NAWQA 96 KM
37143GOkmnq0IGomphonema sp. 0I UL NAWQA KM
37144GOkmnq0JGomphonema sp. 0J UL NAWQA KM
37145GOkmnq0KGomphonema sp. 0K UL NAWQA KM
37169GOkmnq0LGomphonema sp. 0L UL NAWQA KM
37170GOkmnq0MGomphonema sp. 0M UL NAWQA KM
37123GO1ANSCRGomphonema sp. 1 ANS CWR
37119GO1CWRNAGomphonema sp. 1 ANS CWR NA
37122GO1CRNCSGomphonema sp. 1 ANS CWR NCS
37108GO1ANSGUGomphonema sp. 1 ANS Guad
37171GO1JRLJMGomphonema sp. 1 ANS JR LJM
37116GO1ANSLPGomphonema sp. 1 ANS LAP Idaho
37127GO1ANSLBGomphonema sp. 1 ANS LLB
37090GO1ANSMTGomphonema sp. 1 ANS MT
37272GO1KCPGomphonema sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
37189GO1Gomphonema sp. 1 ANS SAVANNAH EAM
37165GO1ANTACGomphonema sp. 1 ANS TAC PUGT
37131GO1ANSTCGomphonema sp. 1 ANS TAC SF
37103GO1WRCGomphonema sp. 1 ANS WRC
37181GO1ANNWGomphonema sp. 1 ANSP NW
37330GO1sehGomphonema sp. 1 Idaho SEH
37200GO1JPKGomphonema sp. 1 JPK
37110GO1lapmtGomphonema sp. 1 LAP-MT
37348GOsp1MTHGomphonema sp. 1 MONTANA HAGAN
37199GO1MPapuGomphonema sp. 1 MP aff.pumilum
37196GOmpsac1Gomphonema sp. 1 MP SACR
37261GO1caozGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
37231GO1efsalGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
37238GO1jpalGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA JP ALBE
37294GO1NQMPGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA MP
37223GO1umalbGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
37224GO1umalmGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
37226GO1umcazGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
37228GO1umeiwGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
37225GO1umpugGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
37227GO1umsctGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
37229GO1umumiGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UMIS
37230GO1umeteGomphonema sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
37351GOsp1NXGomphonema sp. 1 NEW MEXICO HAMSHER
37327GO1PHYCTGomphonema sp. 1 PHYCOTECH AS
37016GO1PRLGomphonema sp. 1 PIRLA
37115GO1ANTSFGomphonema sp. 1 South Florida TAC
37146GO1ULNWGomphonema sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
37222GO1um96eGomphonema sp. 1 UM 1996 EIWA
37237GO1um96sGomphonema sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
37240GO1um96bGomphonema sp. 1 UM 1996 UTEN BB
37365GOsp1rtGomphonema sp. 1 WEMAP STANCHEVA
37353GOsp1kmGomphonema sp. 1 WRAP MANOYLOV
37356GOsp1srGomphonema sp. 1 WRAP ROLLINS
37990GO1?Gomphonema sp. 1?
37999GO10?Gomphonema sp. 10 ?
37035GO10PRLGomphonema sp. 10 PIRLA
37036GO11PRLGomphonema sp. 11 PIRLA
37280GO11eamGomphonema sp. 11 SAVANNAH EAM
37037GO12PRLGomphonema sp. 12 PIRLA
37281GOsp12emGomphonema sp. 12 SAVANNAH EAM
37038GO13PRLGomphonema sp. 13 PIRLA
37282GO13eamGomphonema sp. 13 SAVANNAH EAM
37100GO138ANSGomphonema sp. 138 ANS
37039GO14PRLGomphonema sp. 14 PIRLA
37283GOsp14SVGomphonema sp. 14 SAVANNAH EAM
37040GO15PRLGomphonema sp. 15 PIRLA
37285GO15eamGomphonema sp. 15 SAVANNAH EAM
37041GO16PRLGomphonema sp. 16 PIRLA
37286GO16SVEMGomphonema sp. 16 SAVANNAH EAM
37287GO17eamGomphonema sp. 17 NAWQA EAM
37042GO17PRLGomphonema sp. 17 PIRLA
37288GO18eamGomphonema sp. 18 NAWQA EAM
37043GO18PRLGomphonema sp. 18 PIRLA
37291GO19NQMPGomphonema sp. 19 NAWQA MP
37046GO19PRLGomphonema sp. 19 PIRLA
37991GO2?Gomphonema sp. 2 ?
37109GOsp2LAPGomphonema sp. 2 ANS LAP
37277GO2KCPGomphonema sp. 2 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
37191GO2Gomphonema sp. 2 ANS SAVANNAH EAM
37132GO2ANSTCGomphonema sp. 2 ANS TAC SF
37105GO2ANSWCGomphonema sp. 2 ANS WRC
37182GO2ANNWGomphonema sp. 2 ANSP NW
37332GOsp2idhGomphonema sp. 2 Idaho SEH
37111GO2lapmtGomphonema sp. 2 LAP-MT
37350GOsp2MTHGomphonema sp. 2 MONTANA HAGAN
37262GO2caozGomphonema sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
37232GO2efsalGomphonema sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
37243GO2umalGomphonema sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. angustatum
37242GO2umamGomphonema sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. angustatum var. sarcophagus
37241GO2umpugGomphonema sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT aff. entolejum
37352GOsp2NXGomphonema sp. 2 NEW MEXICO HAMSHER
37017GO2PRLGomphonema sp. 2 PIRLA
37147GO2ULNWGomphonema sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
37236GO2um96sGomphonema sp. 2 UM 1996 SCTX
37364GOsp4rstGomphonema sp. 2 WEMAP STANCHEVA
37354GOsp2kmGomphonema sp. 2 WRAP MANOYLOV
37357GOsp2srGomphonema sp. 2 WRAP ROLLINS
37292GO20mpGomphonema sp. 20 NAWQA MP
37047GO20PRLGomphonema sp. 20 PIRLA
37263GO21caozGomphonema sp. 21 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
37293GO21NQMPGomphonema sp. 21 NAWQA MP
37051GO21PRLGomphonema sp. 21 PIRLA
37299GO22eamGomphonema sp. 22 NAWQA EAM
37054GO22PRLGomphonema sp. 22 PIRLA
37295GO23EAMGomphonema sp. 23 NAWQA EAM
37063GO23PRLGomphonema sp. 23 PIRLA
37297GO24eamGomphonema sp. 24 NAWQA EAM
37264GO25caozGomphonema sp. 25 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
37301GO26eamGomphonema sp. 26 NAWQA EAM
37309GO27NQEMGomphonema sp. 27 NAWQA EAM
37312GOsp28kmGomphonema sp. 28 NAWQA KM
37313GOsp29kmGomphonema sp. 29 NAWQA KM
37992GO3?Gomphonema sp. 3 ?
37091GO3ANSMHGomphonema sp. 3 ANS MH
37333GOsp3IdaGomphonema sp. 3 Idaho SEH
37233GO3efsalGomphonema sp. 3 NAWQA EFS ALBE
37245GO3umalGomphonema sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. clevei
37253GO3umalmGomphonema sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. parvulum
37244GO3umpugGomphonema sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. clavatum
37021GO3PRLGomphonema sp. 3 PIRLA
37148GO3ULNWGomphonema sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
37366GOsp3rtGomphonema sp. 3 WEMAP STANCHEVA
37355GOsp3kmGomphonema sp. 3 WRAP MANOYLOV
37358GOsp3srGomphonema sp. 3 WRAP ROLLINS
37266GO3caozGomphonema sp. 30 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
37315GOsp31emGomphonema sp. 31 NAWQA EAM
37316GOsp32emGomphonema sp. 32 NAWQA EAM
37319GOsp33emGomphonema sp. 33 NAWQA EAM
37324GOsp34emGomphonema sp. 34 NAWQA EAM
37325GOsp35emGomphonema sp. 35 NAWQA EAM
37331GOsp36emGomphonema sp. 36 NAWQA EAM
37335GOsp37emGomphonema sp. 37 NAWQA EAM
37345GOsp38ehGomphonema sp. 38 NAWQA HAGAN
37347GOsp.39NGomphonema sp. 39 NAWQA Morales
37993GO4?Gomphonema sp. 4 ?
37086GO4ANSMHGomphonema sp. 4 ANS MH
37349GOsp4LBGomphonema sp. 4 IDAHO LLB
37267GO4caozGomphonema sp. 4 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
37234GO4efsalGomphonema sp. 4 NAWQA EFS ALBE
37246GO4umalbGomphonema sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. gracile
37249GO4umpugGomphonema sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. minutum fo. pachypus
37020GO4PRLGomphonema sp. 4 PIRLA
37363GOsp4rtGomphonema sp. 4 WEMAP STANCHEVA
37359GOsp4srGomphonema sp. 4 WRAP ROLLINS
37994GO5?Gomphonema sp. 5 ?
37268GO5caozGomphonema sp. 5 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. subclavatum
37235GO5efsalGomphonema sp. 5 NAWQA EFS ALBE
37247GO5umalGomphonema sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. lingulatiforme
37250GO5umpugGomphonema sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. olivaceum
37023GO5PRLGomphonema sp. 5 PIRLA
37367GOsp5rtGomphonema sp. 5 WEMAP STANCHEVA
37360GOsp5srGomphonema sp. 5 WRAP ROLLINS
37995GO6?Gomphonema sp. 6 ?
37248GO6umalGomphonema sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. parvulum
37251GO6umpugGomphonema sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. pumilum
37025GO6PRLGomphonema sp. 6 PIRLA
37996GO7?Gomphonema sp. 7 ?
37252GO7umpugGomphonema sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. rhombicum
37032GO7PRLGomphonema sp. 7 PIRLA
37997GO8?Gomphonema sp. 8 ?
37273GO8KMGomphonema sp. 8 NAWQA KM
37033GO8PRLGomphonema sp. 8 PIRLA
37998GO9?Gomphonema sp. 9 ?
37275GO9NQEAMGomphonema sp. 9 NAWQA EAM
37034GO9PRLGomphonema sp. 9 PIRLA
37076GOsparssGomphonema sparsistriata (Müller) Engler
37056GOsphaerGomphonema sphaerophorum Ehrenberg
37889GOsppGomphonema spp.
37192GostoermGomphonema stoermeri (Schmidt) Kociolek et Kingston
GOsubantGomphonema subantarcticum Van de Vijver et Beyens
37029GOsubclaGomphonema subclavatum (Grunow) Grunow
37164GOsbclv1Gomphonema subclavatum var. 1 ANS WRC
37011GOsubcomGomphonema subclavatum var. commutatum (Grunow) Mayer
37049GOsubmexGomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick
37092GOsubme2Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick
37276GOsubmehGomphonema submehleri Kociolek et Stoermer
37012GOsubtilGomphonema subtile Ehrenberg
37101GOsubsa2Gomphonema subtile var. sagitta (Schumann) Grunow ex Van Heurck
37052GOsubsagGomphonema subtile var. sagitta (Schumann) Grunow ex Van Heurck
GOsudaenGomphonema sundaense Reichardt
37087GOtackeiGomphonema tackei Hustedt
37045GOtacbreGomphonema tackei var. brevistriatum Camburn
37097GOtenellGomphonema tenellum Kützing
37013GOtergesGomphonema tergestinum (Grunow) Fricke
GotrulliGomphonema trulliforme Kociolek, Spaulding, Sabbe et Vyverman
37066GOtrueloGomphonema truncata var. elongatum (Peragallo et Héribaud) Patrick
37022GOtruncaGomphonema truncatum Ehrenberg
37014GOtrucapGomphonema truncatum var. capitatum (Ehrenberg) Patrick
37015GOtruturGomphonema truncatum var. turgidum (Ehrenberg) Patrick
37239GOtumensGomphonema tumens Kociolek et Stoermer
37346GOturgiGomphonema turgidum Ehrenberg
37057GOturrisGomphonema turris Ehrenberg
GOuniserGomphonema uniserhombicum Reichardt
37151GOutaeGomphonema utae Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt
37107GOvarstrGomphonema variostriatum Camburn et Charles
37031GOventriGomphonema ventricosum Gregory
37321GOviboidGomphonema vibrioides Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot
83001GNagmaGomphonitzschia agma Hohn et Hellermann
83004GNcfagmaGomphonitzschia cf. agma Hohn et Hellermann
83002GNexiguaGomphonitzschia exigua Sovereign
83003GNindicaGomphonitzschia indica Skvortzow
83005GN1kmGomphonitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA KM
209006GMaffminGomphosphenia aff. minutissimum Idaho DW
209001GMgroveiGomphosphenia grovei (Schmid) Lange-Bertalot
209002GMgrlingGomphosphenia grovei var. lingulata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
209003GMlinforGomphosphenia lingulatiformis (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot
209990GM1?Gomphosphenia sp. 1 ?
209008GMsp1dwGomphosphenia sp. 1 IDAHO DW
209005GMsp1kmGomphosphenia sp. 1 NAWQA KM
209009GMsp1kmmGomphosphenia sp. 1 WRAP MANOYLOV
209999GM10?Gomphosphenia sp. 10 ?
209991GM2?Gomphosphenia sp. 2 ?
209010GMsp2kmmGomphosphenia sp. 2 WRAP MANOYLOV
209992GM3?Gomphosphenia sp. 3 ?
209993GM4?Gomphosphenia sp. 4 ?
209994GM5?Gomphosphenia sp. 5 ?
209995GM6?Gomphosphenia sp. 6 ?
209996GM7?Gomphosphenia sp. 7 ?
209997GM8?Gomphosphenia sp. 8 ?
209998GM9?Gomphosphenia sp. 9 ?
209007GmsppsppGomphosphenia spp.
209004GMtackeiGomphosphenia tackei (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
38001GYacuminGyrosigma acuminatum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
38005GYattenuGyrosigma attenuatum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
38025GybalticGyrosigma balticum (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
GycaliiiGyrosigma cali Reid
GycalifoGyrosigma californicum (Grunow) Reid
38022GYcfscalGyrosigma cf. scalproides UMICH (Rabenhorst) Cleve
38023GYcfstriGyrosigma cf. strigilis UMICH (Smith) Cleve
38007GYdistrtGyrosigma distortum (Smith) Griffith et Henfrey
38008GYexilisGyrosigma exilis (Grunow) Reimer
38009GYeximumGyrosigma eximium (Thwaites) Boyer
38010GYfasclaGyrosigma fasciola (Ehrenberg) Griffith et Henfrey
GygibbyiGyrosigma gibbyi Reid
GyhudsonGyrosigma hudsonii Poulin et Cardinal
38017GYmacrumGyrosigma macrum (Smith) Griffith et Henfrey
GymurphyGyrosigma murphy Reid
38011GYnodfrmGyrosigma nodiferum (Grunow) Reimer
38006GYobscurGyrosigma obscurum (Smith) Griffith et Henfrey
38003GYobtusaGyrosigma obtusatum (Sullivant et Wormley) Boyer
38026GyparkerGyrosigma parkerii (Harrison) Elmore
38015GYpeisonGyrosigma peisonis (Grunow) Hustedt
38027GyreimerGyrosigma reimeri Sterrenburg
38012GYscalpdGyrosigma scalproides (Rabenhorst) Cleve
38020GYscioteGyrosigma sciotoense (Sullivan et Wormley) Cleve
38990GY1?Gyrosigma sp. 1 ?
38019GY1ANSLBGyrosigma sp. 1 ANS LLB
38024GY1umeiwGyrosigma sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
38991GY2?Gyrosigma sp. 2 ?
38992GY3?Gyrosigma sp. 3 ?
38993GY4?Gyrosigma sp. 4 ?
38994GY5?Gyrosigma sp. 5 ?
38004GYspenceGyrosigma spencerii (Smith) Griffith et Henfrey
38002GYspecurGyrosigma spencerii var. curvula (Grunow) Reimer
38013GYspculaGyrosigma spicula
38889GYsppGyrosigma spp.
38021GYrostriGyrosigma strigilis (Smith) Cleve
GysubsalGyrosigma subsalsa (Wislouch and Kolbe) Cardinal, Poulin et Berard-Therriault
GysubtilGyrosigma subtile (Brebisson) Reid
38016GYtemperGyrosigma temperei Cleve
38014GYwanbecGyrosigma wansbeckii (Donkin) Cleve
38018GYwormlyGyrosigma wormleyi (Sullivan) Boyer
39001HNarcusHannaea arcus (Ehrenberg) Patrick
39003HnarforeHannaea arcus fo. recta Cleve
39002HNarcampHannaea arcus var. amphioxys (Rabenhorst) Patrick
40002HAamphioHantzschia amphioxys (Ehrenberg) Grunow
40004HAampcapHantzschia amphioxys fo. capitata Müller
40003HAampvivHantzschia amphioxys var. vivax Grunow
40007HAdistHantzschia distinctepunctata Hustedt
40001HAelongaHantzschia elongata (Hantzsch) Grunow
HZpossesHantzschia possessionensis Van de Vijver et Beyens
40005HApunctaHantzschia punctata
HasimonsHantzschia simonsenii Hinz
40990HA1?Hantzschia sp. 1 ?
40011HA1efsalHantzschia sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
40009HA1ULNWHantzschia sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
40991HA2?Hantzschia sp. 2 ?
40010HAspectaHantzschia spectabilis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
40889HAsppHantzschia spp.
40006HAvirgatHantzschia virgata (Roper) Grunow
40008HZvivaxHantzschia vivax (Smith) Peragallo
220990HS1?Haslea sp. 1 ?
220999HS10?Haslea sp. 10 ?
220991HS2?Haslea sp. 2 ?
220992HS3?Haslea sp. 3 ?
220993HS4?Haslea sp. 4 ?
220994HS5?Haslea sp. 5 ?
220995HS6?Haslea sp. 6 ?
220996HS7?Haslea sp. 7 ?
220997HS8?Haslea sp. 8 ?
220998HS9?Haslea sp. 9 ?
220001HSspicuHaslea spicula (Hickle) Lange-Bertalot
220002Haslea spp. Simonsen
213001HIcapitaHippodonta capitata (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski
213004HIcostuHippodonta costulata (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski
213005HicoxiaeHippodonta coxiae Lange-Bertalot
213002HIhungaHippodonta hungarica (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski
213003HIlueneHippodonta lueneburgensis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski
213990HI1?Hippodonta sp. 1 ?
213006Hippodonta sp. 1 White DW
213999HI10?Hippodonta sp. 10 ?
213991HI2?Hippodonta sp. 2 ?
213992HI3?Hippodonta sp. 3 ?
213993HI4?Hippodonta sp. 4 ?
213994HI5?Hippodonta sp. 5 ?
213995HI6?Hippodonta sp. 6 ?
213996HI7?Hippodonta sp. 7 ?
213997HI8?Hippodonta sp. 8 ?
213998HI9?Hippodonta sp. 9 ?
213007Hippodonta spp. Lange-Bertalot, Metz et Witkowski
41001HYwhampsHydrosera whampoensis (Schwartz) Deby
221001HGbalfouHygropetra balfouriana Grunow ex Cleve
221990HG1?Hygropetra sp. 1 ?
221999HG10?Hygropetra sp. 10 ?
221991HG2?Hygropetra sp. 2 ?
221992HG3?Hygropetra sp. 3 ?
221993HG4?Hygropetra sp. 4 ?
221994HG5?Hygropetra sp. 5 ?
221995HG6?Hygropetra sp. 6 ?
221996HG7?Hygropetra sp. 7 ?
221997HG8?Hygropetra sp. 8 ?
221998HG9?Hygropetra sp. 9 ?
221002Hygropetra spp. Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
125007KvamoenaKarayevia amoena (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
125006KVbottniKarayevia bottnica (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot
125005KVKarayevia carissima (Lange-Bertalot) Bukhtiyarova
125001KVcleveiKarayevia clevei (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova
KvclebotKarayevia clevei var. bottnica (Cleve) Bukhtiyarova
125003KVclerosKarayevia clevei var. rostrata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
KvdorniiKarayevia dornii (Lange-Bertalot) Bukhtiyarova
KvkolbeiKarayevia kolbei (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
125002KVlateroKarayevia laterostrata (Hantzsch) Bukhtiyarova
125008KvploeneKarayevia ploenensis (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
KvplogesKarayevia ploenensis var. gessneri (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
KvplowolKarayevia ploenensis var. woldstedtii (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
125004Karayevia spp. Round et Bukhtiyarova
KvsubmarKarayevia submarina (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
125009KvsuchlaKarayevia suchlandtii (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
199002KBsubEAMKobayasiella aff. subtilissima ANS SAVANNAH EAM Cleve
199003KBjaegiiKobayasiella jaegii (Meister) Lange-Bertalot
199004Kobayasiella spp. Lange-Bertalot
KBsubantKobayasiella subantarctica Van de Vijver et Beyens
199001KBsubtilKobayasiella subtilissima (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot
207001KOamoeKolbesia amoena (Hustedt) Kingston
207003KOploenKolbesia ploenensis (Hustedt) Kingston
207990KO1?Kolbesia sp. 1 ?
207999KO10?Kolbesia sp. 10 ?
207991KO2?Kolbesia sp. 2 ?
207992KO3?Kolbesia sp. 3 ?
207993KO4?Kolbesia sp. 4 ?
207994KO5?Kolbesia sp. 5 ?
207995KO6?Kolbesia sp. 6 ?
207996KO7?Kolbesia sp. 7 ?
207997KO8?Kolbesia sp. 8 ?
207998KO9?Kolbesia sp. 9 ?
207004Kolbesia spp. Round et Bukhtiyarova
207002KOsuchlKolbesia suchlandtii (Hustedt) Kingston
42001KRkriegeKrasskella kriegerana (Krasske) Ross et Sims
LasardinLacunicula sardiniensis Lange-Bertalot, Cavacini, Tagliaventi et Alfinito
241990Lacunicula sp. 1 ?
241999Lacunicula sp. 10 ?
241991Lacunicula sp. 2 ?
241992Lacunicula sp. 3 ?
241993Lacunicula sp. 4 ?
241994Lacunicula sp. 5 ?
241995Lacunicula sp. 6 ?
241996Lacunicula sp. 7 ?
241997Lacunicula sp. 8 ?
241998Lacunicula sp. 9 ?
188001LEhungarLemnicola hungarica (Grunow) Round et Basson
2504001LRdanicuLeptocylindrus danicus Cleve
2504002LRminimuLeptocylindrus minimus Gran
2504990Leptocylindrus sp. 1 ?
2504999Leptocylindrus sp. 10 ?
2504991Leptocylindrus sp. 2 ?
2504992Leptocylindrus sp. 3 ?
2504993Leptocylindrus sp. 4 ?
2504994Leptocylindrus sp. 5 ?
2504995Leptocylindrus sp. 6 ?
2504996Leptocylindrus sp. 7 ?
2504997Leptocylindrus sp. 8 ?
2504998Leptocylindrus sp. 9 ?
87001LIgraclsLicmophora gracilis (Ehrenberg) Grunow
87002LIKMNQ0ALicmophora sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
230990Licmosoma sp. 1 ?
230999Licmosoma sp. 10 ?
230991Licmosoma sp. 2 ?
230992Licmosoma sp. 3 ?
230993Licmosoma sp. 4 ?
230994Licmosoma sp. 5 ?
230995Licmosoma sp. 6 ?
230996Licmosoma sp. 7 ?
230997Licmosoma sp. 8 ?
230998Licmosoma sp. 9 ?
LcsquamoLicmosoma squamosa Round et Alexander
130016LUcfmuoiLuticola cf. muticoides ANS NEW JERSEY KCP (Hustedt) Mann
130005LUcohniiLuticola cohnii (Hilse) Mann
130004LUfrenguLuticola frenguellii Lange-Bertalot
130006LUgoepp2Luticola goeppertiana (Bleisch) Mann
130001LUgoeppeLuticola goeppertiana (Bleisch) Mann
LUhiglerLuticola higleri Van de Vijver, Van Dam et Beyens
LUledegLuticola ledeganckii Van de Vijver
130007LUmitigaLuticola mitigata (Hustedt) Mann
130002LUmuticaLuticola mutica (Kützing) Mann
130009LUmuticoLuticola muticoides (Hustedt) Mann
130015LUmuopsLuticola muticopsis (Van Heurck) Mann
130018LUnavicLuticola naviculoides Johansen
LunipponLuticola nipponica (Skvortzow) Tuji
130014LUnivalLuticola nivalis (Ehrenberg) Mann
LUrobustLuticola robusta Van de Vijver, Ledeganck et Beyens
130011LU1efsalLuticola sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
130010LU1umuteLuticola sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
130012LU2umalbLuticola sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. cohnii
130013LU3UMalbLuticola sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. signata
130017Luticola spp. Mann
130019LUstigmLuticola stigma (Patrick) Johansen
130020LUterminLuticola terminata (Hustedt) Johansen
LUtervroLuticola terminata var. rostrata (Krasske) Johansen
130008LUundulaLuticola undulata (Hilse) Mann
130003LUventriLuticola ventricosa (Kützing) Mann
217001LYlyraLyrella lyra (Ehrenberg) Karajeva
217990LY1?Lyrella sp. 1 ?
217999LY10?Lyrella sp. 10 ?
217991LY2?Lyrella sp. 2 ?
217992LY3?Lyrella sp. 3 ?
217993LY4?Lyrella sp. 4 ?
217994LY5?Lyrella sp. 5 ?
217995LY6?Lyrella sp. 6 ?
217996LY7?Lyrella sp. 7 ?
217997LY8?Lyrella sp. 8 ?
217998LY9?Lyrella sp. 9 ?
217003LYspectaLyrella spectabilis (Gregory) Mann
217002Lyrella spp. Karayeva
135001MRmartyiMartyana martyi (Héribaud) Round
MymarpolMartyana martyi var. polymorpha (Jouraleva) Bukhtiyarova
135002MRKMNQ0AMartyana sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
135003Martyana spp. Round
43006MSelliptMastogloia elliptica (Agardh) Cleve
43001MSelldanMastogloia elliptica var. danseii (Thwaites) Cleve
43005MSgrevilMastogloia grevillei Smith
43007MspumilaMastogloia pumila (Grunow) Cleve
43002MSsmithiMastogloia smithii Thwaites
43003MSsmiampMastogloia smithii var. amphicephala Grunow
43004MSsmilacMastogloia smithii var. lacustris Grunow
43008MS1Mastogloia sp. 1
43990MS1?Mastogloia sp. 1 ?
43009MS1umczaMastogloia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
43010MS1um96Mastogloia sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
43889MSsppMastogloia spp.
Mastogloia spp.
211001MYagresMayamaea agrestis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
211002MYasellMayamaea asellus (Weinhold) Lange-Bertalot
211003MYatomusMayamaea atomus (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
211004MYatpermMayamaea atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
211006MYexcelsMayamaea excelsa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
211005MYmuformMayamaea muraliformis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
211990MY1?Mayamaea sp. 1 ?
211999MY10?Mayamaea sp. 10 ?
211991MY2?Mayamaea sp. 2 ?
211992MY3?Mayamaea sp. 3 ?
211993MY4?Mayamaea sp. 4 ?
211994MY5?Mayamaea sp. 5 ?
211995MY6?Mayamaea sp. 6 ?
211996MY7?Mayamaea sp. 7 ?
211997MY8?Mayamaea sp. 8 ?
211998MY9?Mayamaea sp. 9 ?
211007Mayamaea spp. Lange-Bertalot
44049ME(auxo)Melosira (auxospore)
44001MEambiguMelosira ambigua (Grunow) Müller
44065MEborrerMelosira borreri Greville
44088MebrandiMelosira brandinii Fernandes et Souza-Mosimann
44034MEgoetcfMelosira cf. goetzeana Müller
44082MEcfisheMelosira cf. islandica subsp. helvetica REIMER Müller
44078MEcfpsamMelosira cf. pseudoamericana Camburn
44047ME9cfPRLMelosira cf. sp. 9 PIRLA
44081MEcfvaldMelosira cf. valdii CODY (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Meister
44087MEvalidMelosira cf. valida CODY (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Meister
44077MEcrenltMelosira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Krammer
44060MEdendroMelosira dendrophila (Ehrenberg) Ross et Sims
44002MEdistanMelosira distans (Ehrenberg) Kützing
44080MEdis1WCMelosira distans var. 1 ANS WRC
44029MEdi1PRLMelosira distans var. 1 PIRLA
44033MEdi2PRLMelosira distans var. 2 PIRLA
44031MEdi3PRLMelosira distans var. 3 PIRLA
44032MEdi4PRLMelosira distans var. 4 PIRLA
44042MEdi5PRLMelosira distans var. 5 PIRLA
44045MEdi6PRLMelosira distans var. 6 PIRLA
44046MEdi7PRLMelosira distans var. 7 PIRLA
44051MEdi8PRLMelosira distans var. 8 PIRLA
44063MEdi9PRLMelosira distans var. 9 PIRLA
44003MEdisafrMelosira distans var. africana Müller
44004MEdisalpMelosira distans var. alpigena Grunow
44039MEdishumMelosira distans var. humilis Cleve-Euler
44074MEdislirMelosira distans var. lirata (Ehrenberg) Müller
44075MEdililaMelosira distans var. lirata fo. lacustris (Grunow) Hustedt
44030MEdisnivMelosira distans var. nivalis (Smith) Kirchner
44024MEdisnloMelosira distans var. nivaloides Camburn
44020MEdistenMelosira distans var. tenella (Nygaard) Florin
44041MEdistvsMelosira distans vars. (Ehrenberg) Kützing
MefaustaMelosira fausta Schmidt
44005MEgranulMelosira granulata (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
44006MEgraangMelosira granulata var. angustissima Müller
44038MEherzogMelosira herzogii Lemmermann
44007MEikapoeMelosira ikapoensis Müller
44008MEislandMelosira islandica Müller
44009MEislhelMelosira islandica subsp. helvetica Müller
44010MEitalicMelosira italica (Ehrenberg) Kützing
44040MEitsuteMelosira italica subsp. subarctica fo. tenuissima (Grunow) Camburn
44011MEitasbaMelosira italica subsp. subarctica Müller
44036MEit1PRLMelosira italica var. 1 PIRLA
44066MEitlmulMelosira italica var. multistriata Patrick
44012MEitasbbMelosira italica var. subborealis Nygaard
44067MEitltenMelosira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Müller
44013MEitavalMelosira italica var. valida (Grunow) Hustedt
44059MElaevisMelosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
44084MElineatMelosira lineata Agardh
44014MElirataMelosira lirata (Ehrenberg) Kützing
44044MElicflaMelosira lirata cf. var. lacustris Grunow
44035MElirbisMelosira lirata fo. biseriata (Grunow) Camburn
44043MEli1PRLMelosira lirata var. 1 PIRLA
44015MElirlacMelosira lirata var. lacustris Grunow
44017MElongisMelosira longispina Hustedt
44018MElontenMelosira longispina var. tenuis Hustedt
44086MEmonilfMelosira moniliformis (Müller) Agardh
44068MEnummldMelosira nummuloides (Dillwyn) Agardh
44025MEnygaarMelosira nygaardii Camburn
44022MEperglaMelosira perglabra Østrup
44019MEperfloMelosira perglabra var. floriniae Camburn
44021MEpseameMelosira pseudoamericana Camburn
44050MEroeseaMelosira roeseana Rabenhorst
44057MEroeepiMelosira roeseana var. epidendron (Ehrenberg) Boyer
44990ME1?Melosira sp. 1 ?
