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22 NAWQA 1997- to 2001-Start tax. system, diatoms

Change system 22


Change system that brings 1997 taxonomy to 2001 taxonomy. All changes approved by participants in 8th workshop. Morae changes have been added to this system as required.
1: FROM: Achnanthes affinis Grunow (2001)
       TO: Achnanthidium affine (Grunow) Czarnecki (1011)

     REMARK: Achnanthes affinis to Achnanthidium affine

2: FROM: Achnanthes altaica (Poretzky) Cleve-Euler (2044)
       TO: Psammothidium altaicum Bukhtiyarova (186010)

     REMARK: Psammothidium altaicum

3: FROM: Achnanthes amoena Hustedt (2110)
       TO: Kolbesia amoena (Hustedt) Kingston (207001)

     REMARK: Kolbesia amoena

4: FROM: Achnanthes biasolettiana (Kützing) Grunow (2053)
       TO: Achnanthidium pyrenaicum (Hustedt) Kobayashi (1023)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium pyrenaicum

5: FROM: Achnanthes bioreti Germain (2049)
       TO: Psammothidium bioretii (Germain) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186001)

     REMARK: A. bioreti to P. bioreti

6: FROM: Achnanthes biporoma Hohn et Hellerman (2121)
       TO: Planothidium biporomum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (155006)

     REMARK: Planothidium biporomum

7: FROM: Achnanthes catenata Bily et Marvan (2225)
       TO: Achnanthidium catenatum (Bily et Marvan) Lange-Bertalot (1030)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium catenatum

8: FROM: Achnanthes chilensis Hustedt (2123)
       TO: Planothidium chilense (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (155007)

     REMARK: Planothidium chilense

9: FROM: Achnanthes chlidanos Hohn et Hellerman (2113)
       TO: Psammothidium chlidanos (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (186011)

     REMARK: Psammothidium chlidanos

10: FROM: Achnanthes clevei Grunow (2004)
       TO: Karayevia clevei (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova (125001)

     REMARK: A. clevei to K. clevei

11: FROM: Achnanthes clevei var. rostrata Hustedt (2060)
       TO: Karayevia clevei var. rostrata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova (125003)

     REMARK: Karayevia clevei var. rostrata

12: FROM: Achnanthes daui Foged (2212)
       TO: Planothidium daui (Foged) Lange-Bertalot (155008)

     REMARK: Planothidium daui

13: FROM: Achnanthes deflexa Reimer (2126)
       TO: Achnanthidium pyrenaicum (Hustedt) Kobayashi (1023)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium pyrenaicum

14: FROM: Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow (2099)
       TO: Planothidium delicatulum (Kützing) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155009)

     REMARK: Planothidium delicatulum

15: FROM: Achnanthes delicatula var. robusta Hustedt (2170)
       TO: Planothidium robustum (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (155010)

     REMARK: Planothidium robustum

16: FROM: Achnanthes detha Hohn et Hellerman (2042)
       TO: Psammothidium subatomoides (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186008)

     REMARK: Psammothidium subatomoides

17: FROM: Achnanthes didyma Hustedt (2006)
       TO: Psammothidium didymum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186012)

     REMARK: Psammothidium didymum

18: FROM: Achnanthes dispar Cleve (2279)
       TO: Planothidium dispar (Cleve) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (155011)

     REMARK: Planothidium dispar

19: FROM: Achnanthes distincta Messikommer (2158)
       TO: Planothidium distinctum (Messikommer) Lange-Bertalot (155012)

     REMARK: Planothidium distinctum

20: FROM: Achnanthes duthii Screenivasa (2280)
       TO: Rossithidium duthii (Sreenivasa) Kingston (189001)

     REMARK: Rossithidium duthii

21: FROM: Achnanthes engelbrechtii Cholnoky (2237)
       TO: Planothidium engelbrechtii (Cholnoky) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155013)

     REMARK: Planothidium engelbrechtii

22: FROM: Achnanthes exigua Grunow (2007)
       TO: Achnanthidium exiguum (Grunow) Czarnecki (1024)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium exiguum

23: FROM: Achnanthes exigua var. constricta Torka (2150)
       TO: Achnanthidium exiguum var. constrictum (Grunow) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (1025)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium exiguum var. constrictum

24: FROM: Achnanthes exigua var. heterovalva Krasske (401)
       TO: Achnanthidium exiguum var. heterovalvum (Krasske) Czarnecki (1026)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium exiguum var. heterovalvum

25: FROM: Achnanthes flexella var. alpestris Brun (2040)
       TO: Eucocconeis alpestris (Brun) Lange-Bertalot (187005)

     REMARK: Eucocconeis alpestris

26: FROM: Achnanthes grana Hohn et Hellerman (2220)
       TO: Planothidium granum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (155014)

     REMARK: Planothidium granum

27: FROM: Achnanthes grischuna Wuthrich (2233)
       TO: Psammothidium grischunum (Wuthrich) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186018)

     REMARK: Psammothidium grischunum

28: FROM: Achnanthes hauckiana Grunow (2012)
       TO: Planothidium hauckianum (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155015)

     REMARK: Planothidium hauckianum

29: FROM: Achnanthes helvetica (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (2003)
       TO: Psammothidium helveticum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186003)

     REMARK: A. helvetica to P. helveticum

30: FROM: Achnanthes hungarica (Grunow) Grunow (2059)
       TO: Lemnicola hungarica (Grunow) Round et Basson (188001)

     REMARK: A. hungarica to L. hungarica

31: FROM: Achnanthes joursacense Héribaud (2248)
       TO: Planothidium joursacense (Héribaud) Lange-Bertalot (155016)

     REMARK: Planothidium joursacense

32: FROM: Achnanthes kranzii Lange-Bertalot (2160)
       TO: Achnanthidium kranzii (Lange-Bertalot) Round et Bukhtiyarova (1027)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium kranzii

33: FROM: Achnanthes kuelbsii Lange-Bertalot (2180)
       TO: Psammothidium kuelbsii (Lange-Bertalot) Bukhtiyarova and Round (186013)

     REMARK: Psammothidium kuelbsii

34: FROM: Achnanthes lacus-vulcani Lange-Bertalot (2242)
       TO: Psammothidium lacus-vulcani (Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Bukhtiyarova (186014)

     REMARK: Psammothidium lacus-vulcani

35: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow (2015)
       TO: Planothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (155003)

     REMARK: Planothidium lanceolatum

36: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. biporoma (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (2227)
       TO: Planothidium biporomum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (155006)

     REMARK: Planothidium biporomum

37: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot (2224)
       TO: Planothidium frequentissimum (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot (155017)

     REMARK: Planothidium frequentissimum

38: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. robusta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (2240)
       TO: Planothidium robustius Lange-Bertalot (155029)

     REMARK: Planothidium robustius

39: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. rostrata (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot (2102)
       TO: Planothidium rostratum (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot (155018)

     REMARK: Planothidium rostratum

40: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. apiculata Patrick (2063)
       TO: Planothidium apiculatum (Patrick) Lange-Bertalot (155019)

     REMARK: Planothidium apiculatum

41: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. bimaculata Hustedt (2138)
       TO: Planothidium lanceolatum var. bimaculatum (Hustedt) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (155020)

     REMARK: Planothidium lanceolatum var. bimaculatum

42: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow (2016)
       TO: Planothidium dubium (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155021)

     REMARK: Planothidium dubium

43: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. elliptica Cleve sensu Straub (2101)
       TO: Planothidium ellipticum (Cleve) Edlund (155022)

     REMARK: Planothidium ellipticum

44: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. minutissima Krasske (2205)
       TO: Planothidium minutissimum (Krasske) Morales (155023)

     REMARK: Planothidium minutissimum

45: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. omissa Reimer (2018)
       TO: Planothidium lanceolatum var. omissum (Reimer) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (155024)

     REMARK: Planothidium lanceolatum var. omissum

46: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. rostrata Hustedt (2209)
       TO: Planothidium rostratum (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot (155018)

     REMARK: A. lanceolata var. rostrata to P. rostratum

47: FROM: Achnanthes lapidosa Krasske (2019)
       TO: Nupela lapidosa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (92006)

