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3 Update of earlier tax. to NAWQA 1994-Start tax.

Change system 3


Analysts originally used ANSP taxonomy during counts of NAWQA 1994-start samples. There were exceptions, however. Analysts then settled on a more formal, synonimized suite of taxa names for the 1994 -starts. Todd Clason and Lont Marr reviewed the diatom taxa; Frank Acker reviewed the non-diatom taxa. This change system transforms ANSP taxonomy taxa names to an agreed upon consistent list of NAWQA1994-Start taxa names. See also Second NAWQA Diatom Taxonomy Harmonization Workshop report. When applied with other change systems, this system should be applied after other change systems updating to 1994-start taxonomy.
1: FROM: Achnanthes affinis Grunow (2001)
       TO: Achnanthes minutissima var. affinis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (2185)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.58

2: FROM: Achnanthes detha Hohn et Hellerman (2042)
       TO: Achnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Archibald (2182)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.24

3: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. rostrata (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot (2102)
       TO: Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow (2016)


4: FROM: Achnanthes lewisiana Patrick (2096)
       TO: Achnanthes suchlandtii Hustedt (2038)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.49

5: FROM: Achnanthes saxonica Krasske (2035)
       TO: Achnanthes oblongella Østrup (2105)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.29

6: FROM: Achnanthes sublaevis var. crassa Reimer (2171)
       TO: Achnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (2112)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.40

7: FROM: Caloneis silicula (Ehrenberg) Cleve (12010)
       TO: Caloneis ventricosa (Ehrenberg) Meister (12008)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.583

8: FROM: Cocconeis diminuta Pantocsek (16001)
       TO: Cocconeis neodiminuta Krammer (16019)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.90

9: FROM: Cymbella sinuata Gregory (23051)
       TO: Reimeria sinuata (Gregory) Kociolek et Stoermer (55002)

     REMARK: Koc.+Stoer. 1987

10: FROM: Diatoma tenuis var. moniliformis Kützing (27009)
       TO: Diatoma moniliformis Kützing (27008)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.98

11: FROM: Eunotia bilunaris (Ehrenberg) Souza (33185)
       TO: Eunotia curvata (Kützing) Lagerstedt (33008)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.189

12: FROM: Eunotia implicata Nörpel, Alles et Lange-Bertalot (33168)
       TO: Eunotia pectinalis var. minor (Kützing) Rabenhorst (33040)


13: FROM: Eunotia lunaris (Ehrenberg) Brébisson (33194)
       TO: Eunotia curvata (Kützing) Lagerstedt (33008)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.189

14: FROM: Eunotia lunaris var. subarcuata Hustedt (33181)
       TO: Eunotia curvata var. subarcuata (Nägeli) Woodhead et Tweed (33010)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.189

15: FROM: Eunotia minor (Kützing) Grunow (33183)
       TO: Eunotia pectinalis var. minor (Kützing) Rabenhorst (33040)


16: FROM: Eunotia pectinalis var. minor fo. intermedia Krasske ex Hustedt (33198)
       TO: Eunotia intermedia (Krasske ex Hustedt) Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot (33066)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.215

17: FROM: Fragilaria arcus (Ehrenberg) Cleve (34084)
       TO: Hannaea arcus (Ehrenberg) Patrick (39001)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.132

18: FROM: Fragilaria capucina var. rumpens (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34109)
       TO: Synedra rumpens Kützing (66016)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.143

19: FROM: Fragilaria elliptica Schumann (34099)
       TO: Fragilaria construens var. venter (Ehrenberg) Grunow (34016)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.126

20: FROM: Fragilaria exigua Grunow (34086)
       TO: Fragilaria virescens var. exigua Grunow (34037)


21: FROM: Fragilaria fasciculata (Agardh) Lange-Bertalot (34066)
       TO: Synedra fasciculata (Agardh) Kützing (66050)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.141

