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6 Corrections of Noma-Ann Roberts 1991 NAWQA counts

Change system 6


Changes names used by Noma Ann (Cricket) Roberts for analysis of NAWQA 1991-start samples to 1994-start taxonomy. System created by Marina Potapova after reviewing NAR count data and inspecting slides. See species list in appendix to the Second NAWQA Workshop on Harmonization of Algal Taxonomy (Nov 99).
1: FROM: Achnanthes affinis Grunow (2001)
       TO: Achnanthes minutissima var. affinis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (2185)

2: FROM: Achnanthes biporoma Hohn et Hellerman (2121)
       TO: Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow (2016)

     REMARK: I think it is A.rostrata Oestrup which is called 'A.lanceolata var. dubia' in 1994Starts MGP

3: FROM: Achnanthes delicatula var. robusta Hustedt (2170)
       TO: Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow (2099)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p. 71

4: FROM: Achnanthes detha Hohn et Hellerman (2042)
       TO: Achnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Archibald (2182)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.24

5: FROM: Achnanthes hustedtii (Krasske) Reimer (2013)
       TO: Achnanthes rupestoides Hohn (2186)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p. 31

6: FROM: Achnanthes lapponica (Hustedt) Hustedt (2067)
       TO: Achnanthes laevis Schimanski (2118)

     REMARK: A. lapponica (Hust.) Hust. is a synonym of A. laevis var. quadratarea (Oestrup) L.-B. (KLB 2/4, p.18), but specimens on the slides belong to A. laevis var. laevis Oestrup

7: FROM: Achnanthes lemmermannii Hustedt (2129)
       TO: Achnanthes daui Foged (2212)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

8: FROM: Achnanthes lewisiana Patrick (2096)
       TO: Achnanthes suchlandtii Hustedt (2038)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.49

9: FROM: Achnanthes pseudolinearis Hustedt (2156)
       TO: Achnanthes pusilla (Grunow) DeToni (2026)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

10: FROM: Achnanthes recurvata Hustedt (2068)
       TO: Achnanthes rossii Hustedt (2108)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator, but acc. To KLB 2/4, p.34 A. recurvata Hust. Is a synonim of A. altaica (Poretzky) Cleve-Euler

11: FROM: Achnanthes saxonica Krasske (2035)
       TO: Achnanthes oblongella Østrup (2105)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.29

12: FROM: Achnanthes sublaevis var. crassa Reimer (2171)
       TO: Achnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (2112)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.40

13: FROM: Achnanthes tenera Hustedt (2134)
       TO: Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow (2099)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

14: FROM: Caloneis silicula (Ehrenberg) Cleve (12010)
       TO: Caloneis ventricosa (Ehrenberg) Meister (12008)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.583

15: FROM: Cocconeis diminuta Pantocsek (16001)
       TO: Cocconeis neodiminuta Krammer (16019)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.90

16: FROM: Coscinodiscus rothii var. subsalsa (Juhlin-Dannfelt) Hustedt (17006)
       TO: Actinocyclus normanii fo. subsalsus (Juhlin-Dannfelt) Hustedt (86001)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.88

17: FROM: Cyclotella comta (Ehrenberg) Kützing (20003)
       TO: Cyclotella radiosa (Grunow) Lemmermann (20035)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.57

18: FROM: Cyclotella sp. 1 ANS WRC (20037)
       TO: Cyclotella atomus Hustedt (20001)

     REMARK: it looks like C. atomus under LM, but I cannot be 100% sure it is C. atomus (per the diatom taxonomic coordinator).

19: FROM: Cymbella brehmii Hustedt (23003)
       TO: Cymbella prostrata var. auerswaldii (Rabenhorst) Reimer (23080)

     REMARK: NAR routinely called C. prostrata var. auerswaldii=E.caespitosum=E.auerswaldii as C. brehmii, per the diatom taxonomic coordinator.