44083ME1CRSSMMelosira sp. 1 ANS CWR SSM
44076ME1WRCMelosira sp. 1 ANS WRC
44027ME1PRLMelosira sp. 1 PIRLA
44085ME1saEAMMelosira sp. 1 SAVANNAH EAM
44999ME10?Melosira sp. 10 ?
44037ME10PRLMelosira sp. 10 PIRLA
44056ME11PRLMelosira sp. 11 PIRLA
44028ME12PRLMelosira sp. 12 PIRLA
44016ME13PRLMelosira sp. 13 PIRLA
44058ME14PRLMelosira sp. 14 PIRLA
44061ME15PRLMelosira sp. 15 PIRLA
44064ME16PRLMelosira sp. 16 PIRLA
44991ME2?Melosira sp. 2 ?
44079ME2ANSWCMelosira sp. 2 ANS WRC
44048ME2PRLMelosira sp. 2 PIRLA
44992ME3?Melosira sp. 3 ?
44993ME4?Melosira sp. 4 ?
44052ME4PRLMelosira sp. 4 PIRLA
44994ME5?Melosira sp. 5 ?
44026ME5PRLMelosira sp. 5 PIRLA
44995ME6?Melosira sp. 6 ?
44053ME6PRLMelosira sp. 6 PIRLA
44996ME7?Melosira sp. 7 ?
44054ME7PRLMelosira sp. 7 PIRLA
44997ME8?Melosira sp. 8 ?
44055ME8PRLMelosira sp. 8 PIRLA
44998ME9?Melosira sp. 9 ?
44023ME9PRLMelosira sp. 9 PIRLA
Melosira sp. ind. FRITZ
44889MEsppMelosira spp.
44069MEsulcatMelosira sulcata (Ehrenberg) Kützing
44070MEsulcorMelosira sulcata var. coronata (Ehrenberg) Grunow
44071MEtenellMelosira tenella Nygaard
44072MEundltaMelosira undulata (Ehrenberg) Kützing
44062MEundnorMelosira undulata var. normanii Arnott
44073MEvarianMelosira varians Agardh
MdalansmMeridion alansmithii Brant
45001MDcirculMeridion circulare (Greville) Agardh
45002MDcirconMeridion circulare var. constrictum (Ralfs) Van Heurck
45990MD1?Meridion sp. 1 ?
45003MD1umalbMeridion sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. circulare
45991MD2?Meridion sp. 2 ?
45889MDsppMeridion spp.
MzacademMesodictyopsis academicus Khursevich, Iwashita, Kociolek, et Fedenya
MzbaicalMesodictyopsis baicalensis Khursevich, Iwashita, Kociolek, et Fedenya
MzdzhiliMesodictyopsis dzhilindus Khursevich
MzmediusMesodictyopsis medius Khursevich et Iwashita
MzpeculiMesodictyopsis peculiaris Khursevich, Kociolek et Fedenya
MzsimiliMesodictyopsis similis Khursevich et Fedenya
MzsingulMesodictyopsis singularis Khursevich, Iwashita et Fedenya
231990Mesodictyopsis sp. 1 ?
231999Mesodictyopsis sp. 10 ?
231991Mesodictyopsis sp. 2 ?
231992Mesodictyopsis sp. 3 ?
231993Mesodictyopsis sp. 4 ?
231994Mesodictyopsis sp. 5 ?
231995Mesodictyopsis sp. 6 ?
231996Mesodictyopsis sp. 7 ?
231997Mesodictyopsis sp. 8 ?
231998Mesodictyopsis sp. 9 ?
MideslooMicrocostatus deslooveri Iserentant et Van de Vivjer
216002MIkrassMicrocostatus krasskei (Hustedt) Johansen et Sray
216001MIkuelbMicrocostatus kuelbsii (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
216003MImaceMicrocostatus maceria (Schimanski) Lange-Bertalot
216004MInaumanMicrocostatus naumannii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
216990MI1?Microcostatus sp. 1 ?
216999MI10?Microcostatus sp. 10 ?
216991MI2?Microcostatus sp. 2 ?
216992MI3?Microcostatus sp. 3 ?
216993MI4?Microcostatus sp. 4 ?
216994MI5?Microcostatus sp. 5 ?
216995MI6?Microcostatus sp. 6 ?
216996MI7?Microcostatus sp. 7 ?
216997MI8?Microcostatus sp. 8 ?
216998MI9?Microcostatus sp. 9 ?
216005MizackenMicrocostatus zackenbergensis Van de Vijver, Beyens et Iserentant
246002MNexiguaMicroneis exigua Cleve
246990Microneis sp. 1 ?
246999Microneis sp. 10 ?
246991Microneis sp. 2 ?
246992Microneis sp. 3 ?
246993Microneis sp. 4 ?
246994Microneis sp. 5 ?
246995Microneis sp. 6 ?
246996Microneis sp. 7 ?
246997Microneis sp. 8 ?
246998Microneis sp. 9 ?
246001MNsppMicroneis spp.
215001MUgibbuMuelleria gibbula (Cleve) Spaulding et Stoermer
215990MU1?Muelleria sp. 1 ?
215002MUsp1IdaMuelleria sp. 1 Idaho SEH
215999MU10?Muelleria sp. 10 ?
215991MU2?Muelleria sp. 2 ?
215992MU3?Muelleria sp. 3 ?
215993MU4?Muelleria sp. 4 ?
215994MU5?Muelleria sp. 5 ?
215995MU6?Muelleria sp. 6 ?
215996MU7?Muelleria sp. 7 ?
215997MU8?Muelleria sp. 8 ?
215998MU9?Muelleria sp. 9 ?
46827NAabiskNavicula abiskoensis Hulburt
46100NAaboensNavicula aboensis (Cleve) Hustedt
46494NAabsolNavicula absoluta Hustedt
46420NAabundaNavicula abunda Hustedt
46001NAacceptNavicula acceptata Hustedt
46309NAaccmdaNavicula accomoda Hustedt
46310NAadnataNavicula adnata Hustedt
46506NAadversNavicula adversa Krasske
46798NAaqEAMNavicula aff. aquaedurae ANS NAWQA EAM Lange-Bertalot
46792NAarvDWNavicula aff. arvensis DW WHTRV 98/99
46963NAafcnMTNavicula aff. cincta MONTANA HAGAN (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
46790NAaffdicNavicula aff. difficillimoides ANS NAWQA EAM Hustedt
93180NAaffeffNavicula aff. effrenata NAWQA EAM Krasske
46869NAaffharNavicula aff. harderii ANS NAWQA EAM Hustedt
46863NAhusKCPNavicula aff. hustedtii ANS NEW JERSEY KCP Krasske
46787NAaffignNavicula aff. ignota ANS SAVANNAH EAM Krasske
46788NAaffjenNavicula aff. jentzschii ANS SAVANNAH EAM Grunow
93161NAaffkotNavicula aff. kotschyi EAM Grunow
93167NAaffkriNavicula aff. kriegeri NAWQA MP Krasske
Navicula aff. lenzii LAIRD
46791NAaffrepNavicula aff. repentina ANS NAWQA EAM Krasske
46789NAaffsubNavicula aff. subminuscula ANS NAWQA EAM Manguin
46950NAafftugNavicula aff. tugelae POTAPOVA Cholnoky
93190NAaffvarNavicula aff. variorostrata NAWQA EAM Krasske
93173NAaffvirNavicula aff. viridula ANS SAVANNAH EAM (Kützing) Kützing emend. Van Heurck
46311NAagnitaNavicula agnita Hustedt
46421NAagrestNavicula agrestis Hustedt
46312NAaikensNavicula aikenensis Patrick
NaaleksaNavicula aleksandrae Lange-Bertalot, Bogaczewicz-Adamczak et Witkowski
46955Navicula aliena Krasske
NaalisovNavicula alisoviana (Skvortzow) Tuji
46250NAamericNavicula americana Ehrenberg
46313NAammophNavicula ammophila Grunow
46314NAamnclaNavicula amnicola Hohn et Hellermann
46474NAamphbNavicula amphibola Cleve
46919NAamphicNavicula amphiceropsis Lange-Bertalot et Rumrich
46595NAanatisNavicula anatis Hohn et Hellermann
46252NAanglicNavicula anglica Ralfs
46422NAangsigNavicula anglica var. signata Hustedt
46423NAangsubNavicula anglica var. subsalsa (Grunow) Cleve
46002NAangustNavicula angusta Grunow
46893NAantoniNavicula antonii Lange-Bertalot
46905NAaquaedNavicula aquaedurae Lange-Bertalot
93188NAarctNavicula arctotenelloides Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
46424NAarenarNavicula arenaria Donkin
46918NAarkonaNavicula arkona Lange-Bertalot et Witkowski
46514NAarvmajNavicula arvensis fo. major Manguin
46003NAarvensNavicula arvensis Hustedt
46725NAaselluNavicula asellus Weinhold
46005NAatomusNavicula atomus (Kützing) Grunow
46724NAatoperNavicula atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46425NAaurculNavicula auriculata Hustedt
46167NAauroraNavicula aurora Sovereign
NAaustraNavicula australomediacris Lange-Bertalot et Schmidt
46490NAbaciloNavicula bacilloides Hustedt
46151NAbacilmNavicula bacillum Ehrenberg
46315NAbbahsnNavicula bahusiensis (Grunow) Grunow
46109NAbegeriNavicula begeri Krasske
46006NAbicephNavicula bicephala Hustedt
46007NAbiconiNavicula biconica Patrick
NabossvkNavicula bossvikensis Busse et Snoeijs
NabozenaNavicula bozenae Lange-Bertalot, Witkowski et Zgrundo
46677NAbrasilNavicula brasiliana Cleve
46934NabreiteNavicula breitenbuchii Lange-Bertalot
46008NAbremenNavicula bremensis Hustedt
46009NAbrevisNavicula brevissima Hustedt
93189NAbrockNavicula brockmannii Hustedt
NabrunelNavicula brunelii Poulin et Cardinal
46316NAbryphlNavicula bryophila Petersen
NAbryophNavicula bryophiloides Manguin
NAbrvlinNavicula bryophiloides var. linearis Maillard
46843NAbulnhmNavicula bulnheimii Grunow ex Van Heurck
46483NAcaducaNavicula caduca Hustedt
46317NAcanalsNavicula canalis Patrick
46318NAcanlatNavicula cancellata Donkin
46319NAcanorsNavicula canoris Hohn et Hellermann
46272NAcapitaNavicula capitata Ehrenberg
46168NAcaphunNavicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) Ross
46320NAcaplunNavicula capitata var. lueneburgensis (Grunow) Patrick
46661NAcapradNavicula capitatoradiata Germain
46513NAcapitlNavicula capitellata Skvortzow
46169NAcariNavicula cari Ehrenberg
46857NAcarimpNavicula cari MP Ehrenberg
46945NacariocNavicula cariocincta Lange-Bertalot
46321NAcarminNavicula carminata Hustedt
46322NAcarolnNavicula caroliniana Patrick
93030NAcataloNavicula catalanogermanica Lange-Bertalot et Hofmann
46646NAcatrvaNavicula caterva Hohn et Hellermann
46509NAcfaccpNavicula cf. acceptata CODY Hustedt
46621NAcfadvsNavicula cf. adversa REIMER Krasske
46795NAcfagntNavicula cf. agnita CODY Hustedt
46829NACFagrtNavicula cf. agrestis Hustedt
46873NAcfammNavicula cf. ammophila UMICH Grunow
46629NAcfamglNavicula cf. angelica REIMER Ralfs
46880NAcfaquaNavicula cf. aquaedurae UMICH Lange-Bertalot
93099NAcfarvcNavicula cf. arvensis CALACAD Hustedt
46615NAcfarvnNavicula cf. arvensis REIMER Hustedt
46874NAcfarvmNavicula cf. arvensis UMICH Hustedt
46545NAcfatomNavicula cf. atomus LAIRD (Kützing) Grunow
46875NAcfatmNavicula cf. atomus UMICH (Kützing) Grunow
46773NAcfauroNavicula cf. aurora NAWQA EAM Sovereign
46515NAcfbaclNavicula cf. bacilloides Hustedt
46597NAcfbicpNavicula cf. bicephala REIMER Hustedt
46559NAcfbremNavicula cf. bremensis CODY Hustedt
46876NAcfbreNavicula cf. bremensis UMICH Hustedt
46569NAcfbryoNavicula cf. bryophila CODY Petersen
46253NAcfcaptNavicula cf. capitata Ehrenberg
46877NAcfcapiNavicula cf. capitatoradiata UMICH Germain
46891NAcfcaroNavicula cf. cariocincta NAWQA WRC Lange-Bertalot
46565NAcfcincNavicula cf. cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
46872NAcfcinNavicula cf. cincta UMICH (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
46326NAcfcnrsNavicula cf. cincta var. rostrata Reimer
46878NAcfcleNavicula cf. clementioides UMICH Hustedt
46684NAcfclemNavicula cf. clementis BAHLS Grunow
46879NAcfconcNavicula cf. concentrica UMICH Carter
46290NAconscfNavicula cf. constans Hustedt
46847NAcfcrypNavicula cf. cryptocephala FRITZ Kützing
46881NAcfcrpNavicula cf. cryptocephala UMICH Kützing
46779NAcfcrytNavicula cf. cryptotenella MARR Lange-Bertalot ex Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
46882NAcfcrtNavicula cf. cryptotenella UMICH Lange-Bertalot
46933NacfcrlsNavicula cf. cryptotenelloides EEH Lange-Bertalot
46606NAcfdclvNavicula cf. declivis REIMER Hustedt
46679NAcfdimiNavicula cf. digitoradiata var. minima CLASON Cleve-Euler
46546NAcfdgmnNavicula cf. digitoradiata var. minima LAIRD Cleve-Euler
46883NAcfdigiNavicula cf. digitulus UMICH Hustedt
46528NAcfdisjNavicula cf. disjuncta Hustedt
46131NAcfdispNavicula cf. dispensata Hustedt et Manguin
46884NAcfelgnNavicula cf. elginensis UMICH (Gregory) Ralfs
46885NAcfelcuNavicula cf. elginensis var. cuneata UMICH (Möller) Lange-Bertalot
46886NAcfexilNavicula cf. exilis UMICH Kützing
46291NAcffartNavicula cf. farta Hustedt
46772NAcffennNavicula cf. fennica Hustedt
46598NAcfgottNavicula cf. gottlandica REIMER Grunow
46830NAcfgracNavicula cf. graciloides CODY Mayer
46566NAcfgysnNavicula cf. gysingensis Foged
46525NAcfhaloNavicula cf. halophilioides Hustedt
46145NAcfhal2Navicula cf. halophilioides Hustedt
46618NAcfhambNavicula cf. hambergii Hustedt
46910NAcfhardNavicula cf. harderii NAWQA EAM Hustedt
46092NAheimcfNavicula cf. heimansii Van Dam et Kooijman
46888NAcfhesiNavicula cf. heimansioides UMICH Lange-Bertalot
46583NAcfhfmnNavicula cf. heufleri fo. minuta CODY Cholnoky
46577NAcfhintNavicula cf. hintzii CODY Lange-Bertalot
46292NAhustcfNavicula cf. hustedtii Krasske
93018NAcfigacNavicula cf. ignota var. acceptata UMICH (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46841NAcfimpxNavicula cf. impexa Hustedt
46769NAcfimpoNavicula cf. importuna Hustedt
46517NAcfincrNavicula cf. incertata Lange-Bertalot
46831NACFindfNavicula cf. indifferens Hustedt
93002NAcfindiNavicula cf. indifferens UMICH Hustedt
93166NAcfjapnNavicula cf. japonica NAWQA LJM Hustedt
46949NAcfkotNavicula cf. kotschyi MORALES Grunow
93165NAcfkriNavicula cf. kriegerii NAWQA KM Krasske
46921NAcflaclNavicula cf. lacunolaciniata PHYCOTECH AS Lange-Bertalot et Bonik
46578NAcfltcpNavicula cf. laticeps CODY Hustedt
46644NAcflestNavicula cf. leistikowii CODY Lange-Bertalot
46899NAcflenNavicula cf. lenzii NAWQA KM Hustedt
46568NAcfleptNavicula cf. leptostriata CODY Jörgansen
46887NAcflepUNavicula cf. leptostriata UMICH Jörgansen
93003NAcflepMNavicula cf. leptostriata UMICH Jörgansen
46810NAcflibNavicula cf. libonensis Schoeman
93004NAcfliboNavicula cf. libonensis UMICH Schoeman
46672NAcflngcNavicula cf. longicephala CODY Hustedt
46637NAcflcnsNavicula cf. lucens Hustedt
46572NAcflundNavicula cf. lundii Reichardt
93005NAcfmicrNavicula cf. microcari UMICH Lange-Bertalot
46529NAcfmnmrNavicula cf. miniscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot ex Lange-Bertalot et Rimrick
46143NAcfmilaNavicula cf. minuscula Grunow
93006NAcfminNavicula cf. minuscula UMICH Grunow
93007NAcfmoleNavicula cf. molestiformis UMICH Hustedt
46903NAcfmoskNavicula cf. moskalii CODY Metzeltin, Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
46547NAcfmutiNavicula cf. mutica LAIRD Kützing
Navicula cf. muticoides Hustedt
46608NAcfnothNavicula cf. notha REIMER Wallace
46607NAcfobslNavicula cf. obsoleta REIMER Hustedt
46920NAcfoccPNavicula cf. occulta PHYCOTECH AS Krasske
46511NAcfoppgNavicula cf. oppugnata Hustedt
46271NApermcfNavicula cf. perminuta Grunow
46118NAcfperpNavicula cf. perparva Hustedt
46605NAcfperRNavicula cf. perparva REIMER Hustedt
46293NAcfplanNavicula cf. plana Hustedt
93008NAcfpraeNavicula cf. praeterita UMICH Hustedt
46575NAcfprotNavicula cf. protracta REIMER (Grunow) Cleve
93100NAcfpsanNavicula cf. pseudoanglica CALACAD Lange-Bertalot
46916NAcfpsbrNavicula cf. pseudobryophila Idaho DW Hustedt
46593NAcfpsedNavicula cf. pseudolanceolata CLASON Lange-Bertalot
46838NAcfpslnNavicula cf. pseudolanceolata Lange-Bertalot
46586NAcfpsrnNavicula cf. pseudoreinhardtii REIMER Patrick
46295NAcfpupuNavicula cf. pupula Kützing
46297NAcfpusiNavicula cf. pusio Cleve
46548NAcfpygmNavicula cf. pygmaea LAIRD Kützing
93009NAcfradNavicula cf. radiosa UMICH Kützing
46570NAcfradiNavicula cf. radiosafallax CODY Lange-Bertalot
Navicula cf. recens FRITZ
93010NAcfrhynNavicula cf. rhynchocephala UMICH Kützing
46848NAcfrhamNavicula cf. rhynchocephala var. amphiceros [FRITZ] (Kützing) Grunow
93101NAcfsalNavicula cf. salinarum CALACAD Grunow
46549NAcfsaliNavicula cf. salinicola LAIRD Hustedt
46585NAcfsaxpNavicula cf. saxophila REIMER Bock
46591NAcfschmNavicula cf. schmassmannii CODY Hustedt
93029NAcfschNavicula cf. schroeterii UMICH Meister
46960NAcfsesuNavicula cf. seminuloides var. sumatrana Hustedt
46849NAcfsemnNavicula cf. seminulum FRITZ Grunow
46530NAcf9PRLNavicula cf. sp. 9 PIRLA
46850NAcfspicNavicula cf. spicula FRITZ (Hickie) Cleve
93011NAcfstrNavicula cf. striolata UMICH (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
46925NAcfsadNavicula cf. subadnata NAWQA EAM Hustedt
46579NAcfsbapNavicula cf. subalpina CODY Reichardt
46510NAcfsubaNavicula cf. subarvensis Hustedt
46610NAcfsbavNavicula cf. subarvensis REIMER Hustedt
46567NAcfsublNavicula cf. sublucidula Hustedt
46531NAcfsubmNavicula cf. subminiscula Manguin
93012NAcfsubNavicula cf. subminuscula UMICH Manguin
46532NAcfsbmrNavicula cf. submuralis Hustedt
46584NAcfsubrNavicula cf. subrhynchocephala REIMER Simonsen
93013NAcfsbrhNavicula cf. subrhynchocephala UMICH Hustedt
46601NAcfsbrtNavicula cf. subrotundata REIMER Hustedt
46911NAcfsubtNavicula cf. subtilissima ALBE DMW Cleve
93014NAcfsbtiNavicula cf. subtilissima UMICH Cleve
46111NAsu1PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 1 PIRLA
46113NAsu2PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 2 PIRLA
46114NAsu3PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 3 PIRLA
46121NAsu4PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 4 PIRLA
46173NAsu5PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 5 PIRLA
46240NAsu6PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 6 PIRLA
46172NAsu7PRLNavicula cf. subtilissima var. 7 PIRLA
46590NAcfsbokNavicula cf. subtilissima var. okamurae REIMER Skvortzow
46675NAcftnldNavicula cf. tenelloides CODY Hustedt
46137NAcftenuNavicula cf. tenuicephala Hustedt
46612NAcftrvlNavicula cf. trivialis REIMER Lange-Bertalot
46797NAcfumbrNavicula cf. umbria CODY Hohn et Hellermann
46628NAcfutmhNavicula cf. utermöhii REIMER Hustedt
46636NAcfventNavicula cf. ventosa REIMER Hustedt
93102NAcfvencNavicula cf. ventralis CALACAD Krasske
46298NAcfvntrNavicula cf. ventralis Krasske
93015NAcfvenmNavicula cf. ventralis UMICH Krasske
93016NAcfvrroNavicula cf. viridula var. rostellata UMICH (Kützing) Cleve
46768NAcfvitiNavicula cf. vitiosa ANS SANT TAC Schimanski
46582NAcfvitsNavicula cf. vitosa CODY Schimanski
93017NAcfwildNavicula cf. wildii UMICH Lange-Bertalot
46604NAcfzaniNavicula cf. zanoni REIMER Hustedt
46324NAcinctaNavicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
46427NAci1NARNavicula cincta var. 1 ANS NAR
46426NAcinminNavicula cincta var. minuta Skvortzow
46325NAcinrosNavicula cincta var. rostrata Reimer
46327NAcircumNavicula circumtexta Meister ex Hustedt
46328NAcistuaNavicula cistua
46516NAcitrifNavicula citriformis Cleve-Euler
46323NAcitrusNavicula citrus Krasske
46010NAclamanNavicula clamans Hustedt
46487NAclemtoNavicula clementioides Hustedt
46329NAclemntNavicula clementis Grunow
46011NAcocconNavicula cocconeiformis Gregory ex Greville
46012NAcocsubNavicula cocconeiformis var. subcapitata Krasske
46102NAcohniiNavicula cohnii (Hilse) Lange-Bertalot
46330NAcomplnNavicula complanata (Grunow) Grun ex Cleve et Grunow
46573NAconcenNavicula concentrica Carter
46115NAconferNavicula confervacea (Kützing) Grunow
NavarnipNavicula confervacea fo. nipponica Skvortsow
46624NAconrosNavicula confervacea fo. rostrata Krasske
46840NAconperNavicula confervacea var. peregrina (Smith) Grunow
46647NAconstnNavicula constans Hustedt
46735NAconsymNavicula constans var. symmetrica Hustedt
93019NAcfcbicNavicula contenta cf. var. biceps UMICH (Arnott) Van Heurck
46246NAcontenNavicula contenta Grunow ex Van Heurck
46013NAconbicNavicula contenta var. biceps (Arnott) Van Heurck
46428NAconparNavicula contenta var. parallela Petersen
46331NAcntrarNavicula contraria Patrick
46332NAconvrgNavicula convergens Patrick
46526NAcostltNavicula costulata Grunow
46333NAcrucicNavicula crucicula (Smith) Donkin
46334NAcrzbrgNavicula cruezburgensis Krasske
46429NAcrmultNavicula cruezburgensis var. multistriata Patrick
46014NAcryptoNavicula cryptocephala Kützing
46855NAcr+venNavicula cryptocephala PLUS veneta LAIRD
46255NAcryexiNavicula cryptocephala var. exilis Grunow
46170NAcryvenNavicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kützing) Rabenhorst
46335NAcryptcNavicula cryptocephaloides Hustedt
46750NAcrypfxNavicula cryptofallax Lange-Bertalot ex Hofmann
46493NAcrylyNavicula cryptolyra Brockman
46527NAcrytenNavicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot ex Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
46749NAcrytdsNavicula cryptotenelloides Lange-Bertalot
46256NAcuidNavicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing
46336NAcusmajNavicula cuspidata var. major Meister
46337NAdaplisNavicula dapalis Frenguelli
46799NAdealpiNavicula dealpina Lange-Bertalot
46015NAdebiliNavicula debilissima Grunow
46338NAdecipnNavicula decipiens O'Meara
93174NadeclvsNavicula declivis Hustedt
46257NAdecussNavicula decussis Østrup
46161NAdemissNavicula demissa Hustedt
46776NAdenselNavicula denselineolata (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
46430NAdentenNavicula dententa Hustedt
46486NAdetntaNavicula detenta Hustedt
46751NAdibolaNavicula dibola Hohn
46258NAdicephNavicula dicephala (Ehrenberg) Smith
NAdiclatNavicula dicephala var. lata Peragallo
46017NAdifficNavicula difficillima Hustedt
46760NADIFMOINavicula difficillimoides Hustedt
Navicula digitoradiata (Gregory) Ralfs
46540NAdigminNavicula digitoradiata var. minima Cleve-Euler
46273NAdigituNavicula digitulus Hustedt
46134NAdignaNavicula digna Hustedt
46259NAdiluviNavicula diluviana Krasske
46016NAdiplonNavicula diploneoides Hustedt
46339NAdisertNavicula diserta Hustedt
46135NAdisjunNavicula disjuncta Hustedt
46018NAdienNavicula dispensata Hustedt et Manguin
93168NadissipNavicula dissipata Hustedt
46431NAdistinNavicula distinctastriata Hohn et Hellermann
93020NAdolomiNavicula dolomitica Bock
93021NAduerrNavicula duerrenbergiana Hustedt
46576NAdulcisNavicula dulcis Patrick
46495NAdystroNavicula dystrophica Patrick
NAectorNavicula ectoris Van de Vijver
46496NAeidrigNavicula eidrigiana Carter
46415NAelecusNavicula elegans fo. cuspidata Hustedt
46019NAeleganNavicula elegans Smith
46299NAelginsNavicula elginensis (Gregory) Ralfs
46662NAelgcunNavicula elginensis var. cuneata Kobayasi
46341NAelglatNavicula elginensis var. lata (Peragallo) Patrick
46342NAelgnegNavicula elginensis var. neglecta (Krasske) Patrick
46136NAelgrosNavicula elginensis var. rostrata (Mayer) Patrick
46766NAenigmtNavicula enigmatica Germain
46648NAerifgaNavicula erifuga Lange-Bertalot
46678NAevandaNavicula evanida Hustedt
46162NAexcelsNavicula excelsa Krasske
46343NAexiguaNavicula exigua Gregory ex Grunow
46274NAexicapNavicula exigua var. capitata Patrick
46541NAexisigNavicula exigua var. signata Hustedt
93152Naexisi2Navicula exigua var. signata Hustedt
93022NAexundNavicula exigua var. undulata Hustedt
46663NAexilisNavicula exilis Kützing
46344NAexpabsNavicula expansa Hagelstein
46564NAexpectNavicula expecta Van Landingham
46020NAexplanNavicula explanata Hustedt
46926NafaciliNavicula facilis Krasske
46475NAfallanNavicula falaisensis var. lanceola Grunow
46260NAfartaNavicula farta Hustedt
46345NAfenstrNavicula fenestrella Hustedt
46159NAfestivNavicula festiva Krasske
46346NAferbrnNavicula feuerbourni Hustedt
46868NAfluensNavicula fluens Hustedt
46764NAflumNavicula fluminitica Camburn
46347NAforcipNavicula forcipata Greville
46348NAformenNavicula formenterae Cleve
46763NAfossalNavicula fossalis Krasske
46349NAfractaNavicula fracta Hustedt
46476NAfrugalNavicula frugalis Hustedt
46202NAgallicNavicula gallica (Smith) Lagerstedt emend. Lange-Bertalot
46683NAgallaeNavicula gallica var. laevissima (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot
46048NAgalperNavicula gallica var. perpusilla (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
46261NAgastruNavicula gastrum (Ehrenberg) Kützing
46723NAgastrmNavicula gastrum var. signata Hustedt
NAgebharNavicula gebhardii Krasske
NagelradNavicula gelida var. radissonii Poulin et Cardinal
46350NAgenovfNavicula genovefae Fusey
46497NAgerlofNavicula gerloffi Schimanski
46616NAgermiiNavicula germainii Wallace
46959NAgeroniNavicula geronimensis Potapova
46351NAgibbosNavicula gibbosa Hustedt
46726NAgibbulNavicula gibbula Cleve
NaglahudNavicula glacialis var. hudsonii Poulin et Cardinal
46036NAglobosNavicula globosa Meister
46021NAglobulNavicula globulifera Hustedt
93170NaglomusNavicula glomus Carter et Bailey-Watts
46809NAgopperNavicula goeppertiana (Bleich) Smith
93175NagoersiNavicula goersii Bahls
46352NAgo1MTNavicula goersii var. 1 ANS MT
46022NAgottlaNavicula gottlandica Grunow
46844NAgracilNavicula gracilis (Kützing) Kützing
46432NAgrcminNavicula gracilis fo. minor Guermeur
46948NAgraschNavicula gracilis var. schizonemoides Van Heurck
46300NAgracioNavicula graciloides Mayer
46353NAgravisNavicula gravistriata Patrick
46023NAgregarNavicula gregaria Donkin
46354NAgrmmeiNavicula grimmei Krasske
46024NAgysingNavicula gysingensis Foged
46025NAhalophNavicula halophila (Grunow) Cleve
46845NAhalsubNavicula halophila fo. subcapitata Østrup
46355NAhaltenNavicula halophila fo. tenuirostris Hustedt
46433NAhalopoNavicula halophiliodes Hustedt
46356NAhmbergNavicula hambergii Hustedt
46727NAharderNavicula harderii Hustedt
46434NAhassiaNavicula hassiaca Krasske
46533NAhastaNavicula hasta Pantocsek
46498NAheimanNavicula heimansii Van Dam et Kooyman
46862NAheidesNavicula heimansioides Lange-Bertalot
46554NAhelensNavicula helensis Schulz
NAheteroNavicula heterostauron Germain
NAhetvroNavicula heterostauron var. rostrata Germain
NAhevrosNavicula heterostauron var. rostrata Germain
46357NAheufleNavicula heufleri Cholnoky
46488NAheulepNavicula heufleri var. leptocephala (Brébisson ex Grunow) Peragallo
46492NAheuriNavicula heufleriana (Grunow) Cleve
46580NAheusepNavicula heufleriana var. septrionalis Hustedt
93187NAhintziNavicula hintzii Lange-Bertalot
46935NahofmanNavicula hofmanniae Lange-Bertalot
46633NAhunlinNavicula hungarica var. linearis Østrup
46951NAhuvluNavicula hungarica var. lueneburgensis Grunow
NVhuvluNavicula hungarica var. lueneburgensis Grunow
46358NAhustdnNavicula hustedtiana Simonsen
46268NAhustedNavicula hustedtii Krasske
46301NAignotaNavicula ignota Krasske
46365NAignot2Navicula ignota Krasske
46523NAignaccNavicula ignota var. acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46275NAignangNavicula ignota var. anglica Lund
46481NAignpalNavicula ignota var. palustris (Hustedt) Lund
