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Siver et al 2006
year: 2006, publication_id: 940

Siver, P.A., E.A. Morales, B. Van de Vijver, M. Smits, P.B. Hamilton, H. Lange-Bertalot and J.J. Hains. 2006. Observations on Fragilaria longifusiformis comb. nov et nom. nov (Bacillariophyceae), a widespread planktic diatom documented from North America and Europe Phycological Research 54(3): 183-192.

This publication used in 1 taxa:

1: Fragilaria longifusiformis (NADED 34034)
This publication used in 2 concept records:
Fragilaria longifusiformis (Hains et Sebring) Siver, Morales, Van de Vijver, Smits, Hamilton, Lange-Bertalot et Hains (NADED 34034)
  1: - - - - - in taxonomy 21 (ANSP-2007) - tat_id=49922
  2: - - - - - in taxonomy 26 (ANSP-2011) - tat_id=66597

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