     REMARK: Nupela lapidosa

48: FROM: Achnanthes lauenburgiana Hustedt (2137)
       TO: Psammothidium lauenburgianum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186004)

     REMARK: A. laueneburgiana to P. laueneburgianum

49: FROM: Achnanthes levanderi Hustedt (2022)
       TO: Psammothidium levanderi (Hustedt) Czarnecki (186015)

     REMARK: Psammothidium levanderi

50: FROM: Achnanthes levanderi var. helvetica Hustedt (2023)
       TO: Psammothidium helveticum (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186003)

     REMARK: A. levanderi var. helvetica to P. helveticum

51: FROM: Achnanthes lewisiana Patrick (2096)
       TO: Kolbesia suchlandtii (Hustedt) Kingston (207002)

     REMARK: Kolbesia suchlandtii

52: FROM: Achnanthes linearis (Smith) Grunow (2024)
       TO: Rossithidium linearis (Smith) Round et Bukhtiyarova (189002)

     REMARK: Rossithidium linearis

53: FROM: Achnanthes linearis var. pusilla Grunow (2226)
       TO: Rossithidium pusillum (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova (189003)

     REMARK: A. lineraris var. pusilla to R. pusillum

54: FROM: Achnanthes marginulata Grunow (2028)
       TO: Psammothidium marginulatum (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186005)

     REMARK: A. marginulata to P. marginulatum

55: FROM: Achnanthes minutissima Kützing (2030)
       TO: Achnanthidium minutissimum (Kützing) Czarnecki (1010)

     REMARK: Achnanthes minutissima to Achnanthidium minutissimum

56: FROM: Achnanthes minutissima var. affinis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (2185)
       TO: Achnanthidium affine (Grunow) Czarnecki (1011)

     REMARK: Achnanthes minutissima var. affinis to Achnanthidium affine

57: FROM: Achnanthes miota Carter (2241)
       TO: Planothidium miotum (Carter et Denny) Lange-Bertalot (155025)

     REMARK: Planothidium miotum

58: FROM: Achnanthes oestrupii (Cleve-Euler) Hustedt (2111)
       TO: Planothidium oestrupii (Cleve-Euler) Edlund (155026)

     REMARK: Planothidium oestrupii

59: FROM: Achnanthes peragalli Brun et Héribaud (2033)
       TO: Planothidium peragalli (Brun et Héribaud) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155005)

     REMARK: Planothidium peragalli

60: FROM: Achnanthes peragalli var. fossilis Tempère et Peragallo (2047)
       TO: Planothidium peragalli var. fossilum (Tempére et Peragallo) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (155027)

     REMARK: Planothidium peragalli var. fossilum

61: FROM: Achnanthes peragalli var. parvula (Patrick) Reimer (2115)
       TO: Planothidium peragalli var. parvulum (Patrick) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (155028)

     REMARK: Planothidium peragalli var. parvulum

62: FROM: Achnanthes petersenii Hustedt (2181)
       TO: Rossithidium petersennii (Hustedt) Round et Bukhtiyarova (189004)

     REMARK: Rossithidium petersennii

63: FROM: Achnanthes pinnata Hustedt (2034)
       TO: Achnanthes conspicua Mayer (2098)

     REMARK: Achnanthes conspicua

64: FROM: Achnanthes ploenensis Hustedt (2249)
       TO: Kolbesia ploenensis (Hustedt) Kingston (207003)

     REMARK: Kolbesia ploenensis

65: FROM: Achnanthes pusilla (Grunow) DeToni (2026)
       TO: Rossithidium pusillum (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova (189003)

     REMARK: Rossithidium pusillum

66: FROM: Achnanthes rossii Hustedt (2108)
       TO: Psammothidium rossii (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186007)

     REMARK: A. rossii to P. rossii

67: FROM: Achnanthes saccula Carter (2223)
       TO: Psammothidium sacculum (Carter) Bukhtiyarova (186016)

     REMARK: Psammothidium sacculum

68: FROM: Achnanthes scotica Flower et Jones (2163)
       TO: Psammothidium scoticum (Flower et Jones) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186017)

     REMARK: Psammothidium scoticum

69: FROM: Achnanthes semiaperta Hustedt (2201)
       TO: Achnanthidium semiapertum (Guermeur) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (1028)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium semiaperta

70: FROM: Achnanthes silvahercynia Lange-Bertalot (2282)
       TO: Nupela silvahercynia (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot (92008)

     REMARK: Nupela silvahercynia

71: FROM: Achnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Archibald (2182)
       TO: Psammothidium subatomoides (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova et Round (186008)

     REMARK: A. subatomoides to P. subatomoides

72: FROM: Achnanthes subatomus Hustedt (2199)
       TO: Achnanthidium subatomus (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (1029)

     REMARK: Achnanthidium subatomus

73: FROM: Achnanthes subhudsonis Hustedt (2148)
       TO: Achnanthes subhudsonis var. kraeuselii (Cholnoky) Cholnoky (2132)

     REMARK: A. subhudsonis to A. subhudsonis var. kraeuselii

74: FROM: Achnanthes suchlandtii Hustedt (2038)
       TO: Kolbesia suchlandtii (Hustedt) Kingston (207002)

     REMARK: Kolbesia suchlandtii

75: FROM: Achnanthidium rivulare Potapova et Ponader (1036)
       TO: Achnanthidium sp. 10 NAWQA MP (1022)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-TENN in early 2006

76: FROM: Amphora libyca Ehrenberg (7031)
       TO: Amphora copulata (Kützing) Schoeman et Archibald (7075)

     REMARK: Amphora copulata

77: FROM: Amphora perpusilla (Grunow) Grunow (7004)
       TO: Amphora pediculus (Kützing) Grunow (7043)

     REMARK: A. perpusilla to A. pediculus

78: FROM: Anomoeoneis brachysira (Brébisson) Grunow (8025)
       TO: Brachysira brebissonii Ross (18005)

     REMARK: A. brachysira to A. brebissonii

79: FROM: Anomoeoneis serians var. brachysira (Brébisson ex Kützing) Hustedt (8005)
       TO: Brachysira brebissonii Ross (18005)

     REMARK: A. serians var. brachysira to B. brebissonii

80: FROM: Anomoeoneis serians var. brachysira fo. thermalis (Grunow) Hustedt (8019)
       TO: Brachysira brebissonii Ross (18005)

     REMARK: Brachysira brebissonii

81: FROM: Anomoeoneis vitrea (Grunow) Ross (8007)
       TO: Brachysira microcephala (Kützing) Compère (18013)

     REMARK: A. vitrea to B. microcephala

82: FROM: Biddulphia laevis Ehrenberg (11002)
       TO: Pleurosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Compère (158001)

     REMARK: B. laevis to P. laevis

83: FROM: Brachysira neoexilis Lange-Bertalot (18009)
       TO: Brachysira microcephala (Kützing) Compère (18013)

     REMARK: B. neoexilis to B. microcephala

84: FROM: Caloneis ventricosa (Ehrenberg) Meister (12008)
       TO: Caloneis silicula (Ehrenberg) Cleve (12010)

     REMARK: C. ventricosa to C. silicula

85: FROM: Cocconeis diminuta Pantocsek (16001)
       TO: Cocconeis neodiminuta Krammer (16019)

     REMARK: C. diminuta to C. neodiminuta

86: FROM: Cocconeis thienemannii Hustedt (16016)
       TO: Psammothidium lacus-vulcani (Lange-Bertalot et Krammer) Bukhtiyarova (186014)

     REMARK: C. thienemannii to P. lacus vulcani

87: FROM: Cocconeis thumensis Mayer (16012)
       TO: Cocconeis neothumensis Krammer (16025)

     REMARK: C. thumensis to C. neothumensis

88: FROM: Coscinodiscus sp. 1 ANS NAR (17011)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (170002)

     REMARK: Duplication issue: S. pupula var. capitata

89: FROM: Craticula cuspidata (Kützing) Mann (21002)
       TO: Craticula cuspidata (Kützing) Mann (21004)

     REMARK: Added during queue of LIP data

90: FROM: Cyclotella comta (Ehrenberg) Kützing (20003)
       TO: Puncticulata comta (Ehrenberg) Håkansson (208001)