22: FROM: Fragilaria intermedia (Grunow) Grunow (34073)
       TO: Fragilaria vaucheriae (Kützing) Petersen (34030)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.120

23: FROM: Gomphoneis herculeanum var. robusta (Grunow) Cleve (36004)
       TO: Gomphoneis eriense var. variabilis Kociolek et Stoermer (36002)


24: FROM: Gomphonema contraturris Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37104)
       TO: Gomphonema turris Ehrenberg (37057)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.408, P+R v2 p.114

25: FROM: Gomphonema intricatum var. pumila Grunow ex Van Heurck (37098)
       TO: Gomphonema pumilum (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot (37096)


26: FROM: Gomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh (37095)
       TO: Gomphonema tenellum Kützing (37097)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.370, P+R v2 p.124

27: FROM: Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick (37092)
       TO: Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick (37049)

     REMARK: duplicate

28: FROM: Gomphonitzschia cf. agma Hohn et Hellerman (83004)
       TO: Gomphonitzschia agma Hohn et Hellerman (83001)


29: FROM: Melosira ambigua (Grunow) Müller (44001)
       TO: Aulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen (10008)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.25

30: FROM: Melosira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Krammer (44077)
       TO: Aulacoseira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Thwaites (10002)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.30

31: FROM: Melosira distans (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44002)
       TO: Aulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10009)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.32

32: FROM: Melosira distans var. lirata (Ehrenberg) Müller (44074)
       TO: Aulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) Ross (10012)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.37

33: FROM: Melosira distans var. lirata fo. lacustris (Grunow) Hustedt (44075)
       TO: Aulacoseira lirata var. lacustris (Grunow) Ross (10013)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.38

34: FROM: Melosira granulata (Ehrenberg) Ralfs (44005)
       TO: Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10018)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.22

35: FROM: Melosira granulata var. angustissima Müller (44006)
       TO: Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima (Müller) Simonsen (10017)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.23

36: FROM: Melosira italica (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44010)
       TO: Aulacoseira italica (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10019)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.29

37: FROM: Melosira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Müller (44067)
       TO: Aulacoseira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Simonsen (10035)

38: FROM: Melosira lirata (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44014)
       TO: Aulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) Ross (10012)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.37

39: FROM: Navicula acceptata Hustedt (46001)
       TO: Navicula ignota var. acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46523)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.180

40: FROM: Navicula anglica Ralfs (46252)
       TO: Navicula elginensis (Gregory) Ralfs (46299)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.136

41: FROM: Navicula dulcis Patrick (46576)
       TO: Navicula perminuta Grunow (46538)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.112

42: FROM: Navicula germainii Wallace (46616)
       TO: Navicula rhynchocephala var. germainii (Wallace) Patrick (46388)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.506

43: FROM: Navicula heufleriana var. septrionalis Hustedt (46580)
       TO: Navicula medioconvexa Hustedt (46808)

     REMARK: Simosen v1 p.85

44: FROM: Navicula hungarica var. linearis Østrup (46633)
       TO: Navicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) Ross (46168)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.123

45: FROM: Navicula imbricata Bock (46599)
       TO: Navicula mutica Kützing (46042)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.223

46: FROM: Navicula muralis Grunow (46041)
       TO: Navicula minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (46563)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.207

47: FROM: Navicula mutica var. tropica Hustedt (46144)
       TO: Navicula goeppertiana (Bleich) Smith (46809)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.151

48: FROM: Navicula peratomus Hustedt (46670)
       TO: Navicula atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46724)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.216

49: FROM: Navicula radiosa var. tenella (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow (46058)
       TO: Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot (46527)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.106

50: FROM: Navicula rotaeana (Rabenhorst) Grunow (46443)
       TO: Navicula mutica Kützing (46042)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.149

51: FROM: Navicula schroeteri Meister (46306)
       TO: Navicula schroeteri var. escambia Patrick (46394)

     REMARK: problem P+R v1 p.512

52: FROM: Navicula subatomoides Hustedt (46075)
       TO: Achnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Archibald (2182)

