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Campbell 1973
year: 1973, publication_id: 155

Campbell, P.H. 1973. Studies of Brackish Water Phytoplankton. I. The Phytoplankton of Gales Creek with Emphasis on the taxonomy and ecology of estuarine phytoflagellates. PhD. Dissertation, Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 278pp.

This publication used in 5 taxa:

1: Cryptomonas rostrella (NADED 1265014)
2: Glenodinium danicum (NADED 1396009)
3: Gymnodinium subroseum (NADED 1406014)
4: Peridinium aciculiferum (NADED 1457014)
5: Prorocentrum minimum (NADED 1466001)
This publication used in 0 concept records:

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