     REMARK: Puncticulata comta

91: FROM: Cyclotella radiosa (Grunow) Lemmermann (20035)
       TO: Puncticulata radiosa (Lemmermann) Håkansson (208002)

     REMARK: Puncticulata radiosa

92: FROM: Cymbella falaisensis (Grunow) Krammer et Lange-Bertalot (23091)
       TO: Encyonopsis falaisensis (Grunow) Krammer (203007)

     REMARK: Encyonopsis falaisensis

93: FROM: Cymbella microcephala Grunow (23010)
       TO: Encyonopsis microcephala (Grunow) Krammer (203002)

     REMARK: C. microcephala to E. microcephala

94: FROM: Cymbella minuta Hilse ex Rabenhorst (23012)
       TO: Encyonema minutum (Hilse) Mann (110004)

     REMARK: C. minuta to E. minutum

95: FROM: Cymbella minuta var. silesiaca (Bleisch ex Rabenhorst) Reimer (23015)
       TO: Encyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann (110005)

     REMARK: C. minuta var. silesiaca to E. silesiacum

96: FROM: Cymbella muelleri Hustedt (23031)
       TO: Encyonema muelleri (Hustedt) Mann (110011)

     REMARK: C. muelleri to E. muelleri

97: FROM: Cymbella norvegica Grunow (23102)
       TO: Encyonema norvegicum (Grunow) Mayer (110030)

     REMARK: Encyonema norvegica

98: FROM: Cymbella prostrata (Berkeley) Cleve (23079)
       TO: Encyonema prostratum (Berkeley) Ralfs (110013)

     REMARK: C. prostrata to E. prostratum

99: FROM: Cymbella silesiaca Bleisch (23138)
       TO: Encyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann (110005)

     REMARK: C. silesiaca to E. sileciacum

100: FROM: Cymbella sinuata fo. antiqua (Grunow) Reimer (23047)
       TO: Reimeria sinuata fo. antiqua Kociolek et Stoermer (55003)

     REMARK: Reimeria sinuata fo. antiqua

101: FROM: Cymbella sinuata Gregory (23051)
       TO: Reimeria sinuata (Gregory) Kociolek et Stoermer (55002)

     REMARK: C. sinuata to R. sinuata

102: FROM: Cymbopleura cuspidata (Kützing) Krammer (190001)
       TO: Cymbella cuspidata Kützing (23006)

     REMARK: Cymbopleura cuspidata to Cymbella cuspidata

103: FROM: Diatoma vulgare Bory (27004)
       TO: Diatoma vulgaris Bory (27013)

     REMARK: Spelling error

104: FROM: Encyonema prostrata (Berkeley) Mann (110003)
       TO: Encyonema prostratum (Berkeley) Ralfs (110013)

     REMARK: Added during queue of GRSL 2002 data. Incorrect name

105: FROM: Encyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann (110010)
       TO: Encyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann (110005)

     REMARK: Duplication issue

106: FROM: Encyonema sp. 1 IDAHO SEH (110033)
       TO: Encyonema sp. 1 ? (110039)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-SOCA in early 2006

107: FROM: Eunotia curvata (Kützing) Lagerstedt (33008)
       TO: Eunotia bilunaris (Ehrenberg) Souza (33185)

     REMARK: Eunotia bilunaris

108: FROM: Eunotia curvata var. linearis (Okuno) Kobayasi, Ando et Nagumo (33215)
       TO: Eunotia bilunaris var. linearis (Okuno) Lange-Bertalot et Nörpel (33216)

     REMARK: Eunotia bilunaris var. linearis

109: FROM: Eunotia curvata var. subarcuata (Nägeli) Woodhead et Tweed (33010)
       TO: Eunotia bilunaris var. mucophila Lange-Bertalot, Norpel et Alles (33211)

     REMARK: Eunotia bilunaris var. mucophila

110: FROM: Eunotia pectinalis var. minor fo. intermedia Krasske ex Hustedt (33198)
       TO: Eunotia intermedia (Krasske ex Hustedt) Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot (33066)

     REMARK: E. pectinalis var. minor fo. intermedia to E. intermedia

111: FROM: Fragilaria arcus (Ehrenberg) Cleve (34084)
       TO: Hannaea arcus (Ehrenberg) Patrick (39001)

     REMARK: F. arcus to H. arcus

112: FROM: Fragilaria berolinensis Lange-Bertalot (34110)
       TO: Staurosirella berolinensis (Lemmermann) Bukhtiyarova (175008)

     REMARK: Staurosirella berolinensis

113: FROM: Fragilaria bicapitata Mayer (34001)
       TO: Fragilariforma bicapitata (Mayer) Williams et Round (192001)

     REMARK: Fragilaria bicapitata to Fragilariforma bicapitata

114: FROM: Fragilaria biceps (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34085)
       TO: Synedra ulna var. biceps (Kützing) Kirchner (66801)

     REMARK: Added during queue of Brad Cardinale data. Included in this NAWQA change system due to potential use of this taxon for this project

115: FROM: Fragilaria brevistriata Grunow (34003)
       TO: Pseudostaurosira brevistriata (Grunow) Williams et Round (73001)

     REMARK: F. brevistriata to P. frevistriata

116: FROM: Fragilaria brevistriata var. capitata Héribaud (34005)
       TO: Pseudostaurosira brevistriata var. capitata (Héribaud) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (73004)

     REMARK: Pseudostaurosira brevistriata var. capitata

117: FROM: Fragilaria brevistriata var. inflata (Pantocsek) Hustedt (34040)
       TO: Pseudostaurosira brevistriata var. inflata (Pantocsek) Edlund (73005)

     REMARK: Pseudostaurosira brevistriata var. inflata

118: FROM: Fragilaria capucina var. vaucheriae (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34065)
       TO: Fragilaria vaucheriae (Kützing) Petersen (34030)

     REMARK: F. capucina var. vaucheriae to F. vaucheriae

119: FROM: Fragilaria construens (Ehrenberg) Grunow (34012)
       TO: Staurosira construens Ehrenberg (172001)

     REMARK: F. construens to S. construens

120: FROM: Fragilaria construens var. pumila Grunow (34014)
       TO: Staurosira construens var. pumila (Grunow) Kingston (172010)

     REMARK: Staurosira construens var. pumila

121: FROM: Fragilaria construens var. subsalina Hustedt (34015)
       TO: Staurosira construens var. subsalina (Hustedt) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (172008)

     REMARK: Staurosira construens var. subsalina

122: FROM: Fragilaria construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Grunow (34016)
       TO: Staurosira construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Hamilton (172006)

     REMARK: F. contruens var. venter to S. construens var. venter

123: FROM: Fragilaria elliptica Schumann (34099)
       TO: Staurosira elliptica (Schumann) Williams et Round (172007)

     REMARK: Staurosira elliptica

124: FROM: Fragilaria exigua Grunow (34086)
       TO: Stauroforma exiguiformis (Lange-Bertalot) Flower, Jones et Round (193001)

     REMARK: F. exigua to Stauroforma exiguiformis

125: FROM: Fragilaria exiguiformis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (34153)
       TO: Stauroforma exiguiformis (Lange-Bertalot) Flower, Jones et Round (193001)

     REMARK: Stauroforma exiguiformis

126: FROM: Fragilaria fasciculata (Agardh) Lange-Bertalot (34066)
       TO: Tabularia fasciculata (Agardh) Williams et Round (200002)

     REMARK: F. fasciculata to T. fasciculata

127: FROM: Fragilaria lata (Cleve-Euler) Renberg (34021)
       TO: Fragilariforma lata (Cleve-Euler) Williams et Round (192010)

     REMARK: Fragilariforma lata

128: FROM: Fragilaria leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Hustedt (34022)
       TO: Staurosirella leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round (175001)

     REMARK: F. leptostauron to S. leptostauron

129: FROM: Fragilaria leptostauron var. dubia (Grunow) Hustedt (34023)
       TO: Staurosirella leptostauron var. dubia (Grunow) Edlund (175007)

     REMARK: F. leptostauron var. dubia to S. leptostauron var. dubia

130: FROM: Fragilaria leptostauron var. martyii (Héribaud) Lange-Bertalot (34095)
       TO: Opephora martyi Héribaud (50002)