46359NAilopngNavicula ilopangoensis Hustedt
46599NAimbrctNavicula imbricata Bock
46130NAimpexaNavicula impexa Hustedt
46360NAincertNavicula incerta Grunow ex Van Heurck
46753NAincrttNavicula incertata Hustedt
46361NAin1NARNavicula incomposita var. 1 ANS NAR
46027NAindiffNavicula indifferens Hustedt
46479NAinfirmNavicula infirmata Hustedt et Manguin
46435NAinflexNavicula inflexa (Gregory) Ralfs
93023NAinfrenNavicula infrenis Hohn et Hellermann
46362NAingnuaNavicula ingenua Hustedt
46499NAingratNavicula ingrata Krasske
46028NAinsociNavicula insociabilis Krasske
46363NAintgraNavicula integra (Smith) Ralfs
46796NANavicula invalid entry
46634NAinvictNavicula invicta Hustedt
46534NAjaagiiNavicula jaagii Meister
46029NAjaerneNavicula jaernefelti Hustedt
Navicula jentzschii Grunow
93024NAjoubNavicula joubaudii Germain
46936NakohlmaNavicula kohlmaieri Lange-Bertalot
46269NAkotschNavicula kotschyi Grunow
46030NAkrasskNavicula krasskei Hustedt
46775NAkriegrNavicula kriegeri Krasske
46856NAkriegeNavicula kriegeri Krasske
46780NAkrookiNavicula krookii Grunow
46743NAkielbsNavicula kuelbsii Lange-Bertalot
NakurborNavicula kuripanensis var. borealis Poulin et Cardinal
46031NAlacustNavicula lacustris Gregory
46033NAlaefusNavicula laevissima fo. frusticulus (Østrup) Kobayasi
46032NAlaevisNavicula laevissima Kützing
Navicula laevissima var. perhibita (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46364NAlagintNavicula lagerheimii var. intermedia Hustedt
46745NAlagstdNavicula lagerstedtii Cleve
46367NAlamiiNavicula lamii Manguin
46859NAlancelNavicula lanceolata (Agardh) Ehrenberg
46034NAlanceoNavicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing
46366NAlapidsNavicula lapidosa Krasske
46368NAlatlngNavicula latelongitudinalis Patrick
46811NAlatensNavicula latens Krasske
46369NAlatrpnNavicula lateropunctata Wallace
46035NAlateroNavicula laterostrata Hustedt
46937NalaticeNavicula laticeps Hustedt
46667NAlstkwiNavicula leistikowii Lange-Bertalot
46842NAlenziiNavicula lenzii Hustedt ex Schmidt
46800NAl&h&33Navicula leptostriata cf. heimansii PLUS sp. 33 PIRLA
46095NAleptosNavicula leptostriata Jörgansen
46157NAlevandNavicula levanderi Hustedt
46542NAliboneNavicula libonensis Schoeman
46952NAlineNavicula linearis Frenguelli
46436NAlitosNavicula litos Hohn et Hellermann
46037NAlobeliNavicula lobeliae Jörgansen
93025NAcfloviNavicula longicephala cf. var. vilaplanii UMICH Lange-Bertalot et Sabater
46507NAlongcpNavicula longicephala Hustedt
46781NAlonvilNavicula longicephala var. vilaplanii Lange-Bertalot et Sabater
46437NAlongirNavicula longirostris Hustedt
46917NAluciaeNavicula luciae Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
46270NAludlovNavicula ludloviana Schmidt
46665NAlundiiNavicula lundii Reichardt
46370NAluzonsNavicula luzonensis Hustedt
46742NAlyraNavicula lyra Ehrenberg
93026NAmacerNavicula maceria Schimanski
46371NAmacrumNavicula macrum
46372NAmacltaNavicula maculata (Bailey) Cleve
46535NAmandumNavicula mandumensis Jörgansen
46741NAmargalNavicula margalithii Lange-Bertalot
46096NAmargarNavicula margaritacea Hustedt
46635NAmedcomNavicula mediacomplexa Hohn et Hellermann
46808NAmedconNavicula medioconvexa Hustedt
46897NAmediocNavicula mediocostata Reichardt
46038NAmediosNavicula mediocris Krasske
46765NAmedintNavicula mediocris var. intermedia Reimer
46171NAmediopNavicula mediopunctata Hustedt
46340NAmendotNavicula mendotia Van Landingham
46373NAmensclNavicula menisculus Schumann
46860NAmgrunNavicula menisculus var. grunowii Lange-Bertalot
46740NAmenobtNavicula menisculus var. obtusa Hustedt
46276NAmenupsNavicula menisculus var. upsaliensis (Grunow) Grunow
46302NAmeniscNavicula meniscus Schumann
46858NAmicrocNavicula microcari Lange-Bertalot
46500NamicphlNavicula microcephala Grunow
46039NAminimaNavicula minima Grunow
46739NAminatoNavicula minima var. atomoides (Grunow) Cleve
46247NAminpseNavicula minima var. pseudofossilis (Krasske) Reimer
46472NAminsclNavicula minuscula Grunow
46563NAminmurNavicula minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
46040NAminuscNavicula minusculoides Hustedt
46682NAmitgatNavicula mitigata Hustedt
46374NAmobilnNavicula mobiliensis Boyer
46375NAmobminNavicula mobiliensis var. minor Patrick
46128NAmodicaNavicula modica Hustedt
46938NamoenofNavicula moenofranconica Lange-Bertalot
46512NAmolestNavicula molestiformis Hustedt
46163NAmollisNavicula mollis (Smith) Cleve
46485NAmollsmNavicula mollissima Hustedt
46813NAmonocNavicula monoculata Hustedt
46518NAmnomisNavicula monoculata var. omissa (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46939NamoskaiNavicula moskalii Metzeltin, Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
46148NAmourneNavicula mournei Patrick
46438NAmultigNavicula multigramme Hohn et Hellermann
46738NAmurforNavicula muraliformis Hustedt
46041NAmuraliNavicula muralis Grunow
46103NAmutundNavicula mutica fo. undulata (Hilse) Cleve
46042NAmuticaNavicula mutica Kützing
46748NAmut1nwNavicula mutica var. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT
46685NAmt1NWKNavicula mutica var. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46550NAmutcapNavicula mutica var. capitata Østrup
46747NAmutcohNavicula mutica var. cohnii (Hilse) Grunow
Navicula mutica var. nipponica Skvortzow
46236NAmutnivNavicula mutica var. nivalis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
46376NAmutstgNavicula mutica var. stigma Patrick
46480NAmutrrsNavicula mutica var. tropica fo. rostrata Krasske
46144NAmuttroNavicula mutica var. tropica Hustedt
46303NAmutvenNavicula mutica var. ventricosa (Kützing) Cleve et Grunow
46043NAmuticoNavicula muticoides Hustedt
46784NamutpsiNavicula muticopsis Van Heurck
46674NAnambcaNavicula namibica Lange-Bertalot et Rumrich
46147NAnaumanNavicula naumanni Hustedt
NAneglecNavicula neglecta Krasske
46377NAneovenNavicula neoventricosa Hustedt
46164NAnitropNavicula nitrophila Petersen
46505NAnivalNavicula nivalis Ehrenberg
46482NAnivaloNavicula nivaloides Bock
46044NAnothaNavicula notha Wallace
93027NAnuwukNavicula nuwukiana Patrick et Freese
46673NAobdrtaNavicula obdurata Hohn et Hellermann
46940NaobligaNavicula obligata Hustedt
46832NAoblongNavicula oblonga Østrup
93108NaoblglaNavicula oblongella Nägeli
46045NAobsidiNavicula obsidialis Hustedt
46571NAabsoltNavicula obsoleta Hustedt
46491NAocculaNavicula occulta Krasske
46304NAoccultNavicula occulta Krasske
46378NAochrdnNavicula ochridana Hustedt
46160NAodiosaNavicula odiosa Wallace
46146NAokadaeNavicula okadae (Skvortzow) Nagumo et Kobayasi
46941NaoligotNavicula oligotraphenta Lange-Bertalot et Hofmann
46105NAomissaNavicula omissa Hustedt
46979NAoppNavicula oppugnata Hustedt
46439NAorangiNavicula orangiana Patrick
46262NAordinaNavicula ordinaria Hustedt
46953NAostearNavicula ostrearia Gaillon
NapagmanNavicula pagophila var. manitounukensis Poulin et Cardinal
93178NApaluNavicula paludosa Hustedt
46865NAparabiNavicula parablis Hohn et Hellermann
46737NAparamuNavicula paramutica Bock
46489NAparbinNavicula paramutica var. binodis Bock ex Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
46536NAparsubNavicula parasubtilissima Kobayasi et Nagumo
46379NApartnkNavicula paratunkae Petersen
46263NAparsurNavicula parsura Hustedt
46046NApaucivNavicula paucivisitata Patrick
46380NApavlldNavicula pavillardii Hustedt
46047NApellicNavicula pelliculosa Hilse
93171NapennNavicula pennsylvanica Patrick
46670NAperatmNavicula peratomus Hustedt
46289NAperegrNavicula peregrina (Ehrenberg) Kützing
46783NAperegpNavicula peregrinopsis Lange-Bertalot et Witkowski
46381NAperlucNavicula perlucida Hustedt
46538NApermntNavicula perminuta Grunow
46728NApermitNavicula permitis Hustedt
46440NAperpusNavicula perpusilla Grunow
Navicula perventralis Hustedt
46651NAphylptNavicula phyllepta Kützing
46964NAphysomNavicula phylleptosoma Lange-Bertalot
46382NAplcntaNavicula placenta Ehrenberg
46265NAplacenNavicula placentula (Ehrenberg) Grunow
46383NAplclatNavicula placentula var. lata
46815NAplalatNavicula placentula var. latiuscula (Grunow) Meister
46277NApoconoNavicula poconoensis Patrick
46770NApodzorNavicula podzorskii Lange-Bertalot
46501NAporifNavicula porifera (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46736NAporoppNavicula porifera var. opportuna Lange-Bertalot
46106NApraeteNavicula praeterita Hustedt
46441NAprotraNavicula protracta (Grunow) Cleve
93183NAproidNavicula protractoides (Hustedt) Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot
46744NApseangNavicula pseudoanglica Lange-Bertalot
46942NapsesigNavicula pseudoanglica var. signata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46561NApsdarvNavicula pseudoarvensis Hustedt
NapsdbraNavicula pseudobrasiliana Tuji
46807NApsdbryNavicula pseudobryophila Hustedt
46165NApseexiNavicula pseudoexilissima Hustedt
46153NApselanNavicula pseudolanceolata Lange-Bertalot
46049NApsemurNavicula pseudomuralis Hustedt
46384NApsdrenNavicula pseudoreinhardtii Patrick
46050NApsescuNavicula pseudoscutiformis Hustedt
46294NApsescvNavicula pseudoscutiformis var. Hustedt
46502NAps-silNavicula pseudosilicula Hustedt
46122NApsesubNavicula pseudosubtilissima Manguin
93181NApstenNavicula pseudotenelloides Krasske
46734NApsetasNavicula pseudotuscula Hustedt
46166NApsevenNavicula pseudoventralis Hustedt
46442NApupminNavicula pupula fo. minutula Cholnoky
46051NApupulaNavicula pupula Kützing
46643NApupaquNavicula pupula var. aquaductae (Krasske) Hustedt
46052NApupcapNavicula pupula var. capitata Skvortzvow et Mayer
46101NApupellNavicula pupula var. elliptica Hustedt
46296NApupulvNavicula pupula var. Kützing
46053NApupmutNavicula pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Hustedt
93151NAnyassNavicula pupula var. nyassensis (Müller) Lange-Bertalot
46054NApuprecNavicula pupula var. rectangularis (Gregory) Grunow
46385NApuprosNavicula pupula var. rostrata Hustedt
Navicula pusila var. capitata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46305NApusllaNavicula pusilla Smith
46913NApusioNavicula pusio Cleve
46055NApygmaeNavicula pygmaea Kützing
46056NAradiosNavicula radiosa Kützing
46112NAra2PRLNavicula radiosa var. 2 PIRLA
46816NAradnipNavicula radiosa var. nipponica Skvortzow
46057NAradparNavicula radiosa var. parva Wallace
46058NAradtenNavicula radiosa var. tenella (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow
46059NAradivsNavicula radiosa vars. Kützing
93172NaradfalNavicula radiosafallax Lange-Bertalot
46943NaradsioNavicula radiosiola Lange-Bertalot
46649NArecensNavicula recens Lange-Bertalot
46060NAregulaNavicula regularis Hustedt
46666NAreichdNavicula reichardtiana Lange-Bertalot
93159NAreicraNavicula reichardtiana var. crassa Lange-Bertalot et Hofmann
46386NAreimerNavicula reimerites Van Landingham
46387NAreinhrNavicula reinhardtii (Grunow) Grunow
46154NArhynchNavicula rhynchocephala Kützing
46061NArhyampNavicula rhynchocephala var. amphiceros (Kützing) Grunow
46388NArhygerNavicula rhynchocephala var. germainii (Wallace) Patrick
46062NArhygruNavicula rhynchocephala var. grunowii Cleve-Euler
46733NArhyrosNavicula rhynchocephala var. rostellata (Kützing) Cleve et Grunow
46904NAriediaNavicula riediana Lange-Bertalot et Rumrich
46754NAripariNavicula riparia Hustedt
46896NArostelNavicula rostellata Kützing
46443NArotaeaNavicula rotaeana (Rabenhorst) Grunow
46954NArovexNavicula rotaeana var. excentri Grunow
46063NArotundNavicula rotunda Hustedt
46064NArupicoNavicula rupicola Hustedt
93185NAruchilNavicula ruttneri var. chilensis Krasske
46444NArutrosNavicula ruttneri var. rostrata Hustedt
93177NarutcapNavicula ruttnerii var. capitata Hustedt
46416NAsabinaNavicula sabiniana Patrick
46389NAsalinmNavicula salinarum Grunow
46155NAsalintNavicula salinarum var. intermedia (Grunow) Cleve
46390NAsalnclNavicula salinicola Hustedt
46391NAsancruNavicula sanctaecrucis Østrup
46871NAsaproNavicula saprophila Lange-Bertalot
46392NAsavnhaNavicula savannahiana Patrick
46264NAsaxophNavicula saxophila Bock ex Hustedt
46065NAscabelNavicula scabellum Hustedt
46537NAschdeiNavicula schadei Krasske
46066NAschmasNavicula schmassmanni Hustedt
46393NAschoefNavicula schoenfeldii Hustedt
46394NAschescNavicula schroeteri var. escambia Patrick
46746NAschsymNavicula schroeteri var. symmetrica (Patrick) Lange-Bertalot
46306NAschroeNavicula schroeterii Meister
46539NAscoperNavicula scopulorum var. perlonga Brun
46149NAscutelNavicula scutelloides Smith ex Gregory
46067NAscutifNavicula scutiformis Grunow
46395NAsecapiNavicula secreta var. apiculata Patrick
46068NAsecuraNavicula secura Patrick
46870NAseibigNavicula seibigiana Lange-Bertalot
Navicula seibigii Lange-Bertalot
93028NAsemenNavicula semen Ehrenberg
46396NAsemoidNavicula seminoides Cleve et Grove ex Cleve
46069NAsemdesNavicula seminuloides Hustedt
46070NAsemlumNavicula seminulum Grunow
46477NAsemhusNavicula seminulum var. hustedtii Patrick
46071NAsemintNavicula seminulum var. intermedia Hustedt
46397NAsimlisNavicula similis Krasske
46417NAsimplxNavicula simplex Krasske
46445NAsimulaNavicula simula Patrick
46930NasjoersNavicula sjoersii Busse et Snoeijs
46732NAslesviNavicula slesvicensis Grunow
46132NAsoecapNavicula soehrensis fo. capitata (Krasske) Hustedt
46072NAsoehreNavicula soehrensis Krasske
46026NAsoehasNavicula soehrensis var. hassiaca (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
46278NAsoemusNavicula soehrensis var. muscicola (Petersen) Krasske
93169NasoodenNavicula soodensis Krasske
46645NAsorelaNavicula sorella Hohn et Hellermann
46073NAsovereNavicula sovereignae Hustedt
46686NAkmnq0ANavicula sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
46687NAkmnq0BNavicula sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
46688NAkmnq0CNavicula sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
46689NAkmnq0DNavicula sp. 0D UL NAWQA 96 KM
46690NAkmnq0ENavicula sp. 0E UL NAWQA 96 KM
46691NAkmnq0FNavicula sp. 0F UL NAWQA 96 KM
46692NAkmnq0GNavicula sp. 0G UL NAWQA KM
46711NAkmnq0HNavicula sp. 0H UL NAWQA KM
46694NAkmnq0INavicula sp. 0I UL NAWQA KM
46695NAkmnq0JNavicula sp. 0J UL NAWQA KM
46696NAkmnq0KNavicula sp. 0K UL NAWQA KM
46697NAkmnq0LNavicula sp. 0L UL NAWQA KM
46698NAkmnq0MNavicula sp. 0M UL NAWQA KM
46699NAkmnq0NNavicula sp. 0N UL NAWQA KM
46701NAkmnq0ONavicula sp. 0O UL NAWQA KM
46700NAkmnq0PNavicula sp. 0P UL NAWQA KM
46702NAkmnq0QNavicula sp. 0Q UL NAWQA KM
46703NAkmnq0RNavicula sp. 0R UL NAWQA KM
46704NAkmnq0SNavicula sp. 0S UL NAWQA KM
46705NAkmnq0TNavicula sp. 0T UL NAWQA KM
46707NAkmnq0UNavicula sp. 0U UL NAWQA KM
46708NAkmnq0VNavicula sp. 0V UL NAWQA KM
46709NAkmnq0WNavicula sp. 0W UL NAWQA KM
46710NAkmnq0XNavicula sp. 0X UL NAWQA KM
46712NAkmnq0YNavicula sp. 0Y UL NAWQA KM
46713NAkmnq0ZNavicula sp. 0Z UL NAWQA KM
93060NA1efsalNavicula sp. 1 (2 puncts) NAWQA UMICH EFS15 ALBE
46990NA1?Navicula sp. 1 ?
46864NA1acadNavicula sp. 1 ACAD NAWQA
46914NAsp1KCPNavicula sp. 1 AMD KCP
46470NA1smANSNavicula sp. 1 ANS (small)
46834NA1ANSACNavicula sp. 1 ANS ACFB
46587NA1ANSCRNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR
46625NA1CRHSMNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR HSM
46642NA1CRLCBNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR LCB
46626NA1CRLEMNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR LEM
46641NA1CWRNANavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NA
46619NA1CWRNBNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NB
46614NA1CWRNCNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NC
46613NA1CWRNHNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NH
46574NA1CRNHONavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NHO
46620NA1CWRNINavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NI
46631NA1CRNICNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NIC
46594NA1CWRNJNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NJ
46609NA1CWRNLNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NL
46611NA1CWRNPNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NP
46627NA1CRNPENavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NPE
46588NA1CRNPSNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NPS
46589NA1CRNRPNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NRP
46600NA1CRNRTNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NRT
46596NA1CWRNSNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NS
46623NACRNSMNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NSM
46640NA1CRNSPNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NSP
46638NA1CRNSRNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NSR
46603NA1CWRNTNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR NT
46639NA1CRSMXNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR SMPX
46602NA1CRSRGNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR SRG
46622NA1CRSSBNavicula sp. 1 ANS CWR SSB
46817NA1GUADNavicula sp. 1 ANS GUAD
46828NA1ANSHDNavicula sp. 1 ANS HDSN
46551NA1ANSJHNavicula sp. 1 ANS JH
46771NA1ANSLMNavicula sp. 1 ANS LJM
46650NA1ANSLBNavicula sp. 1 ANS LLB
46446NA1MISSNavicula sp. 1 ANS MISS
46418NA1ANSMTNavicula sp. 1 ANS MT
46793NA1DWNWQNavicula sp. 1 ANS NAWQA DW
46794NA1DWNavicula sp. 1 ANS NAWQA DW
46777NA1EMNWQNavicula sp. 1 ANS NAWQA EAM
46867NA1ANSNJNavicula sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
46451NA1RLDNavicula sp. 1 ANS RLD
46508NAsp1svNavicula sp. 1 ANS SV
46592NA1ANSTCNavicula sp. 1 ANS TAC SCTX
46680NA1ANTACNavicula sp. 1 ANS TAC SF
46837NA1ANSTRNavicula sp. 1 ANS TRIN
46932NAsp1VANavicula sp. 1 ANS VA KCP
46802NA1WRCNavicula sp. 1 ANS WRC
46851NA1FRITZNavicula sp. 1 FRITZ
46912NA1IDHDWNavicula sp. 1 Idaho DW
46785NA1JRLJMNavicula sp. 1 JR LJM
46786NA1LJMNavicula sp. 1 JR LJM
46543NA1kplmlNavicula sp. 1 KPL ML
46866NA1LLBSBNavicula sp. 1 LLB Sabine
46961NAsp1MTHNavicula sp. 1 MONTANA HAGAN
46801NA1MRNPNavicula sp. 1 MRNP
93109NA1caozNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. arvensis
46946NA1EEHNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA EEH
93067NA1um96eNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UM 1996 EIWA
93068NA1um96sNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UM 1996 SCTX
93031NA1umalbNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
93145NA1umalmNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
93063NA1umcazNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
93070NA1umeiwNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93064NA1umkrNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH KR ALBE
93065NA1ummeNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH MBE ALBE
93066NA1umnaaNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH NAA ALBE
93037NA1umpugNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
93041NA1umsctNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
93144NA1umucNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
93059NA1umumNavicula sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UMIS
46966NAsp1eamNavicula sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
46094NA1PRLNavicula sp. 1 PIRLA
46981NAsp1smoNavicula sp. 1 SABINE MORALES
46706NA1ULNWNavicula sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46980NAsp1kmmNavicula sp. 1 WEMAP MANOYLOV
46968NAsp1srNavicula sp. 1 WRAP ROLLINS
46999NA10?Navicula sp. 10 ?
46821NA10JHNavicula sp. 10 ANS JH
46671NA10ANLBNavicula sp. 10 ANS LLB
46825NA10RRNavicula sp. 10 ANS RR
46522NA10WRCNavicula sp. 10 ANS WRC
46414NA10YLNavicula sp. 10 ANS YL
93071NA10efsaNavicula sp. 10 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93119NA10umalNavicula sp. 10 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. arvensis Hustedt
93053NA10umeiNavicula sp. 10 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
46110NA10PRLNavicula sp. 10 PIRLA
46714NA10ULNWNavicula sp. 10 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46235NA100PRLNavicula sp. 100 PIRLA
46237NA101PRLNavicula sp. 101 PIRLA
46461NA102LLNavicula sp. 102 ANS LL
46238NA102PRLNavicula sp. 102 PIRLA
46241NA103PRLNavicula sp. 103 PIRLA
46242NA104PRLNavicula sp. 104 PIRLA
46243NA105PRLNavicula sp. 105 PIRLA
46244NA106PRLNavicula sp. 106 PIRLA
46245NA107PRLNavicula sp. 107 PIRLA
46248NA108PRLNavicula sp. 108 PIRLA
46249NA109PRLNavicula sp. 109 PIRLA
46658NA11ASLBNavicula sp. 11 ANS LLB
46833NA11ANSWNavicula sp. 11 ANS WRC
93072NA11efsaNavicula sp. 11 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93120NA11umalNavicula sp. 11 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. capitatoradiata Germain
93054NA11umeiNavicula sp. 11 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
46176NA110PRLNavicula sp. 110 PIRLA
46178NA111PRLNavicula sp. 111 PIRLA
46251NA112PRLNavicula sp. 112 PIRLA
46215NA113PRLNavicula sp. 113 PIRLA
46280NA114PRLNavicula sp. 114 PIRLA
46281NA115PRLNavicula sp. 115 PIRLA
46282NA116PRLNavicula sp. 116 PIRLA
46283NA117PRLNavicula sp. 117 PIRLA
46284NA118PRLNavicula sp. 118 PIRLA
46285NA119PRLNavicula sp. 119 PIRLA
46778NA12LLBNavicula sp. 12 ANS LLB
46818NA12ANSWNavicula sp. 12 ANS W
46524NA12ANSNavicula sp. 12 ANS WRC
93073NA12efsaNavicula sp. 12 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93121NA12umalNavicula sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. cryptocephala Kützing
93061NA12umeiNavicula sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93134NA12umpuNavicula sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. protracta (Grunow) Cleve
46116NA12PRLNavicula sp. 12 PIRLA
46286NA120PRLNavicula sp. 120 PIRLA
46287NA121PRLNavicula sp. 121 PIRLA
46288NA122PRLNavicula sp. 122 PIRLA
46581NA13ANSWNavicula sp. 13 ANS WRC
93074NA13efsaNavicula sp. 13 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93122NA13umalNavicula sp. 13 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot
93135NA13umpuNavicula sp. 13 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. radiosa Kützing
46117NA13PRLNavicula sp. 13 PIRLA
46478NA130LLNavicula sp. 130 ANS LL
46669NA14ANWCNavicula sp. 14 ANS WRC AM
93075NA14efsaNavicula sp. 14 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93123NA14umalNavicula sp. 14 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. decussis Østrup
93136NA14umpuNavicula sp. 14 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. slesvicensis Grunow
46133NA14PRLNavicula sp. 14 PIRLA
46681NA15WRCNavicula sp. 15 ANS WRC
93076NA15efsaNavicula sp. 15 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93124NA15umalNavicula sp. 15 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. digatilus Hustedt
93137NA15umpuNavicula sp. 15 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. veneta Kützing
46127NA15PRLNavicula sp. 15 PIRLA
93077NA16efsaNavicula sp. 16 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93125NA16umalNavicula sp. 16 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. disjuncta Hustedt
93138NA16umpuNavicula sp. 16 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. viridula var. rostellata (Kützing) Cleve
93078NA17efsaNavicula sp. 17 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93126NA17umalNavicula sp. 17 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. gastrum var. Hustedt
46156NA17PRLNavicula sp. 17 PIRLA
93079NA18efsaNavicula sp. 18 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93127NA18umalNavicula sp. 18 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. halophila (Grunow) Cleve
46308NA18PRLNavicula sp. 18 PIRLA
93080NA19efsaNavicula sp. 19 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93128NA19umalNavicula sp. 19 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. microcari Lange-Bertalot
46755NAkmnq1ANavicula sp. 1A UL NAWQA KM
46756NAkmnq1BNavicula sp. 1B UL NAWQA KM
46757NAkmnq1DNavicula sp. 1D UL NAWQA KM
46758NAKMNQ1ENavicula sp. 1E UL NAWQA KM
46759NAKMNQ1FNavicula sp. 1F UL NAWQA KM
46761NAKMNQ1GNavicula sp. 1G UL NAWQA KM
46762NAKMNQ1HNavicula sp. 1H UL NAWQA KM
93069NA1um96uNavicula sp. 1NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN
93062NA2umscsNavicula sp. 2 (with stigmoid) NAWQA UMICH SCTX
46991NA2?Navicula sp. 2 ?
46458NA2APWNavicula sp. 2 ANS APW
46630NA2ANSCRNavicula sp. 2 ANS CWR
46555NA2LAPNavicula sp. 2 ANS LAP
46652NA2ANSLBNavicula sp. 2 ANS LLB
46419NA2ANSMTNavicula sp. 2 ANS MT
46782NA2EMNWQNavicula sp. 2 ANS NAWQA EAM
93153NA2ANSNJNavicula sp. 2 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
93154NA1KCPNavicula sp. 2 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
46452NA2RLDNavicula sp. 2 ANS RLD
46852NA2FRITZNavicula sp. 2 FRITZ
46929NA2IdahNavicula sp. 2 Idaho SEH
46962NAsp2MTHNavicula sp. 2 MONTANA HAGAN
93110NA2caozNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. menisculus
93083NA2efsalNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE cf. Craticula sp.
