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Used to combine the 1987 and 1995 Sabine River Survey (Longview, TX) with the 2000 survey. Noma Ann Roberts analyzed the 1987 and 1995 surveys; Loren Bahls analyzed the 2000 survey. Taxa names were updated through the 4th NAWQA Workshop (2/2001). In 2006, changes to be comparable with the 2005 survey were added.
1: FROM: Achnanthes biporoma Hohn et Hellerman (2121)
       TO: Planothidium biporomum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (155006)

     REMARK: Achnanthes biporoma to A. lanceolata subsp. Biporoma

2: FROM: Achnanthes exigua Grunow (2007)
       TO: Achnanthidium exiguum (Grunow) Czarnecki (1024)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

3: FROM: Achnanthes exigua var. heterovalva Krasske (401)
       TO: Achnanthidium exiguum var. heterovalvum (Krasske) Czarnecki (1026)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

4: FROM: Achnanthes hungarica (Grunow) Grunow (2059)
       TO: Lemnicola hungarica (Grunow) Round et Basson (188001)

     REMARK: Achnanthes hungarica to Lemnicola hungarica

5: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow (2015)
       TO: Planothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Lange-Bertalot (155003)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

6: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. biporoma (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (2227)
       TO: Planothidium biporomum (Hohn et Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot (155006)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

7: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. apiculata Patrick (2063)
       TO: Planothidium apiculatum (Patrick) Lange-Bertalot (155019)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

8: FROM: Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow (2016)
       TO: Planothidium dubium (Grunow) Round et Bukhtiyarova (155021)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

9: FROM: Achnanthes minutissima Kützing (2030)
       TO: Achnanthidium minutissimum (Kützing) Czarnecki (1010)

     REMARK: Achnanthes minutissima to Achnanthidium minutissima

10: FROM: Amphora ovalis (Kützing) Kützing (7001)
       TO: Amphora copulata (Kützing) Schoeman et Archibald (7075)

     REMARK: * NAR's A. ovalis = A.copulata

11: FROM: Amphora ovalis var. pediculus (Kützing) Van Heurck ex DeTony (7003)
       TO: Amphora pediculus (Kützing) Grunow (7043)

     REMARK: Amphora ovalis var. pediculus to A. pediculus

12: FROM: Biddulphia laevis Ehrenberg (11002)
       TO: Pleurosira laevis (Ehrenberg) Compère (158001)

     REMARK: Biddulphia laevis to Pleurosira laevis

13: FROM: Caloneis macedonica Hustedt (12024)
       TO: Caloneis budensis (Grunow) Krammer (12046)

     REMARK: * EAM update

14: FROM: Cyclotella pseudostelligera Hustedt (20012)
       TO: Discostella pseudostelligera (Hustedt) Houk et Klee (2506002)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

15: FROM: Cyclotella stelligera fo. minutus (20021)
       TO: Discostella stelligera (Cleve et Grunow) Houk et Klee (2506003)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

16: FROM: Cymbella microcephala Grunow (23010)
       TO: Encyonopsis microcephala (Grunow) Krammer (203002)

     REMARK: Cymbella microcephala to Encyonopsis microcephala

17: FROM: Cymbella minuta Hilse ex Rabenhorst (23012)
       TO: Encyonema minutum (Hilse) Mann (110004)

     REMARK: Cymbella minuta to Encyonema minuta

18: FROM: Cymbella minuta var. silesiaca (Bleisch ex Rabenhorst) Reimer (23015)
       TO: Encyonema silesiacum (Bleisch) Mann (110005)

     REMARK: Cymbella minuta var. silesiaca to Encyonema silesiacum

19: FROM: Fragilaria intermedia (Grunow) Grunow (34073)
       TO: Fragilaria capucina Desmazières (34006)

     REMARK: Fragilaria intermedia to F. capucina

20: FROM: Fragilaria sp. 1 LLB Sabine (34157)
       TO: Fragilaria pinnata var. subcapitata Frenguelli (34074)

     REMARK: * EAM determined

21: FROM: Frustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia (Brébisson ex Smith) Ross (35004)
       TO: Frustulia crassinervia (Brébisson) Lange-Bertalot et Krammer (35024)

     REMARK: * EAM update

22: FROM: Gomphonema abbreviatum Agardh (37067)
       TO: Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot (209003)

     REMARK: Gomphonema abbreviatum to G. lingulatifore

23: FROM: Gomphonema grunowii Patrick (37008)
       TO: Gomphonema gracile Ehrenberg (37007)

     REMARK: *NAR's G. grunowii = G. gracile

24: FROM: Gomphonema lagenula Kützing (37278)
       TO: Gomphonema parvulum (Kützing) Kützing (37010)

     REMARK: EAM lump

25: FROM: Gomphonema lingulatiforme Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt (37183)
       TO: Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis (Lange-Bertalot et Reichardt) Lange-Bertalot (209003)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