     REMARK: Simonsen v1 p.199

53: FROM: Navicula texana Patrick (46404)
       TO: Navicula kotschyi Grunow (46269)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.169

54: FROM: Navicula trivialis Lange-Bertalot (46307)
       TO: Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing (46034)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.110, P+R v1 p.511

55: FROM: Navicula ventralis Krasske (46473)
       TO: Achnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (2112)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.40

56: FROM: Navicula wittrockii (Lagerstedt) Tempère et Peragallo (46617)
       TO: Navicula laevissima Kützing (46032)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.189

57: FROM: Nitzschia apiculata (Gregory) Grunow (48132)
       TO: Nitzschia constricta (Kützing) Ralfs (48268)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.43

58: FROM: Nitzschia bacata Hustedt (48098)
       TO: Nitzschia paleacea Grunow (48165)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.114

59: FROM: Nitzschia denticula Grunow (48007)
       TO: Denticula kuetzingii var. rumrichae Krammer (25006)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.143

60: FROM: Nitzschia ignorata Krasske (48121)
       TO: Nitzschia nana Grunow ex Van Heurck (48307)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.26

61: FROM: Nitzschia kuetzingiana Hilse (48022)
       TO: Nitzschia pusilla Grunow (48123)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.111

62: FROM: Nitzschia romana Grunow (48030)
       TO: Nitzschia fonticola (Grunow) Grunow (48011)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.103

63: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. calida (Grunow) Van Heurck (48335)
       TO: Nitzschia calida Grunow (48231)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.40

64: FROM: Oscillatoria princeps Vaucher (888019)
       TO: Oscillatoria princeps Vaucher (888004)

     REMARK: Drouet1968

65: FROM: Oscillatoria splendida Greville (888014)
       TO: Porphyrosiphon splendidus (Greville) Drouet (896000)

     REMARK: Drouet1968

66: FROM: Pinnularia gibba (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (52159)
       TO: Pinnularia abaujensis (Pantocsek) Ross (52001)

     REMARK: P+R v1. p612

67: FROM: Pleurosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Compère (158001)
       TO: Biddulphia laevis Ehrenberg (11002)

68: FROM: Stauroneis crucicula Smith (62052)
       TO: Navicula crucicula (Smith) Donkin (46333)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.161

69: FROM: Stephanodiscus astraea var. minutula (Kützing) Grunow (64011)
       TO: Stephanodiscus minutulus (Kützing) Cleve et Möller (64018)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.71

70: FROM: Stephanodiscus invisitatus Hohn et Hellerman (64012)
       TO: Cyclostephanos invisitatus (Hohn et Hellerman) Theriot, Stoermer et Håkansson (19002)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.63

71: FROM: Stephanodiscus minutus Smith (64013)
       TO: Stephanodiscus medius Håkansson (64022)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.43

72: FROM: Surirella ovata Kützing (65017)
       TO: Surirella brebissonii Krammer et Lange-Bertalot (65068)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.179

73: FROM: Synedra famelica Kützing (66005)
       TO: Fragilaria famelica (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34104)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.128

74: FROM: Synedra nana Meister (66012)
       TO: Fragilaria nanana Lange-Bertalot (34088)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.130

75: FROM: Synedra tenera Smith (66023)
       TO: Fragilaria tenera (Smith) Lange-Bertalot (34105)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.129

76: FROM: Synedra vaucheriae var. capitellata Skvortzow (66082)
       TO: Fragilaria vaucheriae var. capitellata (Grunow) Ross (34082)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.124

77: FROM: Thalassiosira fluviatilis Hustedt (70002)
       TO: Thalassiosira weissflogii (Grunow) Fryxell et Hasle (70008)

     REMARK: Simonsen v1 p.100

78: FROM: Thalassiosira nana Lohmann (70012)
       TO: Thalassiosira pseudonana Hasle et Heimdal (70007)


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