20: FROM: Cymbella diluviana (Krasske) Florin (23029)
       TO: Navicula diluviana Krasske (46259)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p. 144

21: FROM: Cymbella microcephala var. crassa Reimer (23011)
       TO: Cymbella microcephala Grunow (23010)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

22: FROM: Cymbella sinuata Gregory (23051)
       TO: Reimeria sinuata (Gregory) Kociolek et Stoermer (55002)

     REMARK: Koc.+Stoer. 1987

23: FROM: Diatoma tenuis var. moniliformis Kützing (27009)
       TO: Diatoma moniliformis Kützing (27008)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.98

24: FROM: Eunotia alpina Kützing (33171)
       TO: Eunotia naegelii Migula (33036)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p. 182

25: FROM: Eunotia lunaris (Ehrenberg) Brébisson (33194)
       TO: Eunotia curvata (Kützing) Lagerstedt (33008)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.189

26: FROM: Eunotia lunaris var. subarcuata Hustedt (33181)
       TO: Eunotia curvata var. subarcuata (Nägeli) Woodhead et Tweed (33010)

     REMARK: P+R v1 p.189

27: FROM: Eunotia maior (Smith) Rabenhorst (33030)
       TO: Eunotia monodon Ehrenberg (33035)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.211

28: FROM: Eunotia minor (Kützing) Grunow (33183)
       TO: Eunotia pectinalis var. minor (Kützing) Rabenhorst (33040)


29: FROM: Eunotia pectinalis var. minor fo. intermedia Krasske ex Hustedt (33198)
       TO: Eunotia intermedia (Krasske ex Hustedt) Nörpel et Lange-Bertalot (33066)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.215

30: FROM: Fragilaria exigua Grunow (34086)
       TO: Fragilaria virescens var. exigua Grunow (34037)


31: FROM: Fragilaria leptostauron var. martyii (Héribaud) Lange-Bertalot (34095)
       TO: Opephora martyi Héribaud (50002)

     REMARK: Opephora martyi Heribaud is a synonym of Fr. leptostauron var. martyi (Herib.) L.-B. MGP

32: FROM: Gomphoneis herculeanum var. robusta (Grunow) Cleve (36004)
       TO: Gomphoneis eriense var. variabilis Kociolek et Stoermer (36002)


33: FROM: Gomphonema abbreviatum Agardh (37067)
       TO: Gomphonema brasiliense Grunow (37072)

     REMARK: NAR meant G. abbreviatum Kutzing= G.grovei var.lingulatum (Hust.) L.-B., not G.abbreviatum Ag.=Rhoicosphenia curvata (Kutz.) Grunov ex Rabenhorst, MGP

34: FROM: Gomphonema apiculatum Ehrenberg (37059)
       TO: Gomphonema augur Ehrenberg (37071)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p. 363

35: FROM: Gomphonema clevei Fricke (37060)
       TO: Gomphonema pumilum (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot (37096)

     REMARK: in most cases diatoms under the name "G. clevei" were in fact species from the "G. pumilum" complex (per the diatom taxonomic coordinator).

36: FROM: Gomphonema contraturris Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37104)
       TO: Gomphonema turris Ehrenberg (37057)

     REMARK: KLB 2/4 p.408, P+R v2 p.114

37: FROM: Gomphonema intricatum var. pumila Grunow ex Van Heurck (37098)
       TO: Gomphonema pumilum (Grunow) Reichardt et Lange-Bertalot (37096)


38: FROM: Gomphonema minutum (Agardh) Agardh (37095)
       TO: Gomphonema tenellum Kützing (37097)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.370, P+R v2 p.124

39: FROM: Gomphonema sp. 1 JPK (37200)
       TO: Gomphonema cf. clevei CODY Fricke (37129)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

40: FROM: Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick (37092)
       TO: Gomphonema subclavatum var. mexicanum (Grunow) Patrick (37049)

     REMARK: duplicate

41: FROM: Gomphonitzschia cf. agma Hohn et Hellerman (83004)
       TO: Gomphonitzschia agma Hohn et Hellerman (83001)


42: FROM: Melosira ambigua (Grunow) Müller (44001)
       TO: Aulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen (10008)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.25

43: FROM: Melosira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Krammer (44077)
       TO: Aulacoseira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Thwaites (10002)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.30

44: FROM: Melosira distans (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44002)
       TO: Aulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10009)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.32

45: FROM: Melosira distans var. lirata (Ehrenberg) Müller (44074)
       TO: Aulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) Ross (10012)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.37

46: FROM: Melosira distans var. lirata fo. lacustris (Grunow) Hustedt (44075)
       TO: Aulacoseira lirata var. lacustris (Grunow) Ross (10013)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.38

47: FROM: Melosira granulata (Ehrenberg) Ralfs (44005)
       TO: Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10018)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.22