26: FROM: Gyrosigma nodiferum (Grunow) Reimer (38011)
       TO: Gyrosigma reimeri Sterrenburg (38027)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

27: FROM: Melosira ambigua (Grunow) Müller (44001)
       TO: Aulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen (10008)

     REMARK: Melosira ambigua to Aulacosira ambigua

28: FROM: Melosira distans (Ehrenberg) Kützing (44002)
       TO: Aulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10009)

     REMARK: Melosira distans to Aulacosira distans

29: FROM: Melosira distans var. alpigena Grunow (44004)
       TO: Aulacoseira alpigena (Grunow) Krammer (10028)

     REMARK: Melosira distans var. alpigena to Aulacosira alpigena

30: FROM: Melosira granulata (Ehrenberg) Ralfs (44005)
       TO: Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen (10018)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

31: FROM: Melosira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Müller (44067)
       TO: Aulacoseira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Simonsen (10035)

     REMARK: Melosira italica var. tenuissima to Aulacosira italica var. tenuissima

32: FROM: Navicula accomoda Hustedt (46309)
       TO: Craticula accomoda (Hustedt) Mann (21003)

     REMARK: Navicula accomoda to Craticula accomoda

33: FROM: Navicula bicephala Hustedt (46006)
       TO: Navicula longicephala Hustedt (46507)

     REMARK: * EAM update

34: FROM: Navicula biconica Patrick (46007)
       TO: Navicula subminuscula Manguin (46562)

     REMARK: Navicula biconica to N. subminuscula

35: FROM: Navicula cohnii (Hilse) Lange-Bertalot (46102)
       TO: Luticola cohnii (Hilse) Mann (130005)

     REMARK: * EAM update

36: FROM: Navicula cryptocephala var. exilis Grunow (46255)
       TO: Navicula exilis Kützing (46663)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

37: FROM: Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kützing) Rabenhorst (46170)
       TO: Navicula veneta Kützing (46504)

     REMARK: Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta to Navicula veneta

38: FROM: Navicula germainii Wallace (46616)
       TO: Navicula rostellata Kützing (46896)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

39: FROM: Navicula indifferens Hustedt (46027)
       TO: Fallacia indifferens (Hustedt) Mann (115004)

     REMARK: Navicula indifferens to Fallacia indifferens

40: FROM: Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing (46034)
       TO: Navicula erifuga Lange-Bertalot (46648)

     REMARK: Navicula lanceolata to N. erifuga

41: FROM: Navicula omissa Hustedt (46105)
       TO: Fallacia omissa (Hustedt) Mann (115006)

     REMARK: Navicula omissa to Fallacia omissa

42: FROM: Navicula paucivisitata Patrick (46046)
       TO: Craticula molestiformis (Hustedt) Mayama (21015)

     REMARK: * EAM update

43: FROM: Navicula pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (46052)
       TO: Sellaphora pupula var. capitata Skvortzow et Meyer (170002)

     REMARK: Navicula pupula var. capitata to Sellaphora pupula var. capitata

44: FROM: Navicula pupula var. mutata (Krasske) Hustedt (46053)
       TO: Sellaphora mutata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot (170012)

     REMARK: Navicula pupula var. mutata to Sellaphora mutata

45: FROM: Navicula pupula var. rectangularis (Gregory) Grunow (46054)
       TO: Sellaphora rectangularis (Gregory) Lange-Bertalot et Metzeltin (170013)

     REMARK: Navicula pupula var. rectangularis to Sellaphora rectangularis

46: FROM: Navicula pygmaea Kützing (46055)
       TO: Fallacia pygmaea (Kützing) Stickle et Mann (115001)

     REMARK: * EAM update

47: FROM: Navicula rhynchocephala var. germainii (Wallace) Patrick (46388)
       TO: Navicula rostellata Kützing (46896)

     REMARK: * EAM update of NAR's Sabine counts

48: FROM: Navicula sp. 1 LLB Sabine (46866)
       TO: Navicula glomus Carter et Bailey-Watts (93170)

     REMARK: * EAM determined

49: FROM: Navicula texana Patrick (46404)
       TO: Navicula kotschyi Grunow (46269)

     REMARK: Navicula texana to N. kotschyii

50: FROM: Navicula tripunctata var. schizonemoides (Van Heurck) Patrick (46406)
       TO: Navicula recens (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot (46649)

     REMARK: Navicula tripunctata var. schizonemodes to N. recens

51: FROM: Nitzschia apiculata (Gregory) Grunow (48132)
       TO: Tryblionella apiculata Gregory (185023)

     REMARK: Nitzschia apiculata to Tryblionella apiculata

52: FROM: Nitzschia bacata Hustedt (48098)
       TO: Nitzschia paleacea Grunow (48165)