     REMARK: F. leptostauron var. martyi to O. martyi

131: FROM: Fragilaria leptostauron var. rhomboides Grunow (34067)
       TO: Staurosirella leptostauron var. rhomboides (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova (175017)

     REMARK: Added during queue of WMIC data

132: FROM: Fragilaria parasitica var. subconstricta Grunow (34147)
       TO: Synedra parasitica var. subconstricta (Grunow) Hustedt (66055)

     REMARK: F. parasitica var. subconstricta to S. parasitica var. subconstricta

133: FROM: Fragilaria pinnata Ehrenberg (34025)
       TO: Staurosirella pinnata (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round (175005)

     REMARK: F. pinnata to S. pinnata

134: FROM: Fragilaria polygonata Cleve-Euler (34028)
       TO: Fragilariforma polygonata (Cleve-Euler) Kingston, Sherwood et Bengtsson (192011)

     REMARK: Fragilariforma polygonata

135: FROM: Fragilaria pseudoconstruens Marciniak (34094)
       TO: Pseudostaurosira pseudoconstruens (Marciniak) Williams et Round (73002)

     REMARK: F. pseudoconstruens to P. pseudoconstruens

136: FROM: Fragilaria robusta (Fusey) Manguin (34090)
       TO: Pseudostaurosira robusta (Fusey) Williams et Round (73006)

     REMARK: Pseudostaurosira robusta

137: FROM: Fragilaria spinosa Skvortzow (34075)
       TO: Staurosirella spinosa (Skvortzow) Kingston (175010)

     REMARK: Staurosirella spinosa

138: FROM: Fragilaria virescens Ralfs (34032)
       TO: Fragilariforma virescens (Ralfs) Williams et Round (192008)

     REMARK: Fragilaria virescens to Fragilariforma virescens

139: FROM: Fragilaria virescens var. capitata Østrup (34033)
       TO: Fragilariforma virescens var. capitata (Østrup) Czarnecki (192012)

     REMARK: Fragilariforma virescens var. capitata

140: FROM: Frustulia rhomboides (CAF) (Ehrenberg) deToni (35009)
       TO: Frustulia cf. rhomboides (Ehrenberg) deToni (35035)

     REMARK: Frustulia cf. rhomboides

141: FROM: Frustulia rhomboides var. amphipleuroides (Grunow) DeToni (35002)
       TO: Frustulia amphipleuroides (Grunow) Cleve-Euler (35036)

     REMARK: Frustulia amphipleuroides

142: FROM: Frustulia rhomboides var. viridula (Brébisson) Cleve (35006)
       TO: Frustulia erifuga Lange-Bertalot et Krammer (35037)

     REMARK: Frustulia erifuga

143: FROM: Gomphoneis geitleri Kociolek et Stoermer (36018)
       TO: Gomphonema sp. 29 NAWQA KM (37313)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-USNK in early 2006

144: FROM: Gomphonema abbreviatum Agardh (37067)
       TO: Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot (209003)

     REMARK: G. abbreviatum to Gomphosphenia lingulatoformis

145: FROM: Gomphonema angustatum var. productum Grunow (37050)
       TO: Gomphonema productum (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37055)

     REMARK: Gomphonema productum

146: FROM: Gomphonema augur var. sphaerophorum (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot (37159)
       TO: Gomphonema sphaerophorum Ehrenberg (37056)

     REMARK: G. sphaerophorum

147: FROM: Gomphonema brasiliense Grunow (37072)
       TO: Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot (209003)

     REMARK: G. brasiliense to Gomphosphenia lingulatoformis

148: FROM: Gomphonema geitleri Kociolek et Stoermer (37320)
       TO: Gomphonema sp. 29 NAWQA KM (37313)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-PUGT in early 2006

149: FROM: Gomphonema grovei Schmidt (37074)
       TO: Gomphosphenia grovei (M. Schmidt) Lange-Bertalot (209001)

     REMARK: Gomphosphenia grovei

150: FROM: Gomphonema grovei var. lingulatum (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (37157)
       TO: Gomphosphenia grovei var. lingulata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (209002)

     REMARK: Gomphosphenia grovei var. lingulata

151: FROM: Gomphonema lingulatiforme Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37183)
       TO: Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot (209003)

     REMARK: Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis

152: FROM: Gomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh (37095)
       TO: Gomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh (37178)

     REMARK: Duplication issue with G. minutum

153: FROM: Gomphonema parvulum var. exilissima Grunow ex Van Heurck (37128)
       TO: Gomphonema exilissimum (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37310)

     REMARK: Gomphonema exilissimum

154: FROM: Gomphonema parvulum var. lagenula (Kützing) Frenguelli (37198)
       TO: Gomphonema lagenula Kützing (37278)

     REMARK: Gomphonema lagenula

155: FROM: Gomphonema parvulum var. parvulius Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37185)
       TO: Gomphonema parvulius (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37311)

     REMARK: Gomphonema parvulius

156: FROM: Gomphonema sp. 12 SAVANNAH EAM (37281)
       TO: Gomphonema innocens Reichardt (37317)

     REMARK: Added during queuing of SANT counts

157: FROM: Gomphonema sp. 9 NAWQA EAM (37275)
       TO: Gomphonema americobtusatum Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot (37300)

     REMARK: Added during queuing of NECB 2003

158: FROM: Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick (37092)
       TO: Gomphonema mexicanum Grunow (37163)

     REMARK: Gomphonema mexicanum

159: FROM: Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick (37049)
       TO: Gomphonema mexicanum Grunow (37163)

     REMARK: G. subclavatum var. mexicanum (duplicate) to G. mexicanum

160: FROM: Gomphonema tackei Hustedt (37087)
       TO: Gomphosphenia tackei (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (209004)

     REMARK: Gomphosphenia tackei

161: FROM: Gomphonema tenellum Kützing (37097)
       TO: Gomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh (37178)

     REMARK: Gomphonema minutum

162: FROM: Gomphosphenia aff. minutissimum Idaho DW (209006)
       TO: Gomphosphenia sp. 1 IDAHO DW (209008)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-SPLT in early 2006

163: FROM: Luticola goeppertiana (Bleisch) Mann (130001)
       TO: Luticola goeppertiana (Bleisch) Mann (130006)

     REMARK: Added during queue of LERI 2002. Duplication problem

164: FROM: Martyana martyi (Héribaud) Round (135001)
       TO: Opephora martyi Héribaud (50002)

     REMARK: M. martyi to O. martyi

165: FROM: Martyana sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM (135002)
       TO: Opephora sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM (50014)

     REMARK: Opephora sp. 0A UL NAWQA KM

166: FROM: Melosira ambigua (Grunow) Müller (44001)
       TO: Aulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen (10008)

     REMARK: M. ambigua to A. ambigua

167: FROM: Melosira distans var. alpigena Grunow (44004)
       TO: Aulacoseira alpigena (Grunow) Krammer (10028)

     REMARK: M. ambigua var. alpigena to A. alpigena

168: FROM: Melosira granulata (Ehrenberg) Ralfs (44005)
       TO: Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10018)

     REMARK: M. granulata to A. granulata

169: FROM: Melosira herzogii Lemmermann (44038)
       TO: Aulacoseira herzogii (Lemmermann) Simonsen (10038)

     REMARK: M. herzogii to A. herzogii

170: FROM: Melosira roeseana Rabenhorst (44050)
       TO: Orthoseira roeseana (Rabenhorst) OMeara (74001)

     REMARK: Orthoseira roseana

171: FROM: Navicula acceptata Hustedt (46001)
       TO: Geissleria acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210001)

     REMARK: Geissleria acceptata

172: FROM: Navicula accomoda Hustedt (46309)
       TO: Craticula accomoda (Hustedt) Mann (21003)

     REMARK: N. accomoda to C. accomoda

173: FROM: Navicula agrestis Hustedt (46421)
       TO: Mayamaea agrestis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (211001)

     REMARK: Mayamaea agrestis

174: FROM: Navicula aikenensis Patrick (46312)
       TO: Geissleria aikenensis (Patrick) Torgan et Olivera (210002)

     REMARK: Geissleria aikenensis

175: FROM: Navicula americana Ehrenberg (46250)
       TO: Sellaphora americana (Ehrenberg) Mann (170008)