93155NA2MPNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA MP
93086NA2um96eNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 EIWA
93087NA2um96sNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 SCTX
93088NA2um96uNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN
93032NA2umalbNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
93146NA2umalmNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
93081NA2umcazNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
93038NA2umeiwNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93084NA2umkrNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH KR ALBE
93085NA2umnaaNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH NAA ALBE
93048NA2umpugNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
93050NA2umsctNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
93057NA2umucoNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
93082NA2umuteNavicula sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
46138NA2PRLNavicula sp. 2 PIRLA
46715NA2ULNWNavicula sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46977NAsp1rtNavicula sp. 2 WEMAP STANCHEVA
46969NAsp2srNavicula sp. 2 WRAP ROLLINS
93089NA20NQESNavicula sp. 20 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93129NA20NQUMNavicula sp. 20 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. minima Grunow ex Van Heurck
46174NA20PRLNavicula sp. 20 PIRLA
46456NA21BGNavicula sp. 21 ANS BG
93090NA21NQESNavicula sp. 21 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93130NA21NQUMNavicula sp. 21 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. minthe Hohn et Hellermann
46239NA21PRLNavicula sp. 21 PIRLA
93131NA22umalNavicula sp. 22 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. rhynchocephala Kützing
93139NA22efsaNavicula sp. 22 NAWQA UMICH EFS1 ALBE
46457NA23BGNavicula sp. 23 ANS BG
46459NA23LLYNavicula sp. 23 ANS LL Y
93132NA23umalNavicula sp. 23 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. subrhynchocephala Hustedt
93140NA23efsaNavicula sp. 23 NAWQA UMICH EFS2 ALBE
46123NA23PRLNavicula sp. 23 PIRLA
93133NA24umalNavicula sp. 24 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. tenelloides Hustedt
46124NA24PRLNavicula sp. 24 PIRLA
93162NA25NQKMNavicula sp. 25 NAWQA KM
46125NA25PRLNavicula sp. 25 PIRLA
93163NA26kmNavicula sp. 26 NAWQA KM
46126NA26PRLNavicula sp. 26 PIRLA
93164NA27kmNavicula sp. 27 NAWQA KM
46129NA27PRLNavicula sp. 27 PIRLA
93179NA28eamNavicula sp. 28 NAWQA EAM
46098NA28PRLNavicula sp. 28 PIRLA
93176NA28SVEMNavicula sp. 28 SAVANNAH EAM
93182NA29eamNavicula sp. 29 NAWQA EAM
46097NA29PRLNavicula sp. 29 PIRLA
46992NA3?Navicula sp. 3 ?
46632NA3ANSCRNavicula sp. 3 ANS CWR
46820NA3ANSJHNavicula sp. 3 ANS JH
46668NA3ANSLBNavicula sp. 3 ANS LLB
46449NA3NARNavicula sp. 3 ANS NAR
46453NA3RLDNavicula sp. 3 ANS RLD
46804NA3WRCNavicula sp. 3 ANS WRC
46965NAsp3MTHNavicula sp. 3 MONTANA HAGAN
93091NA3efsalNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93092NA3umkrNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA KR ALBE
93156NA3MPNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA MP
93142NA3um96uNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN JP
93034NA3umalNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
93033NA3umamNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
93043NA3umcaNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
93039NA3umeiNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93105NA3umpugNavicula sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. capitata Ehrenberg
93160NA3NJKCPNavicula sp. 3 NEW JERSEY KCP
46099NA3PRLNavicula sp. 3 PIRLA
46716NA3ULNWNavicula sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46978NAsp3rtNavicula sp. 3 WEMAP STANCHEVA
46970NAsp3srNavicula sp. 3 WRAP ROLLINS
93184NA30eamNavicula sp. 30 NAWQA EAM
93111NA31caozNavicula sp. 31 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
46139NA31PRLNavicula sp. 31 PIRLA
46890NA32NQEMNavicula sp. 32 NAWQA EAM
46108NA32PRLNavicula sp. 32 PIRLA
93112NA33caozNavicula sp. 33 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
46004NA33PRLNavicula sp. 33 PIRLA
46140NA34PRLNavicula sp. 34 PIRLA
93113NA35caozNavicula sp. 35 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. pseudolanceolata
46141NA35PRLNavicula sp. 35 PIRLA
93114NA36caozNavicula sp. 36 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
46152NA36PRLNavicula sp. 36 PIRLA
46553NA37ANSLNavicula sp. 37 ANS LL
46900NA37kmNavicula sp. 37 NAWQA KM
46901NA38KMNavicula sp. 38 NAWQA KM
46819NA39ANSPNavicula sp. 39 ANS P
46902NA39Navicula sp. 39 NAWQA WRC
46158NA39PRLNavicula sp. 39 PIRLA
46993NA4?Navicula sp. 4 ?
46552NA4ANSJHNavicula sp. 4 ANS JH
46653NA4ANSLBNavicula sp. 4 ANS LLB
46484NA4MRCWRNavicula sp. 4 ANS MR CWR
46450NA4NARNavicula sp. 4 ANS NAR
46412NA4NARPXNavicula sp. 4 ANS NAR PX
46454NA4RLDNavicula sp. 4 ANS RLD
46805NA4WRCNavicula sp. 4 ANS WRC
46556NA4LAPNavicula sp. 4 ANSLAP
46982NAsp4MTHNavicula sp. 4 MONTANA HAGAN
93093NA4efsalNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93157NA4MPNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA MP
93143NA4um96uNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN KR
93035NA4umalNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
93103NA4umalmNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALMN aff. radiosafallax Lange-Bertalot
93047NA4umcaNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
93040NA4umeiwNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93141NA4umkrNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH KR ALBE
93106NA4umpugNavicula sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. capitatoradiata Germain
46717NA4ULNWNavicula sp. 4 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46971NAsp4srNavicula sp. 4 WRAP ROLLINS
46907NA40NQEMNavicula sp. 40 NAWQA EAM
46175NA40PRLNavicula sp. 40 PIRLA
46824NA41ANSPNavicula sp. 41 ANS P
46908NA41NQEMNavicula sp. 41 NAWQA EAM
46823NA42JHWNavicula sp. 42 ANS JHW
46909NA42NQEMNavicula sp. 42 NAWQA EAM
46177NA42PRLNavicula sp. 42 PIRLA
46822NA43JHNavicula sp. 43 ANS JH
46923NA43NQEMNavicula sp. 43 NAWQA EAM
46924NA34NQEMNavicula sp. 44 NAWQA EAM
46179NA44PRLNavicula sp. 44 PIRLA
46927NAsp45emNavicula sp. 45 NAWQA EAM
46180NA45PRLNavicula sp. 45 PIRLA
46928NAsp46emNavicula sp. 46 NAWQA EAM
46181NA46PRLNavicula sp. 46 PIRLA
46931NAsp47Navicula sp. 47 NAWQA HAMSHER
46182NA47PRLNavicula sp. 47 PIRLA
46413NA48RRNavicula sp. 48 ANS RR
46947NAsp48Navicula sp. 48 NAWQA HAMSHER
46183NA48PRLNavicula sp. 48 PIRLA
46956NAsp49EHNavicula sp. 49 NAWQA HAGAN
46184NA49PRLNavicula sp. 49 PIRLA
46994NA5?Navicula sp. 5 ?
46557NAsp5LAPNavicula sp. 5 ANS LAP
46654NA5ANSLBNavicula sp. 5 ANS LLB
46906NA5ANSNJNavicula sp. 5 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
46806NA5WRCNavicula sp. 5 ANS WRC
46983NAsp5moNavicula sp. 5 MONTANA HAMSHER
93094NA5NQEFNavicula sp. 5 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93158NA5MPNavicula sp. 5 NAWQA MP
93036NA5NQALNavicula sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
93049NA5NQCZNavicula sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
93042NA5NQEINavicula sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93107NA5NQPUNavicula sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. cari Ehrenberg
46093NA5PRLNavicula sp. 5 PIRLA
46861NANQMPNavicula sp. 5 SCTX MP
46718NA5ULNWNavicula sp. 5 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46972NAsp5srNavicula sp. 5 WRAP ROLLINS
46957NAsp50EHNavicula sp. 50 NAWQA HAGAN
46185NA50PRLNavicula sp. 50 PIRLA
46958NAsp51EHNavicula sp. 51 NAWQA HAGAN
46186NA51PRLNavicula sp. 51 PIRLA
46187NA52PRLNavicula sp. 52 PIRLA
46188NA53PRLNavicula sp. 53 PIRLA
46189NA54PRLNavicula sp. 54 PIRLA
46190NA55PRLNavicula sp. 55 PIRLA
46447NA56JWSANavicula sp. 56 ANS JW SAV
46191NA56PRLNavicula sp. 56 PIRLA
46192NA57PRLNavicula sp. 57 PIRLA
46193NA58PRLNavicula sp. 58 PIRLA
46194NA59PRLNavicula sp. 59 PIRLA
46995NA6?Navicula sp. 6 ?
46655NA6ANSLBNavicula sp. 6 ANS LLB
46455NA6RLDNavicula sp. 6 ANS RLD
46839NA6ANSWCNavicula sp. 6 ANS WRC
46558NA6LAPNavicula sp. 6 ANSLAP
46984NAsp6MTHNavicula sp. 6 MONTANA HAGAN
93095NA6NQESNavicula sp. 6 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93055NA6NQUMNavicula sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
93044NA6NQCZNavicula sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93115NA6NQPUNavicula sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot
46119NA6PRLNavicula sp. 6 PIRLA
46719NA6ULNWNavicula sp. 6 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46973NAsp6srNavicula sp. 6 WRAP ROLLINS
46195NA60PRLNavicula sp. 60 PIRLA
46196NA61PRLNavicula sp. 61 PIRLA
46197NA62PRLNavicula sp. 62 PIRLA
46198NA63PRLNavicula sp. 63 PIRLA
46199NA64PRLNavicula sp. 64 PIRLA
46200NA65PRLNavicula sp. 65 PIRLA
46201NA66PRLNavicula sp. 66 PIRLA
46203NA68PRLNavicula sp. 68 PIRLA
46204NA69PRLNavicula sp. 69 PIRLA
93056NA6NQALNavicula sp. 6NAWQA UMICH ALBE
46996NA7?Navicula sp. 7 ?
46656NA7ANSLBNavicula sp. 7 ANS LLB
46519NA7WRCNavicula sp. 7 ANS WRC
93096NA7NQESNavicula sp. 7 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93058NA7NQALNavicula sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
93104NA7NQCZNavicula sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH CZAB cf. atomus (Kützing) Grunow
93045NA7NQEINavicula sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93116NA7NQPUNavicula sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. gregaria Donkin
46720NA7ULNWNavicula sp. 7 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46974NAsp7srNavicula sp. 7 WRAP ROLLINS
46205NA70PRLNavicula sp. 70 PIRLA
46206NA71PRLNavicula sp. 71 PIRLA
46207NA72PRLNavicula sp. 72 PIRLA
46208NA73PRLNavicula sp. 73 PIRLA
46209NA74PRLNavicula sp. 74 PIRLA
46826NA75LLNavicula sp. 75 ANS LL
46210NA75PRLNavicula sp. 75 PIRLA
46211NA76PRLNavicula sp. 76 PIRLA
46212NA77PRLNavicula sp. 77 PIRLA
46213NA78PRLNavicula sp. 78 PIRLA
46214NA79PRLNavicula sp. 79 PIRLA
46997NA8?Navicula sp. 8 ?
46657NA8ANSLBNavicula sp. 8 ANS LLB
46520NA8WRCNavicula sp. 8 ANS WRC
93097NA8NQESNavicula sp. 8 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93117NA8NQUMNavicula sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. accomoda Hustedt
93046NA8NQEINavicula sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
46722NA8ULNWNavicula sp. 8 UL NAWQA KM
46975NAsp8srNavicula sp. 8 WRAP ROLLINS
46216NA81PRLNavicula sp. 81 PIRLA
46217NA82PRLNavicula sp. 82 PIRLA
46218NA83PRLNavicula sp. 83 PIRLA
46219NA84PRLNavicula sp. 84 PIRLA
46220NA85PRLNavicula sp. 85 PIRLA
46221NA86PRLNavicula sp. 86 PIRLA
46222NA87PRLNavicula sp. 87 PIRLA
46223NA88PRLNavicula sp. 88 PIRLA
46224NA89PRLNavicula sp. 89 PIRLA
46998NA9?Navicula sp. 9 ?
46664NA9ANSLBNavicula sp. 9 ANS LLB
46521NA9WRCNavicula sp. 9 ANS WRC
93098NA9NQESNavicula sp. 9 NAWQA EFS ALBE
93118NA9NQUMNavicula sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. anglica Ralfs ex Pritchard
93051NA9umeiNavicula sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
93052NA9NQEIWNavicula sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
46120NA9PRLNavicula sp. 9 PIRLA
46721NA9ULNWNavicula sp. 9 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
46225NA90PRLNavicula sp. 90 PIRLA
46226NA91PRLNavicula sp. 91 PIRLA
46227NA92PRLNavicula sp. 92 PIRLA
46228NA93PRLNavicula sp. 93 PIRLA
46229NA94PRLNavicula sp. 94 PIRLA
46230NA95PRLNavicula sp. 95 PIRLA
46231NA96PRLNavicula sp. 96 PIRLA
46460NA97LLNavicula sp. 97 ANS LL
46232NA97PRLNavicula sp. 97 PIRLA
46233NA98PRLNavicula sp. 98 PIRLA
46234NA99PRLNavicula sp. 99 PIRLA
46853NAaBATTNavicula sp. a BATT
Navicula sp. A Uyuni FRITZ
46854NAaaBATTNavicula sp. aa BATT
46448NAF2bCWRNavicula sp. ANS CWR F2b
46471NAY3JHNavicula sp. ANS JH Y3
93150NAbcaozNavicula sp. B NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
46398NAsparstNavicula sparsistriata Hustedt
46266NAspiculNavicula spicula (Hickie) Cleve
46889NAsppNavicula spp.
Navicula spp. (freshwater) BRADBURY
Navicula spp. (saline) BRADBURY
93147NAstankNavicula stankovicii Hustedt
46462NAstrenzNavicula strenzkei Hustedt
46074NAstren2Navicula strenzkei Hustedt
Navicula striolata (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
46812NAstroemNavicula stroemii Hustedt
46915NAstructNavicula structa Lange-Bertalot et Steindorf
46399NAsubadnNavicula subadnata Hustedt
46835NAsubarvNavicula subarvensis Hustedt
46075NAsubatoNavicula subatomoides Hustedt
NasubsubNavicula subdelicata var. subarctica Poulin et Cardinal
46463NAsubfasNavicula subfasciata Patrick
46464NAsubforNavicula subforcipata Hustedt
46465NAsubgasNavicula subgastriformis Hustedt
46076NAsubhamNavicula subhamulata Grunow
46676NAlucdlaNavicula sublucidula Hustedt
46562NAsubminNavicula subminuscula Manguin
46731NAsubmitNavicula submitis Hustedt
46077NAsubmolNavicula submolesta Hustedt
46078NAsubmurNavicula submuralis Hustedt
46730NAsubplaNavicula subplacentula Hustedt
46560NAsubrhyNavicula subrhyncocephala Hustedt
46080NAsublanNavicula subrotundata fo. lanceolata Hustedt
46079NAsubrotNavicula subrotundata Hustedt
NasubtlsNavicula subtilis Brébisson
46081NAsubtilNavicula subtilissima Cleve
NasubtroNavicula subtrophicatrix Tuji
46767NAsuchlnNavicula suchlandtii Hustedt
46976NAsuecNavicula suecorum Carlson
46729NAsuedisNavicula suecorum var. dismutica (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46400NAsymtrcNavicula symmetrica Patrick
46107NAtantulNavicula tantula Hustedt
46401NAtenellNavicula tenelloides Hustedt
46402NAteneraNavicula tenera Hustedt
46466NAtn1RLDNavicula tenera var. 1 ANS RLD
46082NAtenuicNavicula tenuicephala Hustedt
46403NAterminNavicula terminata Hustedt
46404NAtexanaNavicula texana Patrick
46405NArhienmNavicula thienemannii Hustedt
46083NAtongatNavicula tongatensis Hustedt
46084NAtridenNavicula tridentula Krasske
46104NAtripunNavicula tripunctata (Müller) Bory
46406NAtrischNavicula tripunctata var. schizonemoides (Van Heurck) Patrick
46307NAtrivisNavicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot
46774NAtrivlsNavicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot
46898NAtrioliNavicula trivialis var. oligotraphenta Lange-Bertalot et Hofmann
NAtschukNavicula tschuktschorum Cleve
46836NAtugeleNavicula tugelae Cholnoky
46267NAtusculNavicula tuscula (Ehrenberg) Grunow
46407NAtusminNavicula tuscula fo. minor Hustedt
46142NAtusangNavicula tuscula var. angulata Hustedt
46894NAupsalNavicula upsaliensis (Grunow) Peragallo
46085NAutermoNavicula utermoehlii Hustedt
46814NAvandamNavicula vandamii Schoeman et Archibald
46086NAvanheuNavicula vanheurckii Patrick
46503NAvariosNavicula variostriata Krasske
46467NAvauchrNavicula vaucheriae Petersen
46468NAvaudenNavicula vaucheriae var. densistriata Lund
46967NAvekhoNavicula vekhovii Lange-Bertalot et Genkal
46504NAvenetaNavicula veneta Kützing
NAvenetNavicula venetiformis Van de Vijver et Beyens
46088NAventosNavicula ventosa Hustedt
46473NAventrlNavicula ventralis Krasske
46892NAvilapNavicula vilaplanii (Lange-Bertalot et Sabater) Lange-Bertalot et Sabater
NavimcosNavicula viminoides subsp. cosmomarina Lange-Bertalot, Witkowski, Bogaczewicz-Adamczak et Zgrundo
46408NAvirdlaNavicula viridula (Kützing) Kützing emend. Van Heurck
46659NAvir1LBNavicula viridula var. 1 ANS LLB
NavaraleNavicula viridula var. alisoviana Skvortsow
46409NAvirargNavicula viridula var. argunensis Skvortzow
46469NAviraveNavicula viridula var. avenacea (Brébisson ex Grunow) Van Heurck
46922NAvirgerNavicula viridula var. germainii (Wallace) Lange-Bertalot
46089NAvirlinNavicula viridula var. linearis Hustedt
46410NAvirrosNavicula viridula var. rostellata (Kützing) Cleve
46895NAvicalNavicula viridulacalcis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
46090NAvitabuNavicula vitabunda Hustedt
46087NAvitiosNavicula vitiosa Schimanski
46846NAvixvisNavicula vixvisibilis Hustedt
46150NAvulpinNavicula vulpina Kützing
46279NAwallacNavicula wallacei Reimer
46944NawienziNavicula wienzierlii Schimanski
93148NAweisnNavicula wiesneri Lange-Bertalot
46660NAwildiiNavicula wildii Lange-Bertalot
93186NAwitkoNavicula witkowskii Lange-Bertalot, Iserentant et Metzeltin
46617NAwittrkNavicula wittrockii (Lagerstedt) Tempère et Peragallo
46752NAyorknsNavicula yorkensis Camburn
46091NAzizixNavicula zizix Van Landingham
46411NAzosterNavicula zostereti Grunow
248990Naviculadicta sp. 1 ?
248999Naviculadicta sp. 10 ?
248991Naviculadicta sp. 2 ?
248992Naviculadicta sp. 3 ?
248993Naviculadicta sp. 4 ?
248994Naviculadicta sp. 5 ?
248995Naviculadicta sp. 6 ?
248996Naviculadicta sp. 7 ?
248997Naviculadicta sp. 8 ?
248998Naviculadicta sp. 9 ?
248001Naviculadicta spp. Lange-Bertalot
47001NEaffineNeidium affine (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer
47036NEaffCAFNeidium affine (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer
47029NEaf1PRLNeidium affine var. 1 PIRLA
47083NEaff1umNeidium affine var. 1 UMICH ALBE
47024NEaf2PRLNeidium affine var. 2 PIRLA
47002NEaffampNeidium affine var. amphirhynchus (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47049NEaffcapNeidium affine var. capitatum Mölder
47003NEaffceyNeidium affine var. ceylonicum (Skvortzow) Reimer
47050NEaffconNeidium affine var. constricta Frenguelli
47039NEaffhumNeidium affine var. humerus Reimer
47004NEafflonNeidium affine var. longiceps (Gregory) Cleve
47057NEafftenNeidium affine var. tenuirostris Mayer
47005NEaffundNeidium affine var. undulatum (Grunow) Cleve
47006NEalpinuNeidium alpinum Hustedt
47025NEalpquaNeidium alpinum var. quadripunctatum (Hustedt) Hamilton
47094NEamphNeidium amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer
47066NEampliaNeidium ampliatum (Ehrenberg) Krammer
47034NEapiculNeidium apiculatum Reimer
47063NEapiconNeidium apiculatum var. constrictum Reimer
47058NEbinodeNeidium binode (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
47082NebinfrmNeidium binodeformis Krammer
47078NEbinodiNeidium binodis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
47053NEbisulvNeidium bisulcatum (Lagerstedt) Cleve
47007NEbisulcNeidium bisulcatum (Lagerstedt) Cleve
47008NEbisbaiNeidium bisulcatum var. baicalense (Skvortzow et Meyer) Reimer
47009NEbisnipNeidium bisulcatum var. nipponicum Skvortzow
47068NEbissamNeidium bisulcatum var. subampliatum Krammer ex Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
47048NEbissubNeidium bisulcatum var. subundulatum (Grunow) Reimer
47010NEboyeriNeidium boyeri Reimer
NecapecoNeidium cape-codii Siver et Hamilton
47073NEcfclemNeidium cf. clementoides REIMER
47072NEcfhankNeidium cf. hankensis REIMER Skvortzow
47067NEcfhercNeidium cf. hercynicum Mayer
47070NEcfhermNeidium cf. hermanii REIMER Hustedt
47091NEcfiriNeidium cf. iridis CALACAD (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47090NEcfiramNeidium cf. iridis var. amphigomphus CALACAD (Ehrenberg) Tempère et Peragallo
47092NEcfprodNeidium cf. productum CALACAD (Smith) Cleve
47069NEdecensNeidium decens (Pantocsek) Stoermer
47079NEdensesNeidium densestriatum (Østrup) Krammer
47051NEdilconNeidium dilatatum fo. constricta Krasske
47011NEdubiumNeidium dubium (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47059NEdubconNeidium dubium fo. constrictum Hustedt
47074NE1CRNNENeidium dubium var. 1 ANS CWR NNE (Grunow) Cleve
47084NEdubiNeidium dubium var. 1 UMICH ALBE
47012NEdubcunNeidium dubium var. cuneata Fontell
47076NEgraaeqNeidium gracile fo. aequale Hustedt
47046NEhankenNeidium hankensis Skvortzow
47047NEhersubNeidium hercynicum fo. subrostratum Wallace
47060NEhercynNeidium hercynicum Mayer
47013NEherrmaNeidium herrmannii Hustedt
47028NEhitchcNeidium hitchcockii (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47035NEiriCAFNeidium iridis (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47014NEiridisNeidium iridis (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47056NEiridivNeidium iridis var. (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47055NEiriamfNeidium iridis var. amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) Tempère et Peragallo
47016NEiriausNeidium iridis var. amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) Tempère et Peragallo
47054NEiramobNeidium iridis var. amphigomphus fo. obtusum
47017NEiausroNeidium iridis var. amphigomphus fo. rostrata Hustedt
47015NEiriampNeidium iridis var. ampliatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve
47061NEirdsubNeidium iridis var. subundulata (Cleve-Euler) Reimer
47075NEjavancNeidium javanicum Hustedt
47045NEladogeNeidium ladogense (Cleve) Foged
47018NEladdenNeidium ladogense var. densestriatum (Østrup) Foged
47019NEmaximuNeidium maximum (Cleve) Meister
47062NEperforNeidium perforatum Schimanski
47020NEproducNeidium productum (Smith) Cleve
47021NEprominNeidium productum var. minor Cleve-Euler
47064NEpseudiNeidium pseudiridis Cleve-Euler
47022NEsacoenNeidium sacoense Reimer
47077NEkmnq0ANeidium sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
47990NE1?Neidium sp. 1 ?
47071NE1ANSCRNeidium sp. 1 ANS CWR
47080NE1LJMCoNeidium sp. 1 LJM COOK
47085NE1efsalNeidium sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
47093NE1MPNeidium sp. 1 NAWQA MP
47038NE1PRLNeidium sp. 1 PIRLA
47999NE10?Neidium sp. 10 ?
47040NE10PRLNeidium sp. 10 PIRLA
47041NE11PRLNeidium sp. 11 PIRLA
47042NE12PRLNeidium sp. 12 PIRLA
47043NE13PRLNeidium sp. 13 PIRLA
47044NE14PRLNeidium sp. 14 PIRLA
47052NE15PRLNeidium sp. 15 PIRLA
47991NE2?Neidium sp. 2 ?
47086NE2efsalNeidium sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
47992NE3?Neidium sp. 3 ?
47087NE3efsalNeidium sp. 3 NAWQA EFS ALBE
47026NE3PRLNeidium sp. 3 PIRLA
47993NE4?Neidium sp. 4 ?
47088NE4umalNeidium sp. 4 NAWQA ALBE cf. alpinum Hustedt
47030NE4PRLNeidium sp. 4 PIRLA
47994NE5?Neidium sp. 5 ?
47089NE5umalNeidium sp. 5 NAWQA ALBE cf. densestriatum (Østrup) Krammer
47031NE5PRLNeidium sp. 5 PIRLA
47995NE6?Neidium sp. 6 ?
47095NEsp1ljmNeidium sp. 6 NAWQA LJM
47032NE6PRLNeidium sp. 6 PIRLA
47996NE7?Neidium sp. 7 ?
47081NE1ANSLMNeidium sp. 7 NAWQA LJM
47033NE7PRLNeidium sp. 7 PIRLA
47997NE8?Neidium sp. 8 ?
47096Nesp8emNeidium sp. 8 NAWQA EAM
47037NE8PRLNeidium sp. 8 PIRLA
47998NE9?Neidium sp. 9 ?
47889NEsppNeidium spp.