48: FROM: Melosira granulata var. angustissima Müller (44006)
       TO: Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima (Müller) Simonsen (10017)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.23

49: FROM: Melosira italica (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44010)
       TO: Aulacoseira italica (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10019)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.29

50: FROM: Melosira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Müller (44067)
       TO: Aulacoseira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Simonsen (10035)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p. 30

51: FROM: Melosira lirata (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44014)
       TO: Aulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) Ross (10012)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.37

52: FROM: Navicula abiskoensis Hulburt (46827)
       TO: Navicula elginensis (Gregory) Ralfs (46299)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

53: FROM: Navicula acceptata Hustedt (46001)
       TO: Navicula ignota var. acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46523)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.180

54: FROM: Navicula anglica Ralfs (46252)
       TO: Navicula elginensis (Gregory) Ralfs (46299)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.136

55: FROM: Navicula cari Ehrenberg (46169)
       TO: Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot (46527)

     REMARK: In most cases it was N. cryptotenella, per the diatom taxonomic coordinator.

56: FROM: Navicula cari MP Ehrenberg (46857)
       TO: Navicula cari Ehrenberg (46169)

     REMARK: 185018 was created for real N.cari in NAR's counts. 46169 in NAR's counts is usually not N.cari, but most often it's N.cryptotenella

57: FROM: Navicula creuzburgensis var. multistriata Patrick (46429)
       TO: Frustulia creuzburgensis (Krasske) Hustedt (35019)

     REMARK: KLB 1/2 p.261

58: FROM: Navicula dulcis Patrick (46576)
       TO: Navicula perminuta Grunow (46538)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.112

59: FROM: Navicula grimmei Krasske (46354)
       TO: Navicula kotschyi Grunow (46269)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p. 169

60: FROM: Navicula heufleriana var. septrionalis Hustedt (46580)
       TO: Navicula medioconvexa Hustedt (46808)

     REMARK: Simosen v1 p.85

61: FROM: Navicula hungarica var. linearis Østrup (46633)
       TO: Navicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) Ross (46168)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.123

62: FROM: Navicula imbricata Bock (46599)
       TO: Navicula mutica Kützing (46042)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.223

63: FROM: Navicula muralis Grunow (46041)
       TO: Navicula minuscula var. muralis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (46563)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.207

64: FROM: Navicula mutica var. nivalis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt (46236)
       TO: Navicula nivalis Ehrenberg (46505)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.153

65: FROM: Navicula mutica var. tropica Hustedt (46144)
       TO: Navicula goeppertiana (Bleich) Smith (46809)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.151

66: FROM: Navicula neoventricosa Hustedt (46377)
       TO: Navicula mutica var. ventricosa (Kützing) Cleve et Grunow (46303)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.150

67: FROM: Navicula occulta Krasske (46491)
       TO: Navicula occulta Krasske (46304)

     REMARK: wrong spelling, should be Navicula occulta (not occulata) Krasske MGP

68: FROM: Navicula peratomus Hustedt (46670)
       TO: Navicula atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot (46724)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.216

69: FROM: Navicula perpusilla Grunow (46440)
       TO: Navicula gallica var. perpusilla (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot (46048)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.220

70: FROM: Navicula radiosa var. tenella (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow (46058)
       TO: Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot (46527)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.106

71: FROM: Navicula rotaeana (Rabenhorst) Grunow (46443)
       TO: Navicula mutica Kützing (46042)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.149

72: FROM: Navicula schroeteri Meister (46306)
       TO: Navicula schroeteri var. escambia Patrick (46394)

     REMARK: problem P+R v1 p.512

73: FROM: Navicula similis Krasske (46397)
       TO: Navicula kriegeri Krasske (46856)

     REMARK: Per the diatom taxonomic coordinator

74: FROM: Navicula subatomoides Hustedt (46075)
       TO: Achnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot et Archibald (2182)

     REMARK: Simonsen v1 p.199

75: FROM: Navicula texana Patrick (46404)
       TO: Navicula kotschyi Grunow (46269)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.169

76: FROM: Navicula tugelae Cholnoky (46836)
       TO: Navicula kriegeri Krasske (46856)

     REMARK: Most probably synonyms

77: FROM: Navicula ventralis Krasske (46473)
       TO: Achnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (2112)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.40