     REMARK: N americana to S. americana

176: FROM: Navicula asellus Weinhold (46725)
       TO: Mayamaea asellus (Weinhold) Lange-Bertalot (211002)

     REMARK: Mayamaea asellus

177: FROM: Navicula atomus (Kützing) Grunow (46005)
       TO: Mayamaea atomus (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (211003)

     REMARK: Mayamaea atomus

178: FROM: Navicula atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46724)
       TO: Mayamaea atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (211004)

     REMARK: Mayamaea atomus var permitis

179: FROM: Navicula bacillum Ehrenberg (46151)
       TO: Sellaphora bacillum (Ehrenberg) Mann (170009)

     REMARK: N. bacillum to Sellaphora bacillum

180: FROM: Navicula begeri Krasske (46109)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia begeri (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (212001)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia begeri

181: FROM: Navicula bremensis Hustedt (46008)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia bremensis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (212002)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia bremensis

182: FROM: Navicula bryophila Petersen (46316)
       TO: Adlafia bryophila (Petersen) Moser, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (204001)

     REMARK: Adlafia bryophila

183: FROM: Navicula capitata Ehrenberg (46272)
       TO: Hippodonta capitata (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski (213001)

     REMARK: Hippodonta capitata

184: FROM: Navicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) Ross (46168)
       TO: Hippodonta hungarica (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski (213002)

     REMARK: Hippodonta hungarica

185: FROM: Navicula capitata var. lueneburgensis (Grunow) Patrick (46320)
       TO: Hippodonta lueneburgensis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski (213003)

     REMARK: Hippodonta lueneburgensis

186: FROM: Navicula circumtexta Meister ex Hustedt (46327)
       TO: Biremis circumtexta (Meister ex Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Witkowski (206001)

     REMARK: Biremis circumtexta

187: FROM: Navicula citrus Krasske (46323)
       TO: Craticula citrus (Krasske) Reichardt (21012)

     REMARK: Craticula citrus

188: FROM: Navicula cocconeiformis Gregory ex Greville (46011)
       TO: Cavinula cocconeiformis (Gregory ex Greville) Mann et Stickle (195001)

     REMARK: N. cocconeiformis to C. cocconeiformis

189: FROM: Navicula confervacea (Kützing) Grunow (46115)
       TO: Diadesmis confervacea Kützing (197001)

     REMARK: N. confervaceae to D. confervaceae

190: FROM: Navicula contenta Grunow ex Van Heurck (46246)
       TO: Diadesmis contenta (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Mann (197002)

     REMARK: N. contenta to D. contenta

191: FROM: Navicula contenta var. parallela Petersen (46428)
       TO: Diadesmis contenta var. parallela (Petersen) Spaulding (197012)

     REMARK: Diadesmis contenta var. parallela

192: FROM: Navicula costulata Grunow (46526)
       TO: Hippodonta costulata (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot, Metzeltin et Witkowski (213004)

     REMARK: Hippodonta costulata

193: FROM: Navicula crucicula (Smith) Donkin (46333)
       TO: Parlibellus crucicula (Smith) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (214001)

     REMARK: Parlibellus crucicula

194: FROM: Navicula cryptocephala var. exilis Grunow (46255)
       TO: Navicula exilis Kützing (46663)

     REMARK: Navicula exilis

195: FROM: Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kützing) Rabenhorst (46170)
       TO: Navicula veneta Kützing (46504)

     REMARK: N. cryptocephala var. veneta to N. veneta

196: FROM: Navicula cryptolyra Brockman (46493)
       TO: Fallacia cryptolyra (Brockmann) Stickle et Mann (115003)

     REMARK: N. cryptolyra to F. cryptolyra

197: FROM: Navicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing (46256)
       TO: Craticula cuspidata (Kützing) Mann (21004)

     REMARK: N. cuspidata to C. cuspidata

198: FROM: Navicula decussis Østrup (46257)
       TO: Geissleria decussis (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210003)

     REMARK: Geissleria decussis

199: FROM: Navicula dententa Hustedt (46430)
       TO: Navicula detenta Hustedt (46486)

     REMARK: N. dententa to N. detenta to correct misspelling and duplication

200: FROM: Navicula dolomitica Bock (93020)
       TO: Geissleria dolomitica (Bock) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210004)

     REMARK: Geissleria dolomitica

201: FROM: Navicula elginensis (Gregory) Ralfs (46299)
       TO: Placoneis elginensis (Gregory) Cox (194005)

     REMARK: N. elginensis to P. elginensis

202: FROM: Navicula evanida Hustedt (46678)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia evanida (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (212003)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia evanida

203: FROM: Navicula excelsa Krasske (46162)
       TO: Mayamaea excelsa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (211006)

204: FROM: Navicula exigua var. signata Hustedt (93152)
       TO: Navicula exigua var. signata Hustedt (46541)

     REMARK: Added during queue of WMIC data

205: FROM: Navicula gallica var. perpusilla (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (46048)
       TO: Diadesmis perpusilla (Grunow) Mann (197005)

     REMARK: N. gallica var. perpusilla to D. perpusilla

206: FROM: Navicula gastrum (Ehrenberg) Kützing (46261)
       TO: Placoneis gastrum (Ehrenberg) Mereschkowsky (194008)

     REMARK: N. gastrum to P. gastrum

207: FROM: Navicula gibbula Cleve (46726)
       TO: Muelleria gibbula (Cleve) Spaulding et Stoermer (215001)

     REMARK: Muelleria gibbula

208: FROM: Navicula goeppertiana (Bleich) Smith (46809)
       TO: Luticola goeppertiana (Bleisch) Mann (130006)

     REMARK: N. goeppertiana to N. goeppertiana

209: FROM: Navicula graciloides Mayer (46300)
       TO: Navicula cari Ehrenberg (46169)

     REMARK: Navicula cari

210: FROM: Navicula halophila (Grunow) Cleve (46025)
       TO: Craticula halophila (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Mann (21005)

     REMARK: N. halophila to C. halophila

211: FROM: Navicula halophiliodes Hustedt (46433)
       TO: Craticula halophilioides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (21013)

     REMARK: Craticula halophiliodes

212: FROM: Navicula heimansii Van Dam et Kooijman (46498)
       TO: Navicula notha Wallace (46044)

     REMARK: N. heimansii to N. notha

213: FROM: Navicula heufleri Cholnoky (46357)
       TO: Navicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs (46324)

     REMARK: Navicula cincta

214: FROM: Navicula heufleri var. leptocephala (Brébisson ex Grunow) Peragallo (46488)
       TO: Navicula erifuga Lange-Bertalot (46648)

     REMARK: Navicula erifuga

215: FROM: Navicula ignota Krasske (46301)
       TO: Geissleria ignota (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210005)

     REMARK: Geissleria ignota

216: FROM: Navicula ignota var. acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46523)
       TO: Geissleria acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210001)

     REMARK: Geissleria acceptata

217: FROM: Navicula ignota var. palustris (Hustedt) Lund (46481)
       TO: Geissleria paludosa (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210006)

     REMARK: Geissleria paludosa

218: FROM: Navicula incerta Grunow ex Van Heurck (46360)
       TO: Navicula incertata Lange-Bertalot (46753)

     REMARK: N. incerta to N. incertata

219: FROM: Navicula insociabilis Krasske (46028)
       TO: Fallacia insociabilis (Krasske) Mann (115011)

     REMARK: Fallacia insociabilis

220: FROM: Navicula krasskei Hustedt (46030)
       TO: Microcostatus krasskei (Hustedt) Johansen et Sray (216002)

     REMARK: Microcostatus krasskei

221: FROM: Navicula kriegeri Krasske (46856)
       TO: Geissleria kriegeri (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (210007)

     REMARK: Geissleria kriegeri

222: FROM: Navicula kriegeri Krasske (46775)
       TO: Craticula submolesta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (21007)

     REMARK: Duplication issue (N. kriegerii, both are being changed to G. kriegerii)

223: FROM: Navicula krookii Grunow (46780)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia krookii (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer (212004)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia krookii

224: FROM: Navicula kuelbsii Lange-Bertalot (46743)
       TO: Microcostatus kuelbsii (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot (216001)

     REMARK: Microcostatus kuelbsii

225: FROM: Navicula lacustris Gregory (46031)
       TO: Cavinula lacustris (Gregory) Mann et Stickle (195007)