NEstatuaNeidium statuarium Siver et Hamilton
47027NEtemperNeidium temperei Reimer
47065NEtensmaNeidium tenuissima Hustedt
47023NEtumescNeidium tumescens (Grunow) Cleve
48168NIabridiNitzschia abridia Camburn
48110NIaccomoNitzschia accommodata Hustedt
48001NIacidesNitzschia acicularioides Hustedt
48002NIaciculNitzschia acicularis (Kützing) Smith
48347NIacidcnNitzschia acidoclinata Lange-Bertalot
48003NIaculaNitzschia acula Hantzsch
48097NIacuminNitzschia acuminata (Smith) Grunow
48127NIacutaNitzschia acuta Hantzsch ex Cleve et Grunow
48128NIadamtaNitzschia adamata Hustedt
48129NIadmisaNitzschia admissa Hustedt
48048NIadmissNitzschia admissoides Hustedt
48130NIadnataNitzschia adnata
48131NIaeqreaNitzschia aequorea Hustedt
48316NIaerophNitzschia aerophila Hustedt
48413NIafffonNitzschia aff. fonticola ANS NEW JERSEY KCP Grunow
Nitzschia aff. palea ?? LAIRD
Nitzschia aff. palea w/ node LAIRD
Nitzschia aff. sinuata LAIRD
48274NIagnitaNitzschia agnita Hustedt
48040NIalpinaNitzschia alpina Hustedt
48261NIambiguNitzschia ambigua Manguin
48352NIampfraNitzschia amphibia fo. frauenfeldii (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
48004NIamphibNitzschia amphibia Grunow
Nitzschia amphibia PLUS frustulum LAIRD
48049NIampoidNitzschia amphibioides Hustedt
48196NIamplecNitzschia amplectens Hustedt
48093NIangustNitzschia angustata (Smith) Grunow
48005NIangacuNitzschia angustata var. acuta Grunow
48229NIangtuNitzschia angustatula Lange-Bertalot
48234NIan-forNitzschia angustiforaminata Lange-Bertalot
48132NIapiculNitzschia apiculata (Gregory) Grunow
48417NIarchibNitzschia archibaldii Lange-Bertalot
48338NIaurareNitzschia aurariae Cholnoky
48584NIaustriNitzschia austriaca Hustedt
48098NIbacataNitzschia bacata Hustedt
48355NIbacillNitzschia bacilliformis Hustedt
48235NIbacilfNitzschia bacillum Hustedt
48585NibehreiNitzschia behrei Hustedt
48319NIbergiiNitzschia bergii Cleve-Euler
NibeyeriNitzschia beyeri Lange-Bertalot
48133NIbiacrlNitzschia biacrula Hohn et Hellermann
48348NIbitaNitzschia bita Hohn et Hellermann
48134NIbremenNitzschia bremensis Hustedt
48197NIbrevisNitzschia brevissima Grunow ex Van Heurck
48380NIbryophNitzschia bryophila (Hustedt) Hustedt
48579NIbulnhNitzschia bulnheimiana Rabenhorst
NibuschbNitzschia buschbeckii Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Ruppel
48602NIcalciNitzschia calcicola Aleem et Hustedt
48231NIcalidNitzschia calida Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48006NIcapiteNitzschia capitellata Hustedt
48135NIcapsibNitzschia capitellata var. siberica Skvortzow
48111NIcfacdeNitzschia cf. aciculariodes Hustedt
48428NIcfacioNitzschia cf. acicularioides UMICH Hustedt
48429NIcfacicNitzschia cf. acicularis UMICH (Kützing) Smith
48297NIcfacidNitzschia cf. acidoclinata Lange-Bertalot
48431NIcfaciNitzschia cf. acidoclinata UMICH Lange-Bertalot
48303NIcfaeroNitzschia cf. aerophila CLASON Hustedt
48328NIcfaertNitzschia cf. aerophila REIMER Hustedt
48430NIcfaerNitzschia cf. aerophila UMICH Hustedt
48260NIcfagntNitzschia cf. agnita Hustedt
48432NIcfagniNitzschia cf. agnita UMICH Hustedt
48302NIcfalpiNitzschia cf. alpina Hustedt
48463NIcfamfrNitzschia cf. amphibia fo. frauenfeldii UMICH (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
48433NIcfamphNitzschia cf. amphibia UMICH Grunow
48295NIcfanfmNitzschia cf. angustiforaminata Lange-Bertalot
48296NIcfarchNitzschia cf. archibaldii CODY Lange-Bertalot
48434NIcfarcNitzschia cf. archibaldii UMICH Lange-Bertalot
48435NIcfauraNitzschia cf. aurariae UMICH Cholnoky
48288NIcfbaciNitzschia cf. bacillum LAIRD Hustedt
48436NIcfbacNitzschia cf. bacillum UMICH Hustedt
Nitzschia cf. bacillum w/ node LAIRD
48230NIcfbitNitzschia cf. bita Hohn et Hellermann
48301NIcfbryoNitzschia cf. bryophila (Hustedt) Hustedt
48275NIcfcaldNitzschia cf. calida Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48112NIcfcapNitzschia cf. capitellata Hustedt
48323NIcfcaptNitzschia cf. capitellata REIMER Hustedt
48437NIcfcapiNitzschia cf. capitellata UMICH Hustedt
48438NIcfclauNitzschia cf. clausii UMICH Hantzsch
48305NIcfcommNitzschia cf. communis Rabenhorst
48439NIcfconsNitzschia cf. constricta UMICH (Kützing) Ralfs
48440NIcfdeseNitzschia cf. desertorum UMICH Hustedt
48113NIcfdissNitzschia cf. dissipata (Kützing) Grunow
48441NIcfdisNitzschia cf. dissipata UMICH (Kützing) Grunow
48251NIcfdimeNitzschia cf. dissipata var. media (Hantzsch) Grunow
48289NIcfetosNitzschia cf. etoshensis LAIRD Cholnoky
48317NIcfflexNitzschia cf. flexa CLASON Schumann
48280NIcffonFNitzschia cf. fonticola FRITZ Grunow
48038NIcffontNitzschia cf. fonticola Grunow
48442NIcffon2Nitzschia cf. fonticola UMICH Grunow
48421NIcffonMNitzschia cf. fonticola UMICH Grunow
48443NIcffossNitzschia cf. fossilis UMICH Grunow
48444NIcffrusNitzschia cf. frustulum UMICH (Kützing) Grunow
48334NIcffrpmNitzschia cf. frustulum var. perminuta Grunow
48562NIcfgraNitzschia cf. gracilis CALACAD Hantzsch
48290NIcfgracNitzschia cf. gracilis LAIRD Hantzsch
48446NIcfgrauNitzschia cf. gracilis UMICH Hantzsch
48114NIcfgrunNitzschia cf. grunowii (Cleve) Hasle
48447NIcfhantNitzschia cf. hantzschiana UMICH Rabenhorst
48115NIicfgnoNitzschia cf. ignorata Krasske
Nitzschia cf. incognita (Greville) Anagnostidis
48448NIcfincoNitzschia cf. inconspicua UMICH Grunow
48449NIcfinteNitzschia cf. intermedia UMICH Hantzsch
48254NIcflacuNitzschia cf. lacuum Lange-Bertalot
48450NIcflacNitzschia cf. lacuum UMICH Lange-Bertalot
48451NIcflanNitzschia cf. lanceolata UMICH Smith
48240NIcflegNitzschia cf. legleri CODY Hustedt
48561NIcflincNitzschia cf. linearis CALACAD (Agardh) Smith
48452NIcflinuNitzschia cf. linearis UMICH (Agardh) Smith
48427NIcfnanaNitzschia cf. nana UMICH Grunow
48453NIcfnormNitzschia cf. normanii UMICH Grunow
48322NIcfobsiNitzschia cf. obsidialis REIMER Hustedt
48252NIcfpaleNitzschia cf. palea (Kützing) Smith
48281NIcfpalaNitzschia cf. palea FRITZ (Kützing) Smith
48454NIcfpalNitzschia cf. palea UMICH (Kützing) Smith
48304NIcfpalcNitzschia cf. paleacea Grunow
48012NIcfphilNitzschia cf. philippinarum Hustedt
48330NIcfplnaNitzschia cf. plana REIMER Smith
48306NIcfpsefNitzschia cf. pseudofonticola Hustedt
48324NIcfpncoNitzschia cf. punctata var. coarctata REIMER Grunow ex Cleve et Müller
48455NIcfpuraNitzschia cf. pura UMICH Hustedt
48336NIcfpuslNitzschia cf. pusilla CODY Grunow
48456NIcfpusMNitzschia cf. pusilla UMICH Grunow
48039NIcfrectNitzschia cf. recta Hantzsch ex Rabenhorst
48116NIcfromaNitzschia cf. romana Grunow
48310NIcfroseNitzschia cf. rosenstockii Lange-Bertalot
48337NicfsigNitzschia cf. sigma PANAYOTOFF (Kützing) Smith
48457NIcfsigmNitzschia cf. sigma UMICH (Kützing) Smith
48583NIcfsigfNitzschia cf. sigmaformis Hustedt
48458NIcfsgoiNitzschia cf. sigmoidea UMICH (Nitzsch) Smith
48315NIcfsoliNitzschia cf. solita CLASON Hustedt
48321NIcfsblnNitzschia cf. sublineais REIMER Hustedt
48331NIcfsndaNitzschia cf. sundaensis Hustedt
48294NIcfsuprNitzschia cf. supralitorea Lange-Bertalot
48117NIcftarNitzschia cf. tarda Hustedt
48327NIcftardNitzschia cf. tarda REIMER Hustedt
48580NIcftherNitzschia cf. thermaloides NAWQA CODY Hustedt
48459NIcftheMNitzschia cf. thermaloides UMICH Hustedt
48125NIcftrblNitzschia cf. tryblionella Hantzsch
48313NIcftubiNitzschia cf. tubicola Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48445NIcftubNitzschia cf. tubicola UMICH Grunow
48291NIcfvaldNitzschia cf. valdestriata LAIRD Aleem et Hustedt
48460NIcfvalNitzschia cf. valdestriata UMICH Aleem et Hustedt
48461NIcfvermNitzschia cf. vermicularis UMICH (Kützing) Hantzsch
48462NIcfvitrNitzschia cf. vitrea UMICH Norman
NIchardeNitzschia chardezii Van de Vijver et Beyens
48136NIcircumNitzschia circumsuta (Bailey) Grunow
48137NIclausiNitzschia clausii Hantzsch
48138NIclostrNitzschia closterium (Ehrenberg) Smith
48384NIcoarctNitzschia coarctata Grunow
48198NIcommunNitzschia communis Rabenhorst
48139NIcomhylNitzschia communis var. hyalina Lund
48140NIcomobtNitzschia communis var. obtusa Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48199NIcommutNitzschia commuta Grunow
48223NIcomtatNitzschia commutata Grunow
Nitzschia commutatoides Lange-Bertalot
48586NicomutaNitzschia commutatoides Lange-Bertalot
48353NIcompreNitzschia compressa (Bailey) Boyer
48278NIcomminNitzschia compressa fo. minor Cleve
48255NIcombalNitzschia compressa var. balatonis Lange-Bertalot
48420NIcomeloNitzschia compressa var. elongata (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
48250NIcomvexNitzschia compressa var. vexans (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
48018NIconfinNitzschia confinis Hustedt
48397NIconctaNitzschia constricta (Gregory) Grunow
48268NIconstrNitzschia constricta (Kützing) Ralfs
48141NIconsubNitzschia constricta var. subconstricta Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48200NIcu1APWNitzschia curvilineata var. 1 ANS APW
48403NIdebiliNitzschia debilis Arnott
48007NIdenticNitzschia denticula Grunow
48272NIdesertNitzschia desertorum Hustedt
48142NIdisertNitzschia diserta Hustedt
48008NIdissipNitzschia dissipata (Kützing) Grunow
48596NIdisoliNitzschia dissipata ssp. oligotraphenta Lange-Bertalot
48591NIdisvboNitzschia dissipata var. borneensis Hustedt
48099NIdismedNitzschia dissipata var. media (Hantzsch) Grunow
48050NIdisundNitzschia dissipata var. undulata Sovereign
48411NidiversNitzschia diversa Hustedt
48276NIdravlnNitzschia draveillensis Coste et Ricard
48094NIdubiaNitzschia dubia Smith
48277NidubfrmNitzschia dubiiformis Hustedt
48010NIeleganNitzschia elegans Hustedt
48236NIelegntNitzschia elegantula Grunow
48143NIelliptNitzschia elliptica Hustedt
48283NIetosheNitzschia etoshensis Cholnoky
48144NIfascicNitzschia fasciculata (Grunow) Grunow
48145NIfilifrNitzschia filiformis (Smith) Van Heurck
48381NIfilconNitzschia filiformis var. conferta (Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot
48339NIflexaNitzschia flexa Schumann
48311NIflexoiNitzschia flexoides Geitler
48011NIfonticNitzschia fonticola Grunow
48248NIfonpelNitzschia fonticola var. pelagica Hustedt
48383NIfossilNitzschia fossilis Grunow
48146NIfreqenNitzschia frequens Hustedt
48013NIfrustuNitzschia frustulum (Kützing) Grunow
48051NIfr1PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 1 PIRLA
48052NIfr2PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 2 PIRLA
48053NIfr3PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 3 PIRLA
48054NIfr4PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 4 PIRLA
48055NIfr5PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 5 PIRLA
48056NIfr6PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 6 PIRLA
48057NIfr7PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 7 PIRLA
48083NIfr8PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 8 PIRLA
48088NIfr9PRLNitzschia frustulum var. 9 PIRLA
48386NIfrubulNitzschia frustulum var. bulnheimiana (Rabenhorst) Grunow
48201NIfruindNitzschia frustulum var. indica Skvortzow
48014NIfruperNitzschia frustulum var. perminuta Grunow
48202NIfurperNitzschia frustulum var. perpusilla (Rabenhorst) Grunow
48147NIfrssubNitzschia frustulum var. subsalina Hustedt
48253NIfruticNitzschia fruticosa Hustedt
48046NIganderNitzschia gandersheimiensis Krasske
48271NIgeitlrNitzschia geitleri Hustedt
NigelmanNitzschia gelida var. manitounukensis Poulin et Cardinal
48422NIgeissNitzschia gessneri Hustedt
48015NIgracilNitzschia gracilis Hantzsch ex Rabenhorst
48148NIgraminNitzschia gracilis var. minor Skabitschevsky ex Proschkina-Lavrenko
48119NigralifNitzschia gracilliformis Lange-Bertalot et Simonsen
48016NIgracmaNitzschia gracillima Heiden et Kolbe
48270NIgracldNitzschia graciloides Hustedt
48149NIgrnltaNitzschia granulata Grunow ex Cleve et Möller
48150NIgrostrNitzschia grossestriata Hustedt
48017NIhantzsNitzschia hantzschiana Rabenhorst
48019NIhantenNitzschia hantzschiana var. tenuior (Cleve-Euler) Cleve-Euler
48404NIharderNitzschia harderi Hustedt
48020NIheufleNitzschia heufleriana Grunow
48416NIhomburNitzschia homburgienis Lange-Bertalot
NihudsonNitzschia hudsonii Poulin et Cardinal
48120NIhungrcNitzschia hungarica Grunow
48151NIhustedNitzschia hustedtiana Salah
NihybgasNitzschia hybrida var. gaspesiana Poulin, Hudon et Cardinal
48152NIhybridNitzschia hybridaeformis Hustedt
48121NIignortNitzschia ignorata Krasske
48340NIincgntNitzschia incognita Legler et Krasske
48122NIinconsNitzschia inconspicua Grunow
48423NIinsignNitzschia insignis Gregory
48153NIintermNitzschia intermedia Hantzsch ex Cleve et Grunow
48329NIintmisNitzschia intermissa Hustedt
48022NIkuetziNitzschia kuetzingiana Hilse
48604NIkurzeNitzschia kurzeana Rabenhorst
48341NIlacnarNitzschia lacunarum Hustedt
48377NIlacuumNitzschia lacuum Lange-Bertalot
48154NIlaevisNitzschia laevis Hustedt
48424NIlanminNitzschia lanceolata fo. minima Grunow
48192NIlancolNitzschia lanceolata Smith
48203NIlancetNitzschia lancetulla Müller
48155NIlauenbNitzschia lauenburgiana Hustedt
48387NIleistiNitzschia leistikowii Lange-Bertalot
48350NIlevdnsNitzschia levidensis (Smith) Grunow ex Van Heurck
48388NIlevsalNitzschia levidensis var. salinarum Grunow
48395NIlevvicNitzschia levidensis var. victoriae Grunow
48156NIliebrtNitzschia liebethruthii Rabenhorst
48425NIliebmaNitzschia liebetruthii var. major Grunow
NiligowsNitzschia ligowskii Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot, Kociolek et Brzezinska
48023NIlinearNitzschia linearis (Agardh ex Smith) Smith
48249NIlinsubNitzschia linearis var. subtilis Hustedt
48157NIlintenNitzschia linearis var. tenuis (Smith) Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48158NIlittorNitzschia littoralis Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48394NIlorenzNitzschia lorenziana Grunow
48159NIlorsubNitzschia lorenziana var. subtilis Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48592NImacedNitzschia macedonica Hustedt
48593NImancaNitzschia manca Hustedt
48160NImediosNitzschia mediastalsis Hohn et Hellermann
48426NImediocNitzschia mediocris Hustedt
48024NImicrocNitzschia microcephala Grunow
48161NImintisNitzschia minutissima Smith
48567NimodesNitzschia modesta Hustedt
48587NimonachNitzschia monachorum Lange-Bertalot
Nitzschia monoensis BRADBURY
48162NImontanNitzschia montanestris Camburn
48307NInanaNitzschia nana Grunow ex Van Heurck
48379NInormanNitzschia normanii Grunow ex Van Heurck
48204NIobsidiNitzschia obsidialis Hustedt
48163NIobtusaNitzschia obtusa Smith
48597NIobtusNitzschia obtusa var. kurziana Rabenhorst
48408NIobtuskNitzschia obtusa var. kurzii Rabenhorst ex Cleve et Moller
48164NIobtscpNitzschia obtusa var. scalpelliformis Grunow ex Cleve et Möller
48025NIpaleaNitzschia palea (Kützing) Smith
48205NIpaldubNitzschia palea fo. dubia Manguin
48588NipalmajNitzschia palea fo. major Rabenhorst
48206NIpal1KNitzschia palea var. 1 ANS K
48228NIpaldebNitzschia palea var. debilis (Kützing) Grunow
48241NIpalsumNitzschia palea var. sumatrana Hustedt
48026NIpaltenNitzschia palea var. tenuirostris Grunow
48165NIpaleacNitzschia paleacea Grunow ex Van Heurck
48207NIpaleafNitzschia paleaeformis Hustedt
48464NIpalusNitzschia palustris Hustedt
48465NipandcfNitzschia panduriformis cf. continua NAWQA UMICH ALBE Grunow
48208NIpandurNitzschia panduriformis Gregory
48166NIpanconNitzschia panduriformis var. continua Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48167NIpanminNitzschia panduriformis var. minor Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48095NIparvulNitzschia parvula Smith
48169NIparterNitzschia parvula var. terricola Lund
48351NIpellucNitzschia pellucida Grunow
48126NIperminNitzschia perminuta (Grunow) Peragallo
48396NIperincNitzschia perpusilla var. inconspicua Grunow
48382NIperspiNitzschia perspicua Cholnoky
48209NIperticNitzschia pertica Hohn et Hellermann
48170NIperverNitzschia perversa Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48258NIphilNitzschia phillipinarum Hustedt
48171NIplanaNitzschia plana Smith
48566NIplanamNitzschia plana var. americana Hustedt
48415NIprohoeNitzschia prolongata var. hoehnkii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
48028NIpseudoNitzschia pseudoamphioxys Hustedt
48224NIpseudcNitzschia pseudocommunis Hustedt
48399NIpsefonNitzschia pseudofonticola Hustedt
48027NIpumilaNitzschia pumila Hustedt
48172NIpunctaNitzschia punctata (Smith) Grunow
48173NIpuraNitzschia pura Hustedt
48123NIpusillNitzschia pusilla Grunow
48284NIradicuNitzschia radicula Hustedt
48326NIradrosNitzschia radicula var. rostrata Hustedt
48263NIrautnbNitzschia rautenbachiae Cholnoky
48029NIrectaNitzschia recta Hantzsch ex Rabenhorst
48385NIrectifNitzschia rectiformis Hustedt
48210NIregulaNitzschia regula Hustedt
48174NIreversNitzschia reversa Smith
48175NIrigidaNitzschia rigida (Kützing) Peragallo et Peragallo
48030NIromanaNitzschia romana Grunow
48570NIrosenNitzschia rosenstockii Lange-Bertalot
48043NIrostelNitzschia rostellata Hustedt
48594NIsalinNitzschia salinicola Aleem et Hustedt
48389NIsarcopNitzschia sarcophagum Gregory
48044NIscalarNitzschia scalaris (Ehrenberg) Smith
48390NIscalpeNitzschia scalpelliformis Grunow
NischweiNitzschia schweikertii Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot, Ruppel et Kociolek
48176NIsicmigNitzschia sicula var. migrans (Cleve) Hasle
48087NIsigmaNitzschia sigma (Kützing) Smith
48211NIsigrigNitzschia sigma var. rigidula (Peragallo et Peragallo) Grunow
48177NIsigdeaNitzschia sigmoidea (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
48325NIsilculNitzschia silicula Hustedt
48406NIsilcomNitzschia silicula var. commutata Reimer
48264NIsilquaNitzschia siliqua Archibald
48269NIsimilsNitzschia similis Hustedt
48096NIsinuatNitzschia sinuata (Thwaites) Grunow
Nitzschia sinuata type BRADBURY
48233NIsindeNitzschia sinuata var. delognei (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
48178NIsintabNitzschia sinuata var. tabellaria (Grunow) Grunow
48225NIsociabNitzschia sociabilis Hustedt
48378NIsolitaNitzschia solita Hustedt
48356NIkmnq0ANitzschia sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
48357NIkmnq0BNitzschia sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
48358NIkmnq0CNitzschia sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
48359NIkmnq0DNitzschia sp. 0D UO NAWQA 96 KM
48360NIkmnq0ENitzschia sp. 0E UL NAWQA 96 KM
48361NIkmnq0FNitzschia sp. 0F UL NAWQA 96 KM
48362NIkmnq0GNitzschia sp. 0G UL NAWQA 96 KM
48363NIkmnq0HNitzschia sp. 0H UL NAWQA KM
48364NIkmnq0INitzschia sp. 0I UL NAWQA KM
48365NIkmnq0JNitzschia sp. 0J UL MAWQA KM
48366NIkmnq0KNitzschia sp. 0K UL NAWQA KM
48367NIkmnq0LNitzschia sp. 0L UL NAWQA KM
48368NIkmnq0MNitzschia sp. 0M UL NAWQA KM
48369NIkmnq0NNitzschia sp. 0N UL NAWQA KM
48370NIkmnq0ONitzschia sp. 0O UL NAWQA KM
48371NIkmnq0PNitzschia sp. 0P UL NAWQA KM
48372NIkmnq0QNitzschia sp. 0Q UL NAWQA KM
48373NIkmnq0RNitzschia sp. 0R UL NAWQA KM
48391NInqkm0SNitzschia sp. 0S UL NAWQA KM
48398NIkmnq0SNitzschia sp. 0S UL NAWQA KM
48400Nikmnq0UNitzschia sp. 0U UL NAWQA KM
48401Nikmnq0VNitzschia sp. 0V UL NAWQA KM
48333NI1ANSCRNitzschia sp. 1 ANS CWR
48293NI1ASCWRNitzschia sp. 1 ANS CWR Sabine
48314NI1ANCWRNitzschia sp. 1 ANS CWR SANT
48298NIsp1LAPNitzschia sp. 1 ANS LAP
48218NI1ANSLLNitzschia sp. 1 ANS LL
48342NI1ANSLBNitzschia sp. 1 ANS LLB
48195NI1ANSMTNitzschia sp. 1 ANS MT
48239NI1NARUSNitzschia sp. 1 ANS NAR USNK
48410NI1NQEAMNitzschia sp. 1 ANS NAWQA EAM
48419NI1NJKCPNitzschia sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
48412NI1SVEAMNitzschia sp. 1 ANS SAVANNAH EAM
48242NI1WRCNitzschia sp. 1 ANS WRC
48308NI1IDAHONitzschia sp. 1 Idaho
48285NI1kplmlNitzschia sp. 1 KPL ML
48418NI1LLBSBNitzschia sp. 1 LLB Sabine
48605NIsp1MONitzschia sp. 1 MONTANA HAMSHER
48563NI1caozNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. lacuum
48507NI1efsalNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48508NI1mljalNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA MLJ ALBE
48509NI1naaalNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA NAA ALBE
48510NI1um96eNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UM 1996 EIWA
48511NI1um96sNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UM 1996 SCTX cf. Tryblionella
48555NI1um96uNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN JP
48467NI1umalbNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48527NI1umalmNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. filiformis var. conferta
48482NI1umcazNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
48471NI1umeiwNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48495NI1umpugNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48472NI1umsctNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
48488NI1umucoNitzschia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
48601NIsp1eamNitzschia sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
48598NIsp.1NANitzschia sp. 1 OA UL NAWQA KM
48035NI1PRLNitzschia sp. 1 PIRLA
48603NIsp1rtNitzschia sp. 1 WEMAP STANCHEVA
48990NI1?Nitzschia sp. 1?
48407NI10Nitzschia sp. 10
48999NI10?Nitzschia sp. 10 ?
48267NI10WRCNitzschia sp. 10 ANS WRC
48273NI10ANSNitzschia sp. 10 ANS WRC
48534NI10umalNitzschia sp. 10 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. aequorea Hustedt
48499NI10umeiNitzschia sp. 10 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48531NI10umpuNitzschia sp. 10 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. linearis
48535NI11umalNitzschia sp. 11 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. amphibia Grunow
48501NI11umeNitzschia sp. 11 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48551NI11umpuNitzschia sp. 11 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. palea (Kützing) Smith
48257NI12JHNitzschia sp. 12 ANS JH
48318NI12WRCNitzschia sp. 12 ANS WRC
48536NI12umalNitzschia sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. bremensis Hustedt
48502NI12umeiNitzschia sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48553NI12umpuNitzschia sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. valdestriata
48058NI12PRLNitzschia sp. 12 PIRLA
48320NI13ANSWNitzschia sp. 13 ANS WRC
48537NI13umalNitzschia sp. 13 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. compressa var. vexans (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
48503NI13umeNitzschia sp. 13 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48559NI13umpuNitzschia sp. 13 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48059NI13PRLNitzschia sp. 13 PIRLA
48213NI137DMHNitzschia sp. 137 ANS DM MHH
48538NI14umalNitzschia sp. 14 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. filiformis (Smith) Grunow
48504NI14umeiNitzschia sp. 14 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48060NI14PRLNitzschia sp. 14 PIRLA
48539NI15umalNitzschia sp. 15 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. frustulum (Kützing) Grunow
48505NI15umeiNitzschia sp. 15 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48061NI15PRLNitzschia sp. 15 PIRLA
48215NI16JWNitzschia sp. 16 ANS JW
48540NI16umalNitzschia sp. 16 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. hantzschiana Rabenhorst
48506NI16umeiNitzschia sp. 16 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48062NI16PRLNitzschia sp. 16 PIRLA
48541NI17umalNitzschia sp. 17 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. ignorata Krasske
48063NI17PRLNitzschia sp. 17 PIRLA
48542NI18umalNitzschia sp. 18 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. lanceola Grunow
48064NI18PRLNitzschia sp. 18 PIRLA
48543NI19umalNitzschia sp. 19 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. liebetruthii Rabenhorst
48065NI19PRLNitzschia sp. 19 PIRLA
48309NI2IDAHONitzschia sp. 2 Idaho
48991NI2?Nitzschia sp. 2 ?
48299NIsp2LAPNitzschia sp. 2 ANS LAP
48343NI2ANSLBNitzschia sp. 2 ANS LLB
48216NI2NARNitzschia sp. 2 ANS NAR
48581NI2ANSSVNitzschia sp. 2 ANS SAVANNAH EAM
48243NI2WRCNitzschia sp. 2 ANS WRC
48286NI2kplmlNitzschia sp. 2 KPL ML
48564NI2calozNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. perminuta
48519NI2efsalNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48513NI2NQEFSNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA EFS SCTX
48514NI2um96eNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 EIWA
48515NI2um96sNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 SCTX
48556NI2um96uNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN BB
48468NI2umalbNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48530NI2umalmNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. inconspicua
48483NI2umcazNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
48473NI2umeiwNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48496NI2umpugNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48481NI2umsctNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
48492NI2umucoNitzschia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
48571NI2NJKCPNitzschia sp. 2 NEW JERSEY KCP
48036NI2PRLNitzschia sp. 2 PIRLA
48374NI2ULNWNitzschia sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
48544NI20umalNitzschia sp. 20 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. microcephala Grunow ex Cleve et Möller
48066NI20PRLNitzschia sp. 20 PIRLA
48545NI21umalNitzschia sp. 21 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. palea Smith
48067NI21PRLNitzschia sp. 21 PIRLA
48546NI22umalNitzschia sp. 22 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. panduriformis Gregory
48068NI22PRLNitzschia sp. 22 PIRLA
48547NI23umalNitzschia sp. 23 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. plana var. americana Hustedt
48069NI23PRLNitzschia sp. 23 PIRLA
48548NI24umalNitzschia sp. 24 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. recta Hantzsch
48070NI24PRLNitzschia sp. 24 PIRLA
48549NI25umalNitzschia sp. 25 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. tubicola Grunow
48071NI25PRLNitzschia sp. 25 PIRLA
48550NI26umalNitzschia sp. 26 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. umbonata (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot
48072NI26PRLNitzschia sp. 26 PIRLA
48568NI27NQEMNitzschia sp. 27 NAWQA EAM
48073NI27PRLNitzschia sp. 27 PIRLA
48569NI28MPNitzschia sp. 28 NAWQA MP
48074NI28PRLNitzschia sp. 28 PIRLA
48572NI29NQEMNitzschia sp. 29 NAWQA EAM
48573NI28NQEMNitzschia sp. 29 NAWQA EAM
48075NI29PRLNitzschia sp. 29 PIRLA
48992NI3?Nitzschia sp. 3 ?
48214NI3CWRSJNitzschia sp. 3 ANS CWR SJ
48300NIsp3LAPNitzschia sp. 3 ANS LAP
48344NI3ANSLBNitzschia sp. 3 ANS LLB
48244NI3WRCNitzschia sp. 3 ANS WRC
48287NI3kplmlNitzschia sp. 3 KPL ML
48565NI3caozNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
48520NI3efsalNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48516NI3NQEFSNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA EFS SCTX
48517NI3um96sNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UM 1996 SCTX
48557NI3um96uNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UM 1996 UTEN EFS
48469NI3umalbNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48552NI3umalmNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALMN cf. perminuta
48484NI3umcazNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
48474NI3umeiwNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48475NI3umpugNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48500NI3umsctNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
48494NI3umucoNitzschia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
48037NI3PRLNitzschia sp. 3 PIRLA
48375NI3ULNWNitzschia sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
48574NIsp30EMNitzschia sp. 30 NAWQA EAM
48076NI30PRLNitzschia sp. 30 PIRLA
48575NI31NQKMNitzschia sp. 31 NAWQA KM
48077NI31PRLNitzschia sp. 31 PIRLA
48576NI32NQMPNitzschia sp. 32 NAWQA MP
48078NI32PRLNitzschia sp. 32 PIRLA
48577NI33NQMPNitzschia sp. 33 NAWQA MP
48079NI33PRLNitzschia sp. 33 PIRLA
48578NI34NQMPNitzschia sp. 34 NAWQA MP
48080NI34PRLNitzschia sp. 34 PIRLA
48582NIsp35emNitzschia sp. 35 NAWQA EAM
48081NI35PRLNitzschia sp. 35 PIRLA
48590NIsp36emNitzschia sp. 36 NAWQA MORALES
48082NI36PRLNitzschia sp. 36 PIRLA
48599NIsp37Nitzschia sp. 37 NAWQA HAMSHER
48084NI37PRLNitzschia sp. 37 PIRLA
48600NIsp38Nitzschia sp. 38 NAWQA HAMSHER
48085NI38PRLNitzschia sp. 38 PIRLA
48086NI39PRLNitzschia sp. 39 PIRLA
48993NI4?Nitzschia sp. 4 ?
48345NI4ANSLBNitzschia sp. 4 ANS LLB
48245NI4WRCNitzschia sp. 4 ANS WRC
48558NI4umuteNitzschia sp. 4 cf. insecta NAWQA UMICH UTEN Hustedt
48518NI4efsalNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48521NI4um96eNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UM 1996 EIWA
48470NI4umalbNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48528NI4umcazNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH CZAB cf. fonticola
48479NI4umeiwNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48476NI4umpugNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48560NI4umsctNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH SCTX cf. kurzii
48512NI4umucoNitzschia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
48047NI4PRLNitzschia sp. 4 PIRLA
48376NI4ULNWNitzschia sp. 4 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
48089NI40PRLNitzschia sp. 40 PIRLA
48090NI41PRLNitzschia sp. 41 PIRLA
48091NI42PRLNitzschia sp. 42 PIRLA
48226NI43ANLLNitzschia sp. 43 ANS LL
48092NI43PRLNitzschia sp. 43 PIRLA
48101NI44PRLNitzschia sp. 44 PIRLA
48102NI45PRLNitzschia sp. 45 PIRLA
48103NI46PRLNitzschia sp. 46 PIRLA
48104NI47PRLNitzschia sp. 47 PIRLA
48105NI48PRLNitzschia sp. 48 PIRLA
48106NI49PRLNitzschia sp. 49 PIRLA
48994NI5?Nitzschia sp. 5 ?
48190NI5ANSJHNitzschia sp. 5 ANS JH
48346NI5ANSLBNitzschia sp. 5 ANS LLB
48246NI5WRCNitzschia sp. 5 ANS WRC
48522NI5efsalNitzschia sp. 5 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48490NI5umalbNitzschia sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48554NI5umcazNitzschia sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
48480NI5umeiwNitzschia sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48477NI5umpugNitzschia sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48107NI50PRLNitzschia sp. 50 PIRLA
48108NI51PRLNitzschia sp. 51 PIRLA
48109NI52PRLNitzschia sp. 52 PIRLA
48995NI6?Nitzschia sp. 6 ?
48256NI6APWNitzschia sp. 6 ANS APW
48409NI6ANSLBNitzschia sp. 6 ANS LLB
48217NI6NARNitzschia sp. 6 ANS NAR
48247NI6WRCNitzschia sp. 6 ANS WRC
48523NI6efsalNitzschia sp. 6 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48491NI6umalbNitzschia sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48486NI6umeiwNitzschia sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48478NI6umpugNitzschia sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48009NI6PRLNitzschia sp. 6 PIRLA
48996NI7?Nitzschia sp. 7 ?
48227NI7ANSJWNitzschia sp. 7 ANS JW
48191NI7NARNitzschia sp. 7 ANS NAR
48262NI7ANSWCNitzschia sp. 7 ANS WRC
48524NI7efsalNitzschia sp. 7 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48493NI7umalbNitzschia sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
48489NI7umeiwNitzschia sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48485NI7umpugNitzschia sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48021NI7PRLNitzschia sp. 7 PIRLA
48997NI8?Nitzschia sp. 8 ?