78: FROM: Navicula wittrockii (Lagerstedt) Tempère et Peragallo (46617)
       TO: Navicula laevissima Kützing (46032)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.189

79: FROM: Nitzschia admissa Hustedt (48129)
       TO: Nitzschia paleacea Grunow (48165)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.114

80: FROM: Nitzschia apiculata (Gregory) Grunow (48132)
       TO: Nitzschia constricta (Kützing) Ralfs (48268)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.43

81: FROM: Nitzschia bacata Hustedt (48098)
       TO: Nitzschia paleacea Grunow (48165)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.114

82: FROM: Nitzschia cf. bita Hohn et Hellerman (48230)
       TO: Nitzschia bita Hohn et Hellerman (48348)

     REMARK: Photograph looks like N. bita

83: FROM: Nitzschia denticula Grunow (48007)
       TO: Denticula kuetzingii var. rumrichae Krammer (25006)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.143

84: FROM: Nitzschia ignorata Krasske (48121)
       TO: Nitzschia nana Grunow ex Van Heurck (48307)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.26

85: FROM: Nitzschia kuetzingiana Hilse (48022)
       TO: Nitzschia cf. archibaldii CODY Lange-Bertalot (48296)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.111

86: FROM: Nitzschia punctata (Smith) Grunow (48172)
       TO: Nitzschia compressa (Bailey) Boyer (48353)

     REMARK: synonyms KLB 2/2, p.46

87: FROM: Nitzschia romana Grunow (48030)
       TO: Nitzschia fonticola (Grunow) Grunow (48011)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.103

88: FROM: Nitzschia sinuata (Thwaites) Grunow (48096)
       TO: Nitzschia sinuata var. tabellaria (Grunow) Grunow (48178)

     REMARK: Photograph looks like N. sinuata var. tabellaria

89: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. calida (Grunow) Van Heurck (48335)
       TO: Nitzschia calida Grunow (48231)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.40

90: FROM: Pinnularia gibba (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (52159)
       TO: Pinnularia abaujensis (Pantocsek) Ross (52001)

     REMARK: P+R v1. p612

91: FROM: Pleurosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Compère (158001)
       TO: Biddulphia laevis Ehrenberg (11002)

92: FROM: Stauroneis crucicula Smith (62052)
       TO: Navicula crucicula (Smith) Donkin (46333)

     REMARK: KLB 2/1 p.161

93: FROM: Stenopterobia intermedia (Lewis) Van Heurck (63002)
       TO: Stenopterobia curvula (Smith) Krammer (63008)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p.209

94: FROM: Stephanodiscus invisitatus Hohn et Hellerman (64012)
       TO: Cyclostephanos invisitatus (Hohn et Hellerman) Theriot, Stoermer et Håkansson (19002)

95: FROM: Surirella brightwellii Smith (65046)
       TO: Surirella brebissonii Krammer et Lange-Bertalot (65068)

     REMARK: In most cases it was C. brebissonii, per the diatom taxonomic coordinator.

96: FROM: Surirella moelleriana Grunow ex Möller (65049)
       TO: Surirella amphioxys Smith (65069)

     REMARK: KLB 2/2 p. 189

97: FROM: Surirella ovata Kützing (65017)
       TO: Surirella minuta Brébisson (65048)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.186 Surirella on NAR's photo looks like S. minuta, and NOT like S. brebissonii MGP

98: FROM: Synedra famelica Kützing (66005)
       TO: Fragilaria famelica (Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (34104)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.128

99: FROM: Synedra nana Meister (66012)
       TO: Fragilaria nanana Lange-Bertalot (34088)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.130

100: FROM: Synedra tenera Smith (66023)
       TO: Fragilaria tenera (Smith) Lange-Bertalot (34105)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.129

101: FROM: Synedra ulna var. spathulifera (Grunow) Grunow (66070)
       TO: Synedra capitata Ehrenberg (66035)

     REMARK: NAR photo looks like S. capitata Ehr.1836 = S. dilatata Brebisson 1838

102: FROM: Synedra vaucheriae var. capitellata Skvortzow (66082)
       TO: Fragilaria vaucheriae var. capitellata (Grunow) Ross (34082)

     REMARK: KLB 2/3 p.124

103: FROM: Thalassiosira fluviatilis Hustedt (70002)
       TO: Thalassiosira weissflogii (Grunow) Fryxell et Hasle (70008)

     REMARK: Simonsen v1 p.100


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