     REMARK: Cavinula lacustris

226: FROM: Navicula lapidosa Krasske (46366)
       TO: Cavinula lapidosa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (195008)

     REMARK: Cavinula lapidosa

227: FROM: Navicula latens Krasske (46811)
       TO: Geissleria thingvallae (Østrup) Metzeltin et Lange-Bertalot (210008)

     REMARK: Geissleria thingvallae

228: FROM: Navicula longicephala var. vilaplanii Lange-Bertalot et Sabater (46781)
       TO: Navicula vilaplanii (Lange-Bertalot et Sabater) Lange-Bertalot et Sabater (46892)

     REMARK: Navicula vilaplanii

229: FROM: Navicula luzonensis Hustedt (46370)
       TO: Navicula subminuscula Manguin (46562)

     REMARK: N. luzonensis to N. subminuscula

230: FROM: Navicula lyra Ehrenberg (46742)
       TO: Lyrella lyra (Ehrenberg) Karajeva (217001)

     REMARK: Lyrella lyra

231: FROM: Navicula maceria Schimanski (93026)
       TO: Microcostatus maceria (Schimanski) Lange-Bertalot (216003)

     REMARK: Microcostatus maceria

232: FROM: Navicula mediocris Krasske (46038)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia mediocris (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (212005)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia mediocris

233: FROM: Navicula menisculus var. grunowii Lange-Bertalot (46860)
       TO: Navicula antonii Lange-Bertalot (46893)

     REMARK: Navicula antonii

234: FROM: Navicula menisculus var. upsaliensis (Grunow) Grunow (46276)
       TO: Navicula upsaliensis (Grunow) Peragallo (46894)

     REMARK: Navicula upsaliensis

235: FROM: Navicula minuscula Grunow (46472)
       TO: Adlafia minuscula (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (204002)

     REMARK: Adlafia minuscula

236: FROM: Navicula minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (46563)
       TO: Adlafia minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (204003)

     REMARK: Adlafia minuscula var. muralis

237: FROM: Navicula minusculoides Hustedt (46040)
       TO: Craticula minusculoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (21014)

     REMARK: Craticula minusculoides

238: FROM: Navicula molestiformis Hustedt (46512)
       TO: Craticula molestiformis (Hustedt) Mayama (21015)

     REMARK: Craticula molestiformis

239: FROM: Navicula monoculata var. omissa (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46518)
       TO: Fallacia omissa (Hustedt) Mann (115006)

     REMARK: N. monoculata var. omissa to F. omissa

240: FROM: Navicula muraliformis Hustedt (46738)
       TO: Mayamaea muraliformis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (211005)

     REMARK: Mayamaea muraliformis

241: FROM: Navicula muralis Grunow (46041)
       TO: Adlafia minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (204003)

     REMARK: Adlafia minuscula var. muralis

242: FROM: Navicula mutica Kützing (46042)
       TO: Luticola mutica (Kützing) Mann (130002)

     REMARK: N. mutica to L. mutica

243: FROM: Navicula mutica var. cohnii (Hilse) Grunow (46747)
       TO: Luticola cohnii (Hilse) Mann (130005)

     REMARK: N. mutica var. cohnii to L. cohnii

244: FROM: Navicula mutica var. ventricosa (Kützing) Cleve et Grunow (46303)
       TO: Luticola ventricosa (Kützing) Mann (130003)

     REMARK: N. mutica var. ventricosa to L. ventricosa

245: FROM: Navicula muticoides Hustedt (46043)
       TO: Luticola muticoides (Hustedt) Mann (130009)

     REMARK: N. muticoides to L. muticoides

246: FROM: Navicula muticopsis Van Heurck (46784)
       TO: Luticola muticopsis (Van Heurck) Mann (130015)

     REMARK: N. muticopsis to L. muticopsis

247: FROM: Navicula naumanni Hustedt (46147)
       TO: Microcostatus naumanii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (216004)

     REMARK: Microcostatus naumannii

248: FROM: Navicula nivalis Ehrenberg (46505)
       TO: Luticola nivalis (Ehrenberg) Mann (130014)

     REMARK: Luticola nivalis

249: FROM: Navicula occulta Krasske (46491)
       TO: Navicula occulta Krasske (46304)

     REMARK: Added during queue of ACFB 2002. Misspelling and duplication problem

250: FROM: Navicula paludosa Hustedt (93178)
       TO: Geissleria paludosa (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210006)

     REMARK: Geissleria paludosa

251: FROM: Navicula paratunkae Petersen (46379)
       TO: Navicula tenelloides Hustedt (46401)

     REMARK: N. paratunkae to N. tenelloides

252: FROM: Navicula pelliculosa (Kützing) Hilse (93306)
       TO: Fistulifera pelliculosa (Brébisson) Lange-Bertalot (218001)

     REMARK: Fistulifera pelliculosa

253: FROM: Navicula placenta Ehrenberg (46382)
       TO: Decussata placenta (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot (219001)

     REMARK: Decussata placenta

254: FROM: Navicula placentula (Ehrenberg) Grunow (46265)
       TO: Placoneis placentula (Ehrenberg) Mereschkowsky (194009)

     REMARK: N. placentula to P. placentula

255: FROM: Navicula protracta (Grunow) Cleve (46441)
       TO: Parlibellus protracta (Grunow) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (214002)

     REMARK: Parlibellus protracta

256: FROM: Navicula protractoides (Hustedt) Witkowski et Lange-Bertalot (93183)
       TO: Parlibellus protractoides (Hustedt) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (214003)

     REMARK: Parlibellus protractoides

257: FROM: Navicula pseudanglica Lange-Bertalot (46744)
       TO: Placoneis pseudanglica Cox (194002)

     REMARK: N. pseudoanglica to P. pseudoanglica

258: FROM: Navicula pseudotuscula Hustedt (46734)
       TO: Aneumastus apiculatus (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot (105003)

     REMARK: Aneumastus apiculatus

259: FROM: Navicula pupula Kützing (46051)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula (Kützing) Meresckowsky (170006)

     REMARK: N. pupula to S. pupula

260: FROM: Navicula pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (46052)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (170002)

     REMARK: N. pupula var. capitata to S. pupula var. capitata

261: FROM: Navicula pupula var. elliptica Hustedt (46101)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula var. elliptica (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova (170003)

     REMARK: Sellaphora pupula var. elliptica

262: FROM: Navicula pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Hustedt (46053)
       TO: Sellaphora mutata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (170012)

     REMARK: N. pupula var. mutata to S. mutata

263: FROM: Navicula pupula var. rostrata Hustedt (46385)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula fo. rostrata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova (170025)

     REMARK: Sellaphora pupula fo. rostrata

264: FROM: Navicula radiosa var. parva Wallace (46057)
       TO: Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot (46527)

     REMARK: N. radiosa var. parva to N. cryptotenella

265: FROM: Navicula radiosa var. tenella (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow (46058)
       TO: Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot (46527)

     REMARK: N. radiosa var. tenella to N. cryptotenella

266: FROM: Navicula rhynchocephala var. germainii (Wallace) Patrick (46388)
       TO: Navicula germainii Wallace (46616)

     REMARK: N. rhynchocephala var. germainii to N. germainii

267: FROM: Navicula rhynchocephala var. rostellata (Kützing) Cleve et Grunow (46733)
       TO: Navicula rostellata Kützing (46896)

     REMARK: N. rhynchocephala var. rostellatra to N. viridula var. rostellata

268: FROM: Navicula riparia Hustedt (46754)
       TO: Craticula riparia (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (21016)

     REMARK: Craticula riparia

269: FROM: Navicula salinarum var. intermedia (Grunow) Cleve (46155)
       TO: Navicula capitatoradiata Germain (46661)

     REMARK: N. salinarum var. intermedia to N. capitatoradiata

270: FROM: Navicula salinicola Hustedt (46390)
       TO: Navicula incertata Lange-Bertalot (46753)

     REMARK: N. salinicola o N. incertata

271: FROM: Navicula saprophila Lange-Bertalot (46871)
       TO: Fistulifera saprophila (Lange-Bertalot et Bonik) Lange-Bertalot (218002)