48292NI8ANSJHNitzschia sp. 8 ANS JH
48259NI8RRGNitzschia sp. 8 ANS RRG
48265NI8WRCNitzschia sp. 8 ANS WRC
48525NI8efsalNitzschia sp. 8 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48532NI8umalbNitzschia sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. accomodata Hustedt
48497NI8umeiwNitzschia sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48487NI8umpugNitzschia sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
48041NI8PRLNitzschia sp. 8 PIRLA
48998NI9?Nitzschia sp. 9 ?
48266NI9WRCNitzschia sp. 9 ANS WRC
48526NI9efsalNitzschia sp. 9 NAWQA EFS ALBE
48533NI9umalbNitzschia sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. acidoclinata Lange-Bertalot
48498NI9umeiwNitzschia sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
48529NI9umpugNitzschia sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. fonticola
48042NI9PRLNitzschia sp. 9 PIRLAs
48282NIaBATTNitzschia sp. a BATT
Nitzschia sp. a LAIRD
48212NICFICSNitzschia sp. ANS CFICS
48193NIspathlNitzschia spathulata Brébisson
48232NIspectNitzschia spectabilis (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
48889NIsppNitzschia spp.
Nitzschia spp. (freshwater) BRADBURY
Nitzschia spp. (saline) BRADBURY
48031NIstagnoNitzschia stagnorum (Rabenhorst) Grunow
48124NIsubaciNitzschia subacicularis Hustedt
48219NIsubcapNitzschia subcapitellata Hustedt
48414NIsubscoNitzschia subcohaerens var. scotica (Grunow) Van Heurck
48332NIsubcomNitzschia subcommunis Hustedt
48194NIsubconNitzschia subconfinis Cholnoky
48466NIsconstNitzschia subconstricta Grunow
48220NIsubinfNitzschia subinflata Hustedt
48032NIsublinNitzschia sublinearis Hustedt
48595NIsubroNitzschia subromana Hustedt
48033NIsubrosNitzschia subrostrata Hustedt
48589NisubiliNitzschia subtilioides Hustedt
48034NIsubtilNitzschia subtilis Grunow
48402NisuchlaNitzschia suchlandtii Hustedt
48312NIsupralNitzschia supralitorea Lange-Bertalot
48222NItardaNitzschia tarda Hustedt
48354NIterresNitzschia terrestris (Petersen) Hustedt
48221NIthermaNitzschia thermalis Kützing
48100NItheminNitzschia thermalis var. minor Hilse
48392NIthermdNitzschia thermaloides Hustedt
48045NItropicNitzschia tropica Hustedt
48279NItrybliNitzschia tryblionella Hantzsch ex Rabenhorst
48335NItrycalNitzschia tryblionella var. calida (Grunow) Van Heurck
48179NItrydebNitzschia tryblionella var. debilis (Arnott) Hustedt
48180NItrylevNitzschia tryblionella var. levidensis (Smith) Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48181NItrylitNitzschia tryblionella var. littoralis (Grunow) Grunow
48182NItrymaxNitzschia tryblionella var. maxima Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48405NItrysalNitzschia tryblionella var. salinarum Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48183NItryvicNitzschia tryblionella var. victoriae (Grunow) Grunow
48349NItubclaNitzschia tubicola Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow
48184NIumbilcNitzschia umbilicata Hustedt
48118NIumbonaNitzschia umbonata Lange-Bertalot
48237NIvaldecNitzschia valdecostata Lange-Bertalot et Simonsen
48185NIvaldesNitzschia valdestriata Aleem et Hustedt
48238NIvastaNitzschia vasta Hustedt
48186NIvermclNitzschia vermicularis (Kützing) Hantzsch ex Rabenhorst
48187NIvidochNitzschia vidovichii (Grunow) Grunow
48188NIvitreaNitzschia vitrea Norman
48189NIvivaxNitzschia vivax Smith
48393NIwuelleNitzschia wuellerstorffii Lange-Bertalot
92012NucaroliNupela carolina Potapova et Clason
92020NUfenniNupela fennica (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
92017NUgiluweNupela giluwensis Vyverman et Compére
92015NuimpexiNupela impexiformis (Lange Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
92006NUlapidNupela lapidosa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
92000NUlesothNupela lesothensis (Shoeman) Lange-Bertalot
92013NuneglecNupela neglecta Ponader, Lowe et Potapova
92008NUsilvaNupela silvahercynia (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
92010Nupela sp. 1 ? Idaho SHE
92001NU1KCPNupela sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
92011NU1IdahNupela sp. 1 Idaho SEH
92019NUsp1?Nupela sp. 1?
92002NU2KCPNupela sp. 2 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP
92003NU3MPNupela sp. 3 NAWQA MP
92004NU4EAMNupela sp. 4 NAWQA EAM
92005NU5NQKMNupela sp. 5 NAWQA KM
92009NU6GGDWNupela sp. 6 ANS GG3 DW
92016NUsp7EEHNupela sp. 7 NAWQA EEH
92014NusppsppNupela spp.
92018NUvitiosNupela vitiosa (Schimanski) Siver et Hamilton
92007NUwellNupela wellneri (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
150001ODrhombuOdontella rhombus Kützing
150002ODrostraOdontella rostrata (Hustedt) Simonsen
OnparasiOdontidium parasiticum Smith
234990Odontidium sp. 1 ?
234999Odontidium sp. 10 ?
234991Odontidium sp. 2 ?
234992Odontidium sp. 3 ?
234993Odontidium sp. 4 ?
234994Odontidium sp. 5 ?
234995Odontidium sp. 6 ?
234996Odontidium sp. 7 ?
234997Odontidium sp. 8 ?
234998Odontidium sp. 9 ?
50012OPaffolsOpephora aff. olsenii SAVANNAH EAM Möller
50003OPamercnOpephora americana Peragallo
50008OPcfolsnOpephora cf. olsenii FRITZ Möller
50011OPcfschwOpephora cf. schwartzii NAWQA EAM (Grunow) Petit
50004OPmarinaOpephora marina (Gregory) Petit
50002OPmartyiOpephora martyi Héribaud
50007OPolseniOpephora olsenii Möller
50005OPpacficOpephora pacifica Grunow
OppolymoOpephora polymorpha Jouraleva
50014OPoakmOpephora sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
50990OP1?Opephora sp. 1 ?
50010OP1emaOpephora sp. 1 ANS NAWQA MOBL EAM
50006OP1RLDOpephora sp. 1 ANS RLD
50001OP1PRLOpephora sp. 1 PIRLA
50991OP2?Opephora sp. 2 ?
50009OP2caozOpephora sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
50015OPsp3eamOpephora sp. 3 NAWQA EAM
50013OpsppOpephora spp.
ORbiportOrthoseira biportulata Van de Vijver et Beyens
74005ORcfdentOrthoseira cf. dentroteres Idaho DW (Ehrenberg) Crawford
74002ORdendroOrthoseira dentroteres (Ehrenberg) Crawford
74001ORroeseaOrthoseira roeseana (Rabhenhorst) O'Meara
74003OR1umalOrthoseira sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. roseana
74004OrsppOrthoseira spp.
PafaustaParalia fausta (A. Schmidt) Sims et Crawford
PahendeyParalia hendeyi Sims et Crawford
95002PA1umalParalia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
95001PAsulcParalia sulcata (Ehrenberg) Cleve
95003PAsulcatParalia sulcata fo. coronata Grunow in Schmidt et al.
214001PBcrucParlibellus crucicula (Smith) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
214002PBprotrParlibellus protracta (Grunow) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
214003PBproideParlibellus protractoides (Hustedt) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
214990PB1?Parlibellus sp. 1 ?
214999PB10?Parlibellus sp. 10 ?
214991PB2?Parlibellus sp. 2 ?
214992PB3?Parlibellus sp. 3 ?
214993PB4?Parlibellus sp. 4 ?
214994PB5?Parlibellus sp. 5 ?
214995PB6?Parlibellus sp. 6 ?
214996PB7?Parlibellus sp. 7 ?
214997PB8?Parlibellus sp. 8 ?
214998PB9?Parlibellus sp. 9 ?
214004Parlibellus spp. Cox
51001PEfibulaPeronia fibula (Brébisson ex Kützing) Ross
51002PEheribaPeronia heribaudi Brun et Peragallo
51990PE1?Peronia sp. 1 ?
51991PE2?Peronia sp. 2 ?
51889PEsppPeronia spp.
PtheteroPetrochiscus heterogonus (Barker et Meakin) Hendey et Sims
229990Petrochiscus sp. 1 ?
229999Petrochiscus sp. 10 ?
229991Petrochiscus sp. 2 ?
229992Petrochiscus sp. 3 ?
229993Petrochiscus sp. 4 ?
229994Petrochiscus sp. 5 ?
229995Petrochiscus sp. 6 ?
229996Petrochiscus sp. 7 ?
229997Petrochiscus sp. 8 ?
229998Petrochiscus sp. 9 ?
PUgebharPinnuavis gebhardii (Krasske) Van de Vijver
2505990Pinnuavis sp. 1 ?
2505999Pinnuavis sp. 10 ?
2505991Pinnuavis sp. 2 ?
2505992Pinnuavis sp. 3 ?
2505993Pinnuavis sp. 4 ?
2505994Pinnuavis sp. 5 ?
2505995Pinnuavis sp. 6 ?
2505996Pinnuavis sp. 7 ?
2505997Pinnuavis sp. 8 ?
2505998Pinnuavis sp. 9 ?
52001PIabaujePinnularia abaujensis (Pantocsek) Ross
52078PIablactPinnularia abaujensis var. lacustris Charles et Camburn
52002PIabalinPinnularia abaujensis var. linearis (Hustedt) Patrick
52003PIabarosPinnularia abaujensis var. rostrata (Patrick) Patrick
52005PIabasubPinnularia abaujensis var. subundulata (Mayer ex Hustedt) Patrick
PIacidicPinnularia acidicola Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
PIacveloPinnularia acidicola var. elongata Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52804PIacidoPinnularia acidophila Hofmann et Krammer
52199PiacoricPinnularia acoricola Hustedt
52148PIacroPinnularia acrosphaeria (Brébisson) Smith
52177PIacr1CRPinnularia acrosphaeria var. 1 ANS CWR NI
52108PIacrturPinnularia acrosphaeria var. turgidula Grunow ex Cleve
52007PIacubiePinnularia acuminata var. bielawskii (Héribaud et Peragallo) Patrick
52008PIacuintPinnularia acuminata var. interrupta (Cleve) Patrick
52807PIalpinaPinnularia alpina Smith
PIalpiniPinnularia alpiniformis Van de Vijver et Beyens
52814PIamabilPinnularia amabilis Krammer
PIamaePinnularia amae Van de Vijver, Ledeganck et Beyens
52813PIambigPinnularia ambigua Cleve
PIanglicPinnularia angliciformis Van de Vijver et Beyens
52196PIangustPinnularia angusta (Cleve) Krammer
52009PIappendPinnularia appendiculata (Agardh) Cleve
52010PIap1PRLPinnularia appendiculata var. 1 PIRLA
52245PIbalfPinnularia balfouriana Grunow ex Cleve
52012PIbicpetPinnularia biceps fo. petersenii Ross
52011PIbicepsPinnularia biceps Gregory
52074PIbicpusPinnularia biceps var. pusilla Charles et Camburn
52141PIbihastPinnularia bihastata (Mann) Patrick
52013PIborealPinnularia borealis Ehrenberg
52014PIbo1PRLPinnularia borealis var. 1 PIRLA
52092PIbo2PRLPinnularia borealis var. 2 PIRLA
52093PIbo3PRLPinnularia borealis var. 3 PIRLA
PIbovcunPinnularia borealis var. cuneorostrata Manguin
52083PIborrecPinnularia borealis var. rectangularis Carlson
52103PIboyeriPinnularia boyeri Patrick
52809PibrandePinnularia brandelii Cleve
52015PIbrauniPinnularia braunii (Grunow) Cleve
52016PIbraampPinnularia braunii var. amphicephala (Mayer) Hustedt
52171PIbamsubPinnularia braunii var. amphicephala fo. subconica Venkataraman
52017PIbramarPinnularia braunii var. marginata Cleve-Euler
52018PIbrebisPinnularia brebissonii (Kützing) Rabenhorst
52019PIbredimPinnularia brebissonii var. diminuta (Grunow) Cleve
52020PIbrevicPinnularia brevicostata Cleve
52021PIbr1PRLPinnularia brevicostata var. 1 PIRLA
52152PIburkiiPinnularia burkii Patrick
52133PIcarlusPinnularia cardinaliculus Cleve
52022PIcaudatPinnularia caudata (Boyer) Patrick
52205PIcfabroPinnularia cf. abaujensis var. rostrata UMICH (Patrick) Patrick
52178PIcfabsbPinnularia cf. abaujensis var. subundulata REIME (Mayer ex Hustedt) Patrick
52145PIacincfPinnularia cf. acuminata var. instabilis (Schmidt) Patrick
52086PIbasucfPinnularia cf. braunii var. amphicephala fo. subconica Venkataraman
52165PICFbvinPinnularia cf. brevicostata var. intermedia fo. cuneata Rivera
52237PIcfdivPinnularia cf. divergens CALACAD Smith
52238PIcfgibbPinnularia cf. gibba CALACAD Ehrenberg
52174PIcfkuetPinnularia cf. kuetzingii CODY Krammer
52239PIcfmaioPinnularia cf. maior CALACAD (Kützing) Rabenhorst
52240PIcfmicrPinnularia cf. microstauron CALACAD (Ehrenberg) Cleve
52202PipulangPinnularia cf. pulchra var. angusta (Cleve) Krammer
52179PIcfrivlPinnularia cf. rivularis REIMER Hustedt
52169PI18PRLAPinnularia cf. sp. 18 ANS PIRLA
52176PIcfsbcpPinnularia cf. subcapitata REIMER Gregory
52206PIcfsupaPinnularia cf. subcapitata var. paucistriata UMICH (Grunow) Cleve
52146PIsubscfPinnularia cf. substomatophora Hustedt
52147PItortcfPinnularia cf. torta (Mann) Patrick
52802PIcfvirPinnularia cf. viridis (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
52800PIcfv+maPinnularia cf. viridis PLUS maior LAIRD
52024PIcleveiPinnularia cleveii Patrick
PIcrozetPinnularia crozetii Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52818PIcruxPinnularia cruxarea Krammer
52158PIcuneatPinnularia cuneata (Østrup) Cleve
52167PIcncephPinnularia cuneicephala (Mann) Patrick
PIcuneorPinnularia cuneorostrata (Manguin) Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52149PIdactylPinnularia dactylus Ehrenberg
PIdevkerPinnularia decrescens var. kerguelenensis (Manguin) Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52025PIdivergPinnularia divergens Smith
52138PIdivbacPinnularia divergens var. bacillaris (Peragallo) Mills
52026PIdivellPinnularia divergens var. elliptica (Grunow) Cleve
52207PIdivignPinnularia divergens var. ignorata Krammer
52805PIdivmedPinnularia divergens var. media Krammer
52172PIdivundPinnularia divergens var. undulata (Peragallo et Héribaud) Hustedt
52027PIdivtisPinnularia divergentissima (Grunow) Cleve
52105PIdubitaPinnularia dubitabilis Hustedt
PIdulcicPinnularia dulcicola (Manguin) Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52810PierratiPinnularia erratica Krammer
PIextraPinnularia extralonga Van de Vijver, Beyens et Le Cohu
52028PIformicPinnularia formica (Ehrenberg) Patrick
52243PIgandrPinnularia gandrupii Petersen
52029PIgentilPinnularia gentilis (Donkin) Cleve
52159PIgibbaPinnularia gibba Ehrenberg
52208PIgiblinPinnularia gibba var. linearis Hustedt
52195PIgibmesPinnularia gibba var. mesogongyla (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
52209PIgibparPinnularia gibba var. parva (Ehrenberg) Grunow
52150PIglobicPinnularia globiceps Gregory
52806PIgracilPinnularia graciloides Hustedt
52006PIhemiptPinnularia hemiptera (Kützing) Rabenhorst
52030PIhilseaPinnularia hilseana Janisch
52031PIhustedPinnularia hustedtii Meister
52156PIignobPinnularia ignobilis (Krasske) Cleve-Euler
52032PIinflatPinnularia inflata Cleve-Euler
52033PIintermPinnularia intermedia (Lagerstedt) Cleve
52194PIinterrPinnularia interrupta Smith
52034PIintconPinnularia interrupta var. constricta Grunow
52210PIintiocPinnularia interrupta var. joculata Manguin
52246PIPinnularia invalid entry
Pinnularia kriegeriana Krasske emend. Foged
52812PIkriegPinnularia kriegeriana Krasske emend. Foged
52077PIkwacksPinnularia kwacksii Charles et Camburn
52193PIlagersPinnularia lagerstedtii (Cleve) Cleve-Euler
PIlaperPinnularia laperousei Van de Vijver et Beyens
52198PIlapponPinnularia lapponica Hustedt
52160PIlataPinnularia lata (Brébisson) Smith
52035PIlateviPinnularia latevittata Cleve
52036PIlatdomPinnularia latevittata var. domingensis Cleve
PIlecohuPinnularia lecohui Van de Vijver
52037PIlegumePinnularia legumen (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
52151PIlundiiPinnularia lundii Hustedt
52170PImaclntPinnularia macilenta (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
52038PImaiorPinnularia maior (Kützing) Rabenhorst
52039PImaihyaPinnularia maior var. hyalina Hustedt
52139PImaipulPinnularia maior var. pulchella Boyer
52040PImaisubPinnularia maior var. subacuta (Ehrenberg) Cleve
52041PImaitraPinnularia maior var. transversa (Schmidt) Cleve
52241PImarchcPinnularia marchica Schoenfelder
52204PImeridiPinnularia meridiana Metzeltin et Krammer
52042PImesogoPinnularia mesogongyla Ehrenberg
52043PImesolePinnularia mesolepta (Ehrenberg) Smith
52061PIme1PRLPinnularia mesolepta var. 1 PIRLA
52044PImesangPinnularia mesolepta var. angusta Cleve
52157PImesrobPinnularia mesolepta var. robusta Foged
52045PImicrosPinnularia microstauron (Ehrenberg) Cleve
52155PImicbiuPinnularia microstauron fo. biundulata Müller
52080PImicadrPinnularia microstauron var. adirondackensis Charles et Camburn
PImivausPinnularia microstauron var. australis Manguin
52161PImicbrePinnularia microstauron var. brebissonii (Kützing) Mayer
52182PImibrdiPinnularia microstauron var. brebissonii fo. diminuta (Grunow) Hustedt
PImiveloPinnularia microstauron var. elongata Manguin
52082PImiclunPinnularia microstauron var. lunicus Charles et Camburn
52046PImicminPinnularia microstauron var. minores Foged
52153PImolarsPinnularia molaris (Grunow) Cleve
52047PImormonPinnularia mormonorum (Grunow) Boyer
52808PineointPinnularia neomajor var. intermedia Krammer
Pinnularia nobilis Ehrenberg
52048PInodosaPinnularia nodosa (Ehrenberg) Smith
52095PInocotrPinnularia nodosa var. constricta fo. truncata Fusey
52140PIobliquPinnularia obliquestriata Cleve-Euler
52049PIobscurPinnularia obscura Krasske
52050PIoculusPinnularia oculus (Østrup) Østrup
52242PIparvulPinnularia parvulissima Krammer
52084PIpogoiiPinnularia pogoii Scherer
52087PIpolyonPinnularia polyonca (Brébisson) Smith
52168PIpsmicsPinnularia pseudomicrostauron Gandhi
52801PIpulchrPinnularia pulchra Østrup
52244PIpuvirPinnularia pulchra var. angusta (Cleve) Krammer
PIquvdulPinnularia quadratarea var. dulcicola Manguin
PIravrapPinnularia rabenhorstii var. raphecurvata Van de Vijver et Beyens
PIravsubPinnularia rabenhorstii var. subantarctica Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52803PIrenataPinnularia renata Krammer
52815PIrhombaPinnularia rhombarea Krammer
PIrhvserPinnularia rhombarea var. serrata Van de Vijver et Beyens
52051PIrupestPinnularia rupestris Hantzsch
52052PIruttnePinnularia ruttneri Hustedt
PIsagittPinnularia sagittiformis Van de Vijver et Beyens
52816PIsaproPinnularia saprophila Lange-Bertalot, Kobayasi et Krammer
52811PischroPinnularia schroederii (Hustedt) Krammer
52183PIschwabPinnularia schwabei Krasske
52053PIsilvatPinnularia silvatica Petersen
52102PIsingulPinnularia singularis (Schmidt) Cleve
Pinnularia sinistra FRITZ
52142PIsocialPinnularia socialis (Palmer) Hustedt
PinsofiaPinnularia sofia Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52200PIKMNQ0APinnularia sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
52181PI1ANSCRPinnularia sp. 1 ANS CWR
52175PI1CWRNRPinnularia sp. 1 ANS CWR NR
52180PI1CRSPNPinnularia sp. 1 ANS CWR SPN
52185PI1ANSLBPinnularia sp. 1 ANS LLB
52154PI1ANSMTPinnularia sp. 1 ANS MT
52162PI1WRCPinnularia sp. 1 ANS WRC
52234PI1caozPinnularia sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
52215PI1efsalPinnularia sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
52211PI1umalPinnularia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
52212PI1umpugPinnularia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
52214PI1umsanPinnularia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SANT
52213PI1umsctPinnularia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
52089PI1PRLPinnularia sp. 1 PIRLA
52188PIULNWPinnularia sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
52990PI1?Pinnularia sp. 1?
52999PI10?Pinnularia sp. 10 ?
52226PI10umalPinnularia sp. 10 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. viridis
52101PI10PRLPinnularia sp. 10 PIRLA
52227PI11umalPinnularia sp. 11 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. parvula
52064PI11PRLPinnularia sp. 11 PIRLA
52228PI12umalPinnularia sp. 12 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. rupestris
52096PI12PRLPinnularia sp. 12 PIRLA
52229PI13umalPinnularia sp. 13 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. subcapitata
52075PI13PRLPinnularia sp. 13 PIRLA
52230PI14umalPinnularia sp. 14 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. subgibba
52023PI14PRLPinnularia sp. 14 PIRLA
52231PI15umalPinnularia sp. 15 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. suchlandtii
52098PI15PRLPinnularia sp. 15 PIRLA
52099PI16PRLPinnularia sp. 16 PIRLA
52100PI17PRLPinnularia sp. 17 PIRLA
52991PI2?Pinnularia sp. 2 ?
52186PI2ANSLBPinnularia sp. 2 ANS LLB
52163PI2WRCPinnularia sp. 2 ANS WRC
52235PI2caozPinnularia sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
52217PI2umalPinnularia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. appendiculata
52216PI2umpugPinnularia sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. obscura var. constricta
52189PI2ULNWPinnularia sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
52107PI20PRLPinnularia sp. 20 PIRLA
52076PI21PRLPinnularia sp. 21 PIRLA
52090PI22PRLPinnularia sp. 22 PIRLA
52091PI23PRLPinnularia sp. 23 PIRLA
52110PI24PRLPinnularia sp. 24 PIRLA
52111PI25PRLPinnularia sp. 25 PIRLA
52112PI26PRLPinnularia sp. 26 PIRLA
52113PI27PRLPinnularia sp. 27 PIRLA
52114PI28PRLPinnularia sp. 28 PIRLA
52115PI29PRLPinnularia sp. 29 PIRLA
52992PI3?Pinnularia sp. 3 ?
52187PI3ANSLBPinnularia sp. 3 ANS LLB
52164PI3WRCPinnularia sp. 3 ANS WRC
52218PI3umalPinnularia sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. boyeri
52004PI3PRLPinnularia sp. 3 PIRLA
52190PI3ULNWPinnularia sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
52116PI30PRLPinnularia sp. 30 PIRLA
52117PI31PRLPinnularia sp. 31 PIRLA
52118PI32PRLPinnularia sp. 32 PIRLA
52119PI33PRLPinnularia sp. 33 PIRLA
52120PI34PRLPinnularia sp. 34 PIRLA
52121PI35PRLPinnularia sp. 35 PIRLA
52122PI36PRLPinnularia sp. 36 PIRLA
52123PI37PRLPinnularia sp. 37 PIRLA
52124PI38PRLPinnularia sp. 38 PIRLA
52125PI39PRLPinnularia sp. 39 PIRLA
52993PI4?Pinnularia sp. 4 ?
52203PI4ANSLBPinnularia sp. 4 ANS LLB
52166PI4ANSWCPinnularia sp. 4 ANS WRC
52219PI4umalPinnularia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. brebissonii
52220PI4NQUMPinnularia sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. gibba
52191PI4ULNWPinnularia sp. 4 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
52126PI40PRLPinnularia sp. 40 PIRLA
52127PI41PRLPinnularia sp. 41 PIRLA
52128PI42PRLPinnularia sp. 42 PIRLA
52129PI43PRLPinnularia sp. 43 PIRLA
52130PI44PRLPinnularia sp. 44 PIRLA
52131PI45PRLPinnularia sp. 45 PIRLA
52134PI46PRLPinnularia sp. 46 PIRLA
52135PI47PRLPinnularia sp. 46 PIRLA
52136PI48PRLPinnularia sp. 48 PIRLA
52137PI49PRLPinnularia sp. 49 PIRLA
52994PI5?Pinnularia sp. 5 ?
52197PI5ANSWCPinnularia sp. 5 ANS WRC
52221PI5umalPinnularia sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. gibba
52192PI5ULNWPinnularia sp. 5 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
52144PI50PRLPinnularia sp. 50 PIRLA
52995PI6?Pinnularia sp. 6 ?
52222PI6umalPinnularia sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. legumiformis
52996PI7?Pinnularia sp. 7 ?
52223PI7umalPinnularia sp. 7 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. mesolepta
52997PI8?Pinnularia sp. 8 ?
52224PI8umalPinnularia sp. 8 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. microstauron
52081PI8PRLPinnularia sp. 8 PIRLA
52998PI9?Pinnularia sp. 9 ?
52225PI9umalPinnularia sp. 9 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. obscura
52079PI9PRLPinnularia sp. 9 PIRLA
52889PIsppPinnularia spp.
52054PIstauroPinnularia stauroptera (Grunow) Rabenhorst
52055PIstaclePinnularia stauroptera var. clevei Meister
52056PIstalinPinnularia stauroptera var. linearis Østrup
52057PIstalonPinnularia stauroptera var. longa (Cleve-Euler) Cleve-Euler
52058PIstomatPinnularia stomatophora (Grunow) Cleve
52143PIstreptPinnularia streptoraphe Cleve
PIsubantPinnularia subantarctica (Manguin) Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
PIsuveloPinnularia subantarctica var. elongata Van de Vijver et Le Cohu
52059PIsubcapPinnularia subcapitata Gregory
52109PIss1PRLPinnularia subcapitata var. 1 PIRLA
52060PIsubhybPinnularia subcapitata var. hybrida (Grunow) Frenguelli
52062PIsubpauPinnularia subcapitata var. paucistriata (Grunow) Cleve
52173PIsubgibPinnularia subgibba Krammer
52817PIgibundPinnularia subgibba var. undulata Krammer
52232PIsubintPinnularia subinterrupta Krammer et Schroeter
52063PIsublinPinnularia sublinearis (Grunow) Cleve
52184PIsubrosPinnularia subrostrata (Cleve) Cleve-Euler
52065PIsubsolPinnularia subsolaris (Grunow) Cleve
PIsubkerPinnularia subsolaris fo. kerguelenensis Manguin
52066PIsubtruPinnularia subsolaris var. truncata (Cleve-Euler) Cleve-Euler
52067PIsubstoPinnularia substomatophora Hustedt
52097PIsc1PRLPinnularia substomatophora var. 1 PIRLA
52132PIsu2PRLPinnularia substomatophora var. 2 PIRLA
52201PISUCHLAPinnularia suchlandtii Hustedt
52068PIsudetiPinnularia sudetica (Hilse) Peragallo
52085PIsundaePinnularia sundaensis Hustedt
52233PItensubPinnularia tenuis var. sublinearis (Grunow) Cleve-Euler
52069PItermitPinnularia termitina (Ehrenberg) Patrick
52088PIturnerPinnularia turnerae Camburn et Charles
52070PIundulaPinnularia undulata Gregory
PIvatiiPinnularia vatii Van de Vijver et Beyens
52106PIvirCAFPinnularia viridis (CAF) need?
52071PIviridiPinnularia viridis (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
52072PIvircomPinnularia viridis var. commutata (Grunow) Cleve
52073PIvirminPinnularia viridis var. minor Cleve
52104PIwisconPinnularia wisconsinensis Camburn et Charles
194001PCabiskoPlaconeis abiskoensis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
194021PLanglicPlaconeis anglica (Ralfs) Lowe
194004PCclemenPlaconeis clementis (Grunow) Cox
194003PCclemtoPlaconeis clementoides (Hustedt) Cox
194013PCconstPlaconeis constans (Hustedt) Cox
194005PCelginePlaconeis elginensis (Gregory) Cox
194006PCexiguaPlaconeis exigua (Gregory) Mereschkowsky
194007PCexplanPlaconeis explanata (Hustedt) Cox
194008PCgastruPlaconeis gastrum (Ehrenberg) Mereschkowsky
194019PClataPlaconeis lata (Peragallo) Lowe
194020PCneglecPlaconeis neglecta (Krasske) Lowe
194012PCparelPlaconeis paraelginensis Lange-Bertalot
194009PCplacenPlaconeis placentula (Ehrenberg) Hienzerling
194002PcseudoPlaconeis pseudanglica (Lange-Bertalot) Cox
194010PC1umalPlaconeis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. elginensis
194016PLAsp1QPlaconeis sp. 1?
