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Reichardt 2001
year: 2001, publication_id: 582

Reichardt, E. 2001. Revision der Arten um Gomphonema truncatum und G. capitatum. In Jahn, R., Kociolek, P., Witkowski, A. & Compère, P. Lange-Bertalot-Festschrift. Studies on Diatoms. p. 187-224. A.R.G. Gantner Verlag K. G. Ruggell, Germany.

This publication used in 6 taxa:

1: Gomphonema capitatum var. macilentum (NADED 37474)
2: Gomphonema clava (NADED 37307)
3: Gomphonema laticollum (NADED 37476)
4: Gomphonema latipes (NADED 37475)
5: Gomphonema pala (NADED 37308)
6: Gomphonema turgidum (NADED 37346)
This publication used in 0 concept records:

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