     REMARK: Fistulifera saprophila

272: FROM: Navicula schoenfeldii Hustedt (46393)
       TO: Geissleria schoenfeldii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (210009)

     REMARK: Geissleria schoenfeldii

273: FROM: Navicula seminulum Grunow (46070)
       TO: Sellaphora seminulum (Grunow) Mann (170014)

     REMARK: N. seminulum to S. seminulum

274: FROM: Navicula soehrensis Krasske (46072)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia soehrensis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer (212006)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia soehrensis

275: FROM: Navicula soehrensis var. hassiaca (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (46026)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia soehrensis var. hassiaca (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (212007)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia soehrensis var. hassica

276: FROM: Navicula soehrensis var. muscicola (Petersen) Krasske (46278)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia soehrensis var. muscicola (Petersen) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer (212008)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia soehrensis var. muscicola

277: FROM: Navicula spicula (Hickie) Cleve (46266)
       TO: Haslea spicula (Hickie) Lange-Bertalot (220001)

     REMARK: Haslea spicula

278: FROM: Navicula subtilissima Cleve (46081)
       TO: Kobayasiella subtilissima (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot (199001)

     REMARK: N. subtilissima to K. subtilissima

279: FROM: Navicula suchlandtii Hustedt (46767)
       TO: Adlafia suchlandtii (Hustedt) Moser, Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (204004)

     REMARK: Adlafia suchlandtii

280: FROM: Navicula tenera Hustedt (46402)
       TO: Fallacia tenera (Hustedt) Mann (115008)

     REMARK: N. tenera to F. tenera

281: FROM: Navicula tripunctata var. schizonemoides (Van Heurck) Patrick (46406)
       TO: Navicula erifuga Lange-Bertalot (46648)

     REMARK: N. tripunctata var. schizonemoides to N. erifuga

282: FROM: Navicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot (46307)
       TO: Navicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot (46774)

     REMARK: Duplication issue: N. trivialis

283: FROM: Navicula tuscula fo. minor Hustedt (46407)
       TO: Aneumastus tuscula fo. minor (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova (105004)

     REMARK: Aneumastus tusculus fo. minor

284: FROM: Navicula vandamii Schoeman et Archibald (46814)
       TO: Navicula canalis Patrick (46317)

     REMARK: N. vandamii to N. canalis

285: FROM: Navicula ventosa Hustedt (46088)
       TO: Navicula evanida Hustedt (46678)

     REMARK: Added during queue of WMIC 2002

286: FROM: Navicula viridula var. argunensis Skvortzow (46409)
       TO: Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing (46859)

     REMARK: N. viridula var. argunensis to N. lanceolata

287: FROM: Navicula viridula var. avenacea (Brébisson ex Grunow) Van Heurck (46469)
       TO: Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing (46859)

     REMARK: N. viridula var. avenaceae to N. lanceolata

288: FROM: Navicula viridula var. linearis Hustedt (46089)
       TO: Navicula viridulacalcis Lange-Bertalot (46895)

     REMARK: Navicula viridulacalcis

289: FROM: Navicula viridula var. rostellata (Kützing) Cleve (46410)
       TO: Navicula rostellata Kützing (46896)

     REMARK: Navicula rostellata

290: FROM: Neidium binode (Ehrenberg) Hustedt (47058)
       TO: Neidium binodis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt (47078)

     REMARK: N. binode to N. binodis

291: FROM: Neidium iridis var. amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) Tempere et Peragallo (47055)
       TO: Neidium amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer (47094)

     REMARK: Neidium amphigomphus

292: FROM: Neidium iridis var. ampliatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve (47015)
       TO: Neidium ampliatum (Ehrenberg) Krammer (47066)

     REMARK: N. iridis var. ampliatum to N. ampliatum

293: FROM: Neidium ladogense var. densestriatum (Østrup) Foged (47018)
       TO: Neidium densestriatum (Østrup) Krammer (47079)

     REMARK: N. ladogense var. densestriata to N. densestriatum

294: FROM: Nitzschia acula (Kützing) Hantzsch (48003)
       TO: Tryblionella acuta (Cleve) Mann (185019)

     REMARK: N. acuta to T. acuita

295: FROM: Nitzschia acuminata (Smith) Grunow (48097)
       TO: Tryblionella acuminata Smith (185037)

     REMARK: Tryblionella acuminata

296: FROM: Nitzschia aerophila Hustedt (48316)
       TO: Nitzschia bita Hohn et Hellerman (48348)

     REMARK: Added during queue of WRC data

297: FROM: Nitzschia apiculata (Gregory) Grunow (48132)
       TO: Tryblionella apiculata Gregory (185023)

     REMARK: Tryblionella apiculata

298: FROM: Nitzschia coarctata Grunow (48384)
       TO: Tryblionella coarctata (Grunow) Mann (185038)

     REMARK: Tryblionella coarctata

299: FROM: Nitzschia commuta Grunow (48199)
       TO: Nitzschia commutata Grunow (48223)

     REMARK: Spelling problem

300: FROM: Nitzschia compressa (Bailey) Boyer (48353)
       TO: Tryblionella compressa (Bailey) Poulin (185039)

     REMARK: Tryblionella compressa

301: FROM: Nitzschia constricta (Gregory) Grunow (48397)
       TO: Psammodictyon constrictum (Gregory) Mann (98002)

     REMARK: Psammodictyon constrictum

302: FROM: Nitzschia constricta (Kützing) Ralfs (48268)
       TO: Tryblionella apiculata Gregory (185023)

     REMARK: N. constricta to T. apiculata

303: FROM: Nitzschia constricta var. subconstricta Grunow (48141)
       TO: Psammodictyon constrictum (Gregory) Mann (98002)

     REMARK: Psammodictyon constrictum

304: FROM: Nitzschia debilis Arnott (48403)
       TO: Tryblionella debilis Arnott ex OMeara (185002)

     REMARK: Tryblionella debilis

305: FROM: Nitzschia denticula Grunow (48007)
       TO: Denticula kuetzingii Grunow (25008)

     REMARK: Denticula kuetzingii

306: FROM: Nitzschia frustulum var. bulnheimiana (Rabenhorst) Grunow (48386)
       TO: Nitzschia bulnheimiana (Rabenhorst) H.L. Smith (48579)

     REMARK: Nitzschia bulnheimiana

307: FROM: Nitzschia frustulum var. perminuta Grunow (48014)
       TO: Nitzschia inconspicua Grunow (48122)

     REMARK: N. frustulum var. perminuta to N. inconspicua

308: FROM: Nitzschia hungarica Grunow (48120)
       TO: Tryblionella hungarica (Grunow) Frenguelli (185024)

     REMARK: N. hungarica to T. hungarica

309: FROM: Nitzschia levidensis (Smith) Grunow (48350)
       TO: Tryblionella levidensis Smith (185026)

     REMARK: Tryblionella levidensis

310: FROM: Nitzschia levidensis var. victoriae Grunow (48395)
       TO: Tryblionella victoriae Grunow (185027)

     REMARK: N. levidensis var. victoriae to T. victoriae

311: FROM: Nitzschia plana Smith (48171)
       TO: Tryblionella plana (Smith) Pelletan (185040)

     REMARK: Tryblionella plana

312: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. debilis (Arnott) Hustedt (48179)
       TO: Tryblionella debilis Arnott ex OMeara (185002)

     REMARK: Tryblionella debilis

313: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. levidensis (Smith) Grunow (48180)
       TO: Tryblionella levidensis Smith (185026)

     REMARK: N. tryblionella var. levidensis to T. levidensis

314: FROM: Nitzschia umbilicata Hustedt (48184)
       TO: Tryblionella umbilicata (Hustedt) Mann (185041)

     REMARK: Tryblionella umbilicata

315: FROM: Nupela carolina Potapova et Clason (92012)
       TO: Nupela sp. 3 NAWQA MP (92003)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-SANT in early 2006

316: FROM: Nupela lesothensis (Shoeman) Lange-Bertalot (92000)
       TO: Nupela sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP (92001)

     REMARK: N. lesothensis to N. sp. 1 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP

317: FROM: Nupela sp. 1 Idaho SHE (92010)
       TO: Nupela sp. 1 ? (92019)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-ACAD in early 2006

318: FROM: Nupela sp. 6 ANS GG3 DW (92009)
       TO: Nupela sp. 3 NAWQA MP (92003)

     REMARK: Added during queue of SANJ 2002 data. The diatom taxonomic coordinator determined that these two taxa are the same.