194011PC2eamPlaconeis sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
194014PCsp3eamPlaconeis sp. 3 NAWQA EAM
194015PCsp4emPlaconeis sp. 4 NAWQA EAM
194017PCsp5eamPlaconeis sp. 5 NAWQA MORALES
194018Placoneis spp. Mereschkowsky
53003PGarizonPlagiotropis arizonica Czarnecki et Blinn
53001PGlepidpPlagiotropis lepidoptera (Gregory) Kuntze
53002PGlepproPlagiotropis lepidoptera var. proboscidea (Cleve) Reimer
155019PTapicPlanothidium apiculatum (Patrick) Lange-Bertalot
155006PTbipoPlanothidium biporomum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot
155033PTcalcarPlanothidium calcar (Cleve) Bukhtiyarova et Round
155007PTchilePlanothidium chilense (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
PTcycloPlanothidium cyclophorum (Heiden) Van de Vijver
155008PTdauiPlanothidium daui (Foged) Lange-Bertalot
155009PTdeliPlanothidium delicatulum (Kützing) Round et Bukhtiyarova
PTdensisPlanothidium densistriatum Van de Vijver et Beyens
155011PTdispPlanothidium dispar (Cleve) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
155012PTdistPlanothidium distinctum (Messikommer) Lange-Bertalot
155021PTdubiPlanothidium dubium (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova
155022PTellipPlanothidium ellipticum (Cleve) Edlund
155013PTengelPlanothidium engelbrechtii (Cholnoky) Round et Bukhtiyarova
155034PTfossilPlanothidium fossile (Tempére et Peragallo) Lowe
155017PTfreqPlanothidium frequentissimum (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
155014PTgranPlanothidium granum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot
155015PThauckPlanothidium hauckianum (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova
155030PthaurosPlanothidium hauckianum var. rostratum (Schulz ex Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
155031PTPlanothidium haynaldii (Schaarschmidt) Lange-Bertalot
155016PTjourPlanothidium joursacense (Héribaud) Lange-Bertalot
155003PTlanceoPlanothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
PtlanvenPlanothidium lanceolatum fo. ventricosa (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
155001PTlanrobPlanothidium lanceolatum subsp. robusta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
155020PTlabimaPlanothidium lanceolatum var. bimaculatum (Schulz) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
155002PTlandubPlanothidium lanceolatum var. dubium
PtlanellPlanothidium lanceolatum var. elliptica (Cleve) Bukhtiyarova
PtlanhayPlanothidium lanceolatum var. haynaldii (Schaarschmidt) Bukhtiyarova
155024PTlaomiPlanothidium lanceolatum var. omissum (Reimer) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
PTmarginPlanothidium marginostriatum Van de Vijver et Beyens
155023PTminuPlanothidium minutissimum (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
155004PTmiotaPlanothidium miota Carter
155025PTmiotPlanothidium miotum (Carter) Lange-Bertalot
155026PToestPlanothidium oestrupii (Cleve-Euler) Round et Bukhtiyarova
155005PTperagaPlanothidium peragalli Brun et Héribaud
155027PTpefossPlanothidium peragalli var. fossilum (Tempère et Peragallo) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
155028PTpeparvPlanothidium peragalli var. parvulum (Patrick) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
PTreneiPlanothidium renei (Lange-Bertalot et Schmidt) Van de Vijver
155029PTrobusPlanothidium robustius (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
155010PTrotumPlanothidium robustum (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
155018PTrostrPlanothidium rostratum (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
155032Planothidium spp. Round et Bukhtiyarova
155035PTstewaPlanothidium stewartii (Patrick) Lange-Bertalot
2508001PLconspiPlatessa conspicua (Mayer) Lange-Bertalot
2508002PLholsaPlatessa holsatica (Hustedt) Lange-Betalot
2508004PLhustePlatessa hustedtii (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
2508003PLmontaPlatessa montana (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
2508005PLrupePlatessa rupestris (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
2508990Platessa sp. 1 ?
2508999Platessa sp. 10 ?
2508991Platessa sp. 2 ?
2508992Platessa sp. 3 ?
2508993Platessa sp. 4 ?
2508994Platessa sp. 5 ?
2508995Platessa sp. 6 ?
2508996Platessa sp. 7 ?
2508997Platessa sp. 8 ?
2508998Platessa sp. 9 ?
54005PLangulPleurosigma angulatum (Quekett) Smith
54001PLaustraPleurosigma australe Grunow
PlbalcalPleurosigma balticum var. californicum Grunow
PlclemanPleurosigma clevei var. manitounukensis Poulin et Cardinal
54004PLdelicaPleurosigma delicatulum Smith
54002PLelongtPleurosigma elongatum Smith
PlgracilPleurosigma gracilitatis Sterrenburg, Meave et Tiffany
54003PLsalinmPleurosigma salinarum Grunow
54008PLsalboyPleurosigma salinarum var. boyeri (Keeley) Reimer
54007PL1umsctPleurosigma sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX cf. strigosum Smith
54009PL2umsctPleurosigma sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
54006PL5ANSJWPleurosigma sp. 5 ANS JW
PlsubsalPleurosigma subsalsa Wislouch et Kolbe
158001PRlaevisPleurosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Compère
PocornigPorodiscus corniger Brun
PonitexcPorodiscus nitidus var. excentricus Olshtinskaya
235990Porodiscus sp. 1 ?
235999Porodiscus sp. 10 ?
235991Porodiscus sp. 2 ?
235992Porodiscus sp. 3 ?
235993Porodiscus sp. 4 ?
235994Porodiscus sp. 5 ?
235995Porodiscus sp. 6 ?
235996Porodiscus sp. 7 ?
235997Porodiscus sp. 8 ?
235998Porodiscus sp. 9 ?
PosplcorPorodiscus splendidus var. corniger (Brun) Fourtanier
PosplexcPorodiscus splendidus var. excentricus (Olshtinskaya) Olshtinskaya
196001POcomplaProshkinia complanata (Grunow) Mann
196003POsp1eamProshkinia sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
196002POsp2eamProshkinia sp. 2 NEW MEXICO MORALES
98002PYconstPsammodictyon constrictum (Gregory) Mann
98003PYpandurPsammodictyon panduriforme (Gregory) Mann
98001PY1efsalPsammodictyon sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
186006PSabundaPsammothidium abundans fo. rosenstockii Lange-Bertalot ex Lange-Bertalot
186010PSaltaPsammothidium altaicum Bukhtiyarova
186001PSambiorPsammothidium bioretii (Germain) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186011PSchlidPsammothidium chlidanos (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot
PSfusifoPsammothidium confusiforme Van de Vijver et Beyens
PSconfusPsammothidium confusum (Manguin) Van de Vijver
PScovatoPsammothidium confusum var. atomoides (Manguin) Van de Vijver
186012PSdidyPsammothidium didymum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186018PSgrischPsammothidium grischunum (Wuthrich) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186002PSgridaoPsammothidium grischunum fo. daonensis (Lange-Bertalot ex Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186003PShelvetPsammothidium helveticum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round
PSincogPsammothidium incognitum (Krasske) Van de Vijver
186013PSkuelbPsammothidium kuelbsii (Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186014PSlac-vuPsammothidium lacus-vulcani (Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186004PSlauenbPsammothidium lauenburgianum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186015PSlevanPsammothidium levanderi (Hustedt) Czarnecki
PSmanguiPsammothidium manguinii (Hustedt) Van de Vijver
186005PSmarginPsammothidium marginulatum (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova et Round
PSoblongPsammothidium oblongellum (Østrup) Van de Vijver
186019PSreveruPsammothidium reversum (Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186007PSrossiiPsammothidium rossii (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186016PSsaccPsammothidium sacculum (Carter) Bukhtiyarova
186017PSscotPsammothidium scoticum (Flower et Jones) Bukhtiyarova et Round
186090Psammothidium sp. 1 ?
186099Psammothidium sp. 10 ?
186091Psammothidium sp. 2 ?
186092Psammothidium sp. 3 ?
186093Psammothidium sp. 4 ?
186094Psammothidium sp. 5 ?
186095Psammothidium sp. 6 ?
186096Psammothidium sp. 7 ?
186097Psammothidium sp. 8 ?
186098Psammothidium sp. 9 ?
186089Psammothidium spp.
186008PSsubatoPsammothidium subatomoides (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round
PStherezPsammothidium therezienii (Le Cohu et Maillard) Van de Vijver
186009PSventraPsammothidium ventralis (Krasske) Bukhtiyarova et Round
PNcacianPseudonitzschia caciantha Lundholm, Moestrup et Hasle
PucalliaPseudonitzschia calliantha Lundholm, Moestrup et Hasle
PUcuspidPseudonitzschia cuspidata (Hasle) Hasle Lundholm, Moestrup et Hasle
PUpseudPseudonitzschia pseudodelicatissima (Hasle) Hasle Lundholm, Hasle et Moestrup
49002PNpungenPseudonitzschia pungens (Grunow ex Cleve) Hasle
49001Pn1GUADPseudonitzschia sp. 1 ANS GUAD
49990Pn1?Pseudonitzschia sp. 1?
73001PDbrevisPseudostaurosira brevistriata (Grunow) Williams et Round
90001PDbre0APseudostaurosira brevistriata var. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
73004PDbrcapPseudostaurosira brevistriata var. capitata (Héribaud) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
73005PDbrinflPseudostaurosira brevistriata var. inflata (Pantocsek) Edlund
73008PdclavatPseudostaurosira clavatum Morales
73007PdneoellPseudostaurosira neoelliptica (Witkowski) Morales
73010PdparasiPseudostaurosira parasitica (Smith) Morales
73011pdparsubPseudostaurosira parasitica var. subconstricta (Grunow) Morales
73002PDpseudoPseudostaurosira pseudoconstruens (Marciniak) Williams et Round
73006PDrobuPseudostaurosira robusta (Fusey) Williams et Round
73003PD1caozPseudostaurosira sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. brevistriata
73009PDsp2eamPseudostaurosira sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
Pseudostaurosira spp.
73012PDsubsalPseudostaurosira subsalina (Hustedt) Morales
73013PDtrainoPseudostaurosira trainorii Morales
Pseudostaurosira zeilleri FRITZ
Pseudostaurosira zeilleri var. ? (trigonal) FRITZ
Pseudostaurosira zeilleri var. elliptica FRITZ
2509001PTgeocolPseudostaurosiropsis geocollegarum (Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot) Morales
2509003PPgeotriPseudostaurosiropsis geocollegarum fo. triradiatum Morales
2509990Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 1 ?
2509002PTsp1ehPseudostaurosiropsis sp. 1 NAWQA HAGAN
2509999Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 10 ?
2509991Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 2 ?
2509992Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 3 ?
2509993Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 4 ?
2509994Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 5 ?
2509995Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 6 ?
2509996Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 7 ?
2509997Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 8 ?
2509998Pseudostaurosiropsis sp. 9 ?
222001PUschwabPulchella schwabei (Krasske) Krammer
222990PU1?Pulchella sp. 1 ?
222999PU10?Pulchella sp. 10 ?
222991PU2?Pulchella sp. 2 ?
222992PU3?Pulchella sp. 3 ?
222993PU4?Pulchella sp. 4 ?
222994PU5?Pulchella sp. 5 ?
222995PU6?Pulchella sp. 6 ?
222996PU7?Pulchella sp. 7 ?
222997PU8?Pulchella sp. 8 ?
222998PU9?Pulchella sp. 9 ?
222002Pulchella spp. Krammer
PKmimetPunctastriata mimetica Morales
165001PKnnatPunctastriata pinnata Williams et Round
165002Punctastriata spp. Williams et Round
208004PZbodaniPuncticulata bodanica (Grunow in Schneider) Håkansson
208001PZcomtaPuncticulata comta (Ehrenberg) Håkansson
208002PZadioPuncticulata radiosa (Lemmermann) Håkansson
208990PZ1?Puncticulata sp. 1 ?
208999PZ10?Puncticulata sp. 10 ?
208991PZ2?Puncticulata sp. 2 ?
208992PZ3?Puncticulata sp. 3 ?
208993PZ4?Puncticulata sp. 4 ?
208994PZ5?Puncticulata sp. 5 ?
208995PZ6?Puncticulata sp. 6 ?
208996PZ7?Puncticulata sp. 7 ?
208997PZ8?Puncticulata sp. 8 ?
208998PZ9?Puncticulata sp. 9 ?
208003Puncticulata spp. Håkansson
55001RElacidaReimeria lacus-idahoensis Kociolek et Stoermer
55002REsinutaReimeria sinuata (Gregory) Kociolek et Stoermer
55003REsiantiReimeria sinuata fo. antiqua Kociolek et Stoermer
ResinovaReimeria sinuata fo. ovata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
RifloridReimerothrix floridensis Prasad
238990Reimerothrix sp. 1 ?
238999Reimerothrix sp. 10 ?
238991Reimerothrix sp. 2 ?
238992Reimerothrix sp. 3 ?
238993Reimerothrix sp. 4 ?
238994Reimerothrix sp. 5 ?
238995Reimerothrix sp. 6 ?
238996Reimerothrix sp. 7 ?
238997Reimerothrix sp. 8 ?
238998Reimerothrix sp. 9 ?
85990RNsp1?Rhabdonema sp. 1?
84001RAamphicRhaphoneis amphiceros (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
84002RAsurirlRhaphoneis surirella (Ehrenberg) Grunow
56001RHeriensRhizosolenia eriensis Smith
56002RHgracilRhizosolenia gracilis Smith
56990RH1?Rhizosolenia sp. 1 ?
56991RH2?Rhizosolenia sp. 2 ?
56889RHsppRhizosolenia spp.
57002ROabbreRhoicosphenia abbreviata (Agardh) Lange-Bertalot
57001ROcurvatRhoicosphenia curvata (Kützing) Grunow ex Rabenhorst
58008RpacuminRhopalodia acuminata Krammer
58007RPbrebsnRhopalodia brebissonii Krammer
58009RPcfACUMRhopalodia cf. acuminata LAIRD Krammer
58010RPcfGIBBRhopalodia cf. gibberula LAIRD (Ehrenberg) Müller
58018RPonstrRhopalodia constricta (Smith) Krammer
Rhopalodia constricta BRADBURY
58001RPgibbaRhopalodia gibba (Ehrenberg) Müller
58014RPgibminRhopalodia gibba var. minuta Krammer
Rhopalodia gibba var. parallela (Grunow) Peragallo
58002RPgibvenRhopalodia gibba var. ventricosa (Kützing) Peragallo et Peragallo
58005RPgibbrlRhopalodia gibberula (Ehrenberg) Müller
58004RPgibvanRhopalodia gibberula var. vanheurckii Müller
58006RPmusculRhopalodia musculus (Kützing) Müller
58012RPoprltaRhopalodia operculata (Agardh) Häkansson
58003RPparallRhopalodia parallela (Grunow) Müller
58011RPrupestRhopalodia rupestris (Smith) Krammer
58013RPkmnq0ARhopalodia sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
58016RP1umalbRhopalodia sp. 1 NAWQA BB ALBE
58017RP1caozRhopalodia sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
58015RP1umsctRhopalodia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
58990RP1?Rhopalodia sp. 1?
58991RP2?Rhopalodia sp. 2 ?
58889RPsppRhopalodia spp.
189001RSduthiiRossithidium duthii (Sreenivasa) Kingston
189002RSlineaRossithidium linearis (Smith) Round et Bukhtiyarova
189004RSpetersRossithidium petersennii (Hustedt) Round et Bukhtiyarova
189003RSpusillRossithidium pusillum (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova
189005Rossithidium spp. Round et Bukhtiyarova
244001SMneglecSchizonema neglectum Thwaites
244990Schizonema sp. 1 ?
244999Schizonema sp. 10 ?
244991Schizonema sp. 2 ?
244992Schizonema sp. 3 ?
244993Schizonema sp. 4 ?
244994Schizonema sp. 5 ?
244995Schizonema sp. 6 ?
244996Schizonema sp. 7 ?
244997Schizonema sp. 8 ?
244998Schizonema sp. 9 ?
170008SFamericSellaphora americana (Ehrenberg) Mann
170009SFbacillSellaphora bacillum (Ehrenberg) Mann
170029SecfcaliSellaphora cf. californica NAWQA EAM Potapova
170024SFcfmutSellaphora cf. mutata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
170010SFdisjunSellaphora disjuncta (Hustedt) Mann
170026SFfusticSellaphora fusticulus Østrup
170033SFhustedSellaphora hustedtii (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
170001SFlaevisSellaphora laevissima (Kützing) Mann
170012SFmutataSellaphora mutata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
SfpervenSellaphora perventralis (Hustedt) Tuji
170006SFpupulaSellaphora pupula (Kützing) Meresckowsky
170025SFpurostSellaphora pupula fo. rostrata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
170011SFpupca2Sellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzvow et Mayer
170002SFpupcapSellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzvow et Mayer
170003SFpupellSellaphora pupula var. elliptica (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
170004SFpupmutSellaphora pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Bukhtiyarova
170007SFpupre2Sellaphora pupula var. rectangularis (Gregory) Czarnecki
170005SFpuprecSellaphora pupula var. rectangularis (Gregory) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
170013SFrectanSellaphora rectangularis (Gregory) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin
170034SFrostrSellaphora rostrata (Hustedt) Johansen
170014SFseminuSellaphora seminulum (Grunow) Mann
170027SF1?Sellaphora sp. 1 ? Idaho SEH
170017SFefsalbSellaphora sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
170016SF1umpugSellaphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
170015SF1umsctSellaphora sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
170018SF1NQSTXSellaphora sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
170035SFsp1?Sellaphora sp. 1?
170022SF2caozSellaphora sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
170019SF2efsalSellaphora sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
170020SF2umalbSellaphora sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. pupula
170021SF3umalbSellaphora sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. seminulum
170023SF5caozSellaphora sp. 5 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
170028SFsp6emSellaphora sp. 6 NAWQA EAM
170030SEsp7Sellaphora sp. 7 NAWQA SHE
170032Sellaphora spp. Mereschkowsky
SFsubantSellaphora subantarctica Van de Vijver et Beyens
SFtumidaSellaphora tumida Van de Vijver et Beyens
SFwummenSellaphora wummensis Johansen
223990SM1?Sieminskia sp. 1 ?
223999SM10?Sieminskia sp. 10 ?
223991SM2?Sieminskia sp. 2 ?
223992SM3?Sieminskia sp. 3 ?
223993SM4?Sieminskia sp. 4 ?
223994SM5?Sieminskia sp. 5 ?
223995SM6?Sieminskia sp. 6 ?
223996SM7?Sieminskia sp. 7 ?
223997SM8?Sieminskia sp. 8 ?
223998SM9?Sieminskia sp. 9 ?
223001SMzetaSieminskia zeta (Brockmann) Metzeltin et Lange-Bertalot
59001SIdelogSimonsenia delognei (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
59002SI1EMNWQSimonsenia sp. 1ANS NAWQA EAM
60001SKcostatSkeletonema costatum (Greville) Cleve
60002SKpotamoSkeletonema potamos (Weber) Hasle
60990SK1?Skeletonema sp. 1?
193001SOexiguStauroforma exiguiformis Flower, Jones et Round
SSacidocStauroneis acidoclinatopsis Van de Vijver et Lange-Bertalot
62036SSacutaStauroneis acuta Smith
62032SSagrestStauroneis agrestis Petersen
62057SSalpinaStauroneis alpina Hustedt
62001SSamphioStauroneis amphioxys Gregory
62031SSancCAFStauroneis anceps (CAF) Ehrenberg
62002SSancepsStauroneis anceps Ehrenberg
62037SSancamrStauroneis anceps fo. americana Reimer
62800SSag&123Stauroneis anceps fo. gracilis PLUS vars. 1, 2, and 3
62003SSancgraStauroneis anceps fo. gracilis Rabenhorst
62004SSanclinStauroneis anceps fo. linearis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
62024SSan1PRLStauroneis anceps var. 1 PIRLA
62022SSan2PRLStauroneis anceps var. 2 PIRLA
62025SSan3PRLStauroneis anceps var. 3 PIRLA
62035SSan4PRLStauroneis anceps var. 4 PIRLA
62065SSancsibStauroneis anceps var. siberica Grunow
62077SSattenStauroneis attenuirostris Patrick et Freese
62047SSborricStauroneis borrichii (Petersen) Lund
62060SScfalpnStauroneis cf. alpina BAHLS Hustedt
62801SScfancStauroneis cf. anceps CAF Ehrenberg
62074SScfanccStauroneis cf. anceps CALACAD Ehrenberg
62045SScfjavnStauroneis cf. javanica (Grunow) Cleve
62056SScfkrieStauroneis cf. kriegeri REIMER Patrick
62053SScfpromStauroneis cf. prominula REIMER (Grunow) Hustedt
62067SScfsuboStauroneis cf. pseudosubobtusoides BAHLS Germain
62809SscfsaliStauroneis cf. salina EEH Smith
62051SScftherStauroneis cf. thermicola REIMER (Petersen) Lund
62052SScruclaStauroneis crucicula Smith
62005SSdilataStauroneis dilatata Ehrenberg
62813SSexilisStauroneis exilis Kützing
62006SSfluminStauroneis fluminea Patrick et Freese
62064SSgracilStauroneis gracillima Hustedt
62038SSgregorStauroneis gregorii Ralfs ex Pritchard
62054SSignortStauroneis ignorata Hustedt
62050SSignrupStauroneis ignorata var. rupestris (Skvortzow) Reimer
62033SSkriundStauroneis kriegeri fo. undulata Hustedt
62008SSkriegeStauroneis kriegeri Patrick
62009SSlapponStauroneis lapponica Cleve
62046SSlegmenStauroneis legumen (Ehrenberg) Kützing
62010SSlivingStauroneis livingstonii Reimer
62810SSminutStauroneis minutissima Lagerstedt
62011SSnanaStauroneis nana Hustedt
62026SSnobalaStauroneis nobilis fo. alabamae (Heiden) Cleve-Euler
62034SSnobiliStauroneis nobilis Schumann
62048SSnobilsStauroneis nobilis Schumann
62012SSnobbacStauroneis nobilis var. baconiana (Stodder) Reimer
62023SSnobgraStauroneis nobilis var. gracilis Kobayasi
62013SSobtusaStauroneis obtusa Lagerstedt
62068SSpalustStauroneis palustris Hustedt
62039SSparvulStauroneis parvula Janisch
62014SSparcapStauroneis parvula var. capitata Østrup
62015SSphoeniStauroneis phoenicenteron (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
62016SSphograStauroneis phoenicenteron fo. gracilis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
62017SSproducStauroneis producta Grunow
62069SSprominStauroneis prominula (Grunow) Hustedt
62058SSpssbobStauroneis pseudosubobtusoides Germain
62811SSquadStauroneis quadrata Heribaud
SsradissStauroneis radissonii Poulin et Cardinal
62066SSschinzStauroneis schinzii (Brun) Cleve
62007SSsmithiStauroneis smithii Grunow
62018SSsmiincStauroneis smithii var. incisa Pantocsek
62030SSsmisagStauroneis smithii var. sagitta (Cleve) Hustedt
62062SSkmnq0AStauroneis sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
62990SS1?Stauroneis sp. 1 ?
62055SS1ANSCRStauroneis sp. 1 ANS CWR
62059SS1ANSLBStauroneis sp. 1 ANS LLB
62042SS1NARStauroneis sp. 1 ANS NAR
62043SS1ANSWCStauroneis sp. 1 ANS WRC
62049SS1ANSLPStauroneis sp. 1 ANSLAP
62075SS1caozStauroneis sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
62071SS1efsalStauroneis sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
62070SS1umalbStauroneis sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
62814STsp1eamStauroneis sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
62021SS1PRLStauroneis sp. 1 PIRLA
62807SSsp10emStauroneis sp. 10 NAWQA EAM
62808SSsp11emStauroneis sp. 11 NAWQA EAM
62991SS2?Stauroneis sp. 2 ?
62061SS2ANSWCStauroneis sp. 2 ANS WRC
62072SS2efsalStauroneis sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
62073SS2umalbStauroneis sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. obtusa
62028SS2PRLStauroneis sp. 2 PIRLA
62063SS2ULNWStauroneis sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
62992SS3?Stauroneis sp. 3 ?
62079SS3eamStauroneis sp. 3 NAWQA EAM
62029SS3PRLStauroneis sp. 3 PIRLA
62993SS4?Stauroneis sp. 4 ?
62804SSsp1eamStauroneis sp. 4 NAWQA EAM
62994SS5?Stauroneis sp. 5 ?
62805SSsp5eamStauroneis sp. 5 NAWQA EAM
62076SSsp6SVStauroneis sp. 6 SAVANNAH EAM
62802SSsp7dwStauroneis sp. 7 NAWQA DW
62803SSsp8emStauroneis sp. 8 NAWQA DW
62806SSsp9eamStauroneis sp. 9 NAWQA EAM
62889SSsppStauroneis spp.
62019SSstauroStauroneis staurolineata Reimer
62020SSstoddeStauroneis stodderi Lewis
62078SSsubgrStauroneis subgracilis Lange-Bertalot et Krammer
62044SStackeiStauroneis tackei Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
62040SSthermcStauroneis thermicola (Petersen) Lund
62041SSthelanStauroneis thermicola var. lanceolata (Hustedt) Hustedt
62027SStruncaStauroneis truncata Lund
62812SStylophStauroneis tylophora Reichelt
62815SSwislStauroneis wislouchii Poretzky et Anisimova
172009SRaffcveStaurosira aff. construens NAWQA EAM Ehrenberg
SRalpestStaurosira alpestris (Krasske ex Hustedt) Van de Vijver
172001SRconstrStaurosira construens Ehrenberg
172002SRconbi2Staurosira construens fo. binodis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
172003SRconsu2Staurosira construens fo. subsalina (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova
172005SRconbinStaurosira construens var. binodis (Ehrenberg) Hamilton
172010SRcospumStaurosira construens var. pumila (Grunow) Kingston
172008SRconsubStaurosira construens var. subsalina (Hustedt) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis
172006SRconvenStaurosira construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Hamilton
172004SRconve2Staurosira construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Hamilton
172007SRelliptStaurosira elliptica (Schumann) Williams et Round
172011SR1IDHDWStaurosira sp. 1 Idaho DW
172016SRsp1MTHStaurosira sp. 1 MONTANA HAGAN
172012SRsp1emStaurosira sp. 1 NAWQA EAM
172017SRsp1eamStaurosira sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
172013SRsp1idoStaurosira sp. 2 Idaho SEH
172015SRsp2EAMStaurosira sp. 2 NAWQA MORALES
Staurosira spp.
172014SRstevenStaurosira stevensonii Manoylov, Morales et Stoermer
175008SAberoliStaurosirella berolinensis (Lemmermann) Bukhtiyarova
175012SAcfpinnStaurosirella cf. pinnata (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round
SAconfusStaurosirella confusa Morales
175002SAlapponStaurosirella lapponica (Grunow) Williams et Round
175003SAlappo2Staurosirella lapponica (Grunow) Williams et Round
175004SAlepto2Staurosirella leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round
175001SAleptosStaurosirella leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round
175007SAlepdubStaurosirella leptostauron var. dubia (Grunow) Edlund
175017SaleprhoStaurosirella leptostauron var. rhomboides (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova
175020SAoldenbStaurosirella oldenburgiana (Hustedt) Morales
175005SApinnatStaurosirella pinnata (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round
175006SAoinintStaurosirella pinnata var. intercedens (Grunow) Hamilton
SApvlancStaurosirella pinnata var. lancettula (Schumann) Siver et Hamilton
SApvtrigStaurosirella pinnata var. trigona (Brun et Héribaud) Siver et Hamilton
175009SA1umalbStaurosirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. pinnata
175021SAsp1NXStaurosirella sp. 1 NEW MEXICO HAMSHER
175011SA2NQEAMStaurosirella sp. 2 NAWQA EAM
175013SA3NQEAMStaurosirella sp. 3 NAWQA EAM
175014SA4NQEAMStaurosirella sp. 4 NAWQA EAM
175015SA5NQEAMStaurosirella sp. 5 NAWQA EAM
175016SAsp6eamStaurosirella sp. 6 NAWQA EAM
175018SAsp7eamStaurosirella sp. 7 NAWQA EAM
175010SAspinoStaurosirella spinosa (Skvortzow) Kingston
175019SAStaurosirella spp. Williams et Round
63003SNancepsStenopterobia anceps (Lewis) Brébisson ex Van Heurck
63001SNarcticStenopterobia arctica Cleve-Euler
63008SNcurvulStenopterobia curvula (Smith) Krammer
63007SNdelicaStenopterobia delicatissma (Lewis) Brébisson
63006SNdensesStenopterobia densestriata (Hustedt) Krammer
63002SNintermStenopterobia intermedia (Lewis) Van Heurck
63004SNintsubStenopterobia intermedia fo. subacuta Hustedt
63005SNintrauStenopterobia intermedia var. rautenbachia
SNpseudoStenopterobia pseudodelicatissima Siver et Hamilton
63990SN1?Stenopterobia sp. 1 ?
63010SN1umalbStenopterobia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. delicatissima
63009SN1umsctStenopterobia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
63991SN2?Stenopterobia sp. 2 ?
63992SN3?Stenopterobia sp. 3 ?
63993SN4?Stenopterobia sp. 4 ?
63994SN5?Stenopterobia sp. 5 ?
63889SNsppStenopterobia spp.
8941001Stephanocyclus meneghiniana (Kützing) Skabitschevsky
8941990Stephanocyclus sp. 1 ?
8941999Stephanocyclus sp. 10 ?
8941991Stephanocyclus sp. 2 ?
8941992Stephanocyclus sp. 3 ?
8941993Stephanocyclus sp. 4 ?
8941994Stephanocyclus sp. 5 ?
8941995Stephanocyclus sp. 6 ?
8941996Stephanocyclus sp. 7 ?
8941997Stephanocyclus sp. 8 ?
8941998Stephanocyclus sp. 9 ?