     REMARK: Nitzschia bacata to N. paleaceae

53: FROM: Nitzschia calida Grunow (48231)
       TO: Tryblionella calida (Grunow) Mann (185021)

     REMARK: * EAM update

54: FROM: Nitzschia circumsuta (Bailey) Grunow (48136)
       TO: Tryblionella circumsuta (Bailey) Ralfs (185022)

     REMARK: Nitzschia circumsuta to Tryblionella circumsuta

55: FROM: Nitzschia confinis Hustedt (48018)
       TO: Nitzschia subacicularis Hustedt (48124)

     REMARK: Nitzschia confinis to N. subacicularis

56: FROM: Nitzschia fonticola (Grunow) Grunow (48011)
       TO: Nitzschia desertorum Hustedt (48272)

     REMARK: EAM lump

57: FROM: Nitzschia frequens Hustedt (48146)
       TO: Nitzschia capitellata Hustedt (48006)

     REMARK: * EAM update

58: FROM: Nitzschia frustulum var. perminuta Grunow (48014)
       TO: Nitzschia perminuta (Grunow) Peragallo (48126)

     REMARK: Nitzschia frustulum var. perminuta to N. perminuta

59: FROM: Nitzschia frustulum var. subsalina Hustedt (48147)
       TO: Nitzschia frustulum (Kützing) Grunow (48013)

     REMARK: SABINE 2005 lump

60: FROM: Nitzschia geitleri Hustedt (48271)
       TO: Nitzschia sp. 37 NAWQA HAMSHER (48599)

     REMARK: * EAM determined

61: FROM: Nitzschia granulata Grunow (48149)
       TO: Tryblionella granulata (Grunow) Mann (185043)

     REMARK: * EAM update

62: FROM: Nitzschia hungarica Grunow (48120)
       TO: Tryblionella hungarica (Grunow) Frenguelli (185024)

     REMARK: Nitzschia hungarica to Tryblionella hungarica

63: FROM: Nitzschia kuetzingiana Hilse (48022)
       TO: Nitzschia pusilla Grunow (48123)

     REMARK: * EAM update of NAR Sabine counts

64: FROM: Nitzschia levidensis (Smith) Grunow (48350)
       TO: Tryblionella levidensis Smith (185026)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

65: FROM: Nitzschia palea var. debilis (Kützing) Grunow (48228)
       TO: Nitzschia palea (Kützing) Smith (48025)

     REMARK: EAM lump

66: FROM: Nitzschia sp. 1 LLB Sabine (48418)
       TO: Bacillaria paradoxa Gmelin (76001)

     REMARK: * EAM determined

67: FROM: Nitzschia suchlandti Hustedt (48402)
       TO: Nitzschia pusilla Grunow (48123)

     REMARK: EAM lump

68: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. debilis (Arnott) Hustedt (48179)
       TO: Tryblionella debilis Arnott ex OMeara (185002)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

69: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. levidensis (Smith) Grunow (48180)
       TO: Tryblionella levidensis Smith (185026)

     REMARK: Nitzschia tryblionella var. levidensis to Tryblionella levidensis

70: FROM: Nitzschia tryblionella var. victoriae (Grunow) Grunow (48183)
       TO: Tryblionella victoriae Grunow (185027)

     REMARK: Nitzschia tryblionella var. victoriae to Tryblionella victoriae

71: FROM: Stephanodiscus astraea var. minutula (Kützing) Grunow (64011)
       TO: Stephanodiscus minutulus (Kützing) Cleve et Möller (64018)

     REMARK: Stephanodiscus astrea var. minutula to S. minutulus

72: FROM: Stephanodiscus invisitatus Hohn et Hellerman (64012)
       TO: Cyclostephanos invisitatus (Hohn et Hellerman) Theriot, Stoermer et Håkansson (19002)

     REMARK: Stephanodiscus invisitatus to Cyclostephanos invisitatus

73: FROM: Surirella suecica Grunow (65055)
       TO: Surirella stalagma Hohn et Hellerman (65045)

     REMARK: * EAM update of NAR Sabine counts

74: FROM: Surirella tenera var. nervosa Schmidt (65040)
       TO: Surirella tenera Gregory (65020)

     REMARK: EAM lump

75: FROM: Synedra ulna var. contracta Østrup (66058)
       TO: Synedra goulardi Brébisson ex Cleve and Grunow (66065)

     REMARK: * EAM update of NAR Sabine counts

76: FROM: Thalassiosira bramaputrae (Ehrenberg) Håkansson et Locker (70009)
       TO: Thalassiosira lacustris (Grunow) Hasle (70031)

     REMARK: Addition per F.Acker

77: FROM: Thalassiosira visurgis Hustedt (70003)
       TO: Thalassiosira lacustris (Grunow) Hasle (70031)

     REMARK: * EAM update


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