319: FROM: Pinnularia balfouriana Grunow ex Cleve (52245)
       TO: Hygropetra balfouriana (Grunow ex Cleve) Krammer et Lange-Bertalot (221001)

     REMARK: Hygroptera balfouriana

320: FROM: Pinnularia gandrupii Petersen (52243)
       TO: Chamaepinnularia gandrupii (Petersen) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer (212009)

     REMARK: Chamaepinnularia gandrupii

321: FROM: Pinnularia schwabei Krasske (52183)
       TO: Pulchella schwabei (Krasske) Krammer (222001)

     REMARK: Pulchella schwabei

322: FROM: Pinnularia viridis (CAF) (52106)
       TO: Pinnularia cf. viridis (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg (52802)

     REMARK: P. viridis CAF to P. cf. viridis (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg CAF

323: FROM: Placoneis constans (Hustedt) Cox (194013)
       TO: Navicula constans Hustedt (46647)

     REMARK: Added during queuing of DW counts 07/03/03

324: FROM: Planothidium lanceolatum var. dubium (155002)
       TO: Planothidium dubium (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155021)

     REMARK: Planothidium dubium

325: FROM: Planothidium miota Carter (155004)
       TO: Planothidium miotum (Carter et Denny) Lange-Bertalot (155025)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-DELR in early 2006

326: FROM: Rhoicosphenia curvata (Kützing) Grunow ex Rabenhorst (57001)
       TO: Rhoicosphenia abbreviata (Agardh) Lange-Bertalot (57002)

     REMARK: Rhoicosphenia abbreviata

327: FROM: Sellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (170011)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (170002)

     REMARK: duplication issue

328: FROM: Sellaphora pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Bukhtiyarova (170004)
       TO: Sellaphora mutata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (170012)

     REMARK: S. pupula var. mutata to S. mutata

329: FROM: Sellaphora sp. 1 IDAHO SEH (170027)
       TO: Sellaphora sp. 1 ? (170035)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-NECB in early 2006

330: FROM: Sellaphora sp. 7 (170030)
       TO: Navicula ruttneri var. capitata Hustedt (93177)

     REMARK: Added as per review by SHE and KCP, August, 2005

331: FROM: Stauroneis anceps (CAF) Ehrenberg (62031)
       TO: Stauroneis cf. anceps CAF Ehrenberg (62801)

     REMARK: Stauroneis anceps CAF to S. cf. anceps Ehrenberg CAF

332: FROM: Stauroneis nobilis Schumann (62034)
       TO: Stauroneis nobilis Schumann (62048)

     REMARK: Added during queuing of WHMIcounts

333: FROM: Staurosira construens fo. binodis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt (172002)
       TO: Staurosira construens var. binodis (Ehrenberg) Hamilton (172005)

     REMARK: Added during queue of MSU 2002 data

334: FROM: Staurosira construens fo. subsalina (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova (172003)
       TO: Staurosira construens var. subsalina (Hustedt) Andresen, Stoermer et Kreis (172008)

     REMARK: S. construen fo. subsalina to S. construens var. subsalina

335: FROM: Staurosira construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Hamilton (172004)
       TO: Staurosira construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Hamilton (172006)

     REMARK: Added during queue of YELL 2002 data. Duplication problem

336: FROM: Staurosirella lapponica (Grunow) Williams et Round (175003)
       TO: Staurosirella lapponica (Grunow) Williams et Round (175002)

     REMARK: S. lapponica to solve ducplication issue.

337: FROM: Staurosirella leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round (175004)
       TO: Staurosirella leptostauron (Ehrenberg) Williams et Round (175001)

     REMARK: S. leptostauron to solve duplication issue

338: FROM: Stephanodiscus astraea var. minutula (Kützing) Grunow (64011)
       TO: Stephanodiscus cf. minutulus UMICH (Kützing) Cleve et Möller (64038)

     REMARK: S. astrea var. minutula to S. minutulus

339: FROM: Stephanodiscus dubius (Fricke) Hustedt (64015)
       TO: Cyclostephanos dubius (Fricke) Round (19000)

     REMARK: Added during queue of WMIC 2002

340: FROM: Stephanodiscus hantzschii fo. tenuis (Hustedt) Håkansson et Stoermer (64031)
       TO: Stephanodiscus tenuis Hustedt (64014)

     REMARK: Added during queue of LIP data

341: FROM: Stephanodiscus invisitatus Hohn et Hellerman (64012)
       TO: Cyclostephanos invisitatus (Hohn et Hellerman) Theriot, Stoermer et Håkansson (19002)

     REMARK: S. invisitatus to C. invisitatus

342: FROM: Stephanodiscus minutus Smith (64013)
       TO: Stephanodiscus medius Håkansson (64022)

     REMARK: S. minutus to S. medius

343: FROM: Surirella delicatissima F.W. Lewis (65011)
       TO: Stenopterobia delicatissima (Lewis) Van Heurck (63007)

     REMARK: S. delicatissima to S. delicatissima

344: FROM: Synedra amphicephala Kützing (66001)
       TO: Fragilaria capucina var. amphicephala (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot ex Bukhtiyarova (34193)

     REMARK: Fragilaria capucina var. amphicephala

345: FROM: Synedra berolinensis Lemmermann (66074)
       TO: Staurosirella berolinensis (Lemmermann) Bukhtiyarova (175008)

     REMARK: Synedra berolinensis to Staurosirella berolinensis

346: FROM: Synedra famelica Kützing (66005)
       TO: Fragilaria famelica (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34104)

     REMARK: S. famelica to F. famelica

347: FROM: Synedra fasciculata (Agardh) Kützing (66050)
       TO: Tabularia fasciculata (Agardh) Williams et Round (200002)

     REMARK: S. fasciculata to T. fasciculata

348: FROM: Synedra nana Meister (66012)
       TO: Fragilaria nanana Lange-Bertalot (34088)

     REMARK: S. nana to F. nanana

349: FROM: Synedra pulchella Ralfs ex Kützing (66036)
       TO: Ctenophora pulchella (Ralfs ex Kützing) Williams et Round (201001)

     REMARK: S. pulchella to C. pulchella

350: FROM: Synedra pulchella var. lacerata Hustedt (66056)
       TO: Ctenophora pulchella var. lacerata (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova (201002)

     REMARK: Ctenophora pulchella var. lacerata

351: FROM: Synedra radians Kützing (66015)
       TO: Fragilaria capucina var. radians (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34144)

     REMARK: S. radians to F. capucina var. radians

352: FROM: Synedra rumpens Kützing (66016)
       TO: Fragilaria capucina var. rumpens (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34109)

     REMARK: Fragilaria capucina var. rumpens

353: FROM: Synedra rumpens var. familiaris (Kützing) Hustedt (66018)
       TO: Fragilaria capucina var. gracilis (Østrup) Hustedt (34098)

     REMARK: S. rumpens var. familiaris to F. capucina var. gracilis

354: FROM: Synedra rumpens var. meneghiniana Grunow (66057)
       TO: Fragilaria vaucheriae (Kützing) Petersen (34030)

     REMARK: S. rumpens var. meneghiniana to F. vaucheriae

355: FROM: Synedra tenera Smith (66023)
       TO: Fragilaria tenera (Smith) Lange-Bertalot (34105)

     REMARK: S. tenera to F. tenera

356: FROM: Synedra ulna/acus Idaho DW (66803)
       TO: Synedra sp. 1 NAWQA WINTER (66813)

     REMARK: Added by EAM during queue of NAWQA-ALBE in early 2006

357: FROM: Tabellaria flocculosa (CAF) (Roth) Kützing (67010)
       TO: Tabellaria cf. flocculosa (Roth) Kützing (67018)

     REMARK: Tabellaria flocculosa CAF to Tabellaria cf. flocculosa (Roth) Kützing CAF

358: FROM: Thalassiosira fluviatilis Hustedt (70002)
       TO: Thalassiosira weissflogii (Grunow) Fryxell et Hasle (70008)

     REMARK: Th. fluviatilis to Th. weissflogii


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