64027STagasszStephanodiscus agassizensis Håkansson et Kling
StakanenStephanodiscus akanensis Tuji, Kawashima, Julius et Stoermer
64017StalpinStephanodiscus alpinus Hustedt
Stephanodiscus asteroides BRADBURY
64009STastraeStephanodiscus astraea (Ehrenberg) Grunow
64011STastminStephanodiscus astraea var. minutula (Kützing) Grunow ex Van Heurck
64036STbinderStephanodiscus binderanus (Kützing) Krieger
64045StbidoesStephanodiscus binderanus var. oestrupii Cleve-Euler
Stephanodiscus carconensis BRADBURY
Stephanodiscus carconensis/asteroides BRADBURY
Stephanodiscus cf. #10 Stoermer BRADBURY
64025STcfagasStephanodiscus cf. agassizensis Håkansson et Kling
64048STcf.hanStephanodiscus cf. hantzschii UL Grunow
64037STcfhantStephanodiscus cf. hantzschii UMICH Grunow
64020STcfmedsStephanodiscus cf. medius FRITZ Håkansson
64038STcfminuStephanodiscus cf. minutulus UMICH (Kützing) Cleve et Möller
64049STcf.nigStephanodiscus cf. niagarae UL Ehrenberg
64021STcforegStephanodiscus cf. oregonica FRITZ (Ehrenberg) Håkansson
64039STcfparStephanodiscus cf. parvus UMICH Stoermer et Håkansson
Stephanodiscus cf. St. carconensis BRADBURY
64015STdubiusStephanodiscus dubius (Fricke) Hustedt
StdzhiliStephanodiscus dzhilindus Khursevich
Stephanodiscus excentricus BRADBURY
64031SThantenStephanodiscus hantzschii fo. tenuis (Hustedt) Håkansson et Stoermer
64010SThantzsStephanodiscus hantzschii Grunow
64012STinvistStephanodiscus invisitatus Hohn et Hellermann
64022StmediusStephanodiscus medius Håkansson
Stephanodiscus medius/minutulus (Greville) Anagnostidis
Stephanodiscus minute eccentric form BRADBURY
64018StminutStephanodiscus minutulus (Kützing) Cleve et Möller
Stephanodiscus minutulus type BRADBURY
Stephanodiscus minutulus types BRADBURY
64013STminutsStephanodiscus minutus Smith
Stephanodiscus neoastraea
64047StneoastStephanodiscus neoastraea Håkansson et Hickel
64001STniagarStephanodiscus niagarae Ehrenberg
64035SToregonStephanodiscus oregonica (Ehrenberg) Håkansson
Stephanodiscus oregonicus BRADBURY
64003STparvusStephanodiscus parvus Stoermer et Håkansson
Stephanodiscus parvus type BRADBURY
64019STparhanStephanodiscus parvus/hantzschii
StpsuzukStephanodiscus psuedosuzuki Tuji et Kociolek
Stephanodiscus rhombus BRADBURY
64030STrotulaStephanodiscus rotula (Kützing) Hendey
64990ST1?Stephanodiscus sp. 1 ?
64029ST1ANSLMStephanodiscus sp. 1 ANS LJM LINJ
64016ST1ANSWRStephanodiscus sp. 1 ANS WRC
64023STsp1LAPStephanodiscus sp. 1 ANSLAP
64032St1JCKStephanodiscus sp. 1 JCK
64042ST1umalbStephanodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA NAA ALBE
64044ST1umcazStephanodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
64034ST1umeiwStephanodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
64043ST1umpugStephanodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT
64040ST1umucoStephanodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UCOL
64041ST1umumiStephanodiscus sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UMIS
64002ST1PRLStephanodiscus sp. 1 PIRLA
64991ST2?Stephanodiscus sp. 2 ?
64024ST2LAPStephanodiscus sp. 2 ANS LAP
64026ST2ANSWCStephanodiscus sp. 2 ANS WRC
64046ST2NQWRCStephanodiscus sp. 2 NAWQA WRC
64004ST2PRLStephanodiscus sp. 2 PIRLA
64992ST3?Stephanodiscus sp. 3 ?
64005ST3PRLStephanodiscus sp. 3 PIRLA
64993ST4?Stephanodiscus sp. 4 ?
64006ST4PRLStephanodiscus sp. 4 PIRLA
64994ST5?Stephanodiscus sp. 5 ?
64007ST5PRLStephanodiscus sp. 5 PIRLA
64008ST6PRLStephanodiscus sp. 6 PIRLA
Stephanodiscus sp. oval/eccentric BRADBURY
64889STsppStephanodiscus spp.
64028STsubtilStephanodiscus subtilis Van Goori emend. Cleve-Euler
StsuzukiStephanodiscus suzuki Tuji et Kociolek emend. Megumi, Kato, Tanimura, Fukusawa et Yasuda
64014STtenuisStephanodiscus tenuis Hustedt
Stephanodiscus transylvanicus & subtran.types BRADBURY
Stephanodiscus very tiny Stephanodiscus/ Cyclostephanos types BRADBURY
64033StvestibStephanodiscus vestibulis Håkansson,Theriot et Stoermer
61001STFRTZStephanopyxis sp. FRITZ
65001SUadumbrSurirella adumbratus Hohn et Hellermann
65008SUaliculSurirella alicula Hohn et Hellermann
65069SUampoxySurirella amphioxys Smith
65002SUangustSurirella angusta Kützing
65004SUangforSurirella angustiformis Hustedt
65088SUbifronSurirella bifrons Ehrenberg
65057SUbirostSurirella birostrata Hustedt
65005SUbiseriSurirella biseriata Brébisson
65007SUbisbifSurirella biseriata var. bifrons (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
65091SUbohemcSurirella bohemica Maly
65068SubrebSurirella brebissonii Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
65064SubrekutSurirella brebissonii var. kuetzingii Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
65098SUbrepunSurirella brebissonii var. punctata Krammer
65046SUbrightSurirella brightwellii Smith
Surirella capensis Ehrenberg ex Cocquyt et Jahn
SUcapensSurirella capensis Ehrenberg ex Cocquyt et Jahn
Surirella capensis Ehrenberg ex Cocquyt et Jahn
65009SUcapronSurirella capronii Brébisson
65802SUcardinSurirella cardinalis Kitton
Surirella cf. brebissonii FRITZ
65067SUcfBRKTSurirella cf. brebissonii var. kuetzingii LAIRD Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
65804SucfcampSurirella cf. camplyodiscus Ehrenberg
65006SUcucfSurirella cf. cuspidata Hustedt
65003SUgradcfSurirella cf. gradifera Hustedt
65121SUcflineSurirella cf. linearis CALACAD Smith
65089SUcfovafSurirella cf. ovata var. africana CODY Cholnoky
65044SUcruciaSurirella cruciata Schmidt
65065SUcrumenSurirella crumena Brébisson ex Kützing
65010SUcuidSurirella cuspidata Hustedt
65033SUdeltenSurirella delicatissima fo. tenuissima Manguin
65011SUdelicaSurirella delicatissima Lewis
65012SUde1PRLSurirella delicatissima var. 1 PIRLA
65029SUde2PRLSurirella delicatissima var. 2 PIRLA
65034SUde3PRLSurirella delicatissima var. 3 PIRLA
65127SudidymaSurirella didyma Kützing
65072SUeleganSurirella elegans Ehrenberg
65102SUenglerSurirella engleri Müller
65047SUgemmaSurirella gemma Ehrenberg
65013SUgracilSurirella gracilis (Smith) Grunow
65036SUguatimSurirella guatimalensis Ehrenberg
65805SUhelvetSurirella helvetica Brun
65066SUhoefleSurirella hoefleri Hustedt
65058SUiowensSurirella iowensis Lowe
65128SulaponSurirella lapponica Cleve
65014SUlinearSurirella linearis Smith
65015SUlinconSurirella linearis var. constricta Grunow
65016SUlinhelSurirella linearis var. helvetica (Brun) Meister
65048SUminutaSurirella minuta Brébisson
65093SUmin1NQSurirella minuta var. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
65049SUmoellrSurirella moelleriana Grunow ex Möller
65052SUmuellrSurirella muelleri Forti
65043SUovalisSurirella ovalis Brébisson
65017SUovataSurirella ovata Kützing
65070SUovaafrSurirella ovata var. africana Cholnoky
65061SUovacruSurirella ovata var. crumena (Brébisson ex Kützing) Hustedt
65050SUovtpinSurirella ovata var. pinnata (Smith) Brun
65099SUovasalSurirella ovata var. salina Smith
65018SUpapillSurirella papillifera Hustedt
65101SUpatellSurirella patella Kützing
65062SUpeisonSurirella peisonis Pantocsek
65103SUpinnatSurirella pinnata Smith
65051SUplionsSurirella plioensis
65104SUpseudoSurirella pseudovalis Hustedt
65100SurobaSurirella roba Leclercq
65019SUrobustSurirella robusta Ehrenberg
65071SUrbspcnSurirella robusta var. splendida fo. constricta Hustedt
65053SUsalinaSurirella salina Smith
65990SU1?Surirella sp. 1 ?
65087SU1ANSLBSurirella sp. 1 ANS LLB
65090SU1ANSWCSurirella sp. 1 ANS WRC AM
65123SU1caozSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
65106SU1efsalSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
65105SU1umalbSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
65109SU1umalmSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALMN
65110SU1umcazSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
65112SU1umeiwSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
65115SU1umlerSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH LERI cf. minuta
65114SU1umpugSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH PUGT cf. amphyoxis
65111SU1umsctSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
65113SU1umuteSurirella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
65806SUsp1eamSurirella sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
65023SU1PRLSurirella sp. 1 PIRLA
65094SU1ULNWSurirella sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
65028SU11PRLSurirella sp. 11 PIRLA
65035SU12PRLSurirella sp. 12 PIRLA
65037SU13PRLSurirella sp. 13 PIRLA
65038SU14PRLSurirella sp. 14 PIRLA
65039SU15PRLSurirella sp. 15 PIRLA
65041SU16PRLSurirella sp. 16 PIRLA
65042SU17PRLSurirella sp. 17 PIRLA
65991SU2?Surirella sp. 2 ?
65122SU2caozSurirella sp. 2 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. capronii
65107SU2efsalSurirella sp. 2 NAWQA EFS ALBE
65116SU2umalbSurirella sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. bifrons
65030SU2PRLSurirella sp. 2 PIRLA
65095SU2ULNWSurirella sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
65124SU20caozSurirella sp. 20 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK cf. angusta
65992SU3?Surirella sp. 3 ?
65108SU3efsalSurirella sp. 3 NAWQA EFS ALBE
65117SU3umalbSurirella sp. 3 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. alicula
65024SU3PRLSurirella sp. 3 PIRLA
65993SU4?Surirella sp. 4 ?
65118SU4umalbSurirella sp. 4 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. amphyoxis
65031SU4PRLSurirella sp. 4 PIRLA
65994SU5?Surirella sp. 5 ?
65125SU5caozSurirella sp. 5 NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
65120SU5umalbSurirella sp. 5 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. roba
65032SU5PRLSurirella sp. 5 PIRLA
65995SU6?Surirella sp. 6 ?
65119SU6umalbSurirella sp. 6 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. angusta
65025SU6PRLSurirella sp. 6 PIRLA
65800SUdma&teSurirella sp. 65011 + 65022
65801SU7NQWRCSurirella sp. 7 NAWQA WRC
65026SU8PRLSurirella sp. 8 PIRLA
65126SUacaozSurirella sp. A NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
65059SUspiralSurirella spiralis Lange-Bertalot ex Krammer et Lange-Bertalot
65092SusplenSurirella splendida (Ehrenberg) Kützing
65889SUsppSurirella spp.
65060SUtetpgSurirella spp. Tet PG
65045SUstalagSurirella stalagma Hohn et Hellermann
65054SUstriatSurirella striatula Turpin
65063SUstria2Surirella striatula Turpin
65096SUsubsalSurirella subsalsa Smith
65097SUsubminSurirella subsalsa var. minuta Smith
65055SUsuecicSurirella suecica Grunow ex Van Heurck
65020SUteneraSurirella tenera Gregory
65040SUtennerSurirella tenera var. nervosa Schmidt
65021SUtenuisSurirella tenuis Mayer
65022SUtensmaSurirella tenuissima Hustedt
65056SUturgdaSurirella turgida Smith
65803SUvisurgSurirella visurgis Hustedt
66042SYacusSynedra acus Kützing
66045SYacuangSynedra acus var. angustissima Grunow
66043SYacuradSynedra acus var. radians (Kützing) Hustedt
66051SYaffgraSynedra affinis var. gracilis Grunow ex Van Heurck
66052SYaffparSynedra affinis var. parva (Kützing) Grunow ex Van Heurck
66001SYamphicSynedra amphicephala Kützing
66002SYampausSynedra amphicephala var. austriaca (Grunow) Hustedt
66003SYampintSynedra amphicephala var. intermedia Cleve-Euler
66802SYarcusSynedra arcus Kützing
66805SYbalthSynedra balthica Ehrenberg
66074SYberolnSynedra berolinensis Lemmermann
66804SybicepsSynedra biceps Kützing
66806SYcamtSynedra camtschaticum Grunow
66035SYcapitaSynedra capitata Ehrenberg
66091SYcfacusSynedra cf. acus UMICH Kützing
66048SYamphcfSynedra cf. amphicephala Kützing
66083SYcfamcpSynedra cf. amphicephala REIMER Kützing
65086SYcfamauSynedra cf. amphicephala var. austriaca REIMER (Grunow) Hustedt
66033SYfamecfSynedra cf. famelica Kützing
66081SYcffmlcSynedra cf. famelica REIMER Kützing
66076SYcffiliSynedra cf. filiformis FRITZ Grunow
66049SYgoulcfSynedra cf. goulardi Brébisson
66089SYcfmazmSynedra cf. mazamaensis BAHLS Sovereign
66073SYcfnanaSynedra cf. nana Meister
Synedra cf. rumpens LAIRD
66071SYcftenSynedra cf. tenera Smith
66077SycuntonSynedra cunningtoni West
66013SYcyclopSynedra cyclopum Brutschy
66046SYdelicaSynedra delicatissima Smith
66053SYdelangSynedra delicatissima var. angustissima Grunow
66064SYdemeraSynedra demerarae Grunow
66097SYdilataSynedra dilatata Brébisson
66005SYfameliSynedra famelica Kützing
66050SYfascicSynedra fasciculata (Agardh) Kützing
66054SYfastrnSynedra fasciculata var. truncata (Greville) Patrick
66028SYfilifoSynedra filiformis Grunow
66006SYfilcapSynedra filiformis var. capitata Cleve-Euler
66007SYfilexiSynedra filiformis var. exilis Cleve-Euler
66090SYgallSynedra gaillonii (Bory) Ehrenberg
66065SYgoularSynedra goulardi Brébisson
66075SYhartiiSynedra hartii Cholnoky
66009SYincisaSynedra incisa Boyer
66062SYmazamaSynedra mazamaensis Sovereign
66010SYminuscSynedra minuscula Grunow
66012SYnanaSynedra nana Meister
66014SYparasiSynedra parasitica (Smith) Hustedt
66086SYpar1ANSynedra parasitica var. 1 ANS LLB
66055SYparsubSynedra parasitica var. subconstricta (Grunow) Hustedt
66011SYplanktSynedra planktonica Hains et Sebring
66036SYpulcheSynedra pulchella Ralfs ex Kützing
66056SYpullacSynedra pulchella var. lacerata Hustedt
66087SYpulminSynedra pulchella var. minuta Hustedt
66015SYradianSynedra radians Kützing
66016SYrumpenSynedra rumpens Kützing
66032SYru1PRLSynedra rumpens var. 1 PIRLA
66047SYru2PRLSynedra rumpens var. 2 PIRLA
66018SYrumfamSynedra rumpens var. familiaris (Kützing) Hustedt
66017SYrumfraSynedra rumpens var. fragilarioides Grunow
66057SYrummenSynedra rumpens var. meneghiniana Grunow
66019SYrumscoSynedra rumpens var. scotica Grunow
SYscalarSynedra scalaris Ehrenberg
66020SYsociaSynedra socia Wallace
66088SYkmnq0ASynedra sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM
66990SY1?Synedra sp. 1 ?
66084SY1CWRLSSynedra sp. 1 ANS CWR LS
66080SY1CRNCRSynedra sp. 1 ANS CWR NCR
66085SY1CWRNVSynedra sp. 1 ANS CWR NV
66078SYsp1LAPSynedra sp. 1 ANS LAP
66063SY1ANSMTSynedra sp. 1 ANS MT
66808SYsp1MTHSynedra sp. 1 MONTANA HAGAN
66095SY1efsalSynedra sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
66092SY1umalbSynedra sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
66093SY1umeiwSynedra sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH EIWA
66094SY1umsctSynedra sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH SCTX
66813SYsp1dwSynedra sp. 1 NAWQA WINTER
66811SYsp1NXSynedra sp. 1 NEW MEXICO HAMSHER
66029SY1PRLSynedra sp. 1 PIRLA
66040SY10PRLSynedra sp. 10 PIRLA
66044SY11PRLSynedra sp. 11 PIRLA
66812SYsp14EMSynedra sp. 14 NAWQA MORALES
66815SYsp15EMSynedra sp. 15 NAWQA MORALES
66991SY2?Synedra sp. 2 ?
66066SY2CWRBSynedra sp. 2 ANS CWR B
66067SY2ANSMHSynedra sp. 2 ANS MH
66809SYsp2MTHSynedra sp. 2 MONTANA HAGAN
66816SYsp2eamSynedra sp. 2 NAWQA MORALES
66992SY3?Synedra sp. 3 ?
66810SYsp3MTHSynedra sp. 3 MONTANA HAGAN
66004SY3PRLSynedra sp. 3 PIRLA
66993SY4?Synedra sp. 4 ?
66031SY4PRLSynedra sp. 4 PIRLA
66994SY5?Synedra sp. 5 ?
66008SY5PRLSynedra sp. 5 PIRLA
66037SY6PRLSynedra sp. 6 PIRLA
66038SY7PRLSynedra sp. 7 PIRLA
66814SYsp8EAMSynedra sp. 8 NAWQA MORALES
66041SY8PRLSynedra sp. 8 PIRLA
66039SY9PRLSynedra sp. 9 PIRLA
66096SYacaozSynedra sp. A NAWQA CALACAD OZRK
66889SYsppSynedra spp.
66030SYsubrhoSynedra subrhombica Nygaard
66021SYtabulaSynedra tabulata (Agardh) Kützing
66022SYtabacuSynedra tabulata var. acuminata (Grunow) Hustedt
66068SYtabobtSynedra tabulata var. obtusa Pantocsek
66023SYteneraSynedra tenera Smith
SytortuoSynedra tortuosa Williams et Metzeltin
66024SYulnaSynedra ulna (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
66800SYul+acuSynedra ulna PLUS acus LAIRD
66807SYulnaeqSynedra ulna var. aequalis (Kützing) Hustedt
66072SYulamprSynedra ulna var. amphirhynchus (Ehrenberg) Grunow
Synedra ulna var. andina Manguin
66801SYulbiceSynedra ulna var. biceps (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot
66025SYulnchaSynedra ulna var. chaseana Thomas
66069SyulncnsSynedra ulna var. constricta Venkataraman
66058SyulncntSynedra ulna var. contracta Østrup
66026SYulndanSynedra ulna var. danica (Kützing) Van Heurck
66059SYulnoxySynedra ulna var. oxyrhynchus (Kützing) Van Heurck
66027SYuloxmeSynedra ulna var. oxyrhynchus fo. mediocontracta (Fonti) Hustedt
66060SYulnramSynedra ulna var. ramesi (Héribaud) Hustedt
66070SYulspatSynedra ulna var. spathulifera Grunow
66061SYulnsubSynedra ulna var. subaequalis (Grunow) Van Heurck
66034SYulnavsSynedra ulna vars. (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
66803SYulnacuSynedra ulna/acus Idaho DW
66079SYvaucheSynedra vaucheriae (Kützing) Kützing
66082SYvaucapSynedra vaucheriae var. capitellata Skvortzow
67001TAbinaliTabellaria binalis (Ehrenberg) Grunow
67012TAbinellTabellaria binalis var. elliptica Flower
67018TAcffloTabellaria cf. flocculosa (Roth) Kützing
67014TAcfflouTabellaria cf. flocculosa UMICH (Roth) Kützing
67002TAfenestTabellaria fenestrata (Lyngbye) Kützing
67003TAfengenTabellaria fenestrata var. geniculata Cleve
67010TAfloCAFTabellaria flocculosa (CAF) (Roth) Kützing
67004TAfloccuTabellaria flocculosa (Roth) Kützing
67005TAflost3Tabellaria flocculosa (strain III) sensu Koppen
67009TAflos3pTabellaria flocculosa (strain IIIp) sensu Koppen
67006TAflost4Tabellaria flocculosa (strain IV) sensu Koppen
67007TAflolinTabellaria flocculosa var. linearis Koppen
67011TAlinauaTabellaria linearis var. quadriseptata (transition)
67008TAquadriTabellaria quadriseptata Knudsen
67990TA1?Tabellaria sp. 1 ?
67016TA1efsalTabellaria sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
67015TA1umalbTabellaria sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE
67991TA2?Tabellaria sp. 2 ?
67017TA2umalbTabellaria sp. 2 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. ventricosa
67992TA3?Tabellaria sp. 3 ?
67993TA4?Tabellaria sp. 4 ?
67994TA5?Tabellaria sp. 5 ?
67889TAsppTabellaria spp.
67013TAbventTabellaria ventricosa Kützing
200002TBfascicTabularia fasciculata (Agardh) Williams et Round
200003TB1umcazTabularia sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH CZAB
200004TBsp1eamTabularia sp. 1 NEW MEXICO MORALES
200001TBtabulaTabularia tabulata (Agardh) Snoeijs
68001TEmusicaTerpsinoe musica Ehrenberg
71006TCglansTetracyclus glans (Ehrenberg) Mills
71003TClacustTetracyclus lacustris Ralfs
71004TC1ANSLBTetracyclus sp. 1 ANS LLB
71001TCsp1snkTetracyclus sp. 1 ANS USNK
71005TC2ANSLBTetracyclus sp. 2 ANS LLB
71002TCsp2snkTetracyclus sp. 2 ANS USNK
TctscherTetracyclus tscheremissinovae William et Reid
69001TLnitzscThalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Van Heurck
70001THbalticThalassiosira baltica (Grunow) Ostenfeld
70009THbramptThalassiosira bramaputrae (Ehrenberg) Håkansson et Locker
70022ThcfprosThalassiosira cf. proschkinae EEH Makarova
70013THcfteneThalassiosira cf. tenera Proshkina-Lavrenko
70020THeccentThalassiosira eccentrica (Ehrenberg) Cleve
70002THfluvtlThalassiosira fluviatilis Hustedt
ThfryxelThalassiosira fryxelliae Sunesen et Sar
70005THgessnrThalassiosira gessneri Hustedt
70012THnanaThalassiosira nana Lohmann
70023THnordenThalassiosira nordenskioldii Cleve
70021THoestrpThalassiosira oestrupii (Ostenfeld) Hasle
70007THpsnanaThalassiosira pseudonana Hasle et Heimdal
70010THrudolfThalassiosira rudolfii (Bachman) Hasle
70011THkmnq0AThalassiosira sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
70006TH1MISSThalassiosira sp. 1 ANS MISS
70004TH1NARThalassiosira sp. 1 ANS NAR
70014TH1Thalassiosira sp. 1 ANS NAWQA EAM
70019TH1IdahoThalassiosira sp. 1 Idaho DW
70017TH1umsanThalassiosira sp. 1 NAWQA DW SANA
70015TH1efsalThalassiosira sp. 1 NAWQA EFS ALBE
70024TH1SABEMThalassiosira sp. 1 SABINE MORALES
70018TH2NQWRCThalassiosira sp. 2 NAWQA WRC
70016THsppThalassiosira spp.
70003THvisurgThalassiosira visurgis Hustedt
70008THweissThalassiosira weissflogii (Grunow) Fryxell et Hasle
226990TX1?Thalassiothrix sp. 1 ?
226001TX1IDHDWThalassiothrix sp. 1 IDAHO DW
226999TX10?Thalassiothrix sp. 10 ?
226991TX2?Thalassiothrix sp. 2 ?
226992TX3?Thalassiothrix sp. 3 ?
226993TX4?Thalassiothrix sp. 4 ?
226994TX5?Thalassiothrix sp. 5 ?
226995TX6?Thalassiothrix sp. 6 ?
226996TX7?Thalassiothrix sp. 7 ?
226997TX8?Thalassiothrix sp. 8 ?
226998TX9?Thalassiothrix sp. 9 ?
72001TRacuminTrachysphenia acuminata Peragallo ex Tempère et Peragallo
TrheteroTriceratium heterogonium Barker et Meakin
232990Triceratium sp. 1 ?
232999Triceratium sp. 10 ?
232991Triceratium sp. 2 ?
232992Triceratium sp. 3 ?
232993Triceratium sp. 4 ?
232994Triceratium sp. 5 ?
232995Triceratium sp. 6 ?
232996Triceratium sp. 7 ?
232997Triceratium sp. 8 ?
232998Triceratium sp. 9 ?
185037TYacumTryblionella acuminata Smith
185019TYacutaTryblionella acuta (Cleve) Mann
185020TYaerophTryblionella aerophila (Hustedt) Mann
185035TYaerKCPTryblionella aff. aerophila ANS NEW JERSEY KCP (Hustedt) Mann
185023TYapiculTryblionella apiculata Gregory
185021TYcaldidTryblionella calida (Grunow ex Cleve et Grunow) Mann
185028TYcfcaliTryblionella cf. calida ANS NAWQA EAM (Grunow) Mann
185029TYcfleviTryblionella cf. levidensis UMICH Smith
185030TYcfmargTryblionella cf. marginulata UMICH (Grunow) Mann
185022TYcircumTryblionella circumsuta (Bailey) Ralfs
185038TYcoarcTryblionella coarctata (Grunow) Mann
185039TYcomprTryblionella compressa (Bailey) Poulin
Tryblionella constricta & hungarica FRITZ
185002TYdebiliTryblionella debilis Arnott
185001TYgracilTryblionella gracilis Smith
185043TYgranltTryblionella granulata (Grunow) Mann
185024TYhungarTryblionella hungarica (Grunow) Mann
185026TYlevideTryblionella levidensis Smith
185025TYlittorTryblionella littoralis (Grunow) Mann
185040TYplanaTryblionella plana (Smith) Pelletan
185042TYscalarTryblionella scalaris (Ehrenberg) Siver et Hamilton
185036TY1MPTryblionella sp. 1 NAWQA MP
185033TY1umalbTryblionella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH ALBE cf. hungarica
185031TY1umuteTryblionella sp. 1 NAWQA UMICH UTEN
185032TY1um96sTryblionella sp. 1 UM 1996 SCTX
185034TY1um96uTryblionella sp. 1 UM 1996 UTEN JP
185041TYumbilTryblionella umbilicata (Hustedt) Mann
185027TYvictorTryblionella victoriae Grunow
245990Ulnaria sp. 1 ?
245999Ulnaria sp. 10 ?
245991Ulnaria sp. 2 ?
245992Ulnaria sp. 3 ?
245993Ulnaria sp. 4 ?
245994Ulnaria sp. 5 ?
245995Ulnaria sp. 6 ?
245996Ulnaria sp. 7 ?
245997Ulnaria sp. 8 ?
245998Ulnaria sp. 9 ?
245002Ulnaria spp.
245001Ulnaria ulna (Nitzsch) Compére
240990Und. Centric sp. 1 ?
240999Und. Centric sp. 10 ?
240991Und. Centric sp. 2 ?
240992Und. Centric sp. 3 ?
240993Und. Centric sp. 4 ?
240994Und. Centric sp. 5 ?
240995Und. Centric sp. 6 ?
240996Und. Centric sp. 7 ?
240997Und. Centric sp. 8 ?
240998Und. Centric sp. 9 ?
240889XCcensppUnd. Centric spp.
88889UNIDGENAUnd. diatom genera
90990UNIDGEN1Und. diatom genera 1
88004UN1ANSLBUnd. diatom genera 1 ANS LLB
90991UNIDGEN2Und. diatom genera 2
90992UNIDGEN3Und. diatom genera 3
90993UNIDGEN4Und. diatom genera 4
90994UNIDGEN5Und. diatom genera 5
90995UNIDGEN6Und. diatom genera 6
90996UNIDGEN7Und. diatom genera 7
90997UNIDGEN8Und. diatom genera 8
90998UNIDGEN9Und. diatom genera 9
90889UNIDECAFUnd. diatom genera CAF
Und. diatom genera Chrysophyte Statocysts FRITZ
Und. diatom genera Misc. low paleolim. value sp. BRADBURY
Und. diatom genera -no diatoms observed in sample
Und. diatom genera Other benthics & epiphytics FRITZ
Und. diatom genera Phytoliths
Und. diatom genera Songe spicules
88990UN1?GOKUnd. diatom genera sp. 1 ANS GOK
88001UN1NARGKUnd. diatom genera sp. 1 ANS NAR GOK
88991UN2?GOKUnd. diatom genera sp. 2 ANS GOK
88002UN2NARGKUnd. diatom genera sp. 2 ANS NAR GOK
88003UN9CWRSJUnd. diatom genera sp. 9 ANS CWR SJ
Und. diatom genera unknown resting spores FRITZ
Und. Naviculaceae
91000UNnavspUnd. Naviculaceae sp. (Ehrenberg) Håkansson
Undetermined Centric FRITZ
Undetermined Centric LAIRD
88010XCkmnq0AUndetermined Centric sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
88011XCkmnq0BUndetermined Centric sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
88012XCkmnq0CUndetermined Centric sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
88013XCkmnq0DUndetermined Centric sp. 0D UL NAWQA 96 KM
88014XCkmnq0EUndetermined Centric sp. 0E UL NAWQA 96 KM
88015XCkmnq0FUndetermined Centric sp. 0F UL NAWQA 96 KM
88005XCkmnq0GUndetermined Centric sp. 0G UL NAWQA KM
88006XCkmnq0HUndetermined Centric sp. 0H UL NAWQA KM
88016XCkmnq0IUndetermined Centric sp. 0I UL NAWQA KM
88007XC1ULNWUndetermined Centric sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
89895UNIDCEN1Undetermined Centric sp. 1?
88008XC2ULNWUndetermined Centric sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
89896UNIDCEN2Undetermined Centric sp. 2?
89897UNIDCEN3Undetermined Centric sp. 3?
88009XC4ULNWUndetermined Centric sp. 4 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
89898UNIDCEN4Undetermined Centric sp. 4?
88017UNcentumUndetermined Centric UMICH
89891UN2?pennUndetermined Pennate 2?
89889UNpennteUndetermined Pennate diatom
89001XPkmnq0AUndetermined Pennate sp. 0A UL NAWQA 96 KM
89002XPkmnq0BUndetermined Pennate sp. 0B UL NAWQA 96 KM
89003XPkmnq0CUndetermined Pennate sp. 0C UL NAWQA 96 KM
89004XPkmnq0DUndetermined Pennate sp. 0D UL NAWQA 96 KM
89005XP1ULNWUndetermined Pennate sp. 1 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
89890UN1?pennUndetermined Pennate sp. 1?
89006XP2ULNWUndetermined Pennate sp. 2 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
89007XP3ULNWUndetermined Pennate sp. 3 UL NAWQA WHIT KM
89892UN3?pennUndetermined Pennate sp. 3?
89893UN4?pennUndetermined Pennate sp. 4?
89894UN5?pennUndetermined Pennate sp. 5?